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Part 71: Chapter LXII - You destroyed them so beautifully, all for my pleasure

You destroyed them so beautifully, all for my pleasure

While I’m around, I might as well pick up Zolean.

Zolean has no quests or prerequsites other than ‘18 party members unlocked’. He’s a Yama caster who is highly skilled in Invocations and Hexes. He’s a good addition to a mystic-heavy party. Speaking of parties, I’ve re-arranged my team.

Rush’s Troop is now in the Casket II formation, which significantly reduces the capabilities of the union leader, which is fine because Rush is overpowered right now. Even if it doesn’t stop Rush from being an XP sponge, Blocter and Torgal should be able to handle it better.

Irina and friends are the healer squad. Sort-of. Violet and Glenys are pretty good muscle. They’re in the Chariot formation, which improves the attack and defense of the group and enhances traps.

Kate’s Pack is in the Crossbow formation. It greatly improves the Mystic attack of the union leader, and increases the number of hits for Mystic arts. Because this is a main plot-sequence, I’m using all the mandatory characters. I also want Caedmon to try and get better at Mystics so he can change classes. That means someone has to be benched, and I chose Nora this time.

Jager’s Sect is in the Snakebite formation. It improves defense and mobility of the lead ranks, but reduces their attack. The idea is to make his union fast.

Emmy’s Squad is in the Hawk-eye formation, which improves the attack of the lead ranks and enhances physical evasion.

- Battlefield Video: Base 1

We need to get rid of each one to enter Koenigsdorf!
Alright, men! Get ready to charge!

So this is the place…

We’ll crush them in one fell swoop!
Everyone: *cheers*

Music: Clash of Opposites

Mission: Defeat the command squad and assault their base!

So this is one of the story battlefields. We can see the enemy reinforcements in the distance, which is kinda neat. We start out one turn away from the enemy and have to march.

You’d better recognize!

That fancy swordwork missed this time.

Come on - from the side!

As main plot battles, these battlefields are more dynamic than usual.

So close…

Good job!

Don’t let ‘em take you out!

Other than Kate getting silenced, that was a good first turn.

Oho! Did you see that?
Nice hit!

Even normal attacks can be brutal when they crit.

Are you okay?

Irina clears the silence and Violet provides some minor healing.

Strike now!
Yeah! Everybody’s getting hyped!
I… tire of this fighting!

Finish him!

No Omnistrike today, I guess.

I won’t let bullies like you get in my way!

You know you’re approaching the final wave when the boss squads with hidden HP bars show up on the field. To maximize XP, no one is targeting the boss leader, because the battle ends once the boss union is down.

This is the only union which goes down this turn.

Emmy’s union is pretty beat up, so I order healing for her, but as soon as the turn starts…

Gabriel wasn’t able to finish this union off.

You’re not going to perish from that scratch, are you?

Uh, I might, Allan.

Seriously, Revitalize is amazing.


Only the boss left now.

The boss union is tougher than a regular union, but probably not 5-on-1-with-special-attacks tough.

How’s that!

That was a really strong Maledict.

learned Mighty Switchback III!
learned Double Strike III!
learned Restore II!

The army is wiped out. Now let’s head inside the base itself and see what we have.

- BOSS Video: Snievan the Aesthete

You’re given control here, even though you can’t leave. This gives you time to save, change your equipment, party and formation. The game does warn you when saving that if you are unable to defeat the boss you could become stuck. So use different save slots.

The tracking Remnant says something’s here?
Yes, I can feel it.
Who’s there?

Music: Slipping Through your Fingers

How beautiful! You destroyed them so beautifully, all for my pleasure! Oh, my poor, poor subordinates!

Certainly they were far too incompetent to stop you, but at least they showed me a magnificent death!

Yes! Death is the peak of perfection, the only thing that comes close to rivalling me! But now I must deal with you swine.

You come in covered in dirt and grime! Reeking of sweat! Crashing in here like some rabid beast! Trampling in here with your shoes on! And what’s more, you’ve done all that with the intent of disrupting the Conqueror’s glorious goals! Oh, you are the embodiment of all things hideous!

Dirty, tainted beings like you can only benefit from a cleansing by Snievan the Aesthete!

You’ll bathe in a river of your own blood!

Music: Press to Victory

Mission: Defeat Snievan!

The battles versus the Seven have their own special music.

The bosses do come with their own set of minions to clean up, it’s best to do so quickly to avoid providing free flanks to the enemy.

The other unions weren’t able to finish their foes off.

Their flank is weak! Go for it!

What is this?

Young… master…

Ouch. Lugh’s Revenge is Snievan’s special attack. It’s a barrage of shots from his gun-like Remnant (the Brionac) which does massive damage to a single union.

On the agenda for this turn is reviving Rush and finishing off the minions. I assign Jager’s union to that job.

Violet and Glenys just barely miss killing this guy.


But Emmy picks up the slack.

Get up, we gotta win this!

You’re not going to perish from that scratch, are you?


Only Snievan remains.

As a boss, Snievan’s got a lot of HP to whittle through.

But not so much that he can withstand us pounding him full-on with major attacks.

When a boss uses a bonus action on a buff like this, you know that they’re on the ropes.

Paris finishes things.

Ha ha, ha ha, ha… Thus, my resplendence finally reaches the sublime beauty of death… Truly, I have reached the pinnacle of beauty…

learned Dispirit II!
learned Caustic Blast!

I reached BR 46 from this fight.

Obtained Brionac!

Natually, the bosses drop some great stuff, and special components that are only used for some very special items. Torgal claims the Brionac, which lets him use Lugh’s Revenge (yadda yadda he has to be the leader, his union morale must be maxed).

They’re with the Conqueror?! And with Hermeien as well?
The flow of Remnant power doesn’t feel so strong anymore.
Are you sure?

I’m positive. The barrier around Koenigsdorf seems weaker than before.
Then… that was one of those lights. That fiend we just defeated was sapping power from other Remnants and sending it to Koenigsdorf?
…Yes, I think so.
That can’t be! Are you saying that was a Remnant?
I don’t know about that…

There’s a moment of silence as people ponder this mystery.

Guys, who cares what they are? We know we’ve got to beat them all to get into Koenigsdorf, right? Let’s deal with the questions later!
You’re quite right. Thank you, Rush.

Let’s go, we’ve got more fighting ahead.

Definitely mystic arts!
Eh? That’s more Rhagoh’s bag, but eh, I’ll give it a shot.

New Arts Summary
learned Mighty Switchback III!
learned Double Strike III!
learned Restore II!
learned Dispirit II!
learned Caustic Blast!

Battlefield: Base 1
BOSS Video: Snievan the Aesthete

Discussion: Who’s next?

Next Time: Scary, here is too scary!