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The Legacy

by Zeniel

Part 13: The Pains of a Broken Heart

Having pushed the buttons of ominous puzzlement, we reveal the rooms of padded game play which in lie the switches of make more walls disappear to reveal more rooms.

See? I wasn't lying to you.

These rooms all go around in a circle giving you easy access to the rest of the level.

The very middle of these rooms have coins slots. Four in total. Apparently these ancient Egyptians only accepts Chinese currency not your stinking fiat paper money.

Placing a coin in each of the four slots makes those walls disappear revealing the very center of the tomb. The keen eyed will notice that the coins haven't actually been destroyed but have simply fallen on the floor.

That's because there are five ancient urns in this area. We need to place all five in their respective urns. Doing so destroys the urns and summons Great great great granpa Winthrop.

Betrayal, death, a bitchin Mohawk and the Wardrobe of a wizard from a low budget fantasy movie.

I think we have something of a bargaining chip here.

Do you think he's lying? I think he's lying.

Here are the options we are given. Let's see what happens if we hand it over...

He decides to attack us.

Just look at the damage on this guy!

Okay so that's probably because I'm not wearing my samurai armor, but he's still a heavy hitter. That being said he's not too hard to kill but we're not gonna bother fighting him head to head, not when we've got his beating heart in the palm of our hands.

Yes we will!

And with that, The Karcist is no more. And we get his magical power because Henry is the Highlander or the friend of the Highlander I'm pretty sure, I never saw Highlander.

Aaanyway, since Alberoth took a smoke break and we've iced old man Winthrop we've gained a good deal of experience.

Time to crank up the end game stats.

And it looks like The Karcist has left us a document, how considerate.

All right, we've been hearing about these fish people for some time now. I think it's time we paid them a visit.
But first...

We've got that demon mask to pick up.


I think this is supposed to protect you from fear, but as you know, the fear mechanics don't really mean anything beyond ground floor.

That's the top floors conquered. Next time we plunge into the dark caverns below the Winthrop mansion to flog a meteorite from the scaly flippers of some Innsmouth wannabes.