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Part 68: Chapter LIX - May our strengths become one!

May our strengths become one!

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Chapter XVII: Talk about an epic failure!

- Blooper Video: Rare Monster Gomei

When wandering around I found this guy. Fighting him is a really, really dumb idea. I knew this before I attempted it (and saved).

This is one reason why.

So yeah, do not piss off Dragons because you are crunchy and taste good with barbecue sauce.

Sure, no prob.
So generous! I appreciate it.

Emmy has bound herself to Namul Niram, so now she can summon them in battle. You can only have one summon on the field at a time, but it doesn’t matter much whose it is.

I’m substituting Maddox for Rush because I want Maddox to get the “New Art” prompt that lets him learn Remedies. Those only show up for guys in the active party. This configuration will stay until Pagus learns Spark V.

We’re off to the Ivory Peaks, home of the Liafort.

Seeing the Liafort always brings me a sense of peace.
…but these are not peaceful times. I wish I could just leave the Liafort here.
But the Conqueror is going around collecting all the Remnants he can get his hands on.
I know. But whatever happens, he’ll never be able to take my memories of it from me.

I’m ready.

- Video: Claiming the Liafort

We’ve transformed the Liafort into an accessory. I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that Violet requests this. It boosts Item Arts growth by +1, HP by 25% (which really helps fill in Violet’s big weak spot), and it has the Morale Control attribute, which increases the amount of morale gained from friendly attacks and decreases the amount of Morale lost from enemy attacks, which is really awesome.

If I say that someone requests an artifact, it typically means that ONLY that person requests the artifact. So unless you really want Rush to have it, let them take it. There are a couple exceptions where someone has first claim and someone else will ask for it if you deny them, but that’s rare.

Anyone who uses a Remnant for an accessory never replaces it. It is their ultimate accessory. There are only a very few party members who can ask for a Remnant, and they tend to be pretty good party members.

Should I learn Remedies? Or continue to refine what I already know? What do you think, Rush?
Try something new!
Ho ho ho… Alright. Let’s see what these old bones can do.

There, getting this prompt was the sole reason I took Maddox off the bench.

- Video: Rare Monster Savage Commander (Feat. Namul Niran)

On my way to the Rubber Soul, I met this guy.

Music: Clash of Opposites

Already our first chance to show off our brand new summon!

May our strengths become one!

Showed those jerks!
Well fought!

Even though Dillmoor is a low-level area, this guy is not a pushover.

Get ‘em next time!

A fortunate block.


This guy’s tougher than I expected, so I’ll use my big gun.


Watch this!

Just a few more steps to victory!

And Namul Niram finishes it off.

learned Thunderclap!

Useless for Maddox, who is more of a caster.

- Video: Claiming the Rubber Soul

AP Charge on Damage is a really good effect. It boosts your AP when you hit, meaning you can use more AP-intensive arts sooner. This is requested by Glenys.

Focus on mystic arts!
Alright! Believe it or not, I was an army general! I have utmost confidence in my abilities.

Those were the last of the easy ones to get at. The next couple require dungeon diving.

On my way to the Schiavona, Pagus finally reached Spark V. That’s all I was looking for before we could do the Arcana training. Now I can re-sort my unions. Pagus and Maddox go back to the bench.

I had Gabriel leading a union because I’m trying to get him to upgrade from Scout to Assassin.

Here we are, now we just need to clear the enemies in the middle so we aren’t disturbed.

learned Nimble Double Strike III!

- Video: Claiming the Schiavona

I think this is the first Remnant we get which also doubles as a weapon. Those always have Weapon Arts, and anyone who has them does not replace the weapon, although they can further upgrade it with components. Jager requests this.

Sure, no prob.
I appreciate it.

Rush, may I borrow your Rubber Soul? I’d like to put it to use.
Sure, no prob.
Are you certain? I thank you.

With the Liafort, Violet’s health is no longer sub-par compared to other party members. We’re off now to Robelia Castle for the fourth and final Blank Remnant of any substantial interest which we’ve found.

class changed to Master Cleric!

- Video: Claiming the Flachonelle

This also has Growth Boost of Combat Arts+1, which conflicts with its otherwise Mystic bent. The silence immunity is only for the person who has this, meaning that it’s only niche role is if they were going to cast a spell but the union gets silenced mid-turn. Nora requests this.

While I’m here, I’m reminded that there was a section I never explored when I was last here with Rhagoh. So I explore it. I hit BR 44.

class changed to Legendary Marauder!
class changed to Legendary Paladin!
class changed to Lordly Paladin!

There’s little in the new section except the map and a morsel.

There is this, which I’ve heard can help immensely for certain tough boss battles. I’ll have to keep an eye out for these in stores. Martha’s Items in Athlum sells them, although they’re pricey at 35,000 G each. Certain enemies can rarely drop them as well.

No prob!
You serious? No tradebacks, got it?

So I was thinking of learning Traps… Whadda you think, Rush?
Go for it!
Alright. It’ll definitely be a challenge, but that’s not gonna stop me!

No, but the fact that I’ll disable them immediately will.

Rush Sykes! I know you see me as unreliable… Thus, I ask you – what should I focus my training on?
Combat arts is the way to go.
Ahh… yes, you are right. And now it is time I did what I must do.

Hmm… what should I focus on for my training? I thought maybe being the Cosmos Maiden would help me decide, but no dice!
Definitely mystic arts!
Mmm… The Cosmos Maiden can’t not do mystic arts, right?

What sorts of arts should I focus on next? I know I must be strong to do what I must…
Combat arts is the way to go.
Understood. As captain of the Silver Falcons, and as a member of this group, I shall continue to fight for those who cannot.

Oh, that Schiavona you got? You’re gonna let me borrow it, right?
Sure, no prob.
Props, man. That’s chill.

Hey. If you’ve got time to be standing around, why don’t we go get me some Demon Bone?
Appreciate it. C’mon, let’s go.

Nope, we’re not going to specifically hunt for components now. Instead we have an old score to settle.

This party configuration is specifically intended for triggering Arcanas. First up:

Jager and Gaou are there just because I had two slots free. I’ve disabled all arts on the units that aren’t strictly needed for performing the arcana except those which can revive.

All the units are in the Orb formation, which reduces the AP cost of arts, which helps a lot with the very-high-AP Arcanas. It turns out that having mystic arts on non-mystic units is really helpful for triggering Arcanas.

I picked this monster mostly because as a rare, he would have the HP needed to survive tanking all these Arcanas.

- Video: Rare Monster Gomei – Arcana Spectacular

The first two turns I just stand by to build up AP. For this video, I make use of a lot of fast-forwarding to keep it to a reasonable length.

That was pretty good considering the rare monster’s damage resistance.

Whiteout looks pretty similar to Blackout.

The big guy dodged this Animacule.

We should strike at their flank!

I don’t know what it would have been without that Critical hit.

Music: Clash of Opposites

Rejuvenating Water is tricky to get to first trigger. The wiki recommends having one dead union and one critical health union, and send everyone to resurrect the dead union. Step 1: Creating a dead union.

Get ready: I’m about to OWN you!

Look at that damage. That is amazing damage.

I’m not sure this will work, since “Bring them Back” will have Pagus trying to use Vivification Herb.

Step 2: With the dead union back alive again, once Pagus moves, this should force a whole-union Reassessment.

And here it is!

My gratitude.

It heals a huge amount for any union which isn’t dead. Unfortunately, it doesn’t revive dead units or unions.

Oh crud!

25,284 damage

This critted for 44688 damage, putting Gomei into critical health.

Some of the boss and rare healing abilities actually are pretty potent.

Animalcule not only does heavy damage, but it also can inflict Poison, Silence, and Paralyze onto any unit which manages to survive. Yeah, it’s nasty. And YES, some bosses can use this on us. It SUCKS. HARD. Gomei, as a dragon, happens to be immune to poison. As a rare, all statuses wear off at the end of the turn.

This critted for 40,550 damage.

12,250 damage.

This does nothing for Kate’s Pack, which is dead.

I can keep this up all day, Gomei.

I’m not letting you get away! This’ll wipe you out!


12,372 damage.

And it’s dead. 19 turns. Was that efficient? Hell no, I could have taken him out a lot easier the normal way. Was it fun blasting him with a stream of Arcanas? Hell yes.

class changed to Legendary Mysticknight!
learned Fatal Eclipse!
learned Vivification Herb III!
learned Mystic Missile II!
learned Animalcule!
learned Restorative Herb II!
learned Poison Gas II!
learned Vivification Herb II!
learned Whiteout!
learned Vivification Tincture!
class changed to Legendary Marksman!

I did save after this fight, so yes we keep all these arts. This was a LOT longer than I was expecting it to be, sorry. Over the weekend I’ll update the Arcanas post with more images and videos.

New Arts Summary
learned Nimble Double Strike III!
class changed to Legendary Mysticknight!
class changed to Master Cleric!
class changed to Legendary Paladin!
learned Fatal Eclipse!
learned Vivification Herb III!
class changed to Lordly Paladin!
learned Mystic Missile II!
learned Animalcule!
class changed to Legendary Marauder!
learned Restorative Herb II!
learned Poison Gas II!
learned Whiteout!
learned Vivification Tincture!
class changed to Legendary Marksman!

Claiming the Liafort
Rare Monster Savage Commander (Feat. Namul Niran)
Claiming the Rubber Soul
Claiming the Schiavona
Claiming the Flachonelle
Rare Monster Gomei – Arcana Spectacular

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