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by Zeniel

Part 5: Upstairs!RAMPAGE!

Chapter 3:Upstairs!RAMPAGE!

We begin out slow ascent to the very top of the... You know what? Fuck it, I'm feeling reckless!

I stuff a few points into Shroud of the Dark Walker and give it a cast.

Unequipping our trusty Kitchen Knife, we stick a few skill points into firearms, we're going on a rampage!

We head for the stairs to the family Mausoleum!

I normally don't ever come down here so early in the game, it can be mighty dangerous.

I won't be showing off the whole area this time around, but there's a couple of important things we can grab down here in the meantime.

The main reason it's so dangerous... this chap here. I'm not even gonna try getting too close to him.

You can't really tell from here, but he's ranged. Henry ducks into a nearby alcove to avoid the ensuing gunfire.

Ouch! That's why I generally don't come down here. He hits like a Mac Truck."

We basically just fire at him slowly and steadily. Making sure to duck away every now and then to dodge shots and reload as necessary.

We take another blast to the face after that and once again it shaves off half of our health.

But in the end our trusty side arm wins the day!

Seeing as we didn't get a good look at that thing I reloaded an early save state so we could get closer.

... Yep it's a Zombie wearing Sunglasses...

With a sawn-off Shotgun.

This guy is dangerous. He's got to be one of the toughest guys in the game, simply from his sheer firepower. More than once, I have made it all the way to this point in the game from finishing most of the rest of the mansion only to die to this guy without remembering to have saved the whole time. The only real trick to him is that he doesn't move, so just be sure to hide and heal often, and run in and hit him hard, or fire madly at a distance.

Or else...

Incidentally there totally should have been a way to unlock the skeleton model as a secret character or something. That would've been cool.

But this time round we killed the bastard and rather swiftly at that. I may have underestimated the sheer power of the hand gun. Anyway, lets see what loot he's dropped.

We get our hands on his Savage 311-R sawn-off shotgun. Despite it's low ammunition capacity, this gun packs a punch and may come in useful in a chapter or two, so I hang onto it. He also has a ton of ammo for it too which we also grab.

Is that what I think it is?!

Look out evil. Henry's coming for you in style.

These are the Dark Sunglasses. I'm not sure exactly what they do. But whatever it is, they are most certainly doing it and they're working perfectly as I'm sure you'll agree.

We continue our rampage a little further down the into the crypt.

We find the last two zombies. They're completely stationary

And we find a small chamber containing some ammo, more coffin dust and a new spell!

Sight of the Dark Walker:

It's a light spell is what it is. You cast it in a darkened area and the area doesn't appear so dark so more. It's main advantage is that it frees up your inventory space from that pesky torch. The offshoot is that it wastes precious magical energy. It's not all that useful, but I figured I'd go grab it as it just seems odd to get really far into an RPG without ever having a light spell.

We are done with the Mausoleum for now, but be assured, we will most certainly be back. What lurks deeper within will be far too taxing on our healing supplies at the moment.

Oh but I almost forgot, there was a note lying in one of the alcoves near the shotgun zombie.

I guess our buddy Marcus didn't fair so well against shotgun zombie. No sign of his body though, so he probably got out okay.

We return to the stash pile and dump off our new found weapons. They'll be of no use to us on the next floor.

Okay, next time we really will be going upstairs...

I promise.