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Part 97: Chapter LXXXVII - It’s time I paid you back for everything you’ve done for me

It’s time I paid you back for everything you’ve done for me

- Video: The Decision

The Conqueror! He’s on the move!
Headed where?
To Elysion, sir!

Music: Final Decision

What does he want now?
He may very well be trying to seize the Sacred Lands. However, I am at a loss as to what purpose that would fulfill.

What of the other lords?
Sir, the other lords have shown no sign of movement.
Although they object to the current situation, none wish to be branded a traitor.

You’re right. No one dares oppose the God Emperor. …Damnit!

Man, you guys are useless! Dave, I can go straighten things out with the Conqueror if you want.

I’m not originally from Athlum, so you shouldn’t take any heat from what I do, right?

Please, tell me you’re joking.
I’m totally serious. I mean, I know it won’t be easy, but I have my talisman, so if I play my cards right…

This is lunacy! You must be joking.

Dave, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you’ve done for me. If it weren’t for you, Irina would probably still be kidnapped, and Mom and Dad would probably be in big trouble too.
It’s time I paid you back for everything you’ve done for me.


Sis, this time I can’t take you with me. Be good, okay? I’ll be back, you know I will.


I’m an idiot. What am I doing sitting here?

Rush, you’re right. If we leave the Conqueror to do as he pleases, it may not matter whether the God Emperor considers us traitors. We may be faced with a fate much worse.

Wagram may have been able to accept this, but that does not mean we have to sit back and do the same.


The consequences can be dealt with later. We must do whatever is necessary to protect our world from the forces which oppose us.

I command you, as Lord David Nassau, Marquis of Athlum: All troops are to head to Elysion immediately. We will fight the Conqueror! If you do not wish to participate, flee Athlum now. Stay only if this holds purpose to you.

You really are a fool, if you think anyone here will abandon you at this crucial time.

Yeah! We fear nothing, and nobody!

If his Excellency is to find out, we can think of a cover story, if need be!

Lord David, let’s go!

Thank you, everyone. For the honor of Athlum!

Yes, my lord!

I’m invited too, right?


Music: City of Heroes (Athlum Theme)

Of late I have been surprised to see the rate of Lord David's development. At first I thought he'd finally gained the former Marquis's spirit... but no. He's learnt more than that through these harrowing battles. I do not know exactly how, but it's due to you, Rush.
Really? Cool.
Walking this path with you has allowed him to grow in ways we could not teach him. Together, let us face the Conqueror, and defeat him. And afterwards... please, continue to be at David's side.

This might sound kinda sappy, but I'm real glad I've had the chance to fight alongside you and the young master.
Thanks, Blocter.
But seriously, Rush, if you think we're gonna let you face the Conqueror all alone, you're dead wrong. Whether you're marching to the Sacred Lands or to the gates of the underworld itself, it doesn't matter. We're brothers now - together 'til the end! Awright! Time to take a deep breath and knock that Conqueror from here to next Tuesday!

Rush... Since meeting you, we and Lord David have all changed a great deal. From being preoccupied with the affairs of a single small city, we've somehow come to be at the forefront of a battle that affects the future of the entire world. It's a bit of a change in scale, to say the least.
Yeah, I had no idea things would get this messed up when I set out looking for Irina.
It's thanks to you that our horizons have been broadened so, and for that you have my deepest appreciation. ...Anyhow! It's well past time for the final showdown, isn't it? Let's finish off the Conqueror, once and for all!

Ever since Mother died, and I became one of the Generals of Athlum, I've dreamt of getting revenge on the Conqueror. I thought that killing him would avenge her, and that was enough for me. But, after spending all this time with you, I can't help but think that thought was awfully small-minded. Solely thinking of revenge probably isn't going to change the world - not for the better, at least. It probably will only spawn some other act of violence. And I'm tired of this endless fighting.
This cycle needs to end. So, more than revenge, that's why I want to stop the Conqueror. You've helped me open my eyes to the bigger picture, Rush. I appreciate it.

Hey, you two, if things get hairy, just run away, got it?
Rush, I'll do what I can! But don't worry - I'll run if things get too dangerous.

I knew you bore some special power. I thought that if I kept you close, I could control you, and have you use that power to Athlum's advantage. But hearing your words, I realized I've been blind. You've been the one in control all along - showing me the way.
Uh, really?
In the end, it's I who's truly been simple-minded. Thank you, Rush. ...Well. I suppose this really isn't the time for such sentimental drivel. All of Athlum's forces are to take up arms and strike down the Conqueror! To the Holy Plain!
I think I’d like to take a little walk around town first.
That’s not a bad idea. It will take a little time to get everything ready. So just relax.

All I can do now is trust in him, and hope that he can take care of this quickly and safely, so we can put this all behind us and move to a new future.

I can only pray that we'll all get through this safely.

Conqueror Schmonqueror, who's afraid of that cheese-head? Not us! Nobody puts Athlum in a corner! Awright, just in case, I'd better get in fighting-fit condition myself. Pops, I don't care what you give me, but make it something to pump me up!

Apparently the entire town has heard about Athlum’s decision to defy the God Emperor and go to war with the Conqueror. Let’s hope that Pagus has a really, and I mean a REALLY good cover story.

Well... I guess a jerk like that can't be left to do whatever he pleases, he's gotta be smacked down and put away for good! I'll be rooting for you, boys!

Why is it that the only thing people can ever decide on is war? I want to believe in Lord David, I really do, but I can't help but think he's making a foolish decision...

Hmm... It's true that if the Conqueror is left to his own devices, he'll certainly cause trouble, or possibly do something else terrible... But he has the God Emperor's backing. I certainly hope this doesn't come back to haunt us...

The Conqueror, eh? Kick that old bitch's can until he cries!

Be very shrewd in your actions – think things through. The road to victory should open up.

It seems that you’ve finally begun to see the true value of arts, young one. Don’t be careless.

Pleasant Young Man: …That’s the story, anyway.
Bartender: Of course! Lord David is concentrating on the important things of running a country. …Plus, he’s saving himself for me. Sorry, ladies!

This time... this time the Conqueror is going to pay for what he's done! And we can finally find out the truth about the Valeria Heart!

Pub Regular: We'll definitely beat the Conqueror. I believe it so strongly that I'm gonna sit right here and have another pint.

Sky-Gazing Woman: Somehow, the Valeria Heart will look over them, I'm sure of it...

Ignoring the God Emperor's orders and fighting the Conqueror... I can't quite say that I think it's a good thing or not. But... I trust Lord David. He's not gonna steer us wrong! The rest of us shopkeepers, too, of course! Good luck, Athlum!

If Lord David's goin' toe-to-toe with this Conqueror guy, the outcome's already decided! Yeahhh, that guy can bring it all he wants - he's just gonna get beat down! Tear 'im a new one for Lady Emma!

That’s just about it. One more place to visit, of course.

Music: Glittering Gold (Celepalais Theme)

How’s Rhagoh doing?
Rhagoh? Yeah, we're cool. Nothing for you to worry about.
Just a bit ago we had a fight over lunch. Obviously, I won. So, of course we're fine. Isn't that what they say, friendship is fighting like cats and dogs?
Uh… I don’t think so?
... Yeah, we're fine...we should be just fine, Rhagoh and me.

There are two paths to take.
One path allows you to be the creators of a new world. The other brands you as traitors to the God Emperor as you are slain mercilessly by his followers.
Show me what you have chosen.

Rush... It''s beginning to come back to me... The person I was then... Working with the Imperator, fighting for the Imperator. Fighting all the time. Anger...destruction...chaos...death...
Wow, it must have been terr-
It was so much fun... The best days I've ever spent... And then...that man... The Imperator himself tried to snatch it all away! But we see who's truly won... Muh...muh...mwa-hahahahaha!!!
…I’m just gonna… go over there now. Yeah…

Video: The Decision

Okay, we are coming up to the final boss pretty soon. We cannot continue past the final boss, but there are some very hard bonus bosses which will likely force me to grind for a bit to level up my HP and arts.

I can think of two ways to handle the bonus boss situation. I make a save before the final boss, and then…

1) I fight the final boss, and then show the bonus bosses as bonus content after the game’s end. It will be a bit anti-climactic.

2) I go off and show the bonus bosses to the best of my ability, and only after that, will I reload my pre-final boss save and do the boss at my old BR.

POLL: Which would you prefer?

Next Time: I know it's been a while since I've come back.