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Part 89: Chapter LXXX - I am finally free.

I am finally free. -OR- The Fallen, Part 2

Music: Beat the Odds

- Video: The Fallen, Attempt 5

Okay, let’s give it another go, shall we? Rush lowers morale, Emmy and Jager will do full attacks, Kate and Irina will recover the health of others.

Are you all right?!

Actually… yes I am! Amazing!

That helpfully moved the morale to the middle.

That hurt, but there’s nothing I could have done. Kate’s union doesn’t have enough members to have the 48 AP needed for a first-turn Cachexia, even without her annoying aversion to casting it.

I won’t let bullies like you get in my way!

The way this fight goes, though, it’s not all bad getting knocked into critical. Specifically, when Emmy and Irina get knocked into critical. Emmy will use Hundred Flowers. Rush is badly injured, but I’m having him flank attack instead of healing himself. Kate gets the Cachexia command inside a “Keep your HP up”, which means she can zap the Fallen and get healed at the same time. Jager and Irina will keep their HP up.


A 21k damage dodge-counter from the Duke of Ghor? I’ll take two, please.

That’s a strong one!

Violet does a little heal, and Glenys adds more damage.

I get a break here, and the attack doesn’t finish Jager off, letting Paris heal the union back to full.

Thanks, Wyngale!

No Blackout for you! Irina goes to heal Rush after this as well.

Two turns down and we’re all alive AND perfectly healthy. So I’ll take advantage and pour on as much damage as I can. I can’t use Cachexia, so Pagus will use Orphic Ward, which protects against all mystic damage for one hit. Jager will lower morale.

That tickled.

Argh I missed a dodge-counter opportunity.

I’ve been landing a LOT of critical triggers, which means guaranteed criticals for the final blow.

The clink of the Rear Assault SFX is Music to my ears.

The Fallen barely scratched us at all this turn with the normal attacks.

And this wasn’t a terrible result either. Kate’s union took no damage thanks to Orphic Ward. In fact…

Music: Turn the Tide

Emmy will unleash her second Hundred Flowers in three turns. Kate does not get the opportunity to use Cachexia, which is a bit problematic since this is the Animalcule turn, but she can Rear Assault. That’s what I chose, but I probably should have chosen another Orphic Ward. Paris will use Orphic Ward, though, since Jager’s union has no better options. Irina will do a regular-attack Strike from the Sides instead of other options.

That’s a clear indicator that the Fallen has already lost two-thirds of its health, which is great to see in Turn 4.

Delicious dodge-counters.

You’re being a real team player, Wyngale. I appreciate it.

Gabriel confirms that The Fallen is almost dead. It’s good to get this much done now, because our luck is unlikely to hold forever. And even at minimum HP, that’s still at least 116,000 HP left to chew through.

Jager is totally fine thanks to Orphic Ward, but Rush and Wyngale are dead, and Kate is Silenced. Irina is hurt, but Blocter’s Wonder Bangle means those statuses will wear off at turn’s end.

Emmy is healthy, so she’ll do a full attack. Kate is useless with the Silence on, so she’ll bring Wyngale back. Irina will also try that (and hopefully fix Kate). Jager will bring Rush back.

Just like that!

One more “just like that” er…just like that, and your union is toast, Emmy. Gaou revives Rush and Paris reassesses to cast Orphic Ward.

Okay, I think that was an okay recovery from Animalcule, although Kate will die if sneezed on.

Hang in there!

It’s probably better that Kate died now, it cures her silence. Emmy goes back into critical, which might not be a bad thing.

Rush will go bring back Kate. Emmy will use Hundred Flowers for a third time, Jager will also try to bring back Kate, and Irina will try to heal Emmy.

It’s not surprising. Our morale has been slipping for a while. Gaou brings Kate back, then Paris heals his union back to full.

Second Chance in action. This frees up the other three to heal their own union.

We’re keeping up with everything The Fallen has thrown at us, and that’s about as much as you can ask for.

Aw, come now, walk it off!

Because we’re at such low morale, that hurt a hell of a lot.

Irina has two specials ready. She could use her Omnistrike, but she also has Rejuvenating Water as a battle command. I picked that one, because the odds are that it’ll be a lot more helpful. I have Kate prepare to heal herself just in case, but the Rejuvenating Water frees Rush and Jager to do full attacks.


Emmy’s union might have dodged that, but Jager and Wyngale were not nearly so lucky.

FOUR Hundred Flowers in seven turns! Emmy is turning out to be the real MVP of this fight.

Hit him harder!

Despite the Rejuvenating Water, Jager’s union takes two powerful hits and goes down.

Come on, we’ve caught ‘em with their pants down!

Watch and learn.

Bam. It’s done. I honestly didn’t expect it to only take a mere five tries. It took me a ton of attempts on my first playthrough, and I had to be BR 75 to get it done (I didn’t have Cachexia then, of course.)

But here I only had the chance to use Cachexia once, ate the brunt of an Animalcule, and still won. If I hadn’t, the next thing I would have tried would be to disable all the mystic arts in Kate’s union except Remedies and Cachexia.

And the outcome is also pretty great. This guy is hard enough that any victory is acceptable, so to only have Jager, Gaou, and Paris dead at the end is a pretty great bonus.

learned Mighty Quad Slice V!
learned Refresh III!
learned Restorative Tincture IV!

You always get this when you defeat The Fallen. It is used in a few very high-end crafting recipes – including the Ragna-Rock that Rush is wearing. I can finally fulfill my dream... I can destroy Him! I can feel it... I can feel His soul grasping desperately to this world. Heh.... Heheh... It is time to die, fool!
Uhh… which fool do you mean? Because people often call me…
... I apologize. I was merely caught up in my own exhilaration. Here is a token of my gratitude.


No need to worry... He is next. I will take care of Him.

The guest union has left the party.
Completed quest: The Fallen

We beat the Fallen, some kickass monster Wyngale was chained to. Now he's free, and grinning like a fool. It's...actually kinda creepy...

The hardest quest in the game has a huge reward. The rare crafting component is spectacular, the G is nice, The Breath of the Omnipotent does nothing, it’s just an “achievement” token. Wards are awesome, and the Stone of the Imperator? That unlocks the game’s bonus dungeon. The toughest enemies, and the source of the final upgrade materials for our party members weapons. But perhaps the biggest reward of all is not on that list.

Guess who we’re going to recruit?

He’s really expensive. I sure hope he’s worth it.

Good stats, but what about his arts?

…I’m going to try and make him a Warlock.

Wyngale is going immediately to the head of the Mystics union, and Kate is temporarily out of the party for a little bit. But she’ll return fairly soon.

Finally, I’m free. Finally, the time has come when I can kill that man!

Look. I can understand why you’d want to talk to me – I know how impressionable young boys are, but break time is me-time, alright?
Err…why would I want to talk to you?

The hell is that stupid expression for? Oh, don’t tell me… You don’t have the slightest idea who I am, do you?
… Should I?
Well, damn. I didn’t know people like you even existed.

I’m just going to savor this moment for a little bit. … Okay, done. Next time, we head to Undelwalt.

New Arts Summary
learned Mighty Quad Slice V!
learned Refresh III!
learned Restorative Tincture IV!

Video: The Fallen, Attempt 5

Getting to Turn 10 to show off Armageddon is tricky, so I'll just use this video which someone else did to show off what happens if you drag the battle out to a 10th turn..

Poll: I need to free up a space on the character roster for my final character. I don’t think I can take anyone else off of the magic team. So someone is getting benched.

Duke Ghor

- He’s strong, but not very flexible. He won’t get new arts for 20 more levels. He can get a Remnant art, but I have so many other users which have special arts already that it’s hard to find a spot for him. I’m sure I could manage, though.


- His damage isn’t great, but he knows a lot of herb arts. Unlike Ghor, he does count as a mystics user for the purpose of using Arcana battle commands. I was hoping to get him into assassin, but he’s not making much progress towards that. And even if he gets there it won't matter much because assassins are only really great as union leaders and I sure as hell don't have a leader spot free for Gabriel.


- He’s a pretty good character damage-wise and he knows herb arts, and he’s making some progress towards becoming a mystics healer as well.


- Decently strong, and he knows some very valuable lotion arts which come in extremely handy if a union gets Silenced.


- He’s not the best unit overall, and he’s stuck in scout, but he is one of the main cast. He also has the Wonder Bangle, which removes all non-KO statuses at the end of the turn, which is pretty good.


- He does have an easy-to-use unique art, and he is one of the main cast, and he does know Psionics, but I guess you could choose to bench him, although he wouldn’t be my first pick.

Who is getting benched?

Next Time: Imperial City, my ass!