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Part 67: Chapter LVIII - Show me the young man you've become.

Show me the young man you’ve become.

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Chapter XXII: This… is what Irina’s kidnappers are after

What’s that?
This… is what Irina’s kidnappers are after. This tablet can put Remnants into… a deep slumber. It was developed by your mother.

Chapter XXIII: They nearly killed me in the past -OR- A Date with Emma

It's been a long time...
You've been here before?
We have an old family tradition. To carry on the Honeywell name, one must journey to find Remnants when one reaches adulthood. I decided to search here after I heard the Academy had its eye on this place. I thought perhaps I could find one. And then, I met her...

What are they?!

They nearly killed me in the past.

Here. I made it using the tablet.

Chapter XXXVI: I will protect Athlum with my life! -OR- The Nest of Eagles

The… Tablet…

Bartender: Dr. John Sykes… He’s definitely got the brains, but somehow he’s got this rugged charm that’s irresistible… Eh, Marina Sykes? Who’s that?

Guess I’d better go.
Then, please come this way.

Yeah, what’s up, Mom?
As you know, your Marquis friend has been ordered by the Duke of Ghor to gather Remnants from around the world. Now, it's a bit forward of me, but I've been thinking about how you can do this. and I've hit upon a good idea. You can use the tablet of Marshall.
Wait, doesn’t the Conqueror have that?
He has the tablet I developed, yes. But I based it on the one I found in Marshallton. That one is still there.
With it, you can change unbound Remnants to talismans, and take them with you. If the Remnants are in our possession, it means the Conqueror can't get his hands on them, correct?
Until he walks up and just takes them from us.
Either way, the first matter of business is to retrieve the tablet. It should still be in Marshallton. Rush, you'll come with me to get it, right?
No prob, Mom.
Thank you, honey. Let's head to Marshallton.
Accepted quest: The Tablet of Marshall

I’ve reconfigured the party again. I want to play with more Arcanas. So I want Rush and Pagus to finally upgrade from Spark IV to Spark V. (It’s very impressive that Rush made it to Spark IV even though he’s never used Invocations. This… is the power of Ragna-rock?)

So that’s why Rush, Pagus and Caedmon are in their own special union. I’ve disabled all of their non-mystic arts. Caedmon, as I mentioned before, is a scout, but has the prerequisites to change into a higher-tier class, so I’m having him use his Mystics to try and get them in balance with his item arts in the hopes that’ll trigger the class change.

Glenys is once again leading a union to boost her stats some more. Kate is leading a union because I want her to practice Hexes. I’ve disabled all but her highest Hexes to encourage high-level development.

So to grab Blank Remnants like the Chairman says we have to, we’re gonna need some tablet thing. Luckily, Mom says there’s one in Marshallton.

learned Nimble Smash IV!

The path is the same as it was with Emma and the enemies are just as weak, so let’s just skip to the end.

Sure am!
That’s what I like to hear.

- Boss Video: Namul Sin & Niram Sin

Oh hey there are those flowers on the wall, so that’s where all the petals are coming from. Mystery solved!

In other words, we'll have to defeat them if we're to take the tablet. Rather, you will. I can't interfere this time. This is something you have to do yourself, Rush. Go, Rush. Face this challenge with honor... Show me the young man you've become.

Mission: Defeat Namul Sin & Niram Sin!

Music: Out of Control

This is the “fighting against a Remnant” music, in case you haven’t guessed.

You might think that since the earlier fights were easy, this one would be too. It is not. This one is meant for a full-strength party.

I’m not letting you get away!

Dispirit is a high-level Hex which does damage and lowers enemy morale. It’s pretty great.

I should inform you there’s no way I will lose!

Sometimes Blaster just tickles.

…Didn’t know you had it in you…

Other times it hurts a lot.

I meant to do that!

Keep at it, all right?

My reflexive actions to make sure my unions stay healthy means that we’ll probably rarely get a chance to see Emmy and Irina’s special arts.

Cyclops isn’t great for dealing damage, but the extra union is immensely helpful for allowing flanks and rear assaults.

That was remarkably sucky damage for a Rear Assault.

I want Nora to be revived, but I just don’t get that option. When an entire union is dead, you usually get commands to bring them back, but if a non-leader unit is down, revival options are lower priority.

That stung.

Hey, take care of yourself this time, okay?

Thank you, Blocter.

I’m feeling confident, so I’ll have Rush go all-out. Glenys will be ready to pick him up if he gets flattened.


And the Silence effect worked, preventing they from attacking. It’s pretty rare that you manage to line up a well-timed status on a boss.

Finally the silence status effect has been cleared from my Mystic union.

Time to finish it off.

This is a new attack, we didn’t see this in the first fight.

It didn’t hurt much, though.

Double Slash is a 360 degree spin that, well, does two slashes.

And appropriately enough, Emmy finishes them off.

learned Spark V!

Good, Rush now has the potential to learn Blackout. That’s the only reason I had him doing nothing but casting Spark IV all dungeon, so now I can shift him elsewhere – probably the bench. Pagus still needs Spark V, and I’ll use him as a lead until he gets it.

Bosses tend to drop very special crafting loot that’s one-time only. Stuff like that is what I used to make the Ragna-Rock cheat stone Rush is wearing.

The screen goes white, and…

Obtained Namul Niram!

Of course, you can only use the tablet on a Blank Remnant—one that's unbound. I really didn't want to take the tablet from this place... But with things as they are, there's no other choice. Rush... The future of the world's Remnants—maybe of the whole world—could come down to you and your actions.
Woah. No pressure, huh?
I'll be praying for your success. ...Despite that heavy speech, don't overdo it, alright? sure to come back to me in one piece, understood?
Yeah, no problem!
Completed quest: The Tablet of Marshall

I kicked the combined asses of Namul Sin and Niram Sin and got myself a tablet. Haha! Now I can get my hands of lots of cool Remnants!

So just like the Conqueror is going around snatching up Remnants, now we can too. I think that’s kinda neat. That’s what we’re going to do next time, because it’s too long to fit in this time without hitting like 90 images.

We can only get a few, and some of them are associated with a quest – meaning that if you pick them up BEFORE you do the quest, you can’t do the quest anymore. But we have been thorough with quests, so there’s only one left still tied to a quest, and we can’t even get to it until a couple more main story beats.

Also next time, there will be a big arcana showcase.

New Arts Summary
learned Nimble Smash IV!
learned Spark V!
learned Namul Niram!

Boss Video: Namul Sin & Niram Sin

Discussion question: Hey, Kids! Rush needs your help! He has to go look for blank, unbound Remnants. We've seen some in our travels. Where are they located, and as a bonus, what are they called? (P.S. Elysion does not count.)

Next Time: May our strengths become one!