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Part 84: Chapter LXXV - Those who would create Remnants with their own hands are ignorant fools

Those who wish to create Remnants with their own hands are ignorant fools

- Video: Irina and David after Darken

Mr. David.
You’re up! How do you feel?

I’m great! I’m totally fine! I hope I didn’t worry everyone too much.
We’re just glad you’re all right.

Mr. David, congratulations on Athlum’s independence.
Thank you. You know, you are one of the reasons this was even possible. … For that, I am truly grateful.

Really? Me?

I-I didn’t do anything! I-I just did what anyone else would’ve done… I just…

The awkwardness intensifies.

Uh, um… I should go get ready!


So is Rush thinking about giving the “…but stay away from my sister” talk to Dave?

Irina has joined the party.

Rush, didja hear!? We just got independence from Celapaleis! Incredible, ain't it? I'm so psyched up, I can't sit still! Guess even that Qubine kid can be a nice guy sometimes!

Independence for Athlum was the deepest wish of the former Marquis. For it to have come to pass in this way, while muchly due to David's efforts, is also due to your help.
Woah, really? That’s awesome!

Rush! It seems Athlum's already taken its first step towards independence. I think... even Mother can hear everyone's happy cries. If I listen closely, I think I can hear hers.

The imperial city of Undelwalt is an ancient and storied city. Once it was a bustling metropolis like Elysion, but ever since the Congress was formed, the God Emperor's influence has waned, and with it, the might of the city. To be honest, Undelwalt feels a bit run-down.

Party Update: Irina In, Allan Out. Let’s look around town for a bit.

But I’m sure he can handle it. He could even surpass the late Marquis in greatness… With Lord David at the helm, Athlum’s future is shining bright, no doubt about it!

I never imagined I would live to see the day Athlum was under her own control… Indeed, there is more to life than suffering.

Lord David is just amazing! I can’t believe he really got independence for Athlum! Pops, gimme your finest cut of meat! We’re feasting tonight!

An independent Athlum… I still can’t believe it. However, the tough part is yet to come… For better or worse, we’ll all have to gird ourselves and work together.

It seems that Duke Qubine has recognized Athlum’s independence. I wonder what machinations went on behind the scenes to make him agree?

Independence? Meanin’… …Ohh… meanin’ those turdholes in Celapaleis won’t be able to get away with lookin’ down their noses at us anymore! Yeahhh, eat it, bitches!

Pub Regular: Even folks like us who used to be enemies, he sees ‘em at their true worth… That is a real man there, that Ghor.

Athlum’s independence…? Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m trying to rain on everybody’s parade, but… I dunno. I just can’t seem to get into it right now.

Bartender: Independence… Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? If only dear Papa had gotten a chance to hear it…

Bartender: I wanted to join them once… Bloody Alice. Of course, back then I was a bit of a rebel, going against the grain and all that.
Pleasant Young Man: I wouldn’t say you’re quite going with the grain now…

Sky-Gazing Woman: It warms me to hear it… Even though the Valeria Heart is gone, it still watches over us…

To think, Athlum’s become an independent state! You see the people walking around? Compared to before, it’s like night and day. Everyone’s so full of hope… Looks like they’ll be in the mood for buying, too, which makes me happy!

Loitering Yama: Hey, didja hear? Athlum’s finally got free from Celapaleis! ‘S been a long time since we had any good news. Kinda feels like karma’s finally payin’ us back!

Right, okay. … er, where were we going again? Dave should know.

The road to the imperial city is long and harsh. Past the highlands stretching east of Elysion, Berechevaltelle, and then over Mt. Vackel... There lies Undelwalt. However, this is my first duty as representative of the Congress Chairman, and I intend to do it properly. Rush, once you've finished your preparations, we will set out.
Yeah, I’m ready! Let’s go! It’s east, right?

Music: The Crumbling Fortress

Huh. I could’ve sworn…

Err… while we’re here, how about we see how the Duke of Ghor is doing?

Damn the Conqueror! Do you know how many times I've stopped myself from taking the boys with me into his base and slaughtering them all? Argh! But I need to stay calm, especially while the lord is out of commission. Right now, he's resting and needs to concentrate on getting better. In the meantime, I can't allow any suspicious persons into this town!

I’m guessing that didn’t go so well.
The duel was over in the blink of an eye. But even as I was getting pummeled, I was awed to be in the presence of one so strong. Our lord is the most ferocious warriors in all the lands. He won't die easily. He won't...!

So let’s see how he’s doing.

I will make the Conqueror regret having laid a hand on Duke Ghor!

You have walked your path; I have walked mine. As for the Third Committee members, according to my emissaries, they have acquired a relic by the name of Leithion's Sword. I've not heard of such a sword. I know not what they're up to but I must do everything I can to find out.
Yeah, that sounds pretty bad. … Er, whatever it is.

There’s nothing more we can apparently do here, so let’s head back to the Den of Heroes tavern.

Hey, no shenanigans in my pub, you hear? Our lord is recuperating at the moment. We pray for a quick recovery. I don’t want to answer to some kid from Celapaleis!

Our lord is resting in his castle. I hear he’s not doing very well.
He seems okay.
I’m filled with rage! I want to take the Conqueror’s life with my own blade!
Uh, right. Good luck with that.
I know I could take him on if only I were 50 years younger.

Sir! What do you think of that?
They’re hiding something. I know it. What could it be?

We’ll get to that quest pretty soon. It’s particularly nasty one. But for now, there’s a guy with a red bubble here!

A message? What is it?
It’s a communication from one person to another which is usually passed through an intermediate person or medium because the two parties are not in immediate contact. But that’s not important right now.

The Duke would like to speak with you regarding Leithion’s Sword.

If we hadn’t talked to the Duke all three times during the Six Base battles, this quest would not have come up. This bit me the first time, even though I was using the no-spoilers walkthrough, I didn’t spot that until it was too late, so I had to do all the bases again.

And that is?
They have taken the Remnant research they obtained and used it to create a Remnant themselves- one that is a weapon. At the Academy, the project was referred to by the code name "Leithion." The weapon created was a blade- Leithion's Sword. This weapon can trigger a Collapse at will as a way of gaining tremendous power.
How reckless!
The Third Committee plans to use this sword to throw the world into further chaos, and take advantage of the disorder to gain more power. I believe in no uncertain terms that this sword should not exist. I am heading to the Numor Mines at once to see to its destruction. Mmm, so, as I recall, you were involved in this matter from the beginning. Wouldn't you like to see the end? However, if you are to come, you will have to make certain to pull your own weight. Well?
I'm ready!
Hmph, then you shall come with me. Remember, I gave you a fair warning of the dangers that may befall us.

Accepted quest: The Gates of Deceit and Sword of the Dead

Music: Creeping Shadows

However, we gave learned that it is acquiring power in the depths of the mine. The path to the deepest mineshaft is through that door. Keep your eyes open and your sword close.

A guest union has joined the party.

So Duke Ghor has joined us as a guest union, bringing along two more Yama. Ghor knows a lot of Power Grip – Axe arts and carries the Bilquis as his weapon. So let’s just head down the elevator.

I don’t think we’ve been in this area before, or at least I didn’t make a map of it.

The Third Committee made Leithion’s Sword, a weapon that can trigger Collapses, or something. I gotta help Duke Ghor find that sword!

- Quest Video: Gates of Deceit and Sword of the Dead

Hmph. I take it that is Leithion's Sword. We have no reason to search any further.

Well, that was easy. Let’s go get it.

Err… what?

We got teleported back to the elevator room. Well, going straight ahead didn’t work, so let’s head left.


The Collapse must have caused this area to be unstable. We have no choice but to search for another path to the sword.

Thanks to Leithion's Sword doing its Collapse thing, there're funky rifts in space everywhere. It's gonna be hell trying to track it down...

It’s kinda like a teleporter maze, but it’s not really that big a pain.

Generally speaking, the way we want to progress is towards the demon monsters.


Not again…

Easy to follow.

We’re almost here. Ignore the big hallway, what we want is to the right.

Crank this cart across the gap…

And here we are.

You've seen a tad too much. There is no way we're letting you out of here alive. What perfect time! I can test the powers of its Collapse!

Naturally, the obligatory boss battle.

Music: Beat the Odds

Mission: Defeat the enemy!

- Video: “Gates of Deceit…” Battle

Not a terribly threating battle. It’s fine, because I could use a breather before some of the unpleasant ones happening soon. I’ll do some lowering of their morale though to lead off.

Everywhere we go, slime like you are creepin’ around!
I wonder if we can win?

Spoiler alert, Glenys: Yes.

Butterfly is pinned.

I’ll stop you, no matter the cost!

Pretty nice shot to take them from almost 50% to 0%.

The Third committee guy’s just about had it as well.

Music: Turn the Tide

Okay we’re just about done here.

Try again tomorrow.

And that does it for this sidequest. I am now BR 54. I don’t remember if I was before this.

learned Mixed Message II!
learned Life Powder!

This weapon, Leithion's Sword, is much too dangerous to be wielded by anyone. Its very existence is a danger. It must be destroyed immediately.


Let us return.

The guest union has left the party.

Music: The Crumbling Fortress

However, my emissaries inform me of a slightly unusual activity in the area. I will stay and rid this land of it all. I am indebted to you. I will offer my assistance if ever it is necessary. Until we meet again...

Obtained Trap Formula! Rush can now lay Traps!
Completed quest: The Gates of Deceit and Sword of the Dead

Duke Ghor destroyed the sword. Ha! And he even said he's gonna help me out if I ever need it. Aces!

Great! Then let’s get going!

Hey! You know what would be super-special awesome? Circular Albic Hide! Let’s find some!
Yeah, let’s go.
Awesome-possum! So let’s saddle up!

Before we go anywhere, though, a new guild has opened up in Ghor’s Warrior Town district.

This has a different name, but gives the same Guild Tasks as the Ring of the Labyrinth.

Th-thank the God Emperor you’re alright. And for you to come all this way…

Could it be…? Uh, nothing. It’s not important.

Duke of Ghor

Chairman of the Congress. A grizzled yama well known as a warrior. Bound to the remnant Bilqis.
(Voiced by Anthony Lander.)

Class: Legendary Warrior
Initial BR: BR 64
HP: (1063)
Str / Int: (70 / 39)
Union Name: Duke of Ghor’s Party

Current Arts
Future Arts

The Duke is tricky to recruit, since you have to talk to him after winning 1, 3, and 5 battles at the Six Bases otherwise you’ll miss out on a sidequest, screwing up your run, and can never recruit him. He starts out with a Remnant, which means he has a weapon art. Still though, there are only so many leader slots possible, and there’s a lot of competition. The weapon art is good, but he’s also good enough at fighting that you can have him in your party without making him the leader.

Tags: Combat, Unique Arts, Psionics

The Duke of Ghor knows all the Power Grip-Axe Arts, and he can also learn Psionics eventually.

I’m temporarily overstaffed, so Ghor is in, and Torgal is out for now. I’ll probably do more switching around though. Expect a poll after the next update about who should end up on the bench. Next stop, Elysion! And a bunch of other places!

New Arts Summary
learned Mixed Message II!
learned Life Powder!

Video: Irina and David after Darken
Quest: Gates of Deceit and Sword of the Dead
“Gates of Deceit…” Battle

Next Time: Why do you think Remnants exist?