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Part 64: Chapter LVI - I know. I know everything about you.

I know. I know everything about you.


Chapter XXIV: So it’s come to war…

You see, it's almost the anniversary of my sister's death... Every year, I like to bring flowers to her grave to mark the occasion. But those flowers, animaquies, only grow in the farthest depths of Darken Forest. I'm not very strong and barely can get through the forest alive. But a few years ago, this guy offered to pick them for me, and he's been doing me the favor ever since. It's taking him an awfully long time to come back with the flowers this year, though. I'm getting worried that something happened. Can you find him for me?

Hello, what’s this?
The Letter: As death creeps close, I write my last thoughts in this journal in hope that someone finds it. Every year, I come to Darken Forest to pick flowers for a young man. I must atone for my sins - for letting curiosity get the best of me and using ancient powers to play with people's souls. However, my biggest sin is hiding that fact - that truth - from him, from his eyes. Rhagoh, I'm sorry. That accident was... Your sister is now... If only I had the courage to tell him the truth. The only way for me to rid myself of guilt may be death. Should I have told him about the goddess statue? I hope my choice does not cause him and his sister further suffering... (The words are faded and cannot be made out).

My brother sent you, didn't he? Go back and tell him to forget about me.

What!? You saw a woman who fits Kate's description in the depths of Darken Forest? That's ridiculous... How is that possible? Thank you for the tip. I'll look into it right away.

It’s time for the main plot… Errr… what was it again?

It’s awfully strange for all the Lords to get sick at the same time. I have a bad feeling about this.
Geez-oh-Pete… Sure, the Lords are important and all, but how come we’ve gotta find out what’s wrong with ‘em? I thought that’s what doctors were for…
If this trend of illnesses continues, I worry for Lord David’s health…
It seems that most of the Lords have been struck by sudden and fierce illnesses. I cannot believe this is just coincidence. We must look into this further.

Right, that. There’s only one Lord unaccounted for: Duke Qubine of Celapaleis. So let’s go there.

You have to sell captured monsters and such to shopkeepers to improve your hidden “Commerce Points” rating, after which they’ll sell you better things. Thankfully, it doesn’t matter which shopkeeper you sell to.

If I can’t use the Wishing Coin, I may as well get a better +AP item than the old outdated one I have on. Okay, shopping done.

Music: Glittering Gold

What is it now?
Friendly Man: Why? …You don’t know!? Poor Duke Qubine has fallen ill. According to the travelers on the Way, he’s grown weaker every day… Damnnation, is there nothing we can do?

The rumor going around is that that bright light from a while back was Nagapur's Remnant going crazy and destroying the city. I've also heard that Lord Qubine's been feeling poorly lately. Is Celapaleis going to be destroyed just like Nagapur was? We'll be alright, right?

Ever since Lord Qubine's health began to fail, I've been loath to look at the sky. At times... It seems like the Umbermarici will glimmer with an odd, off-color glow... No - forget I said anything! That's impossible, it must be my imagination...

Err… pretty much?
I hear at the Amber that soldiers from the Conqueror's army were spotted in the woods to the north. I don't want to believe such a rumor, but... Adding to that, Lord Qubine is ill... Terrible things are all around, it seems...
To the north? No, I haven’t heard that. Interesting…

Legend-Loving Child: Hey mister, what'll we do? I heard some rumors about the nobles... like, that the Duke is real sick! What if he has to break his bind with the Umbermarici - and it makes everybody turn bad like in the old days? I don't want that to happen! Stupid Umbermarici!

Lord Qubine's condition is getting worse by the day. Until now, the prime minister and army leaders have strutted like the cocks of the walk... Now they run around like their heads were cut off. They're completely worthless - without a ruler they can do nothing. But, we, the people of Celapaleis, can do little more... All that's left is to hope and pray for Lord Qubine's recovery...

Dammit... Duke Qubine's gotten sick, and the town's gone to hell along with him... And to make matters worse, the new Congress chairman is the damned Duke of Ghor! How a meathead like that became chairman's a mystery to me - and anyone with half a brain.

You haven’t told me much about her.
Kate died in a terrible accident. I wasn't able to save her... I... I just... Ah-ahh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bring up such a heavy topic...

Hey, you don't need to look so sorry for me. This all happened a long time ago...

Hello? You look kinda spaced out.
Ugh, men, always harping on about the past... You. Who are you, Rush or whatever? Tell this bonehead to hurry up and get over me, alright?
Wait, what?

...What...did I just black out? Urg... I'm sorry, I don't seem to be feeling well. Could you leave me alone for a while?
Uhh… yeah.
Even though she died years ago, I just can’t get Kate out of my head… I’m sure if she were here, she’d fuss at me for being foolish.

So that’s something interesting that’s up with Kate. In fact, if you go back to Rhagoh’s first quest (“A Single Soul”), and look at the scene where you see “Kate” in the foggy Darken Forest…

…You’ll see that is clearly NOT Rhagoh – different outfit and different body shape. So who knows what the fuck is going on.

Gossipy Girl: That’s the latest scoop, anyway!
Bartendress: Ah, maybe I can help out. I’ve tossed around plenty of rocks.
Gossipy Girl: Not the ones here, special ones!
Huh, I’ve got a few funny rocks.

Talking with Glenys a second time in the last update has unlocked another quest for us in Nagapur. We’ll get to it in time. It’s a big one. Really big.

The beloved daughter of Celapaleis' storied house of Gilles-Barre, Violet… She is noble as the rose. Just the sight of her fighting for the glory of her family, continuing the work her late father carried for so long, moves my heart…
Am I supposed to be surprised?

Shall I be frank for a moment?
What the -? What happened to your accent?
I'm the third son of a poor family from Athlum. There was no place for me in my home, so I fled at my first opportunity. However, on my own I realized I had little with which to make my way. As you know well, my skill lies not in acts of valor. My single talent is a pretty face.
(No shit.)
Heh, no need to look so surprised. Act how I may, I have a full understanding of the reality of my situation. And I have taken advantage of it as well. Thus I have made my way through the world by pleasuring ladies and romancing maidens. Never has one captured my heart. Never before now… Violet… For some reason I cannot keep her from my thoughts. This has never happened before…
I’m not gonna start passing notes between you two.
Forgive my going on. If nothing else, this is no conversation for children. Though, I had imagined Baron Nielsen to be a base cur, while in truth he is surprisingly broad-minded… Ah, I must let it go. Rush, forgive my candidness. I had not intended to speak of such odd things. Though, you are a surprisingly good listener. It is appreciated.
Err, thanks. I guess.
Rush. Once again I pledge myself to your service. I promise to work to the best of my abilities. As for the extent of those abilities, I make no guarantees.
Parameter Bonus! You have become chummy with Gabriel, thus awakening his true powers!
Gabriel’s SPD has increased by 5%!

That’s not very much. Anyway, there’s little else we can do here, so let’s head to the castle.

- Video: Duke Qubine’s is unwell

My Lord!


You… must… be… Irina S-Sykes. I’ve… heard… many things… about you…


I feel some kind of power flowing into him. It feels like… almost like a Remnant!
What? I don’t understand! How can that be?
*shakes her head in an “Don’t ask me” manner*

This… must be part of… someone’s… plan!

This power he sent… it’s eating away at me… from within! Trying to control me! And through it… I can feel him!

DAVID!! Can’t you… feel it?!


Thank you…

We must head to Ghor castle and report our findings to the Duke.
Yes, my Lord! Okay!
David, promise me… you will not tell that old bat… about my current condition. Because… I will… never… hear the end of it.

Someone, anyone – Can no one bring a healer that might help?
The other Lords have tried, but haven’t had any luck either.

What’s up?
For a long time I felt that if only Duke Qubine was gone, the Gilles-Barres family would recover its land, its riches, and most importantly, its honor. But I've finally realized that those things are not truly what I've been hoping to get back all this time.
So what is it, then?
What I really wanted was my mother and father, and the happy times we spent together. That's what I've been chasing all this time. Odd, isn't it? Even if my house were returned to its former standing right now, it would not undo the past...
The thing I've most wanted is not something I can take by force. But at the same time, it's something that already exists in my heart. It's up to me to keep the memories I have left... It's up to me to live up to them. I've been a fool...
... Rush...thank you for allowing me to say all this. In explaining myself, I feel like I've finally begun to heal...
Parameter Bonus! You have become chummy with Violet, thus awakening her true powers!
Violet’s INT has increased by 3%!

Violet’s parameter boost, with her current stats, boosts her INT by a whopping 3% - which amounts to 1 point at her current stats. Yay. We’re not done with Celapaleis yet – since we’re here, and have a lot of time, we may as well do a sidequest.

Rhagoh? No… that’s not you, is it.
I mean, look at this guy. Rhagoh's been letting himself be haunted by the past for years. What a pathetic little brother... It'd be a hell of a lot easier for us both if he'd just forget about me and move on.
Whoever you are, you’re kinda freakin’ me out.

Rush...? When did you get here? I was having a dream about my sister Kate. She told me I should forget about her... But-that was just a dream, right?
Maybe you need – maybe we ALL need a drink in the tavern…

Huh? Where’d this come from?
I received the key from a man who frequently went there to pick certain flowers. I don't know why he had the key or why he gave it to me, but I'm grateful that he did. Rush, will you do me a favor and come with me to the ruins? I have to see my sister again!
That’s just a story…
Why would you say that!?
Okay, let’s go!
Thank you! I’m ready to leave right away!
Accepted quest: Kate and Rhagoh

You’ll notice that I’ve changed the union configuration again. Most notably, Caedmon has joined the Mystics union. Right now, Caedmon’s Herbs have landed him into the Scout class. He can leave it, but that’ll require his Mystic Arts to become balanced with the item arts, so I’ve turned off everything but his Evocations.

But taking a combat unit away means that I just don’t have enough units to sustain 4 Combat unions, so Irina’s has been dissolved. Torgal has temporarily been demoted to make room for Rhagoh to lead a union for the very last time.

Music: Creeping Shadows


Rhagoh from Celapaleis asked me to help him find the goddess statue in the Robelia Ruins so he can see his sister again.

This is the first time we’ve been back to Robelia in ages. The basement entrance is not far at all. It’s just above Rush’s left shoulder, in fact. You may also notice another area off to the left. It’s unlocked with this quest, but not relevant to it.

This is long and meandering. There are two branches, but the left one just connects to the upstairs portion – we’re not interested in that. We want the room at the far, far end.

Maybe someone wild and crazy, like my sister?
Not really my type.
Or someone petite and cute?
Not really my type.
Or someone energetic and cheerful?
Hook me up!

Here’s where the vote from a couple updates ago comes into play.

Joy, narrow corridors filled with Vile Lizard-type enemies, who almost always agro on you.

Mixed Message is another good morale-boosting art. It doesn’t do damage.

Congratulations, Rhagoh, you contributed.

class changed to Master Paladin!

We need to stop by this side room to get a Key Remnant. Because this is a new dungeon, we can also harvest some components from monsters and dig points that were not available elsewhere. Paris can finally get that Ruby Crystal and Rough Leprechaun Stone he’s been complaining about.

Got you good, there!

I hit BR 42. Fighting these enemies does serve a purpose, as they can drop components Blocter and Torgal want.

The hallway is blocked by rubble and a World Map Teleporter, but we can detour through a room.

Both Glenys and Rush want Pest Toxin for their next upgrades, which drops soonest from Pests here.

Let’s clean up this trash!

The more enemies in the field, the better the odds that you’ll get the chance to summon.


Got you guys now!

I didn’t realize it until now that I really, really overdid the Sheryl battle quotes and images. A couple days passed between writing different portions of the update.


Try this on for size!

They may be troublesome.

It can’t be that much longer until he learns Spark V. I mean, Nora learned it and we’ve had Loki a bit longer.

Thanks, Blocter.

We-we can’t defend against them!

Rhagoh’s easy panicking and lack of self-confidence is almost funny enough to want to use him more. But only almost.

More of them? This is bad!

Well done.

I took a gamble and decided to do a full-on attack instead of healing, and it paid off. The other units un the union healed Rhagoh’s Crowd back up.

Sheryl cleans up this bunch.

Dragon Crush is Violet’s new toy. I’m sure I described it before – a low blow into a vertical blow. That’s about all worth screenshotting from this fight, though.

class changed to Lordly Cavalier!

That’s the only art/class change, but there was a bunch of stat growth. Glenys got her two Pest Toxins. Rush will have to come back for his. Yes I could have seized them, but that wouldn’t have changed the math.

Just beyond those Bullfighters is the door to the final area.

Let’s do it!

- Quest Video: Kate and Rhagoh

So when I was young, I played the original Doom, and one of the wall textures in that game was just a bunch of tortured faces all merged together into one horrifying face blob.

This mirror kinda reminds me of that.

I need to find my sister! Where is she!?

Oh, not good.
A Collapse!? Oh no!

Music: Beat the Odds

So, because Rush picked the “Energetic and Cheerful” option, the Collapsing Remnant has spawned groups of Dagon, Gluttons and Oarfish.

If we’d picked Wild and Crazy, we’d have gotten Flauros’, Raptor, and Imps. Petite and Cute would have spawned Grand Beetle, Landworms, and Spiders, and Dark and Mysterious would have gotten us Manhunter, Demon, Weredragon. They’re just slightly tougher versions of normal enemies, not even mini-boss status. I see no point in showing off the different fights.

What’d you expect from a Remnant? A new party member to appear out of nowhere? (If you’re feeling ripped off, I’ll point out that we just got Sheryl, who is nothing if not Energetic and Cheerful.)

Got you guys now!

Obnoxious for the mystic group.

This didn’t hurt much.

Oh, you got him!

This is the type of matchup that turns me on!


class changed to Lordly Marksman!

I hit BR 43.

Stabbey posted:

What’d you expect from a Remnant? A new party member to appear out of nowhere?

…Okay, bad example.

Is that you? Is that really you!?

I never stopped believing that this day would come! I knew I would see you again!

Me too, Rhagoh. I know how much time you spent looking for me. I know how alone you felt without me. I know. I know everything about you.
Kate, I…
Stop. Let the past stay in the past. Let’s just concentrate on the future.

THERE’S the statue Rhagoh thought would be here. …Yep, kinda creepy.

Thank you, Rush. I want you to have this.
Reward: Ruby Crystal x2, Emerald Crystal x2, 5000 G.
Oh, and if you ever need some help, my sister’s always willing to lend a hand. You can find her in the guild. Our plan is to earn money now so we can retire early and live out the rest of our lives peacefully.
Completed quest: Kate and Rhagoh
The Remnant Collapsed and Kate came out of nowhere. I guess she wasn’t so dead after all…

Good news, Rhagoh: Your peace starts now, as you are banished to the bench for the rest of the LP.

You on the other hand, are welcome to the party.


Rhagoh's dead twin sister. But as if in response to his dearest wish, she suddenly reappeared.

Class: Expert Druid
Initial BR: BR 45
HP: (610)
Str / Int: (38 / 43)
Union Name: Kate’s Pack

Current Arts
Future Arts

So she’s back from the dead, I guess? She’s better than her brother, but probably not quite good enough for a spot in the final party. Her stats are unimpressive. She’s recruitable after completing Rhagoh’s second quest, but she’s not required for anything herself, so I never bothered hiring her. Her flag is interesting. It’s called “The Dead”. Read into that what you will.

The only really notable thing about her is that she can learn the Animalcule Arcana for Hexes immediately, thanks to knowing Dispirit. Not a lot of people learn that so that’s notable I guess. On this playthrough though, I’ll be using her pretty heavily to try and get her to learn Cachexia, the top-tier HEX art.

Tags: Combat, Mystic, Arcana

Like Rhagoh, Kate hangs out in Celapaleis’s Lamberro district. She’s so hostile and aggressive that she makes Nora look like the sweet girl next door.

Sure, no prob.
Yay! Thank you!

The Simarrionne is a Remnant we found in the new passage in Blackdale (see Chapter 52A). It’s a Remnant that Sheryl (and ONLY Sheryl) requests. Since - like Sheryl herself - it’s not very good, she can gladly have it.

So, whadda you think I should be training in? Wanna know what you think.
Mystic arts is the way to go.
Okay. For Reya… And, for friends… I’ll give it a shot.

Hmm… Shall I learn Explosives? Or continue with my current studies? Which is the wisest choice?
Try something new!
If you say so. I’ll do my best to make it worthwhile.

I’m disabling this because she is so much better at just hitting things. Besides after what she tried to do to Qubine, I’m afraid to let her near bombs.

Rush, do you have a moment? I can’t decide how I should focus my training…
All-rounder, natch.
Makes sense… I wouldn’t have to choose either way, would I?

Okay, pop quiz, hotshot. You’re an incredible mercenary. What do you focus on.
Combat arts, for sure!
I know, right? Of course, I’ve already mastered pretty much all there is to know about combat.

What should I focus on from now on… -Eh? Just talking to myself, never mind.
Combat arts, for sure!
Yeahhh… that sounds about right.

Do we have time to engage some monsters? It would not do to slack on training.
Sounds like a plan.
Mm. Let’s go.

Sheesh. That’s a lot. I told Rhagoh to split his focus because he’s better at Mystics, but he’s only really good at Remedies, so he needs combat to give him some additional value. it. Even though I’m not actually going to use him.

New Arts Summary
class changed to Master Paladin!
class changed to Lordly Cavalier!
learned Flash Bomb!

Duke Qubine’s is unwell
Quest: Kate and Rhagoh

Next Time: Ohhh... the guilt.