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Part 99: Chapter LXXXIX - The fate of the world rests on the outcome of this battle!

The fate of the world rests on the outcome of this battle!

The Conqueror’s forces are blocking the way into Elysion. I think it’s less to besiege the city as it is to keep anyone from getting IN to Elysion. Because really, what could stop the Conqueror from just walking in like he did last time?

The Holy Plain – The Holy War occurred in this land. Many battles that take place here rage into all-out war because of its geography.

Wyngale is being swapped back into the party. I may or may not do some minor tweaking of the configuration for the final few battles, maybe just for variety. We’ll see.

Let’s do this.

- Video: Battle of the Holy Plains

Men: The fate of the world rests on the outcome of this battle!

All troops: CHAAARGE!

Mission: Defeat the main force of the elite troops!

Music: Struggle Eternal

This is the final battlefield, and it sure is pretty. Most of our first turn will be spent marching on the enemy.

These opponents are not to be underestimated.

Nah, I think it’s pretty safe to underestimate these guys. We’ve taken down the forces of the Six Bases and their generals. We’ve taken down the last of the Third Committee. We’ve taken down The Fallen. These guys are chumps compared to that.

Dodge-counters certainly help.

How d’ya like that?

And we’re probably at least 10-15 BR below what the game expects.

That’s the last of the first wave 1 of very many.

Yeah! This is our big chance!

Just mostly marching on Turn 4.

I said “mostly”.

With half the second wave already dead, more reinforcements arrive.

That was an impressive parry.

Ha ha ha ha! Heads up beside you!

Set ‘em up, I’ll knock ‘em down!
Guess I’ll take a break too!

The damage has built up enough that I should have some people heal.

If you want things done right…

Jager gets whittled down.

Be careful!

Irina had already decided to go heal Rush before Jager went down though. Rush’s union gets healed back to full.

But then got blasted pretty badly anyway.

Rush will heal himself, and Irina will revive Jager.

All the healing did was let Rush survive slightly longer.

Rush has taken a surprising amount of damage without dying. I guess that’s something. I’ll have him use Talisman’s Gift. I’m going to skip on Dual Snowpetal, there’s only one union.

We shan’t lose to the likes of you!

I jinxed it.

I’ll rend you limb from limb!

Irina will bring Rush back, everyone else will stand by. Let them come to us for once.

You’ll be all right now!

Interesting a mid-turn reinforcement. I guess it’s supposed to catch you off guard if you advance? That’s not a second dragon, it’s the same one as from before.

Anyway this fight isn’t especially challenging or interesting, so let’s speed it up a bit.

You better recognize!

I’ll flay you like some pitiful yama!

Is that the first time a single attack has broken 100,000 damage?

I can’t help but notice that the ranks of the Conqueror’s forces have been somewhat depleted.


The more the merrier. Everyone else is standing by to let them close the gap.

We’ve gone all the way around the alphabet. 29 unions so far. Wyngale can Animalcule, so he will. I’ll throw in a Dual Snowpetal in case that doesn’t finish the job.

The Dragon at the back is still standing strong.

This battle has thirty-five unions in it. It shouldn’t be a problem to you though, by now you should know to prepare and make sure your items are topped up. Everyone will close in on the enemy.

Wyngale could Animalcule yet again, but this time he’ll just watch and I’ll use Dual Snowpetal.

Dual Snowpetal is really easy to trigger, and it can hit the whole battlefield. Totally sweet! The Dragon is finally in critical HP now too.

I’ll tear you apart!

Oh, fuck you. There goes Pagus. No XP for him in this battle.

And that does it. I am BR 62, but I think I was before.

learned Nimble Earthrender IV!
learned Mighty Dragon’s Flight III!

Decoy makes a friendly union the target of all enemy attacks. That tends to be useless against weak unions and suicidal against strong ones, but it also doesn’t work very well anyway.

- Video: Unbindable

What’s wrong?
I can’t bind it.

The Conqueror’s doing, huh?
I think so.
So we’ve come here for nothing?!

There must be another way to the Sacred Lands!

We will find a way, Lord David. There are many undiscovered Remnants in existence. We simply need to find one which can take us there!
Will it really be that simple?
After all, the key word in that sentence was “undiscovered”, Pagus!
We’re running out of time!
We can’t just roll over and give up, Dave!

Let’s move!

That’s it for today. Next time we do the final two sidequests in the game.

New Arts Summary
learned Nimble Earthrender IV!
learned Mighty Dragon’s Flight III!

Battle of the Holy Plains

Next Time: In that moment you left behind something that will last for eternity.