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Part 81: Chapter LXXII - You are no longer necessary

You are no longer necessary

- Video: Welcome to Koenigsdorf

We’ve had six boss fights leading up to this. I’m pumped. Are you pumped? You’d better get pumped? Let’s go!

Music: My Liege, My Enemy

Looks like we were a bit late. I guess stopping off for those side-quests was a bad idea after all.

What is the Duke of Ghor doing here?! He wasn’t supposed to know about this!

The Duke has eyes and ears the world over. We should not be terribly surprised.

Wilfred Hermeien seems a lot more agile than expected. He’s effortlessly dodging the swings from the Duke of Ghor. He’s showboating too, keeping his hands behind his back.

After this swing, Hermeien moves swiftly…

And suddenly, Ghor is no longer holding Bilquis.

Oh, that can’t be good.

A shadow rises, making Ghor back up.

Oh! It’s that thing that we saw in the Final fortress… except that now it has the Bilquis attached to its back.

I guess this is the Remnant version of Power Armor.

We’ve got to save him!

Mission: Defeat the Ála Mevilana!

Music: Out of Control

- Video: The Battle of Koenigsdorf

I hope you didn’t have any plans for the next half hour, because it’ll take that long to beat down the Ála Mevilana which Hermeien is encased in. I hope you like the music, because it seems to be fixed for this fight regardless of morale. It’s a half-hour fight, and for once, I don’t miss a single critical trigger the entire time.

This is perhaps my favorite battlefield in the game. It looks really great from every angle, and it shows your enemies lined up in the distance just waiting for you. On the first turn, all we can do is close in. If you have David, or Pagus or Roberto or Gaou set as leaders though, now might be a good time to sit here for a few turns and unleash a Gae Bolg or equivalent to clear the board. But that’s hardly sporting, now is it?

Yeah, let’s kick some tail!

Torgal Bluffs and Paris Crushes.

Hooray a status effect was useful!

Torgal’s union’s under pressure, but everyone else is holding fine.

Now I’m wondering if I forgot to re-enable all of Rush’s regular arts after the last fight.

Did Glenys upgrade her weapon when I wasn’t paying attention? (This union died, btw.)

Got ‘im!


Torgal’s union continues to hold for now.

Oh boy, Jager’s about to do something really cool and helpful!

Torgal broke deadlock so Paris could clear the poison.

Lob Omen: follow me!

Lob Omen then collapses into a jumble, reducing the cool-factor of its entrance.


More troops pour out of the canyons and caves as we close in on the gates of Koenigsdorf.

Sure, I’ll omnistrike this worthless schlub. Emmy will full-attack Union K, Kate will polish C off, Jager will full-attack G (or whatever if Rush kills it first), and Torgal will try to keep his HP up.

That’s more like it!

You guys are deader than dead!

Oh geez, Loki, you do NOT kill-steal from Kate.

Three attacks, three dodges.

This union is full of our heaviest hitters. That leaves only one left standing.

We’ve cleared all the way to Hermeien. But what we haven’t done is closed the distance, so we need to spend a turn doing that.

I’m sure that you recognize what this means by now.

Stealth prevents a union from being targeted by another union. If that other union engages the enemy in deadlock though, they can retaliate just fine, making that pretty much useless, except in certain situations. I thought I might as well show it off anyway. After we close in…

As usual, I’ll be focusing on clearing out the weaker enemies first, except for Kate, whose highest AP-using option is for targeting Hermeien. Torgal’s squad has to close in.

A lot of the unions back here are actually just support unions who spend most of their actions healing themselves or the boss. It’s not that helpful to them.


Darien blocks the giant foot about to crush him.

A strong one, huh?

That critical chain did 49491 damage.

And here’s the end-of-turn attack.

My crystalline tears shall never cease to flow...
Stay strong!

That hurt a lot.

This. Let’s do this. For some dumb reason, I send the nearly-dead-and-poisoned Kate to go revive Rush, even though her union will probably die from the poison damage before she gets the herb off. Everyone else will try to keep their HP up.

Lord… David…

Kate never got a chance to die of poison, as the Silencer killed her first.

That was pretty good...

So let’s do it again! Jager and Torgal will go revive the dead unions.

There’s no one I can’t defeat! No one!!

The Lob Omen is helpfully distracting all the other unions so they don’t go after Jager and Torgal.

The Bilquis-wheel on the back starts vibrating like crazy.

But the “Unique art about to go off” dodge bonus means it misses Emmy’s union entirely.

Uhh… is the wheel ever coming back?

There we go.



Hold on, I’ll help you!

And Glenys heals Emmy’s union back up, so that’s the end of the Hundred Flowers chain.

How dare you?!
Are you all right?

Interestingly, that massive AoE actually has some friendly fire in it as well.

Rush will use Talisman’s Gift, and the rest will just try to hold on, I guess. Kate and Jager will try to lower the enemy morale, since we’re at minimum and that’s not good at all.

If that enemy hadn’t decided to heal himself, he could have killed Torgal easily. But now Paris will fix him right up.

Hermeien moves the morale bar slightly to the left. Oh no, what a reversal that was.

So much for the Bluff.

I think Kate’s union is toast.

Wow, Pagus has been complaining about needing a weapon upgrade for a while. He just got it last episode, and he went from doing 0-2 damage to 887. That’s a huge leap in power, relatively speaking.

Emmy’s gotten the command to use Rejuvenating Water, which I really need to go off first to help all the unions in trouble.

Heh heh, check THIS out!

Will this well-timed upgrade save Kate’s union?

Didn’t think you had it in you…
You’ll have to face ME next!




So, instead of 6 healthy unions, I have three dead ones. Super. This is because that union is still in the low-speed formation I put them in so I could learn Rejuvenating water. I should fix it.

Rush will deadlock the boss, the others are on revive duty.


That’s the Protection from Talisman’s Gift absorbing that shot. But it’s gone now.

Okay, most of the deadies are up now. Lob Omen is still almost dead, though.

Just one last union left.

You okay?
Bring it!

Talisman’s gift again.

If the boss is using this, it means that his HP is getting low.

Run Amok doesn’t count as a Combat Art, of course.

You mean, Emmy can get even MORE powerful?


Ugghhhh I’ve been doing this battle forever. It’s a lot harder to write commentary for it than it is to play it.

Get ready for the best move you will ever see!

It’s over. I’ll tell you this: I am not looking forward to screenshotting and commentating on certain other fights later on. I reach BR 53 from this battle.

learned Maledict III!
learned Mighty Crossbreak II!
learned Swift Resonance Edge IV!
learned Poison Gas IV!
learned Restorative Herb IV!
learned Mighty Double Strike IV!
learned Nimble Double Slash III!

- Video: Victory at Koenigsdorf?

*huff huff*

The remaining enemy forces run the fuck away from our scary badass army.


Music: Wheat from Chaff

Rush seems to have an uncanny knack for sensing the Conqueror.


Lord Conqueror! Please! You must help me!

Lord David!

Forgive me! I didn’t mean to get carried away! I was just trying to help! Please, you must show mercy!



Amputation by stomp has to be painful.

Fool. Without regard for the Remnants or anything else, you continued your petty machinations.

No more.

The Conqueror deflects the Bilquis.

It ends up right back into the Duke of Ghor’s hand.

Uh-oh. He hates getting interrupted.

Duke Ghor!



I love the camerawork here. It gives us the same feeling as if we were Rush without becoming a first-person camera.

Enough of this. If you have not awakened by now…

…then you are no longer necessary.



The Conqueror walks away from Rush towards Irina…

…and… just keeps on walking past her?


You can’t leave me! Conqueror!



So long Wilfred Hermeien. You died as you lived: a wiener.

And then he just walks away.

Leaving Irina to ponder what just happened.

New Arts Summary
learned Maledict III!
learned Mighty Crossbreak II!
learned Swift Resonance Edge IV!
learned Poison Gas IV!
learned Restorative Herb IV!
learned Mighty Double Strike IV!
learned Nimble Double Slash III!

Welcome to Koenigsdorf
The Battle of Koenigsdorf
Victory at Koenigsdorf?

Discussion: Why did the Conqueror just walk away?

Next Time: We are powerless in the face of the Conqueror