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Part 83: Chapter LXXIV - I gave her a more appropriate form

I gave her a more appropriate form

Allan comes in since Irina is out.

Mystic Arts is the way to go.
Thank you, Rush. You’ve helped me make a decision.

So it’d be pretty awesome to learn Potions, huh… But maybe I should stick with what I’ve got for now…
Try something new!
I know, right? More arts equals more awesome!

I’m disabling those.

This spot appears on the map now that we’ve finished Koenigsdorf. We won’t be visiting it for a while, though. We’re going to Darken Forest.

Music: Through the Tulgey Wood

It looks the same as it has looked on our previous visits.

But as we get a little way in…

The mist swallows everything up.

And when it clears, things have changed. Not just the atmosphere, but the layout as well.

Walls have appeared where there were none.

But what we want is this ramp which leads up and deeper into the forest.

Moss-covered ruins lurk above.

It’s a little labyrinth-like, but it’s not too big.

It’s narrow here, but it’s not too hard to dodge enemies.

The map teleporter is ahead, where we want to go is to the right.

One stop off for the morsel here, though.

We’re almost there. To the dead heart of the forest.

- Video: In the Heart of Darken


I tire of your meddling.

I don’t think Irina’s friendly chat went over so well.

You bastard!



I gave her a more appropriate form. Now you have no choice but to awaken.

He drops the mike just like that. He’s out.

Mission: Defeat the enemy!

Music: Beat the Odds

If the Conqueror was trying to piss Rush off, he succeeded. If he was trying to make a fight that would threaten Rush’s life, he failed. This fight is a snoozefest. Admittedly I had a good deal of trouble with it on my first playthrough, but that was when I sucked at the game. We’re up against three unions of Anima phantoms.

If you’re wondering how Irina could have been transformed like that, so was I, but just wait a couple updates.

Stop slacking!

Anima doesn’t have a lot of health. It’s in critical by the end of the first turn, and that wasn’t even with all my units attacking that one. Meanwhile, my own damage is negligible.

One down.

Emmy took this one past critical and straight to dead.

The third one is in critical now.

That hurt a bit, but not enough.

Bewitch is the reason why I got my butt kicked the first time. It took control of some of my unions, and used them to beat the crap out of my remaining unions.

But this time, we’re done at the end of the second turn. Welp, so long Irina.

I’m pretty sure “skin of your sister after she got transformed into a monster” is one of the most uncomfortable components required for anything.

Irina! Irina!!

Oops. I guess that didn’t work out, huh…?
You idiot… you know how scared I was?
You promised you’d come… and you did. You came…

And she passes out.

She’s fine. She’s only sleeping. … What was she trying to accomplish in coming here? Let’s return to Athlum for now. Your parents must be worried as well.


Irina’s fine. She’s out like a light.

She has no idea what we went through.

That’s great news.
Lord David.
Yes, I realize we must come to a decision regarding future actions.
You musn’t! Sir!

Lord Qubine!

Oh right. Duke Qubine. I guess he’s feeling better now that Hermeien and his fucky Remnant are dead.

Well, well. You’re looking grave as always.
To what do I owe this honour?
I’ll make this quick. I need someone to pay a visit to the God Emperor. I’ve appointed you, David.

The God Emperor?! But, why?
The Conqueror’s powers were bestowed by the God Emperor himself. It is your task to go and ask his Highness everything he knows.

That is a great responsibility. A man of my meagre stature should not even be in the same room as the God Emperor.

Hmmm… so you’re saying the Acting Chairman of the Congress is not allowed an audience with his Highness?
What is this?! I’ve been chosen as Acting Chairman?

It was something that ever-withering Ghor and I decided. Of course, this arrangement is only until he recovers. But not to worry. This is purely based on your accomplishments. There are no strings attached.
Uh… I see.
Now that you’re up to date, I want you to leave immediately.

Oh, David? There’s just one more thing. Hereafter you do not need my authorization for anything, including the use of the Gae Bolg. I’ll leave matters in your hands.

Are you saying –

A little slow today, are we? I’m saying that Athlum is now an independent state, no longer under the reign of Celapaleis.

Music: The Young Marquis

Lord David!
Young master!

Way to go, Dave!

Lord Qubine… I can’t thank you enough.
David – uh, I mean, LORD David of Athlum, know this: making your own decisions is hardly an easy task.
I thank you for your concern. However, I will not have to do this alone.

I am surrounded by people I can count on.

People I trust.
And Rush too.


All right then, Undelwalt awaits! Make preparations immediately!
Yes, my Lord! Yeah!

Video: In the Heart of Darken

Before we set off to Undelwalt though, there are a few sidequests to take care of. Not all that many, but they sure are going to be a pain. Oh, how they will be such a pain.

Next Time: Those who wish to create Remnants with their own hands are ignorant fools