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Part 15: Tactical Espionage Fishmen.

Chapter 13:Tactical Espionage Fishmen.

One more level to go and we've hit the bottom.


See them walls. Human skin. See the floor? Human skin. See the ceiling? Human skin. See that Henry? Human skin.
Yep everything down here is draped in human hide. Kind of gives everything a mono chromatic look though.

N. Prentiss has left a key lying around. That's good, it's the last one we'll be picking up too.

See that door? You get the idea.

Behind that door is all we'll need to get by in this level, so for now we'll be ditching our armor. We'll need to drop our circlet too.

A brand new robe for Henry! A servitors robe?

Looks spiffy, but our disguise is not complete just yet...

There we go, just wear an octopus on our head and BAM! Instant servitor disguise. Now we are invisible to any servitors we come across, whatever they are...

We also won't be needing any weapons while we're down here either. Lurker buddy scouts ahead for us.

In this room we find a Sacrificial Dagger. I believe this thing does tons of damage to other Servitors. But I don't intend to fight them so it can stay here.

There appears to be a free torch down here, not that we need it at all and another document to add to our collection.

Didn't anyone wonder what happened to the eleven police officers that went missing after investigating the Winthrop Mansion? The Chief of police is clearly in on this!

Oh look! There's one. A servitor that is. They're kind of a pain to fight. They fling spells so they can be quite damaging. But, wear a robe and an octopus and they think you're its mother.

Hey look a chair made of some kind of unidentifiable leather! There's a secret room behind it too, but we'll get to that after a bit of exploration.

This room is a bit annoying, it's got some tasty snax in it somewhere. Buut...

It's got a tile that teleports you to the other side of the map. Right next to the other stairs down to this level.

This side is full of locked doors. I don't think there's actually anyway to open them. If you try...

You get shocked in the head. This only happens if you try to unlock them with keys. Trying spells just wastes your magic.

Fuel for the chainsaw and a free mechanical tool kit.

And in here you find a gong, possibly made from human skin.

Hitting it opens a gap between the two sides of the level.

Something swell!

You see that's why we're carrying this shrunken head with us. It's a key.

Hello what do we have here? It's the M16 the most powerful firearm in the game. It's got a good bit of ammo for it all over this and the last floor up. The only real draw back...

Is that you can't store it anywhere. You have to hold it in your hands.

Upon entering this room, you get locked in. This ominous sign and button combination couldn't lead to anything horrible could it?

Hitting it unlocks the door but summons three servitors to greet you. They're a bit confused as to why a fellow servitor has hit the ominous switch.

We'll leave the M16 here for the time being.

And we'll light up our incense burner full of Mogana leaves and head for the secret room.

That's one, magisterial looking Jellyfish.

Yep we've found Melchior! Evil jellyfish and one of the three wise men I believe. We've got the Golden Torc of Gothua clashing with our Octopus disguise so he's not gonna be doing anything to us. Take it off however and he'll start throwing spells like there's no tomorrow and like all elder god things he can't be harmed. He happily lets us by and into...

The lair of the fish people. See those walls? Yeah I don't know what the fuck they're made of.

Hey there's one right now. Foolish sea horror! I possess the burning leaves of Mogana that make your kind subservient, bow down before m-

Ow! Hey! What the fuck?! The mogana leaves aren't working for some reason. I'm not entirely sure why, I think it's some kind of glitch. I'm pretty sure it happened because I was carrying the incense burner when I lit it. The thought never occurred to me when I was playing this far, so change of tactics. Rampage time!

It must be said they're not the most terrifying looking of things but they do hit our armorless ass quite hard with their tridents.

Anyone in the mood for...


How about some Calamari hors d'oeuvres?

Melchior will play the part of Switzerland in this re-enactment.

The Sea Daemon barges at us from behind the door and is swiftly cut down!

All the doors down here are locked. The only key is the shrunken head. They also open rather strangely too. The doors just kind of fade into a different shape and then you can just walk right through the new shape.

There's a lot of these guys down here.

Fully armored however, they're not too big a deal for us.

Fortunately there's some ample magic crystals lying around for any wounds we'll happen to sustain while down here.

In this dead end is something that baffles me more than anything else in this game.
The ornate snake wand. I have no idea what the hell this is supposed to be. Is it a weapon? A red herring? I don't know. It's in no walkthrough I've ever read and serves no purpose in trying to finish the game. So I decided to do a little experimenting with it and see what I could turn up. The first thing people who pick this wand up will realize...

that you are immediately ambushed by two Sea Daemons. Now normally I'll be in disguise and won't be able to get out of the room while these two guys are in here without fighting them and I'll inevitably lose. But not this time...

After killing those two, I noticed that there are significantly more Sea Daemons lurking about.

Like, a lot more.

After killing this guy.

Another one appears behind him and after that...

Yet another... This goes on for some time. But I get the feeling, that they're simply just spawning in. As I've never really gone on a rampage in this area before I'm not sure whether its connected to the serpent wand or whether its just because I'm not in disguise with mogana leaves. This area is on full alert. There was a note round here somewhere I found.

This note is in reference to something you can find down here. I wasn't able to find it as it blends in with the textures and I'm busy fending off hoards of fish people. The object is called a scummy jar. It's just a green jar that you can eat if your desperate for food. I think it poisons you if you eat it though. It never comes up because I didn't even know there was a reason to eat until I started this let's play.

After getting into a few disorienting nooks and cranny's I stumble across a way outside. Unfortunately this exit actually acts as a portal to the Astral plane if you try and leave. That's the realm where Belthegor lies. We'll be going there by a different means.

More combat with the sea peoples.

See that guy behind him? He just materialized out of nothing. I throw the wand away, just in case that's what's causing it. I really should bring it to a different floor and see if the sea daemons spawn elsewhere...

It seems they keep spawning down here regardless.

So many of them!

I killed one and another took its place!

As long as you keep killing them at a steady pace you can kind of out kill their spawning.

At the far end of this place we find what we came here for. A giant green thing with two pillars of electricty.

Blowing on the crystal flute causing something to break open.

Then when the eye is closed, it's safe to yank a large hunk of meteorite out of it.

Now we just need to fight our way out of here...

On the way out, we find a new tome.

It's perfectly simple.

Step 1:Put on Servitor Robe.

Step 2:Wear octopus on head.

Step 3:Repeat steps one and two as necessary.

I decided to go looking for the scummy jar to no avail. It wasn't a smart choice. Even Melchior is in two places at once on this kooky floor.

Not a good choice at all.

That last encounter banged me up pretty badly.

And we made it out. Now to return to the first floor basement to get what we came down here for.

Back to the creepy skull room on that floor. We place the hand mirror on the floor of it.

At this point I got confused and accidentally flung the meteorite fragment to the far side of the room. Do not ever do this. As the room is clearly two spaces deep but you cannot walk that far. If you do, like I did, congratulations you've totally screwed yourself and you can't win the game! Many curse words later I make it back to this point from my last save.

What you're really supposed to do is touch the hand mirror, which readjusts it slightly and makes this magical stalagmite come out of the ground.

Then you place the meteorite fragment into the edifice that looks absolutely nothing like a meteorite fragment.

And presto! Instant Eye of Agla! We'll need this to confront Belthegor. It won't actually do anything to him, you just need it on your person to actually get to him. I find that last puzzle to be really vague and stupid. But whatever we've got our magical doohickey!

Speaking of magical doohickeys.

We now possess the Jade Mayan Effigy. Without this you take a tiny amount of damage if you try to enter any portal to the ethereal realm. It's not really all that critical, but I may as well bring it with us.

And at long last the time has come to step into the ethereal realm and leave the Winthrop mansion behind.

Next we go, Planeswalkin'