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Part 82: Chapter LXXIII - We are powerless in the face of the Conqueror

We are powerless in the face of the Conqueror

- Video: Aftermath of Koenigsdorf battle

We’ve returned, my Lord!

How is the Chairman?
It is still too close to call.
I see.

What is this?!
What’s going on, Dad?

Hey, that light’s moving!


It blinks and disappears.

Uggh, we’ve lost it.
What even was it?
If it showed up on this baby, it was a Remnant, of course.

Don’t! Irina!

Uhh… So dark… so deep… the forest… filled with power.

The Conquerer… he’s there…

That light is back!
Where’s it at?

Hmmm… Darken Forest, I’d say.

So this glowing light is the Conqueror? How come he’s on the Remnant tracker thing?

…It must be the talismans he carries.

Well, Dave?

Lord David. What shall we do?

We were unable to protect Duke Ghor.

We are powerless in the face of the Conqueror. That’s how it was at Nagapur, that’s how it was at Koenigsdorf.

Even if we meet him now, at Darken forest, what can we do?! How are we even supposed to stand against him?!

Mr. David… what you can do… is…




How’s she doing?
She’ll be fine.

Used a bit too much of Marion’s Blessing, is all. She’s asleep.

Coming back, right…? …Waiting for you…

She’s dreaming, of that time she waited for you in the forest.

She really cares for you, Rush.

The next morning…

Feeling better?

Sorry for worrying you.
Hey, don’t sweat it.

How is Irina?
She’s fine, just exhausted from everything.
I see.

She wasn’t to be mixed up in any of this. I gave my word. … *sigh*

Hey, this isn’t your fault, Dave. Irina did all this because she wanted to.

Irina! Irina’s gone!

By the time you get this, I’ll be in Darken forest. There’s something I need to find out.

Please, don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine. If things get too scary, I’ll come right back, okay?

How?! How can she do such a foolish thing?!

People can’t choose how they’re born. Coming into the world with Marion’s Blessing isn’t a mandate to use it.
Geez, she’s always taking things so seriously.

Dave, I’m gonna go save Irina. I know that I can’t really do much against the Conqueror… but I’ve left Irina behind before. I’m not gonna do it again!
I understand. However, I cannot allow you to go alone.

I’m going with you.
Thanks, Dave!

All right, now that that’s decided, let’s be off.

Irina has left the party.

Goddamnit, Irina. You’re supposed to be the smart one! Well, we have to go retrieve her now. If she had been leading a union, it would have been dissolved and all other members would have gone to the bench. But she wasn’t, so I just have to bring in one more person to fill out the party ranks.

Darken Forest is a wood that corresponds to reality. It can change its very form in response to the man brave - or foolish - enough to enter it. That is an ancient sovani saying. Upon entering the forest, you will be able to feel the movement of the trees. Surely we will be able to feel Miss Irina's strong will as well.

It's said the mysterious Darken Forest has two very different faces. One a beautiful, sun-dappled grove, the other a dank, smothering wildwood out of a nightmare... It's rumored that within the forest is an unbound Remnant, spawning many monsters. We should go after Miss Irina right away!

What... what!? Going all alone to that creepy forest, what was that girl thinking!? C'mon, Rush, what're you standing around here for? We gotta go find Irina and bring her back!

Irina's always been so responsible... There's got to be a good reason for her to have gone someplace like Darken Forest all by herself. That said, it's not like she had to go alone. No matter what the reason was, all of us would've been willing to help. No use saying this to you, hmm? Instead, let's hurry and get Irina back.

Irina seemed troubled by her powers, but I had no idea it would come to this... No, there's no time for that. Let's hurry to Darken Forest. I made a promise... I cannot allow Irina to be embroiled in our war any more than I already have.

Yes, let’s do that.

Next time.

Video: Aftermath of Koenigsdorf battle

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