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by Zeniel

Part 6: Super demons and ghosts.

Chapter 4:Super demons and ghosts.

We're back.

Back to conquer the first floor for good!

We turn into the hallway and fearlessly uncover something!

A box of matches. These will very much come in handy, both later and on this very floor.

Someone wanders the hallway in the distance.

Someone to talk to finally!

Hey! Thank goodness we've found you, we need to...


Where are you going?

This is one of the illusions that wander the halls of this floor. They're here to lure you towards those red splotches on the floor. Rather than pointing out secrets, like on ground level, they will hit you with a lightning trap what deals a bit of damage. The buttons on the walls will let you teleport over the splotches. We'll ignore these hallways for now.

Hey Lurker buddy!

If we re-enter the room where we picked up the Kevlar vest earlier, we discover something I purposely neglected to show off.

A g-g-ghost!

Meet Ghosts! They are very dangerous for us early on. They can phase through walls and doors, so they're difficult to hide from. They cast spells which can do a good bit of damage. Worst of all they're invulnerable to physical attacks so you need spells or presumably magical weapons to even hit them. There is a trick to dealing with them however. Two actually, as we shall soon find out.

That all being said, this particular ghost is actually friendly and will serve as our first NPC.

And we are introduced to our first real foe. Melchior. As ghost buddy has said, him and his ghost pals are all bound to a painting. We get rid of the painting, we get rid of the ghosts. This should probably be your first priority when exploring this floor. You can do this before you meet any other ghost too and that is exactly what we will be doing. You'll want to rap with ghost buddy though, he gives Henry a good chunk of experience.

And the quickest way to find the painting is to enter this room.

But first a note!

It's from the diary of our long lost cousin, Robert Prentiss. As you might be able to discern, he's a bit of a jerk. Plus he mentions there's an Asylum in the house. You can't have a house of horrors without building an Asylum into it, that's just common sense. His sister Ellen sounds like she could be an ally.

Anyhow, when you leave the room with the note via the door you came in,

you are teleported a ways up the hall for some reason.

It's lucky for us whatever the reason for it as there's a locked door nearby where we need to go and we happen to have the key.

Inside is a tome of lore.

So not only is there an Asylum built into the house, but a museum full of occult artifacts as well! According to the tome, its full of artifacts that ward against evil. We will definitely want to get there.

The real reason we can in this room, is to enter the room next it.

It's the painting Ghost Buddy was wanted us to destroy.

And there's only one way to do that.

With fire! Incidentally, whenever you use the matches on the painting, Henry will hurl them in front of him.
We'll need those matches a good while longer yet so we pick them back up.

We're starting to get loaded down again.

Time to start another cache.

Let's keep exploring.

Something lauches a spell right at us!

It strikes us for a good deal of damage.

Introducing Demons!
They're spell chucking menaces. They can dish out a great deal of damage and are very hard to kill conventionally.
This is where all this holy water pays off. Let's see what happens when we throw a bottle at one...


Yep, despite their spells, demons are a complete push over. This trick also works on the ghosts too, but there's no reason to worry about wasting any holy water on them. This might also be a place where the throwing skill might come in handy. Although, you tend to hit them more often then not anyway, so there's no real need to worry and besides if you miss you can just throw another bottle or pick the other one back up.

This demon was hovering over a key, which we add to our collection.

In a nearby room we find this floors breaker box. The lights are off on this floor too, but we've had our torch on this whole time so you might not have noticed. Thankfully this particular box is in working order and simply needs to be switched on.

What a transformation. At least we can save on torch batteries if that's at all an issue. Good things we've got these rockin' shades or we could've been blinded.

Aha! A lounge room, and us with a video to watch.

Let's give "My Brother and I" a look, shall we?

Robert:"Ellen has escaped.
We've been caring for her since she tried to burn the house down in '67. Now she's free again. I don't know what to do.
She's killed my wife, Catherine, and my mother. Now she's after m..."

Ellen:"Why don't you tell 'em about the rest, brother dear?
About your mother and her family, about the ring, and about the Dark Ones?
Why not, Robert, why?"

Ellen's already gotten to her brother it seems. She may be a little to nuts to be a good ally though...

We find another key to add to our collection.

We stumble across a bathroom.

This is another one of those set piece rooms. Unless there's some item lying on the floor worth taking of one, the bathrooms are nothing but trouble.

Let's fiddle with the toilet for instance.

Yep, a giant worm comes out and hits you.

Turning on the taps in the sink and bath will make blood pour out. I think it can make your character freak out, but Henry is more or less fearless by this point.

We get ambushed by another demon, who quickly gets a bottle of holy water flung at his face.

We find some bedrooms. These, like the bathrooms are nothing but trouble. The green gem on the ground however is quite important so we grab it.

Hmm, lets touch that figurine.

Much like the toilet, the little fucker hits us.

In the south most room we find a new weapon, the Colt/10 revolver.

Okay, it looks a lot like our other gun. The ammo for it is even identical to our other revolver. It is slightly more powerful than the S&W M10.

Does the door in front of us look familiar?

It should do, it's the door back to the lobby, the one with all the nails hammered in it. As on the other side we can't open it, but at least there's continuity between the floors.

One of the hallways on this floor has this force field on it.

It's pretty easy to get around it though.

All you have to do is face the walls. Look, skulls! Ooh.

Across the hallway from ghost buddy's room we find yet another document.

Looks like Mark had a run in with Ellen upstairs. Good to know.

In the room next to the stairs..

Another note!

I'm glad that jerk wad is dead.

In the upper west room, we find a different kind of bedroom.

We can't sleep here either. there's no way to protect ourselves from the evil that would encroach on our mind and give us bad dreams.

In the corner of the room, is an oil can. We won't be picking this up, it's of no use to us.

Let's push one of the hallway buttons that lets you skip over the splotches


Ack! I was stumbling around too recklessly. Took yet another hit to my health. That's what happens when you step on the splotches.

Another Demon wanting some Jesus juice!

Ah here we go!

This is the protective symbol that will allow us to rest. But the door to the room is locked and we don't have the key. We will address this issue later. I know impossible triangles always fill me with security.

Some more fast food for later.

I know I mentioned in a previous chapter that there wasn't any fireplaces in the house.

I lied, or forgot rather.
This is the one fireplace, it also happens to have a secret button on it.

Which takes us into this hidden room.

With yet another document in it.

It's from Roberts dad, telling us that Lurkers are precious. They sure are.

And we find another spell!

The Flames of Desolation:

This will be our main offensive spell. It launches fireballs, it's reasonably cheap to cast, and it can do a ton of damage when improved. While there are other offensive spells in the game, you only really need to focus on one. This is the one I generally choose to focus on.

Lastly lets take a look at the plaque in the bottom left corner.

"To open door 7, first enter the other ones in order."

Hmm what could it mean, what could it mean...