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Part 77: Chapter LXVIII - Are you simply choosing not to see the truth?

Are you simply choosing not to see the truth?

- BOSS Video: Cyclops

Music: Out of Control

Out of Control is the “Remnant boss” music, and that title has never been more appropriate than now.

You’re dumped right into the fight after beating Milton, with no opportunity to change your unions. It’s quite possible that by now you’re desperately low on supplies, but you’ll have to manage. The good news is that compared to Milton, this is a fairly easy boss. But after Milton, anything seems like more fun. We’re behind on Morale, so I’ll try and pump that up if I get the chance.

Oh, the Cyclops is doing its special move before the first turn really starts.

Players who have seen the Gae Bolg’s effect on the enemy forces might be crapping themselves right now…

Steady, there!
Don’t let punks like that take you out!

But there’s no real need to worry. It’s a lot less dangerous in the hands of Cyclops. (Do you get the feeling that this boss was put in because one of the modelers/animators got it to crudely hold the Gae Bolg and someone thought “oh I’ve got a neat idea”?)

Come on, let’s kick some A!

I’m not sure that Paralyze will actually prevent Cyclops from using its arts.

This one’s putting up a fight!

I’ll win this and show you what winning really looks like!

I’m sending Rush’s union off to get killed in order to futilely try to get Glenys to learn the Arcana.

Wait… I still gotta…

Be careful!

Ouch, and that was with them defending. I should have healed them.

The Cyclops’s damage resistance is a pain.

Emmy gets blacked out, which is annoying because she was going to heal the union.

And here you are, some healing for you.

I thought that the reason why this didn’t trigger Rejuvenating Water was because I had 134 AP and needed more. I didn’t realize that the real reason is that Revitalize II is needed on Glenys, Revitalize I doesn’t work. It’ll take another battle before I figure it out.

Even though the Gae Bolg [Berserk] isn’t enough to wipe our party, I’d be really surprised if it didn’t kill Roberto on a direct hit.

Are you all right?

Okay, I’m surprised. But since that is the main threat from Cyclops, this battle is mostly just a check “do you have enough healing resources left after Base 6 and Milton”.

Cyclops even got a crack at Roberto in critical and didn’t finish him. But because I’m still mistaken about Glenys, I’m going to let him die.

My gratitude.

Sometimes the AI’s well-intentioned helpfulness can interfere with my plans. Still better than unhelpfulness.

Good, the sooner this fight is over the better.

Appropriately enough, the final battle of Base 6 gets me to an even BR 50.

learned Mighty Dragon Crush!
learned Restore III!
learned Nimble Double Strike IV!
learned Mighty Four Winds III!

Come on, Caedmon, when will you finally change classes? I’ve got a ton of Mystic users on the bench waiting for your melee ass to finally graduate out of Scout! That’s the whole reason why I have to use people like Roberto and Allan.

A reminder - ages ago, when I switched Caedmon from combat to mystics, I was doing so because while his stats had met the prerequisites to get him into the Ataraxian class, he had not done so yet. My guess was that it was because that class is a Mystic/Item balance class, and Caedmon’s mystics were now far behind his item arts. So I’ve had him doing nothing but Mystics since to try to get him in balance. It’s taken longer than I thought.

- Video: Roeas is cryptic

David and Rush regain control of their Remnants.

Sure glad that’s over with.

He notices something.

What’s she doing here?

Don’t tell me you were behind what just happened.

Heh. You certainly do enjoy throwing around accusations.

The Conqueror. What does he want? What’s he planning to do?

Why do you ask questions which you already know the answers to?
What do you mean?

Or, are you simply choosing not to see the truth?

You’re scared, aren’t you?

No, I’m not!

Rush tries to hit Roeas with his katana, but she teleports away.

Heh heh heh heh heh… Nice try. Good luck, boy.

Roeas teleports away for good this time.

Sure, no prob.
For real? Appreciate it, man.

Again, Blocter specific, so there’s no reason to refuse this request at all. For hitting BR 50, a few of our leaders can learn new things.

Hmmm… Learn the new technique Shards? Or stick with what I’ve already been learning? What do you think, Rush?
Different is good.
Alright. Hopefully it will prove a good addition to our repertoire.

Hmm… Learn Wards? Or continue polishing what I know? I’m curious, Rush, what do you think?
Try something new!
Hmm! I always have loved learning.

Ought I learn Wards? Or continue my current studies? What do you think, Rush?
Sure! Try something new.
Alright. I shall do my best to master this new field.

Shards are the most powerful item art in the game. David is the first person who can learn them (not counting NG+ Rush), but there’s not a lot of point in getting deep into those now because until we beat Koenigsdorf, the vendor in Nagapur won’t even SELL the Shards for higher-level Shard arts. Shards are also jaw-droppingly expensive, and I never bothered using them at all on my first playthrough. They’re really more useful for a NG+ run when you come in with several million G. I might have David or Rush use them a little bit, but I might save most of that for later.

Both Paris and Pagus pick up Wards, which are defensive spells. They’re pretty useful, as the first two arts apply a one-hit immunity to mystic damage or physical damage to each unit in the targeted union They’re well worth using.

But for now I think that’s enough. I need to restock supplies and then, per thread request, do a couple of newly opened sidequests before I take on Koenigsdorf. They are both worthwhile, and interesting though.

New Arts Summary
learned Mighty Dragon Crush!
learned Restore III!
learned Nimble Double Strike IV!
learned Mighty Four Winds III!
learned Gravity Tempest!
learned Orphic Ward!
learned Orphic Ward!

BOSS: Cyclops
Roeas is cryptic

Discussion: Why is everyone so damn cryptic all the time?

Fun Poll: Next update, I have a video where I fight three special enemies. Just three, that’s all in the entire fight. Three. Not rares or bosses, I can see their health bars just fine. Guess how many turns it takes me to kill ONE of them (and this is with me TRYING to focus it down). Go on, guess.

Next Time: I eat danger for breakfast