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by wateyad, Pork Lift, eating only apples

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Original Thread: Japanese Fantasy Mass Effect, thread 2 [still The Last Story]

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Yes, after over a year, we're finally back! Computer problems are solved, new footage is recorded and honestly I've been sitting on this for longer than there is any excuse for so without further ado, let's be incredibly lazy about making a new OP! (and then get to new videos, I guess.)

The Original OP, circa the 23rd of January 2013 posted:

Let's Play Final Gears of Fantasy War aka Japanese Fantasy Mass Effect aka...

The Last Story is an RPG directed by the man who created the Final Fantasy series, with music by the man who made the music for most of the Final Fantasy series that neither plays nor sounds anything like a Final Fantasy game. What we have here is a japanese game about swords and magic that takes its primary mechanical inspiration from modern western cover based shooters, plays mostly in real time and has a dodge roll yet seems to be actively trying not to be too much of an action game. The game puts a lot of emphasis on level design and on making the presence of a party tactically important without giving the player full micro-managey control over them. It's a unique and interesting game that's kind of hard to describe in text (that's what the videos are for).

Story Stuff

The world is dying and no one really seems to know why. Wherever you go, the wind carries snow-like flakes of dead geography.

This is Zael, we'll be spending the vast majority of the game controling him. He's a member of a mercenary band along with these people:

They've all come to Lazulis island, a place where nature mysteriously still flourishes, with a reputation for being one of the safest and most peaceful places in the empire. This might seem like a weird place for mercenaries to go but they've been hired by the local count to clear out a cave of monsters (where we join them in media res) and Dagran, their leader, thinks there's more work where that came from and if they keep at it maybe even a way out of the mercenary lifestyle. I don't really consider it a spoiler that things aren't going to stay peaceful for too long.

Stuff About This LP Specifically

I'll be holding the controller. Infamous forums moperator Pork Lift will, as always, be riding shotgun with his particular brand of "lively" co-commentary. We'll also be being joined for significant portions of the LP by forums user eating only apples whose ongoing [now long finished and fallen into archives] Sims 3 LP, in which myself and Pork Lift do not star but are featured as neighbours to the main cast, can be found here.

As usual for us, this is a live commentated VLP that goes light on the editing, not that a heavier hand would find much to cut out here as this game is pretty much all killer no filler and easy enough that things like dying and having to repeat sections shouldn't be an issue.

The update schedule should be roughly one video every four days with extras in between for bonus content and anything that I don't want to eat an update.

Table of Contents

What You're Probably Here For

Episode 1: In Media Res (YouTube)(Dailymotion)
Episode 2: Welcome to Let's Play The Last Story (YouTube)(Dailymotion)
Episode 3: At the Pub (YouTube)(Dailymotion)
Episode 3a: Back Alley Time (YouTube)(Dailymotion)
Episode 3b: On Currency (YouTube)(Dailymotion)
Episode 3c: Staring at People for Fun and Profit (YouTube)(Dailymotion)
Episode 3d: Accentuate the Butt Cape (YouTube)(Dailymotion)
Episode 3e: Bloodsports (YouTube)(Dailymotion)
Episode 4: Princess-sitting (YouTube)(Dailymotion)
Episode 5: Welcome to Level 2 (YouTube)(Dailymotion)
Episode 6: It Looks Like a Big Fluffy Muffin (YouTube)(Dailymotion)
Episode 7: As If Nothing Had Happened (YouTube)(Dailymotion)
Episode 7a: Let's Go Catch Some Birds (YouTube)(Dailymotion)
Episode 7b: Let's Go Catch Some Frogs (YouTube)(Dailymotion)
Episode 8: High Society (YouTube)(Dailymotion)
Episode 8a: Some Light Reading (I) (Archived Post) Images: (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)
Episode 9: Guard Duty (YouTube)(Dailymotion)
Episode 10: Bravery, Guts and Stupidity (YouTube)(Dailymotion)
Episode 11: On a Boat (YouTube)(Dailymotion)
Episode 12: Mutiny (YouTube)(Dailymotion)
Episode 13: Talk to Everyone on the Ship Twice (YouTube)(Dailymotion)
Episode 14: The Enchanted Garden (YouTube)(Dailymotion)
Episode 15: Spider Boss Fight (YouTube)(Dailymotion)
Episode 16: Nobody Loves Yurick (YouTube)(Dailymotion)
Episode 17: Mirror Image (YouTube)(Dailymotion)
Episode 18: You Look Fantastic (YouTube)(Dailymotion)
Episode 19: Sound the Alarm (YouTube)(Dailymotion)
Episode 20: What is This Crap? (YouTube)(Dailymotion)
Episode 21: Talk to Everyone on the Ship Twice for a Second Time (YouTube)(Dailymotion)
Episode 22: "Justice" (YouTube)(Dailymotion)
Episode 23: Lowell Stays Behind (YouTube)(Dailymotion)
Episode 24: Lowell's Location Remains Unchanged (YouTube)(Dailymotion)
Episode 25: ...Justice? (YouTube)(Dailymotion)
Episode 26: Truth, Friendship, Treasure (YouTube)(Dailymotion)
Episode 26a: Some Light Reading (II) (Archived Post)(Image)
Episode 27: Maturity (YouTube)(Dailymotion)
Episode 28: Just What Exactly is Going On Here? (YouTube)(Dailymotion)
Episode 29: Ruining the Mood (YouTube)(Dailymotion)
Episode 30: (YouTube)(Dailymotion)
Episode 30a: Coop (YouTube)(Dailymotion)
Episode 30b: Deathmatch (I) (YouTube)(Dailymotion)
Episode 30c: Deathmatch (II) (YouTube)(Dailymotion)
Episode 30d: Deathmatch (III) (YouTube)
Episode 31: Finding the Quest (YouTube)
Episode 32: Bar Culture (YouTube)
Episode 33: Well, Well, Well (YouTube)
Episode 35: Love Fortune (YouTube)
Episode 36: Not Weird or Creepy At All (YouTube)
Episode 36a: What Happens When We Redo a Dungeon? (YouTube)
Episode 37: Dagran Armour (YouTube)
Episode 38: Making the Wrong Choice (Because the Game Forced Us To). (YouTube)
Episode 39: Quick, Save This Video, Someone! Say Something Funny! (YouTube)
Episode 39a: Some Light Reading (III) (Archived Post) Images: (1)(2)
Episode 40: A Weird Dimensional Space Dungeon (YouTube)
Episode 41: "I Hope I Did The Right Thing" (YouTube)
Episode 41a: Some Light Reading (IV) (Archived Post) Images: (1)(2)(3)(4)
Episode 42: It's (not) Mermaids (YouTube)
Episode 43: Man Time with Lowell (YouTube)
Episode 44: Don't Get Used to This (YouTube)
Episode 45: The Tower of Trials (YouTube)
Episode 46: The Inevitable (YouTube)
Episode 47: Intuitive Stealth Mechanics (YouTube)
Episode 48: The Brave Knights of Lazulis (YouTube)
Episode 48a: Some Light Reading (V)
Episode 48b: Cats Don't Exist (YouTube)
Episode 49: Captain McChuckles Gets His (YouTube)
Episode 50: Self Doubt (YouTube)
Episode 51: Zael Kicks a Wall (YouTube)
Episode 52: The Morning of the Big Day (YouTube)
Episode 52a: Some Light Reading (VI)
Episode 53: In Which EVERYTHING HAPPENS (YouTube)
Episode 54: A Monster We Were Holding Captive in Case it Came in Useful (YouTube)
Episode 55: Count Arganan hits Rock Bottom (YouTube)
Episode 56: Let's Get Therius (YouTube)
Episode 57: A Shitty Dungeon (YouTube)
Episode 58: An Impressive Hole (YouTube)
Episode 59: I Hope You're not Colour Blind (YouTube)
Episode 60: Lost at Sea (YouTube)
Episode 61: Reptid Cave, Take 4 (YouTube)
Episode 62: Everyone is (not) dead (YouTube)
Episode 63: The Fakes Explode (YouTube)
Episode 64: Uematsu Boss Music (YouTube)
Episode 65: Zangattack (YouTube)
Episode 66: DAGRAAAN! (YouTube)
Episode 66a: DAGRAN! (YouTube)
Episode 66b: Dagran. (YouTube)
Episode 66c: Grind (YouTube)
Episode 67: I'm Not Your Real Dadran (YouTube)
Episode 68: Return to the Sky (YouTube)
Episode 69: Crossing Swords (YouTube)
Episode 70: Racism Just Stopped Happening (YouTube)
Episode 71: Sorry, Who Were You Again? (YouTube)
Episode 72: The End(?) (YouTube)


Wiicording Test, part 1: Wheynbow Road
Wiicording Test, part 2: Moon Rabbits (YouTube)(Dailymotion)

Fan Stuff

Suspect Bucket posted:

God (of swords), grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change (or throw Lowell at);
courage to change the things I can (with swords);
and wisdom to know the difference (between what kinds of swords to use).

Red Rover posted:

I, for one, wholeheartledly endorse Pork Lift's love of Mohawk, Japan and Bear. It's just too good to miss!

Melaneus posted:

Anoia posted:

Damn it, Syrenne, that's animal abuse.

seaside westside posted:

Really loving this so far!

And please... don't ever stop with the bananas.

Anoia posted:

Pretty Mercenary Zael High Fives the Moon, Which is Also a Banana For Some Reason

seaside westside posted:

Tanyuu posted:

Guys, guys, guys. You've got Jirall all wrong.

He's just really into Zael's look.

alcharagia" post="post418061179 posted:

So I'm not entirely done marathoning the new LP sensation by our pals Ham Heft and Walter E. Yad yet, but I figured that illiterate barbarians such as myself might need some assistance with experiencing the game's backstory, as much like Zael's back it's very tight and confusing, so I attempted to present it in an easy-to-understand vocal manner.

I hope you enjoy The Last Backstory as much as I'm enjoying this LP, though I hope that at some point in the 10.5 videos I have yet to watch, Zael's butt becomes a bit less distracting.

alcharagia posted:

Did somebody say READING?

alcharagia posted:

You should have known this was coming.

Melaneus posted:

InspectorCarbonara posted:

D_W posted:

Here you go, Apples:

[Episode 54 spoilers]

Wiseblood posted:

[Episode 56 spoilers]

Sundance Shot posted:

InspectorCarbonara posted:

Me when seeing this LP had a new update:
[Episode 61 spoilers]

Sundance Shot posted:

D_W posted:

[Episode 64 spoilers]

seaside westside posted:

It is done.

But then I realized - the gang's gone through a lot of fashion changes since I drew that. So I made this too.

Suspect Bucket posted:

[Episode 66 Spoilers]

I was giggling the whole time I was making this.

Forgall posted:

Rigged Death Trap posted:

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