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Part 70: Chapter LXI - So, there're still a couple idiots with balls in this town after all

So, there're still a couple idiots with balls in this town after all

Music: Life Without Remnants

Begun to hate this music yet? If we hadn’t solved a bunch of quests a lot more cities would have this as their music.

I wonder what that kid wants.

Maybe she just wandered off somewhere?
Brother of Kidnapped Girl: But I been all over town... I dunno what else to do. An' I sure can't trust some stupid adult to help! But you, you ain't so old... Please, you gotta help me find my sister! She's all I got left!
Don’t worry – I’ll find her!
Brother of Kidnapped Girl: Thanks a million! So there's this Oswald geezer, an' he knows, like, everythin' about Nagapur! I bet he could help! I'll stay here in case she comes back...

The only place he could be in the much-smaller Nagapur is in the pub.

And I’ll continue to work hard… as long as you keep paying me.

A kid asked me to find his missing sister.
Recently a group of slavers has made its way into the city. They may be familiar... Seems the group used to operate outside of Athlum.
What, there are still some of those punks left?
The slavers hide in the Aqueducts. Yet while I know their hideout's location, I haven't strength enough to dispose of the fiends. But now, a virile youth with a strong sense of justice has come straight to my door. Can I entrust you with this task? Would you go to the Aqueducts?
You don't have to ask!
Excellent. I will take you to the entrance.
Accepted quest: The Slave Traders

Music: Everflow

According to the old man, there’s some shady business going on with some sleazy dudes into human trafficking. They’re in the Aqueducts.

We’re back here again. The central area looks familiar, but this time we’re starting from a different location, south of the central room. But before that, there’s an optional area to the side.

This game doesn’t have puzzle dungeons, except for the little you get here. In this case, to get at the treasure, we’ll need to reach the control panels and move two movable bridges. One is just to the left of Rush’s foot.

This bridge lets us get access to the first treasure chest which has an amazing score of 7200 G.

Moving the bridges again lets us nab the second chest, which has a Mermaid’s Barrel, used for crafting accessories. It’s used to make a Mermaid’s Favour necklace, which reduces a lot of mystic status effects. No one will request it because it’s Mystic type and that is bugged.

It’s also used to upgrade a Daimyo Otachi katana to a Mermaid’s Malice Katana. There’s a guild task to do that, which is why I used up the one from the previous game. You can also buy Mermaid’s Barrel’s at a store in Athlum for about 250,000G a piece.

Of course, with the bridges like this, we can’t get back out.

So move one bridge for a third time to let us get at the ladder which will let us out.

Some Glasya Labolys (Spiritlord) enemies patrol the central room. There’s also a thing which is NOT here because we are on a quest. I’ll get to that later. Much later. (When I won’t be horribly outmatched.)

The way to Wyrmskeep has collapsed.

We should head for the Sudenalm entrance.

- Video: Rare Monster Snowtoad

This guy is a prick.

Like most rare monsters, Snowtoad only really spams one attack over and over. The difference is that this attack has bullshit attached.

Well, I didn’t need to sleep tonight anyway. It turns out that the actual eyes of these enemies are inside their “mouth”, which is more of a sharp-toothed maw. This is amazing detail on a creature that can only really be seen if you go frame-by-frame.

Death Dive, as the name implies, has a chance of causing Instant Death. That is annoying.


Oh, and it can inflict it on any union on the field, not just ones deadlocked with it. Yay.

Mixed Message is Bluff 2.0. It does no damage, but moves the Morale bar a lot.

Th-those guys l-look pretty strong!

Irina and Kate will be bringing people back, Jager rested in the first turn and will engage Snowtoad.

Three more units down. That’s six in total.

Seven, as Violet goes down. At this point, I’m resigned to some units being dead at the end of battle.

Don’t push yourself!
Wait, somebody took me out?!

Finally, no deaths this time.

Last turn no options to clear the KO status came up. This turn I did get some – Jager revived the KO’ed members of Kate’s Pack.

Rush brings Irina’s union back to full strength, and she returns the favor with Rush.

Son of a -

Jager doesn’t manage to finish it off…

..but Gaou does, and amazingly, everyone is alive at the end.

learned Caustic Blast!

We find our objectives just inside the entrance to the Third Channel. We can’t get out to (the ruins of) Sudenalm, because either the control to move the bridge is on the Sudenalm side, or the stairs are blocked.

- Boss Video: Slave Traders

Hand over the girl!
*snort* So, there're still a couple idiots with balls in this town after all. but you picked the wrong time to get all high and mighty! Boys! Grab these little punks--they're gonna be the latest additions to our inventory!

Mission: Defeat the Slavers!

This shouldn’t be much of a fight.

This encounter is a little tougher than normal and Kate wasn’t able to finish it off in one turn.

Nor could Glenys, although it didn’t help that Allan’s attack was outright blocked.

Spot the trend?

I won’t let bullies like you get in my way!
Niiice, this one looks loaded!

Do it like that every time!

You nailed him!

Here we go!

This guy absorbed a full critical round from Irina’s union before this.

Come on, let’s run ‘em down!

I meant to do that!

No sweat.

Well done, Rush Sykes. Here's a little something to show my appreciation.

This should bring Nagapur back into balance. Hmm, it seems that even this old man can still be of use to someone...
Completed quest: The Slave Traders

I destroyed the slave-trading group hiding in the Aqueducts. The kid’s sister was returned safely. The old man gave me a reward. Life is good!

That concludes the last of the major sidequesting. Most of that is done now. There will be more sidequests, but there won’t be any more long major stretches of sidequesting. Now, prepare your body for a very long stretch of main quest stuff.

New Arts Summary
learned Caustic Blast!

Rare Monster Snowtoad
Boss: Slave Traders

Discussion: Who do you think will be waiting for us at Base 1?

EDIT: Fixed video link.

Next Time: You destroyed them so beautifully, all for my pleasure.