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Part 95: Chapter LXXXV - The sun can finally set on the Kingdom of Glenys

The sun can finally set on the Kingdom of Glenys


Glenys: The Desert Kingdom Destroyed 1000 Years Ago

There is a LOT of world-building about the lost desert kingdom, destroyed a thousand years before this game. And we haven't even seen half of it yet.

The name has mostly been lost to history, most people just refer to it as the old kingdom. But the name was not entirely forgotten: it was called Glenys.

Chapter XV: Even now, I don’t like to go to the bathroom alone

Yama Adventurer: The desert’s plenty dangerous, but it’s worth bravin’ it for all the treasure hidden out there. Rumor going ‘round the guild is that beneath the Great Sand Sea is the ruins of the greatest of the Old Kingdoms – the Kingdom of Glenys. What I’d give to get even a look at that loot…

A man in Cafe Moondust supplies more information - particularly about the army that protected the old kingdom.

Old Guy: A thousand years ago, there was a prosperous country in the middle of the desert. The guard that protected it was unmatched in skill. That strength threatened the Imperator, and he set his armies against them. When the dust cleared, the desert country was destroyed. However… the spirits of the warriors from the defeated land still lurk within the desert’s sands, awaiting the perfect time for revenge… My great-grandfather first told me that tale when I was just a little boy.

The Duchess of Balterossa's Chief of Staff tells us that the queensguard of the old kingdom was known as the Mantroskylo.

Qsiti: A thousand years ago, there was a great kingdom in the desert. Its military was renowned around the world. And within that force was the queensguard – the Mantroskylo. Their prowess in battle is still sung in legend today. They were heroes who sealed countless wild monsters. A brotherhood who protected their queen like an iron wall. Skilled warriors who could win while outnumbered a thousand to one. However, they were eventually destroyed by their own strength. They turned into monsters, and turned upon the Imperator. The Imperator immediately struck back. After a fierce battle on both sides, the Imperator took the Tao Tie and sealed the Mantroskylo.
Rush: Sounds like an old story. What’s the big deal?
Qsiti: Young traveler, this is no simple nursery-tale. After a thousand years, the Mantroskylo have returned. They assemble against Balterossa to take back the Tao Tie. This cannot be allowed, no matter the cost. Somehow, the force that was strong enough to even plague the Imperator must be defeated.

Chapter XVI: I ain’t afraid of no ghost

The old kingdom's ruins come up again in a quest.

Mystic Gal: Hey, would you go look for me?
Rush: Sure.
Mystic Gal: Cool! So, there’re a bunch of pillars set up in the desert to keep you from getting lost. And they’ve all got IDs on them if you look close. If you look at them in the order: C-4-B-E-A-1 then… *shudder* The pillars are engraved with the language of the Old Kingdoms, so take this – it’ll show you how to read them.

The kid vanishes as we get close, and there’s an investigation point.
Obtained Godstone of Souls!

Science Guy: However, after being killed in his battle against the last monster, he ended up turning into the undead himself! ... It seems the warrior knows formations no longer used in the present age.

Chapter XXXVIII: Funny how things turn out, isn’t it?

My homeland was destroyed by a terrible man. I've sworn to get the revenge on him and return my home to its former glory. But I do not have the strength to do it alone...
So what do you want from me?
I've heard that a strong fighter lives in Dillmoor... One skilled not only in combat, but in leadership as well. I want to meet him, and learn his techniques. I am sure that with that knowledge, I could return honor to my homeland!

Here? This place has been abandoned for years. I was here a couple months ago and there wasn’t anyone here.

This happens to me a lot. I’m expecting it by now.
Anyhow, I'm sure he's still here - honestly, there aren't many other places he could go. Most likely one of these beasts is him. Come along, Rush! Keep your eyes open for anything strange, alright?

Mission: Defeat the Mantroskylo!

So this Master Glenys is looking for was a Mantroskylo? But they’ve been gone for 1000 years. How would anyone even know enough about one of them to know where to find this one? Huh.

So the master's famous technique was a battle formation he had created himself. I admit, I expected something different...
It’s not something that can really help if you’re alone, I guess.
Well, maybe someone with your knowledge of tactics can make the best use of this technique. Perhaps you can help me avenge my people, and I can help you accomplish your goals as well.
Yeah, I could use all the help I can get.
Obtained Honor of Oath!
Honor of Oath – Given to those in the queensguard of the ancient desert kingdom.

Chapter XLI: He stayed true to his beliefs to the end.

Reward: Godstone of Wisdom!
Godstone of Wisdom – One of the three godstones of an ancient kingdom. Engraved is a poem honoring the people’s wisdom.

That is…!
Yeah, I know, it’s a rock. We’ve got a couple others like it.
You have all three?!
No, it’s nothing…

Okay it’s finally, at long, long last, time for this much-delayed sidequest. This quest actually opens up immediately at the start of “Disc 2”, even before you got to Fornstrand. It’s one which can easily grant quite a bit of BR, so I kept putting it off, though. Now though, gaining a lot of BR does not matter to me.

This quest requires Glenys to be in your party, so she’s taking the lead of a squad. Irina is taking over for Khrynia.

For this quest, you have to travel to Balterossa. You could do this quest at any time after reaching Disc 2, but I never found the right time to do it until now. This guy is in the upper level of Café Moondust.

Err… if you mean these rock things, then yeah?

Sure, I’m game!
Excellent. Enter the Great Sand Sea, and go east of where the spear leads. Phantoms are mirrors that can reflect the truth. A word of advice: do not take your eyes from them, young Rush Sykes.
Why do you know me?
What was begun long ago must finally be brought to completion. That is all you need to know.

Accepted quest: The Desert’s Legend

Music: Swirling Sands

Some guy in Balterossa asked to take three godstones to the altar of the desert tower. Ugh, that's way out in the Great Sand Sea...

We’re sent to the Great Sand Sea, and we have to wander around. It will help if you remember that those pillars have symbols, and that one of them is a spear.

This is the one.

So east of there is that rock formation…

Can you see it? Look closely.

- Video: Flaumello Tower

You want to head for that spot right in the middle of these rocks to trigger the cutscene.

Is that a mirage?

Music: Echoing Hallways


Flaumello Tower - This tower is said to be inhabited by the legendary Queen Flaumello. Some say that the tower does not exist and is merely a mirage shown by the queen.

After so long… I’m back here again.

Welcome to Flaumello Tower, the largest dungeon in the game, and the hardest one to navigate. We start out on the lowest floor, the Tier of Doubt.

There are three doors out of here, each color-coded (Green, Orange, Blue) for a different path to the top. But first, there’s a big important thing to look at first.

Hey, this is more of that funny picture writing! I can’t read this!
I can.

This place was once home to a great civilization. Now it is nothing more than distant fading memories and crumbling ruins. All because of one person. Will you listen to our story?

I love a good story.
Thank you.

All praise to Queen Flaumello IV, gracious and all-knowing ruler of the glorious Kingdom of Glenys. Henceforth we leave the truth of an epic saga of love and war as a remembrance for those who live to read it. Engraved into this tower is the tale of 1000 years ago.
There is more to tell. Rush… you will follow, will you not?
Uh… okay?

Finally reached Flaumello Tower! Time to plop down those three rocks on the altar. The tower is so full of history. Exciting stuff!

There are more of those Large Steles scattered throughout the towers.

Wait, Towers? Before we go any further, let’s take a closer look at where we actually are.

Flaumello Tower is actually four towers, each with three levels (except the main tower – the one we’re currently in - doesn’t have a second level).

Here is where we are now.

Here is the rest of the first level (Tier of Doubt). Those towers are not just decorative background objects, they are actually in the same physical place as the rest of the level. When you use the teleporter, the camera even travels across the gap to the other side. Okay, now let’s talk Steles.

The green arcs are connections between the various maps.

The map on the left shows just the locations of the seven Steles, and I want to hit them all in order. Unfortunately, they’re spread out in a very obnoxious way which means that it’s impossible to do without backtracking.

There middle map shows the path which the Green, Orange, and Blue paths wind through on their way to the top.

The right map is the route I’ll be taking. After the fourth Stele, I’ll have to backtrack from the second Stele all the way back to the start where we are now.

- Video: To Chapter 1 Stele

I’m including videos for the trek, but I’ve cut out all non-interesting combat from it (read: basically all of it). This area was available from the start of Disc 2, so my BR is a lot higher than what the average here is. I’ve decided to try and use this dungeon to get Wyngale to learn a few Arcana.

This path also takes us past all the chests containing the maps for the tower. And believe me, you really want to have the maps for this tower.

learned Orphic Ward III!

Chapter I: The Beginning.
The woman-warrior Flaumello passed through the great desert with a single spear as companion. Along the way, she found an oasis. This green blessing within the barren desert sat at the foot of the Remnant Tao Tie. Thus began the Kingdom of Glenys.

Onto the next one.

- Video: To Chapter 2 Stele

learned Restore IV!
learned Refresh!
learned Blue Streak!

I’ll be sprinkling in a few “I am here” maps to show my progress through the route.[/i]

After enough staircases you eventually can climb to a new floor, the Tier of Pride.

Oh a rare monster.

31850 damage finishes it off.

learned Whiteout!

I rearranged the party so that Wyngale could learn Animalcule. Unfortunately, I forgot the critical step of turning on Blocter’s Hexes. It took me a little while to figure out that I missed that part. Amazingly I missed it even when I specifically opened up his arts menu to check that everyone had their arts enabled, and to remove high-AP cost arts to better trigger them.

learned Stealth III!
learned Double Slash!

Here we are now. The arrow is facing the direction we came from.

The green and blue paths could connect here, if not for the rubble.

So we’ll just have to climb stairs instead.

That has the second map of the tower, covering the middle floor.

It’s hard to slip past Demons in the tower, there’s just too little room in most cases. Better to just fight them and avoid breaking the chain and giving up an Enemy Advantage. Besides, some party members want components from these guys. I hit BR 59 from this fight.

learned Revitalize II!

Up to the top floor now, the Tier of Value.

It was at this point that I kept trying to trigger Animalcule until I realized why it wasn’t working. Luckily I had a save at the start of the floor so I didn’t waste too much time in needless fights.

The blue path continues to the right. The Chapter 2 Stele is that way, but we only want to hit the Stele, then backtrack and go straight ahead from this point.

These guys are annoying so I want to clear them out.

There we go.

All the faffing about trying to get this to trigger resulted in Glenys dying here, so no XP for her. Oh well.

learned Animalcule!

The Stele is right around the corner from the teleporter which takes you back to the main tower and the end of the blue path.

Chapter II: Glory
This tower was built in honor of the great Queen Flaumello IV, celebrating her many achievements. After forging ties with Undelwalt, the kingdom had flourished, becoming the main trade route of the desert. However, this alliance was the cause of the tragedy that was to come.

- Video: To Chapter 3 Stele

There are blue lights flanking the door, but that’s where they stop. On the other side is part of the orange path.

The hallway behind Rush is where I came from. It’s hard to see, but in the middle left is a chest which used to contain the third map of Flaumello Tower. Like I said, this route hits all the maps, and pretty quickly, too. Rush is standing in front of a ladder which does down a little bit.

More demons? More targets.

Does it hurt? Does it?!

There we go, Wyngale has now learned three Arcana in this dungeon. He still needs three more to qualify for Warlock, but he needs Spark V/Permafrost, Grenade Impact, and Revitalize II for the others, and he doesn’t have any of those yet. So I’m restoring the unions back to their normal state and turning off all Wyngale’s arts except Remedies and Spark III.

learned Vivification Tincture!
learned Fatal Eclipse!
learned Restorative Herb V!

The teleporter back to the world map is here at the top floor. The main goal of the quest is up those stairs and a bit farther, but we’re going to head through the other door now (on the left) first.

These Colossi tend to become Vehement if you just walk past them, so I’m fighting them all.

learned Confuse II!

Straight ahead the stairs go down and dead-ends in the East Tower. The path to the right leads down to the entrance… eventually. The stairs down to the Tier of Pride are right there.

The orange path on this tower spirals all the way around and back into this very same room, but on a slightly lower level. But we don’t care about that since the third chapter Stele is right here.

Chapter III: Love
Queen Flaumello IV had pledged her love to the Lord of Undelwalt. The two paramours did nothing to hide their affection for each other, and soon announced their engagement. Celebrations continued throughout the Kingdom of Glenys for days. However, few within the young country could have foretold what the future held for their love.

Now we turn right around and backtrack back to that big staircase with the World Map Teleporter.

- Video: To Chapter 4 & 5 Stele’s

We hit BR 60 here.

The fourth chapter Stele is right there.

Chapter IV: Betrayal
Queen Flaumello was betrayed by the same Lord she so loved. Undelwalt abandoned the queen, instead chasing after the low-born Marion Marshall. From then on, he styled himself the "God Emperor", and began conquering the world with his newfound control over Remnants. The people of Glenys were devastated - and devastation turned quickly into resentment and hostility. Against the queen's objections, her subjects began creating plans to overthrow the God Emperor. Once this became known to the God Emperor, he dispatched a punitive force against the kingdom, aiming to quell the rebellion.

The shortest way to get to the Chapter 5 Stele is to go back to the Chapter 2 Stele and backtrack all the way to the entrance. So through this teleporter we go. That large part of the tower in front which is completely open is where the second floor would be in the main tower, which explains why we can’t go there. There just isn’t anything to go to.

All three paths converge just across the teleporter. We’ll be back once we’ve found all the Steles.

You’re lucky, you get a jump cut here. I don’t.

Right, here we are, back where we started. We’re going to follow the green path now, all the way back up.

Chapter V: War
War broke out. It was clear that the Kingdom of Glenys would be overthrown by the God Emperor - it was simply a matter of time. Yet, the Glenys forces showed themselves to be worthy opponents, even against the most powerful army in the world. The queensguard fought ruthlessly, more than willing to sacrifice their lives. Even the townsfolk fought bitterly against the invading forces. Faced with such spirited opponents, the Undelwalt army's morale began to flag. But the devotion of her loyal subjects was the cause of her kingdom's demise. Marion Marshall, new wife of the God Emperor, suddenly appeared on the battlefield.

- Video: To Chapter 6 Stele

The stairs up weren’t that much farther past the Stele. We’ve seen this spot from the other side on the way up.

This part of the tower, unusually, features a bunch of narrow corridors, which will force more fights than I would otherwise.

class changed to Legendary Ninja!
learned Mighty Dragon’s Flight!

Rush has now maxed out his Ninja class, which means that I can now change what his weapons are without losing any progress. Dual-wielding axes is said to be popular. I’m not sure I’ll bother, though, we’re so close to the end.

Whoops, wrong door!

I hit BR 61.

I don’t know why those lights down there are blue, because that should connect to the orange path. Out of sight below me is a treasure chest. There is no ladder leading down for me. This is obnoxious. If there HAD been a ladder here, then I could have taken this path back to the 5th Chapter Stele, then taken the orange path up to the 6th Chapter Stele, thus covering most of the tower. Instead, large paths have remained unexplored.

This place is HUGE.

learned Caustic Blast III!

Anyway, finally, here we are at the last Stele.

Chapter VI: The End
Marion Marshall concentrated, her prayers drawing an exquisite pattern across the sky. In a mere moment, the Tao Tie stirred from where it had stood since time immemorial and walked away. With the loss of the Tao Tie, the land began to revert to its initial state - dull and brown, scoured by endless clouds of sand... The Kingdom of Glenys fell to Undelwalt not long after that. Without the Tao Tie, it was impossible for the land to return to its former prosperity. The queen disappeared, never to be found. Rumors swirled that she'd been assassinated by her retainers, that she'd fled the country... nothing could be proven or confirmed. And as the Kingdom of Glenys collapsed and died out, so did these rumors as well.

- Video: The Godstones

We’re back in the Main Tower’s final area, and not far from the end of the update.

The best thing about Dual Snowpetal is if Irina is leading the union, Khrynia can still perform it. No other art or unit in the PC version can perform a unique if not in the leader slot.

learned Crossbreak III!
learned Spark IV!
learned Vivification Tincture!

All the teleporters converge in this one room.

But that doesn’t matter, because we’re here.

Sure, why not?

Oh I guess what I’ve been calling the orange path is really the red path.

The candelabrum is covered with dust. Engraved are the words “Offer thy wisdom.” Offer the Godstone of Wisdom?
Okay, sure.

The candelabrum is covered with dust. Engraved are the words “Offer thy soul.” Offer the Godstone of Souls?
This thing, right? Sure.

All three stones were offered. I wonder what's going to happen...

The square in front of the altars lit up.

- Video: Queen Flaumello IV

Mission: Defeat the Mantroskylo!

Music: Struggle Eternal

We’re up against a Mantroskylo and a bunch of throwaway monsters. This will not be a long fight because I am a lot higher BR than is expected for this quest.

All the bugs died.

Yeah, this boss isn’t a threat.

I hit BR 62.

learned Nimble Switchback III!
learned Mighty Rift Cleaver!

My queen…

My flesh has rotted,
My memory faded,
My heart has become hard as stone.
Yet a piece of him remembers me still.
These stones stand as proof of that.
And with that simple knowledge, I remember the feel of him. Warm like morning sun against bare skin… Having felt that once more, I can rest forever…

As my soul disappears, the curtain can finally fall on the Kingdom of Glenys. I no longer know the words to thank someone, yet thanks I extend. To you, who taught me that within him, a part of me still lives…

Okay, seriously, Glenys, who the hell are you?
Rush, have you heard stories of the Mantroskylo? The royal guards of Queen Flaumello IV?
Yeah, the Imperator guy turned them all into monsters and sealed them away a thousand years ago. Then all of a sudden they started showing up. I guess the seal wore off or something?
Yes, the Mantroskylo were all sealed for one thousand years, every last one of them. But not all of them were turned into monsters.
… Wait, no way?!
Yes. I am the last of the Mantrokskylo, and of my people. Thanks to you, I was able to perform my final service to my queen.

You vanquished the queen’s cursed body but saved her soul. Impressive. Here is something for your service.

Reward: Obtained Claws’s Grasp! You’ve unlocked a more powerful version of an existing formation! Obtained Intermediate Customization!

Then, I must take my leave. Take care to remember your true path…

Completed quest: The Desert’s Legend

We beat the Mantroskylo forces and saved Queen Flaumello's soul. Guess this finally is the end of the Kingdom of Glenys.

Wait a second… “His Highness the Imperator SHOULD BE very pleased”? As in, present tense?


Yes, Wagram, one of the primary antagonists of the game is actually the Imperator from a thousand years ago, and the husband of Marion Marshall – probably making him an ancestor of Marina Sykes. And this information never comes out in the main game, but is hidden behind a sidequest.

If you did Yuniver’s quest about magick, he mentions that the Imperator was associated with that, and if you compare the magick circles in that quest with the ones Wagram used when summoning strange creatures, you can see they’re the same. Yuniver’s quest also had a boss fight versus the Charged Idol, and Wagram summoned the Fiery Idol.


Another question which goes frustratingly UN-answered though is exactly who Glenys is. In case you didn’t notice, I made up all of her dialogue in this quest. Glenys must be in the party for this quest. If you fire her at a guild, the Bossy Man disappears from Café Moondust. And yet, she has absolutely no dialogue during it. But after you finish this quest, it unlocks her final “red bubble” conversation.

It is no coincidence that all of Glenys’s quests are associated with Mantroskylo or the ancient Kingdom, no coincidence that she shares her name with the kingdom. She’s introduced as “Old-Fashioned Woman”, and the parts of her backstory which she tells us in her red bubble talks certainly sound similar to the tale of the fall of the Old Kingdom as written in the Steles. And yet, argh...

The game never says who Glenys is. I’ll save some more discussion on this until next update when I show her final conversation, because that confuses matters.

New Arts Summary
learned Blue Streak!
learned Revitalize II!
learned Confuse II!
class changed to Legendary Ninja!
learned Mighty Rift Cleaver!

Video: Flaumello Tower
Video: To Chapter 1 Stele
Video: To Chapter 2 Stele
Video: To Chapter 3 Stele
Video: To Chapter 4 & 5 Stele’s
Video: To Chapter 6 Stele
Video: The Godstones
Video: Queen Flaumello IV

That’s all the sidequests we can do for now finished. There are in fact only three left in the game, and two are simple enough to knock off in one update. It’s finally time for our much-delayed audience with the God Emperor.

Next Time: The Conqueror’s secrets We will reveal