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Part 65: Chapter LVII - Ohhh... the guilt.

Ohhh... the guilt.

As if the Conqueror wasn’t enough of a headache, now there’s even more to deal with… For now, we should report to Chairman Ghor and let him deal with this.
I never seen Duke Qubine lookin’ like that before… Usually he’s kinda mouthy and annoying, but now I’m a little worried about him.
Duke Qubine was talking about feeling someone else’s thoughts… what was all that about?
Spooky, isn’t it?
We’d better keep our wits about us, alright, Rush? Don’t get careless!
That uneasy feeling only increases, day by day… I can only hope that I am overestimating the gravity of this situation.
There is something terribly wrong with Duke Qubine. Rush, let’s head to Ghor. The chairman should be informed of this as soon as possible. The warrior town of Ghor is just west of the Heroic Ramparts.

David gives us directions because it’s possible we never went there, it only becomes mandatory now.

Music: The Crumbling Fortress

Our lord can guide even the most lost souls of this chaotic world down the right path. As a citizen of this town, I want to do my part to help out in any way I can.

Being chosen as chairman of the Congress must mean that our lord was deemed fit by all other lords. Everyone's so excited! That pub over there was even open till dawn in celebration! We will fight for our lord whom we believe in from the bottom of our hearts.

Have you been to Nagapur yet?
I've seen the aftermath of many battles, but never have I seen anything like what I saw there. I'm a little worried. What if the Bilqis were to do the same thing and cause the same kind of destruction? A small stronghold like this would be destroyed in mere seconds!
(Would anyone be able to tell the difference?)

I can't believe the lord of such a small town is now the Chairman of the Congress! I guess anything can happen. Or maybe all the other cities have come to realize the greatness that is our lord! Hahaha!

Sir! What do you think of this?
Swallowing a bug or two won’t kill anyone!
You’re absolutely right, sir!

That’s a sidequest in Baaluk. We’ll be picking it up pretty soon – probably two chapters or so.

What a thing to happen to Nagapur... I can't help but feel sorry for them.

A whippersnapper like Wilfred Hermeien had no business being Chairman of the Congress in the first place. A fine, upstanding man with a strong sense of duty like our own Lord Ghor is infinitely more suited for the position.

That’s all the news around town. Let’s give our report to the Duke. The video is recommended viewing, if only for the great line delivery.

- Video: Chairmen’s Meeting

So, the urchin from Qubine believes someone is behind this?
Yes, Mr. Chairman.
Wellll… I must admit that he may be correct in his assumption.


Music: Hermeien’s Ultimatum


Happy to see me, Duke?

Lord Hermeien?
No way!
I don’t understand!

I hear you nabbed my position as Chairman of the Congress. My, my, haven’t we moved up in the world.

You okay?
This power… this is what I sensed from the Duke of Qubine!

Yes, yes! This power I obtained from the Remnants is nothing less than extraordinary! I am now what you would call ‘omnipotent’.

I shared this power with the others, but they aren’t reacting to it very well. Apparently, it’s killing them instead.

Ohh… the guilt.
You’re the one behind all this?

But why?!

Your ignorance never ceases to amaze me. I want to rule the world!

Join me, Duke.
Lord Hermeien, I…

My Lord, you must step back! He can not be reasoned with!

A wave flings everyone back.


My dear maiden of Marshall…

This is divine will. We must ALL be released!

Irina, get back!

Very well. I know when I’m not welcome. However, I will return expecting a decision, Duke.

I hope you make the right one, and side with me.

And Hermeien fades away as swiftly as he appeared.

Lord David, are you hurt?
I’m fine.

I thought Lord Hermeien had perished in Nagapur.
This is too weird. Does anybody know what’s goin’ on?

Chairman. What do you intend to do?

I have no reason to doubt his words. Lord Hermeien will return, and I must be prepared for him.

Ensuring his destruction is my duty - as his successor.

The time for war has come.

Lord… Hermeien… No, it can’t be…
I cannot believe Lord Hermeien is still alive… But the evil he radiates proves he is no longer human. To think that something like this brings us to war… Hmph. In the meantime, I shall have my emissaries gather some information.

No more orders from Duke Ghor, so it’s back to Athlum to plan our next move. There’s new dialogue, but oddly it only seems to apply to the pub.

I thought Hermeien died during the incident with the Gwayn, but I hear he’s still alive and crazier than ever. I hope our lord doesn’t feel like he has to go head to head with that madman…

I don’t feel we owe anything to that Hermeien kid. I saw the look in his eyes when he came to speak with our lord. Something wasn’t’ quite right about him…
You can say that twice.
I wonder if Ghor is prepared to throw away its outdated sense of duty and go against Hermeien if the need arises… Our lord is a good man, but sometimes he’s too moral for his own good.

- Video: The Six Bases Appear

Who knows where Hermeien could be hiding. Nagapur is still in ruins.

Lord David! I’m glad I caught you.
What is it?
Take a look at this…

He activates the Remnant locator.

What are these black lights?
They appeared a few days ago.
These are Remnants as well?
Well they should be, but they don’t seem to be the regular kind. It looks like they’re draining the powers of nearby Remnants and then shooting it to a single spot.
Remnants that can steal the power of others? I’ve never heard of such a thing.
This is news to us too. We’re going to look into it ASAP.
What is this ‘single spot’ they’re concentrating their powers into?
This spot, in the center of all the black lights, here.

Is that…?
I believe that’s Koenigsdorf. It’s been a valuable stronghold since ancient times.


It… it holds the same power I felt in Duke Hermeien…
He must be there, then.

Make preparations for battle. We are going to launch an assault on Koenigsdorf.
Yes, my Lord!

The generals turn to leave.

Oh, yes – the Duke of Ghor need not know about this. Who knows what he’ll do.

NOW the generals leave.

I have a favor to ask you both: if possible, I would like Irina to accompany us a little longer.

I have a feeling she’s going to be of great help to us. I understand if you’re concerned for her well-being. I will not force her to come.
Irina is a grown-up. She can make her own decisions.
Thank you so much Mom and Dad!

Mr. David, I’ll help in any way I can.

Okay, come on, enough of that. We have to get ready!
But- oh, yes. Indeed.

That guy’s two banana’s short of a split!
No doubt he’s completely bonkers… and all the more dangerous because of it. Rush, don’t underestimate him.

Those dark lights surrounding Koenigsdorf… Whatever is at each of those locations will do its worst to prevent us from getting to the Conqueror. From now on, our battles will be fierce. Let’s make certain we are amply prepared before we proceed.

Those black lights, huh… Wonder what we’re gonna find? Ehh, doesn’t matter – whatever it is, I’m gonna knock it into next week! Aw geez! I’m shaking… with excitement!

Extrapolating from Miss Irina’s words, the locations signified by those black points are, like Hermeien, imbued with the power of a Remnant. The thought that there are multiple bearers of such strength is distressing at best. For now, we must extinguish the threats one by one.

It seems we will have to do something about the black lights around Koeningsdorf if we wish to enter. Take care in your preparations, Rush. I’ve a feeling these battles will be fiercer than we can even expect.

Nah, let’s just try to bypass those red lights and get to the main event.

Power from each of the dark lights seems to be forming a wall…
Then we must destroy all of those dark lights.
This looks like it’ll be tough. I think a bit more training could really help.
Agreed. It would be wise not to be too overconfident.

So there’s the next big event. We can’t proceed to Koenigsdorf without clearing each of the six bases. I’m sure you can guess what will be waiting for us there.

Before that though, we’ve got a few sidequests left – only about 4 or so, and they’re generally worthwhile. But next up, we’re going to rewind and play the what-if game.

Chairmen’s Meeting
The Six Bases Appear

If we had waited this long to do Caedmon’s last quest, the rewards for doing it now become worse. I’ve also updated the world map:

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Dungeons and Battlefields

Next Time: Never again will I use this blade.