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Part 85: Chapter LXXVI - Why do you think Remnants exist?

Why do you think Remnants exist?

Music: The Known World

A lot of travelling in this update, so you get the world map music.

First a real quick stop in the first room of the catacombs to snag the upgrade material Darien wanted. We’re actually very nearly done with all materials hunting entirely. Pretty much everyone wants stuff which only drops from the bonus dungeon, which I can’t get at quite yet. Back up to the surface and…

With my incredible and awe-inspiring skills, I can work as a mercenary and save up a bunch of cash in no time!

It sure seems to take a lot of visits to get Darien to talk. It’s pretty ridiculous actually.

The real reason to be in Elysion though is not for Darien, of course, it’s in the Heavenly Terrace pub.

Someone’s looking for stones? There’s a bunch in the back, if anyone needs any.

Uhh, who’re you again?
You've forgotten? We met at the Academy some time ago...I'm Haruko, Remnant researcher. It's nice to meet you... again.

This is an entirely valid response no matter how you look at it. We last saw her fifty-two updates ago (and over six months of in-game time and 11 months of real time), and even then she only had like 8 lines.

Oh, right, you lied about where my parents were, now I remember!

Quite a lot has happened since I saw you last. I don't work for the Academy anymore, for one. Not being able to participate in the Academy's research is.. well. it hurts a bit. Then again, since being named director, I never had much time for research anyway. In a way, I suppose it works out. So... It seemed the perfect opportunity to take a trip - go off and see the world, and the Remnants in it. Rush, if you know a place that's supposed to have some rare Remnants, tell me, alright? We can search for them together.
Uh, why would I want to do that?
…err. I should go.

And she leaves the pub. We now have to look elsewhere for her.

Soon comes the day I must pass the torch to a young knight, so that they may lead the Order.
Sounds like that’ll be a tough choice.
There are many young, promising knights in Melphina. Even with my departure, the Order will stand strong. Truly, there is no reason for me to hold any doubts…

Nora is here in Melphina’s pub for her one and only sidequest. We’ll get to that one next. Oh boy, it’ll be… fun...

Uh, luck, sure.
I’ve seen a simply brilliant Remnant in Crookfen, to the northeast – the Last Leaf. Its power keeps the evil of the swamp sealed. Without the power of the Remnant, Melphina would be completely overrun with monsters. Truly, Remnants are essential for our very survivial!
Yeah! …except for when they Collapse and summon monsters to kill everyone, I guess.
…I should go.

No, ‘puppy dog eyes’ will not work on me!

Stand on your own two feet!
Harsh, dude.

The future of Athlum lies in your hands. The God Emperor is not a man to be trifled with. Do not let down your guard before him.

I know she says I should have forgotten about her, but I’m certain that she’s wanted me to search for her the whole time. Yes… I’m sure of it. And being tenacious enough to force herself into my consciousness… that definitely seems like Kate.
Uh, okayyyy…
Rush, if it’s alright, I’d like to continue to travel with you. Kate does as well, of course. Please, let me know anytime you need something.

Parameter bonus! You have become chummy with Rhagoh, thus awakening his true powers!

True powers, in his case, being a 5% boost to his intellect. Yay. You’re not coming off the bench, Rhagoh.

Bartendress: Really, what people should be asking is why she was in charge of the Academy in the first place…
Gossipy Girl: The whole thing’s pretty fishy.
Uh, she’s right over there, you know.

Yeah! What are the odds of someone fleein- er, travelling halfway across the continent only to meet the person he just left?
I’m sure you’ve seen the floating stones throughout town many times, right?
Yeah, pretty cool, huh? I tried to find a tourist shop which sold a couple floating pebbles in bottle, but they all just looked at me like I had three heads!
All those little – and sometimes large – rocks make up the Remnant Umbermarici. I wonder how it came to be that so many different physical pieces were recognized as one single Remnant? It’s like empty space means nothing to them…
Those who bind Remnants sacrifice some of their souls in exchange for their use. This means there must be some sort of unseen connection, right? It's easy to only look at the benefits Remnant give us, but... I just can't do this anymore. I have to do what I can to find the whole truth.

Seriously, a floating rock in a little clear bottle would make an excellent souvenir. Science, get on that already, wouldja? Now to Athlum…

Hah, if she’s going to go across the continent, then what if I just go to the closest city? Check, and mate!

Bartender: Rocks, pfft. I’m looking for three wonderful men! That’s something that would be really important to the entire world… or at least the me-part of it.

So, there used to be a massive sword-shaped Remnant jutting from the town square. It was called the Valeria Heart. But about six months ago, it suddenly disappeared. What could have happened to it?
I think I can make a really good guess...
Rush... Why do you think Remnants exist? Are they meant to serve the world? To serve us? Or do they have some other purpose...?
…I don’t know. But I’ve been thinking about it for a little while now, ever since... I have to go.

During Kosmosfest, I felt my powers heighten like never before. I could sense so many Remnants… But once the festival ended, that super power went with it. Maybe… maybe I used too much, so my body needs time to recharge?
Uhh, beats me.
I’m getting really worried. What if this isn’t temporary? What should I do? A Cosmos Maiden needs her powers, you know? Maybe I should go talk to Mistress Marsha… She might know what to do.

We’ll need to talk to Marsha in Melphina to get a hint on how to advance Sheryl’s dialogue, but we can’t actually do the required bit yet.

What’s wrong?
Aight, Rush, time for you to come clean on this Remnant stuff. Howcome you can control ‘em so easy when the rest of us are bustin’ our asses? What’d you do!?
I dunno. It’s just… just a knack I guess.
… Sorry. Didn’t mean to get heated. I know you’re a good kid – look at all the friends you’ve got. I just want an answer. Maybe… maybe we weren’t meant to have control over Remnants after all…
…Maybe, yeah.

Parameter bonus! You have become chummy with Jager, thus awakening his true powers!

That’s a 5% speed bonus in his case.

Okay, now this is just getting spooky.
It’s the Remnant of Fear, Gwayn… Its power was so great and fierce that it razed Nagapur in an instant. This was the first time I’d seen the Gwawyn in person. Seeing it with my own eyes, feeling its presence… All I could think was that Remnants are not meant to be our tools, or even our allies.
More and more people seem to think like that these days.
Like the Gwayn, they may seem quiet, or even to watch over us, but one misstep can bring the full brunt of that terrible power down upon us all... Great power only leads to great destruction. I wonder if we are really meant to live alongside Remnants as we do...

You might think we’d have to go to a new place, but nope, double back to Celapaleis!

Have you ever heard of the mythical Remnant of Darken Forest? Actually, I have some files on the Remnant. I, er, borrowed them from the Academy as I left, so they were sure to be trustworthy.
You stole top-secret docs?
Ahahah, don't worry about that. The Academy has plenty of secret documents left- they won't miss this one.
Uhhh… that wasn’t my point.
So, according to these files, the mythical Remnant, Dead Heart, really does exist. However, only the highest ranked officials in the Academy know of its existence. The files say it has the power to make any ideal into reality... To literally make one's dream come true. It may sound like a tall tale, but if the Academy thought it dangerous enough to hide it completely... There must be something to it- something I want to see for myself. However, Darken Forest is full of dangerous beasts. I will never be able to make it to the Dead Heart alone...
Those files are bad news.
Maybe... but I'm not giving them back. A Remnant with this much power should not be hidden away as the secret plaything of some elite group. I’ll be here a bit longer. If you change your mind about going, let me know.
Ahh, damn it.
I'll go with you.
Thank you, Rush! Somehow, I believed you might help me in this. Alright then, let's go!

Yeah. Way, way too often recently.
Haruko’s Admirer: I seen her 'round here a lot lately. You ain't trying to hook up or anything', are you? Not so long ago, some shady types in black robes came through askin' about her. Looks like she's bad news, I'd advise ya to keep yer hands off.
I’ve been trying, believe me.

Accepted quest: Hearts

Music: Through the Tulgey Wood

It's as if these lost ruins are urging us on- as if they want us to find the Remnant. Could this be the power of the Dead Heart? Come on, Rush. The ruins will show us the way.
I don’t have a good feeling about this place.

In the Celapaleis tavern, Haruko asked me to help her find the Dead Heart, a legendary Remnant with the power to grant wishes. Sounds like a useful trick!

A guest union has joined the party.

This is Haruko, also known as Rhagoh 2.0. Except you get her a lot later and she has even fewer redeeming qualities. I guess she uses huge two-handed weapons, that’s different. She does have the “non-special” tag, though, which means she could be used in certain formations. But would you really want to?

This is a rare monster I found. It died in three turns.

learned Swift Acala’s Wrath V!

So we’re back at the Dead Heart. This is where Irina found the Conqueror. Interestingly, even though the Conqueror seems to be collecting lots of Remnants, he left this one here, even though he obviously knows about it.

Then, this is the Dead Heart... It feels like- like it can see straight into my soul... It... it's unsettling... It's just like the files said... The Remnant has the power to take on the form of what we imagine it to have. And if that's true, then Remnants are our-

I think it's high time you returned those top-secret documents you stole from the Academy, Ms. Former Director. That information was not meant to be spread. However, I think you'll find we've an efficient way of stilling your tongue... forever.
Th-that... how...You can't be... the Third Committee!? ... Then, the rumors of some criminal organization within the Academy were true. So you're the ones hiding information?
You know, curiosity killed the cat... it's only a matter of time before it kills you, too. Thus, no one will find it a surprise when they find your corpse!

Mission: Defeat the enemy!

Music: Beat the Odds

- Quest Video: “Hearts” – Battle 1

We’re up against three boss Third Committee guys and a couple trash mob spiders. I’ll prioritize morale-lowering moves.

We almost took this one out with just one union.

Same tune with this one.

So do you guys ever have nightmares about 2-foot spiders leaping 10 feet in the air and trying to eat your head? …Yeah, me neither. Weird.

We’ll catch them at their flank!

One spider down.

Nice work.

Thankfully, their Dispirit seems to be a lot less dangerous than ours is.

Sometimes weapons and mystics can get multiple hits beyond their base ones. I know formations can have an influence on that, but I’m not sure what else can. It’s only a little extra damage compared to the main hit, but lots of extra hits can add up.

Good job!

I’ll stop you, no matter the cost!

The first Third Committee guy is in critical now.


Music: Turn the Tide

Looks like we’ll clean this up with no problem.

One goes down, and the last one enters critical health.

It was a short stay.

And done. That was easy.

learned Restorative Tincture II!
learned Nimble Acala’s Wrath!
learned Caustic Blast II!

Music: Through the Tulgey Wood

- Quest Video: “Hearts” – Battle 2

What are you trying to use Remnants to do!?
Why must our pure ideal of realizing the full potential of how we can use Remnants be limited by visionless fools like you, who deem our actions atrocities?

Suddenly the Dead Heart springs to life.

Remnants... The price of great power is... No... that can't be true. It isn't!

It’s just like what happened to Irina! Except these guys look a lot scarier in their new forms. Well, surprise fight number two!

Music: Beat the Odds

This one is the REAL fight, the previous one was just the decoy. Morale lowering is again the order of the day.

Acid Mist is a really short-range AoE. Not too scary.

Oh, you got him!

Rush wasn’t fooled by the tail swipe deke and blocked the dragon’s bite attack.

The Mystics union teams up nicely to take down the last crab. Those were just the nuisances, though.

Yeah! This is our big chance!

I outnumber the enemy, which gives me some tactical flexibility. I should avoid fighting Dragon Sertva, because Dragons increase their chances of using their nasty AoE’s when multiple deadlocks are happening. I don’t like the Colossus’s Hammerspin, so I’ll focus on him. Jager will break to heal, so Kate will deadlock in his place.

Nothing really happened this turn.

We will not lose!

I write these commentaries on the fights well after I record them. So by then I’ve mostly forgotten what happens. So at times I say things like “I’m not going to deadlock the dragon with multiple units because I don’t want to trigger its nasty AoE’s”, only to watch Dumb Past Me go ahead and deadlock the dragon. And oh look, a nasty AoE. Thanks, Dumb Past Me, now I have re-write my commentaries.

Music: Struggle Eternal

I really should focus that one down. The Rajas Chimera isn’t nearly as threatening.

Music: Turn the Tide

Well sure, if this guy goes down first it’ll work too.

Rift Cleaver is an axe-only Combat art. It’s a left slash, a right slash and a downward slash. It’s very powerful even if you don’t have a Remnant axe.

I’m leaving Haruko to get eaten by handle the dragon. She seems to be holding her own just fine.


Look at all those extra attacks.

This one’ll leave a mark!

Sometimes Blaster can really screw you over.

That 25k damage from the Spring Squall does it for Rajas too. Just the dragon Sertva left.

Rush will heal, Emmy will clear statuses, but Jager will get to unleash Beowulf.

Music: Struggle Eternal

Haruko goes down, but Rush was already on his way to heal her.

Darn damage resistance.

Finally Sertva is in critical.

Hit him harder!
I meant to do that!

Music: Turn the Tide

To victory!

Son of a -!

learned Addle V!
learned Restorative Tincture III!
learned Nimble Cascade Strike III!
learned Revitalize IV!

Music: Through the Tulgey Wood

The men-monsters are pacified for now.

Dead Heart! You're the tool of no man! can't use men as tools either! I... I cannot accept such a cruel act!

The Dead Heart responds to Haruko’s plea.


And the monsters are returned to their normal form.

Oh... Yes... that would work. Rush. You have the tablet. don't you? Take this Remnant with you. If you have it, I'm sure we won't have to worry about its misuse.

So immediately after Haruko tells the Dead Heart that it is not the tool of men... she then asks Rush to turn it into a Talisman, making it into an easy-to-use tool for men. ...Uh, okay?

And this is the fifth and final Talisman we can get. Irina requests this one. Obviously if you snatch it up in the short time between Darken Forest and doing Haruko’s quest, you can’t do Haruko’s quest.

The guest union has left the party.

Just because a power is great doesn't mean it's meant to destroy. Power is just power. For good or ill, its result is determined by the bearer. Plus... I'm sure that traveling with you, I'll get to see all sorts of neat new Remnants. That's okay with you... right?
Oh geez, is that the time. Gotta go!

Completed quest: Hearts

I helped out Haruko and got the Dead Heart. Her next goal is to see what we can do in order for people and Remnants to coexist.
Oh yeah, you can have these Academy files. I don’t need them anymore.

“Academy Visistone 43-45” posted:

[The Third Committee 3] Project LO: Usage of a flying Remnant for the military (Lob Omen).
[The Third Committee 4] Project SC: Usage of a giant Remnant for the military.
[The Third Committee 5] Project BA: Fusion of a Remnant with a mitra. (Bloody Alice)

Honestly I don’t remember what Project SC is supposed to be.

“Academy Visistone 36-40, 48” posted:

[The Marshalls 6] The Marshall tablet holds the power to seal and transform a Remnant into a talisman.
[The Marshalls 7] While all such transformed Remnants are called talismans, the exact form they take on differ.
[The Marshalls 8] In the form of a talisman, a Remnant will not trigger a Collapse.
[The Marshalls 9] A Remnant in talisman form can be used by anyone. It does not need to be bound.
[The Marshalls 10] The Marshalls disappeared from history with the age of the Imperator.
[World Races 3] A Marshall has the appearance of a mitra, but no one truly knows what they are.

We can’t actually recruit Haruko just yet because the place to hire her from isn’t open. It will be soon, though.

Sounds like a plan.
Mm. Let’s go.

And Torgal’s weapon just upgraded. Super.

New Arts Summary
learned Restorative Tincture II!
learned Nimble Acala’s Wrath!
learned Caustic Blast II!
learned Restorative Tincture III!
learned Nimble Cascade Strike III!
learned Revitalize IV!

Quest: “Hearts” – Battle 1
Quest: “Hearts” – Battle 2

Discussion: After seeing this update, why do you think Remnants exist? Are they just tools for people to use when they want and discard at a whim? Is there any doubt left that Remnants are, in some way, alive?

Next Time: Do you have a death wish?