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Part 87: Chapter LXXVIII - Maybe I need a man like you in my life

Maybe I need a man like you in my life. -OR- Bloody Alice, Part 2

Okay. Time to change things up a bit.

Irina is not working as a leader in this battle, so she and Jager are switching places, because Jager can summon and she can’t.

- Video: “Bloody Alice” – Attempt 5

Good, Jager. That’s what you’re here for.

Lob Omen: obey me!

The key is to pile on, and try to drive your morale up as much as possible before the inevitable retaliation.


Every little block counts.

Everywhere we go, slime like you is creepin’ around!

That round went okay. It’s not really surprising that one of our unions died, they just have too much firepower. Hopefully, Lob Omen will draw some more attention. That’s what it’s here for. Rush will Omnistrike union B to try and weaken or kill it. Nora will go for the critical union A, Jager will break deadlock to bring back Emmy. It’s too risky to leave a union down.

That’s a critical chain leading to an Omnistrike…

I don’t know why it hit twice, but that was over 64,000 damage. So that union went from full health to dead in one union’s move. This is not a fight to fuck around in trying to get a bit of art XP.

Union A stays alive a little longer.

Good job, Lob Omen. You’re helping a lot.

I’ll make you remember the name Emma Honeywell!

Emma will go for union A, Nora will switch off it and attack C with Rush and Jager.

Lob Omen is taking a pounding, but if I can get another Third Committee union down, that could help a lot.

Beautifully done!

Three left, and one is a support squad more concerned with healing Hypnos than attacking. I’m going to pound union C mercilessly with Omnistrike. Emmy is on healing duty, Nora will be healing herself with items to save AP, and Jager will unleash a massive attack on union C.

Ha ha ha!

They finally finish off Lob Omen. Not to worry, I’ll bring it back as soon as I get a “Kiss of Life” command. A decoy that good you don’t eat all at once. … I kid, I kid!

Any enemy that still stands, I shall cut them down!

Great, that helps a lot. Only the Mystic and Support squads are left


With the first three Third Committee unions down, reinforcements arrive. Mercifully, that’s all of them (not counting Hypnos).

Hell yes, Nora, it’s your quest, so it’s your turn to shine. Wipe them out, wipe them all out!

They’re strong.

It’s more satisfying to eliminate these guys knowing an arcana is coming. (plus the XP doesn’t hurt!)

I’ll crush you!
Not bad!

If a summon dies, you really want to revive it with Kiss of Life/Second Chance, because it has 9999 HP, and if you use items, your units will spend many actions to refill its health.

There are still Third Committee on the field, so replacements for the two Hypnos unions which fell in the Blackout arrive.

I think we’ve basically got this fight in the bag now.

Oh yeah, Nora has the Flachonelle, which gives immunity to silence to the union if she’s the leader. That’s nice.

It doesn’t help when you get crippled by a powerful roll on Blaster, but it’s nice!

Not many more jerks left.

I think that’s the last of the Third Committee. Ever.

Emmy heals Rush’s union back to full, and our morale is nearly maxed.

Hopefully that sticks with them.

But why…

Fuck these guys. They’re such assholes. At least I’m now free to kill them.

Even when a fight seems in the bag you can’t take victory for granted.

Good work, Lob Omen. Have a Remnie Biscuit.

Yes, please do attack the Summon and leave my units who are busy reviving alone.

Geez, almost dead again? These guys really pack a punch.

Jager’s Sect reduces the Hypnos’s health bar to just a sliver.

For this I hit BR 55.

learned Orphic Ward V!
learned Dragon’s Flight!

You got your revenge. So did that uh… put your soul at ease?

You must be joking. Fear and despair can’t even begin to describe what we went through. We have to stick together to survive this world filled with ignorant fools.
You’re different. You’re neither ignorant nor a fool. I appreciate you helping out without questioning me. Here, take this.

It’s a pretty substantial reward, fitting how difficult that quest is. Each of the Solitaires offers resistance to certain types of damage as well as general physical resistance. They’re pretty great.

Really? Um, gee… that’s… wow…

You can find me in Genaade in Elysion. In the meantime, I’ll put in a good word for you with my friends.

Completed quest: The Ladies of Bloody Alice

I helped pummel the Third Committee with Nora to help out the Bloody Alice members. Too bad violence can't heal wounds from the past...

The way that’s phrased, I have to wonder if she was meant to only be recruitable after this quest. We can’t find her in Genaade, but there is something there now.

Try something new!
Alright. I shall do my best to master this new field.

I’m disabling herbs on Glenys because her Remedies are miles ahead. So let’s go on over to Elysion.

Head down the ramps and this Ring of the Labyrinth guild has now opened.

So you’re the punk Nora was talking about. I heard ya gave the Third Committee a good pounding!
You bet I did!
But nothing will be enough. Our bodies are forever cursed. I won’t rest until every one of those bastards is dead!

The Third Committee turned my sweet, intelligent sister into a monster who will devour anything she can get her hands on. I’ve infiltrated the Academy as a spy for the Ladies of Bloody Alice to get my revenge!

This is where we can hire Haruko to join our party. She’s going right to the bench and never leaving.


Former director of the Academy. Skilled and insatiably curious, she's studied Remnants for years.

Class: Legendary Healer
Initial BR: BR 64
HP: (630)
Str / Int: (31 / 69)
Union Name: Haruko’s Bodyguards

Current Arts
Future Arts

You need to complete a bunch of quests to recruit her, including her quest, which involves chasing her all over the world. It’s also possible to bungle that and miss the chance if you’re too quick on the draw changing Remnants into Talismans. She’s got meh stats and mediocre arts. There are better healers who can actually fight worth a damn. Not even worth recruiting, really. She hangs out on the terrace of Assembly Plaza in Elysion.

Tags: Healer, Arcana, Outclassed, Worthless

…Or at least that's what the saps back home believe. But not me, no way! A true man can't buy into that kind of bullshit. That's right-bullshit!

Let’s drop by Athlum and see if Nora has anything to say now that we finished her sidequest.

I was just in the area, that’s all.
Alright, you wanna talk? Let's chat. But if I'm gonna talk, you'd damned well better listen. Let me tell you about the Ladies of the Bloody Alice... We started out attached to the Academy's Third Committee. As you probably know, they do the research too dirty for the other scientists... We handled a lot of their testing for them.

More like some of the roughest bitches you'd ever meet. Some of us even thought we were lucky to get such a sweet gig. But...eventually, our luck ran out.

So now I gotta eat like some bottomless pit, 'cause if I don't have several times the normal nutritional requirements for a mitra, I'll die. Pathetic, huh.

The hell're you looking like that for? If I wanted your pity, I'd have made up some sob story about losing my goldfish or some shit. Just... I just felt like telling you is all.
What's done is done. No use wallowing in it. Better to live life while you can.

That’s pretty rough. … That’s all for now. We’re off to Baaluk for a sidequest which is even HARDER than “The Ladies of Bloody Alice”.

New Arts Summary
learned Orphic Ward V!
learned Dragon’s Flight!
learned Restorative Herb!

Video: “Bloody Alice” – Attempt 5

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