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Part 94: Chapter LXXXIV-A - The Imperator immediately struck back

The Imperator immediately struck back

We keep hearing a lot about the Imperator. So I thought I’d put together a post to collect most of the information about him ahead of the next update.

The Imperator and the Kingdom of Glenys

Chapter XV: Even now, I don’t like to go to the bathroom alone

The desert’s plenty dangerous, but it’s worth bravin’ it for all the treasure hidden out there. Rumor going ‘round the guild is that beneath the Great Sand Sea is the ruins of the greatest of the Old Kingdoms – the Kingdom of Glenys. What I’d give to get even a look at that loot…

Wise Old Man: That strength threatened the Imperator, and he set his armies against them. When the dust cleared, the desert country was destroyed. However… the spirits of the warriors from the defeated land still lurk within the desert’s sands, awaiting the perfect time for revenge… My great-grandfather first told me that tale when I was just a little boy. Man, was I spooked! I was always home by dark after that! Even now, I don’t like to go to the bathroom alone… Eheheh.

A thousand years ago, there was a great kingdom in the desert. Its military was renowned around the world. And within that force was the queensguard – the Mantroskylo. Their prowess in battle is still sung in legend today. They were heroes who sealed countless wild monsters. A brotherhood who protected their queen like an iron wall. Skilled warriors who could win while outnumbered a thousand to one. However, they were eventually destroyed by their own strength. They turned into monsters, and turned upon the Imperator. The Imperator immediately struck back. After a fierce battle on both sides, the Imperator took the Tao Tie and sealed the Mantroskylo.
Sounds like an old story. What’s the big deal?
Young traveler, this is no simple nursery-tale. After a thousand years, the Mantroskylo have returned. They assemble against Balterossa to take back the Tao Tie. This cannot be allowed, no matter the cost. Somehow, the force that was strong enough to even plague the Imperator must be defeated.

That story seems to clash with the other story. In the Wise Old Man's version, the Imperator was threatened by the strength of that country and attacked it. The Advisor's story is that the Mantroskylo turned into monsters and attacked the Imperator. The Imperator somehow sealed the Mantroskylo away - it didn't destroy them (probably because of how dangerous they were), but they have returned. I guess the seal expired.

Chapter XXVI: My heart was the only casualty

Oh yeah!
I see, you struck without hesitation. Then, I give you this.
Reward: 20000 G
Balterossa's crisis has passed. Still, why would the Mantroskylo betray the Imperator to begin with? Perhaps some day the truth will come to light. Until then, be well, young traveler."

I destroyed the royal troop of Mantroskylo, protectors of the ancient desert kingdom. We'll never know its history, but at least Balterossa's safe.

The Imperator and Marion Marshall

Chapter XXIII: They nearly killed me in the past -OR- A Date with Emma

You might have heard of Marion Marshall. She was the one who bound the Remnant Elysion to herself and wed the God Emperor. The power she held was extraordinary - the power to erase the bindings of the Remnants and replace them with her own.

The Imperator and the Brimuslabus

Chapter XVII: Talk about an epic failure!

Yeah, kinda hard to miss those.
Town legend says there was some terrible monster running wild, but the Imperator took the Remnant and sealed it in that very spot.
‘Course, that was hundreds of years ago… If’n there’s any truth to it, I sure ain’t the one to tell. Only half-believe it myself, actually.

Chapter LX: There weren’t any floating around in yours

I'll be a monkey's uncle. That story 'bout the demon and the Imperator was the honest truth after all. Damnation, 'til now we been able to drive off everyone tryin' to get their hands on the Brimuslabus. How in blazes did this happen? Welp, ain't nothin' to be done about it now. I was raised here by my pappy and him by his pappy before that. I'm stayin' here 'til the end.

Chapter LXXIX: It, which was once sealed within the Brimuslabus - The Fallen...

Err… what will?
It, which was once sealed within the Brimuslabus - The Fallen... Centuries ago, a monster suddenly appeared and threw the world in turmoil—nothing but chaos and fear. The ignorant civilians, seeing the magnitude of its power, began referring to it as a divine being... Heh. According to Him, the beast was created by the world to destroy Remnants. I care not why it exists—simply that it does.

Chapter LXXX: I am finally free. I can finally fulfill my dream... I can destroy Him! I can feel it... I can feel His soul grasping desperately to this world. Heh.... Heheh... It is time to die, fool!
Uhh… which fool do you mean? Because people often call me…
... I apologize. I was merely caught up in my own exhilaration. Here is a token of my gratitude.
No need to worry... He is next. I will take care of Him.

Chapter LXXXII: I’m supposed to be the mysticky one, okay?

Err… after we beat the Fallen, you talked about someone called “him”. Who did you mean?
Who do I mean? Who indeed? Could be anyone. Could be someone you know very well... Heheheheh..
Not helpful.

Woah, wasn’t that like a thousand years ago?
You don't believe me? Heheheh...
I didn’t say that…
The bastard was...unpleasant, to say the least. I infuriated him because of my awesome strength and the fact that he couldn't break my spirit. So when he ran out of use for me, he forced me to bind the Brimuslabus and act as the Fallen's seal. What a pitiful man he was. Heh heh heh...
Wait, so is the “he” you want revenge on the Imperator?

The Imperator and Magick

Chapter LXIX: I eat danger for breakfast -OR- Seeker of the Ancient Path, Part 1

The Imperator was rumored to have his hands on the art. Evidence of this was found even at some ruins. But just as we were about to discover the truth, the soldiers I hired to protect me began getting slaughtered one by one.

A gift that transcends fear… It is all I have, and everything that is.

Dim as starlight… Its beauty is the light that cuts through misty seas.

Chapter LXX: The order of the world must not be changed -OR- Seeker of the Ancient Path, Part 2

Magick… A cherished one living within… Found not even at the end of an infinite road.

Magick… Born from the pit of darkness… It is the undeniable truth of the world’s order.

Is magick an uncultivated power of the earth? If so, any spell that can extract it is far more dangerous than anything in existence…
Uhhh….. what?
Now that I know the dangers of magick, I’ll refrain from doing anything reckless when dealing with anything related to this art. Maybe I can find some answers traveling with you and your friends. If you ever need another body, please come and seek me. Thank you again, lad.

A bit of a bonus bit of information because I’m not sure if it is supposed to apply to the first God Emperor or a later one.

Chapter XLII - Urg, I gotta do the tie-break again?

I’m not quite sure if the God Emperor mentioned here is supposed to be the FIRST God Emperor, the Imperator. Probably not, but I’m including this anyway.

Young Sykes. There is an old tale passed down from ruler to successor of this country for ages.

Stunned by her beauty, the God Emperor desired her for his own. But the priestess had already promised her heart to a certain knight. Bitterly angry, the emperor placed a curse upon Crookfen. From that moment, many demons appeared in Crookfen. The area became known as a forbidden place.

To protect the priestess as she prayed, the knight sworn to her stood guard, slaying any monster who dared assault her. When the pair found themselves at the limit of their strength, a dazzling light appeared, enveloping the demons. A Remnant with the power to seal evil had awakened. The earnest prayers of the strongly bound pair had been enough to transcend time and space and reach the Remnant.

Again, this probably isn’t referring to the Imperator, but one of his descendants. (I’m assuming the God Emperor is a hereditary position.)

Next Time: The sun can finally set on the Kingdom of Glenys