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Part 69: Chapter LX - There weren’t any floating around in yours

There weren’t any floating around in yours

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Chapter XVII: Talk about an epic failure!

Music: Free and Easy (Baaluk Theme)

What’s this? You, you are an unfamiliar face. Doing a bit of traveling, sport?
Yeah, I guess.
Take a seat, have some tea. At least it doesn’t have any problems with it… I’m the owner here, and you wouldn’t believe the troubles I’ve had. I actually started out in Balterossa. Never have to worry about having too few customers there, eh? It’s pricey, though. I couldn’t turn a profit. So… that’s how I ended up out here on the edge of the world. Sad thing is – and this is where it really adds insult to injury – even this tiny pub out in the boonies couldn’t be run all alone. So… I was desperate. I went to town, found two guys who looked like they didn’t have anything else to do, and hired ‘em. Talk about an epic failure!
What went wrong?
Where do I start? The younger guy’s a lazy dog. I’ve seen corpses that’re more productive, ugh. But you know how mitra can be… no offense. Then the old guy, bless him, he’s enthusiastic enough, but completely incompetent. Can’t remember customer orders for the life of him. The customers themselves are mostly down-and-out mercenaries, so not really the type you wanna get too friendly with, you know?
I always dreamed of having a bustling pub full of attractive patrons having stimulating conversations about adventure and intrigue…
Ach, sorry, sorry. You come in here for a drink and then I end up talking your ear off. Anyway, next time you come out here, come back and visit, alright? There’ll be a hot pot of tea waiting for you, my treat.

Yeah, kinda hard to miss those.
Town legend says there was some terrible monster running wild, but the Imperator took the Remnant and sealed it in that very spot.
‘Course, that was hundreds of years ago… If’n there’s any truth to it, I sure ain’t the one to tell. Only half-believe it myself, actually.

Chapter XXVII: Ice burrn!

Younger Lord Candidate: Some Academy guys came out of nowhere and...
The Brimuslabus was stolen. Baaluk is done for...
Everything's fine! A Collapse was coming. Baaluk has been saved from disaster!
It is true that the Brimuslabus hasn't been bound to anyone since its last keeper passed away...
Elder Lord Candidate: What? That's your reason? I've been telling you all this time, make me the ruler so I could bind the Brimuslabus to myself!
Younger Lord Candidate: N-no way! You just want to use it to expand your domain! I should be the one to...
Elder Lord Candidate: A clown like yourself can't bring prosperity to Baaluk!

That's why I asked the Academy to take the Brimuslabus away. Neither of you are fit to be the lord! And with the Collapse...! The Remnant brings ill fortune to Baaluk. Ridding the town of it was the best move. We don't need a Remnant or a lord for this town to flourish!
Elder Lord Candidate: What did you do...?
Younger Lord Candidate: I think Leshau has a point...
No Remnant. No lord. How can you be certain we'll be fine?
I know we will! We just all have to work together!

I’m worried – real worried. Sure hope the town legend is nothing more than a fancy bedtime story.

Chapter XLI: He stayed true to his beliefs to the end.

Maybe all of us have. And I think it's all my fault... Yanno, the one who told me that the Brismulabus was about to Collapse was that guy Wyngale. He's always been calm and serious, always acting with the town's best interests at heart. But ever since they took the Brimuslabus, it's like he totally changed... Or maybe he's just showing his true colors. Maybe he never cared about Baaluk at all in the first place... And what's more, you know those guys we gave the Remnant to? I have this really, really bad feeling about them...
Yeah, I do too.
Oh man, what if all this time I've been acting high and mighty, thinking I was the town's hero, when really I've just been playing right into the bad guys's hands? Augh, we don't even have a Remnant anymore! What's going to happen to Baaluk now? ...I don't know what I'll do if something awful happens...

Try something new!
Ho ho ho… Alright. Let’s see what these old bones can do.

They can sit back on the bench after disabling Herbs. We’ve got enough Herbs + Mystics users by now.

I wonder what I should focus on for my training… What do you think, Rush?
Definitely mystic arts!
Spells, huh……… …Uhh, I’ll give it a try!

For this next battle, I feel that Leshau should participate, even though he sucks. It’ll probably be the last time he gets use, though. I can’t wait to replace Allan with someone better, but that will have to wait a little while.

I’ve moved Glenys and Violet out of Rush’s Troop because I think Rush’s overpowered arts have been depriving them of experience. Plus, with all the girls in Irina’s union, the hope is to get her to learn Rejuvenating Water.

Music: Life Without Remnants

Err… yeah, I can.
The Brimuslabus's stood here for hundreds of years, sealin' away an evil god. Without the Remnant, that god'll be back... and all the madder for it, I'll tell you what. Our poor village, this's gonna be the end...

In order to trigger Leshau’s next bonus talk, we have to go to Elysion and talk with someone.

Hey Leshau? I know you were wondering what happens to towns without Remnants, so I talked to this guy, and…

As far as I know, the land returns to its natural state. Harsh winds dry out the earth and vegetation just withers away. Sometimes volcanoes erupt and burn down entire towns. Or rivers overflow and flood the lands.
That sounds pretty bad.
But not all bad things will happen to every town. After all, there are towns that don't have Remnants. Like Eulam Island. I hear it's not supposed to be that bad of a place to live, even though it doesn't have a Remnant.
Okay, thanks, dude.
Say, why the question?
Well, Athlum lost the Valeria Heart to the Conqueror, and the Academy took Baaluk’s Remnant, the Brimslaubus.
Pardon me? The Academy doesn’t have the Brimslaubus.
It doesn’t? Are you sure?
Well, we’re still sorting out all the webs Hermeien had been weaving, but if we had that Remnant, we should have found it or at least news about it by now.
…That’s not good.

Then maybe Baaluk will be okay too! Just maybe… Thanks, Rush! Thanks for telling me and giving me hope! I said some awful things about Wyngale... I don't know why I doubted him. I need to have more faith in people and what they can do.
Good idea!
But now's not the time to dwell on the past. It's time to turn Baaluk into a town everyone wants to live in!
Parameter Bonus! You have become chummy with Leshau, thus awakening his true powers!
Leshau’s HP has increased by 20%! AP has increased by 15%! STR, INT, SPD have increased by 8%!

Those are some pretty substantial increases for a mediocre character.

What’s going on?
Departing Man: Didn't you know? The legendary beast what was sealed around here's woken up! There ain't nothin' left for this town, sure as I'm standin' here - so I'm hoofing it out. Dunno where I'm headin', but it can't be worse.

Staring Child: Mister, what're we gonna do? The Brimuslabus is gone, and Mama says some real scary monster's come out! Mr. Wyngale'll be able to do somethin' about it... right?

I'll be a monkey's uncle. That story 'bout the demon and the Imperator was the honest truth after all. Damnation, 'til now we been able to drive of everyone tryin' to get their hands on the Brimuslabus. How in blazes did this happen? Welp, ain't nothin' to be done about it now. I was raised here by my pappy and him by his pappy before that. I'm stayin' here 'til the end.

The Brimuslabus is gone... I pray that things will change for the better. It's hard to believe it's come to this... But I was born and raised in this town. Reckon I'll stay with it to the end. It's like all the stories said... The Brimuslabus was the guardian angel to us all...
Elder Lord Candidate: The next leader of Baaluk is gonna be me! But so long as the Brimuslabus's gone, I gotta figure something out to take care of this fix we're in...
Younger Lord Candidate: I can hardly believe this is happening...

It’s safe to say that the atmosphere in Baaluk is pessimistic these days.

…That’s the scuttlebutt, anyhoo!
Bartender: Izzat so. And?
I’ll take care of this! …Right after finishing the dishes, that is! Gahahahaha!

Oh man... So apparently, this legendary god-demon thing - no one here can decide which - has been awakened. People are going bananas. Geez, I guess it's up to me to take care of everyone... I mean, I am a mercenary, after all. Fighting's what I do. And I'll fight to protect this town!

You again?
What’s up?!
I’m on break, alright? Leave me alone.

Here’s a cup of Melphina’s finest tea on the house.
So as I was saying, business is in the dumps… See all these bugs flying around? Annoying little buggers.
By the time I bring the customers back their drinks, a few are already floating belly-up in their coffee cops.
Oh, don’t worry. There weren’t any floating around in yours.
Oh, good. *slurrrrp*
I picked them all out…
Er, I mean, I saw some, so I poured you a new cup, that’s it. A bunch spawned in the Salamander’s Tail area of the Great Sand Sea, and they’re all drifting this way for some reason.

You can hear the sound of insects buzzing through this whole conversation.

Extermination, I can do.
Really!? Thanks! You’re a savior.
Yesss… this seems to be a MUCH better use of our time than the massive buildup of dangerous Remnant energy.
And FYI, the bugs in the Salamander’s Tail are big enough to swallow you whole. Stay safe out there!
Accepted quest: Infestation!
Mission: Defeat the queen!

Music: Struggle Eternal

- Battlefield Video: Salamander’s Tail

I’m from Buenos Aires and I say kill ‘em all!

This isn’t even worth my time!

The main gimmick of this fight is not that the enemies are tough, but that there are a LOT of them. The first wave of Workers has been taken out, now we move on to the Hunters.

Yeah! This is our big chance!

Now some Soldiers come mixed in with fresh Hunters.

Set ‘em up, I’ll knock ‘em down!

Music: Turn the Tide

Finally ready to fight?

Hexes can be cast at long range. Everyone else has to close in.

Reinforcements appear immediately after we confirm our orders, but before anyone acts.

I’ll grind your bones to make my bread!


Even more reinforcements appear mid-turn. This fight does a really good job of making it seem endless.

We can do this!

In long battles, it’s hard to NOT find a turn where Rush can do an Omnistrike.

We’re gonna win!

Finally, the queen appears.

He ye ye ye yuh!

Jager’s new weapon is really strong.

They’ve circled us?!

Rush! Stand with me!


Kate don’t care about that.

Everyone except Rush will pile onto the other enemy to make sure it does before the Queen.

Try again tomorrow.

A strong one, huh?

And we’re done. I reach BR 45.

learned Dragon’s Flight!
class changed to Adept Druid!

Of course things being smooth sailing from there would be too good to be true. When it rains it pours, right? You wouldn’t believe what’s happened to me now…
Woah, is that the time? I’ve got a… a thing.
…What? You don’t want to hear any more of my problems? Oh… okay…
Reward: Empty Aerial Insecta Shell x1, 10,000 G.
Obtained Flail! You’ve obtained a more powerful version of an existing formation!
Completed quest: Infestation

Baaluk's barkeep sent me to the Salamander's Belly to exterminate some bugs. ...Some!? There were billions! I got the job done, though.

Go for it!
Heh. Of course.

Hi, Rush. So I was wondering if I should learn Potions
Try something new!
You think? Okay, I’ll give it a go… Hopefully it’ll make me stronger!

Hey, Rush. I’ve been thinking about learning Hexes… What do you think?
Go for it!
You think? I don’t know how useful it’ll be, but you never know until you try, right?

Hey Rush… Should I learn this new type of arts, Remedies? I mean, what if I’m bad at it – er, I mean, it sucks?
Try something new!
Yeah? I guess I am a natural. Great idea!

Psionics stays on, because Psionics is good (and Bluff is definitely good for an entry-level spell). Everything else gets turned off. I want Darien to heal using Eye Cream so he can learn higher level Lotions.

Rush, may I ask you something? Do you think I’m following the right path in my training? Where should I have my focus?
You should go for balance.
Certainly attempting everything leaves no deficiency.

What sorts of arts should I focus on? I mean, one does need to worry about becoming too powerful.
Combat arts, for sure.
Heh. Obviously.

Oh, that Metallic Stud you got? You’re gonna let me borrow it, right?
Sure, no prob.
Props, man. That’s chill.

And he just threw away the Wishing Coin. There’s only the one and you can’t make another.

Paris is a solid fighter, but a better caster, so balance works for him. Allan is a shit caster so he goes combat. We’re off to Nagapur again for one last sidequest before we start to take on the Six Bases.

New Arts Summary
learned Restorative Herb!
learned Dragon’s Flight!
class changed to Adept Druid!
learned Bluff!
learned Red Potion!
learned Poison Gas!
learned Restore!

Battlefield Video: Salamander’s Tail

Next Time: So, there're still a couple idiots with balls in this town after all