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Part 16: A Fond Farewell.

Say before we wrap this wacky adventure up, let's remember this document from way back in Chapter 3.

All this talk about portals and lurkers got me thinking. I don't normally fight the wiggly little funsters because they're incredibly dangerous and there's nothing to be gained by doing so.

But, for completion and curiosities sake, I decided to see what happens when you kill a lurker.

Sorry lurker buddy, but we have to know.

Lurker buddy isn't gonna take this lying down however.

At this point in the game, we're certainly capable of bringing a lurker down, but as you can see by Henry's health, it's still a hell of a punishment to bring one down. Now, seeing as these guys are supposedly connected to the portals/runes that are scattered around the house, something might have happened as a result of killing one of them.

And amazingly yes, something has happened! The rune is now blue, which means if you attempt to open a portal here, you'll just take a load of damage instead. This is true for every rune on this level now.

But what about the open portal down in the basement?

Seems I left a rock fiend milling around the place.

Ah there's the lurker. I managed to bring this one down without too much difficulty.

Not too much damage, and I checked, you definitely don't get any experience for killing these guys, not even if you wipe them all out.

And look, no more portal. It seems Nathan Prentiss wasn't lying, the lurkers really are connected to the portals in this house. It's a bit of an odd point, seeing as nothing ever comes out of the portals and you need to actually go through them. It's not the end of the world if you do kill all of them however. There's no lurkers to be found in the Mausoleum or the Egyptian tombs, and we've open a portal down in the Mausoleum so lets head there now.

It's still a bit dark down here.

All right no more messing around, with the effigy in hand, it's time to leave this mansion behind.

My god! Welcome to the ethereal plane. It's an easy place to get lost in. There's very few points of reference and no map. Plus its crawling with a familiar looking monster.

Yep, good old Blood Beasts. Even with our armor on they can still chip away at us in large packs but we're in no real danger.

You may have been noticing these large cubes all over the place, these are portals to everywhere in the house. Most of them are inaccessible as you have to actually open the portals on the other side. I suppose it would make getting from one part of the mansion to the other a little quicker, but the ethereal plane is so confusing to navigate it's not really worth the effort.

Did I mention there were a ton of Blood Beasts? They might even be endlessly spawning in too. It's hard to tell what with the lack of reference frames.

Whilst trying to lick my wounds, this guy waltzs in from my peripheral.

This is the guy who left those strange letters for us back in the second floor basement. We also ran into him earlier. He was the talking padded cell. I think he's actually a few centuries old, what with being trapped in the ethereal plane. When I started this lp I actually thought he was supposed to be Marcus Roberts. I suppose our buddy mark must of actually gotten killed down in the Mausoleum after all.

We have a choice whether or not to help this guy, but I'm feeling generous.

And with that we claim the final spell in the game.

Winds of Destruction

This is the other decent offensive spell in the game besides flames of desolation. If you do make it this far, pick one to turbo charge. You could technically come here and get it earlier, there's nothing really stopping you.

And Charles vanishes taking a good chunk of our magic points with him. That's fine we've got loads of magic crystals, more than enough to see this game through. He's also left behind his magical crystal glasses. I actually don't really know what they do.

But we put them on to complete our cyber decker jacked into the matrix ensemble.

Now if only I could find the one portal we need to enter...

Aha I think we're getting close.

You can tell which of the portals will take you to the Astral plane, because Melchior will be found patrolling around it. Of course if you can't be bothered finding it, you can always just take the one down in the Sea Daemon caves.

Without further ado, let's enter the realm of our enemy.

Welcome to the Astral plane. It's actually got a map, so that's a plus. It's fairly easy to navigate too, it does have a few surprises for us in its rich chocolatey halls however.

First and foremost are these portal cubes. Unlike back on the ethereal, these particular ones are a total nuisance. They slowly patrol the corridors of the Astral plane, if you collide with one of them and fail to make a dodge check, you get transported to some random point of the house and have to find your way back here again. The trick is to duck into alcoves to wait for them to pass you by.

The other problem is that fire fiends are back again. They're still just as painful to fight as when we first found them. Of course this time we've got a magical weapon so thankfully we don't need to go carrying fire extinguishers at least.

It helps to make sure your protection spells are still activated. May as well activate them now, you'll never need to cast them again at this point.

Here we find the barrier that keeps us from approaching Belthegor. You do need to hold the Eye of Agla in your hands to proceed. Doing this while dodging spinning cubes of sentient balls of fire is a bit of a pain.

I ditch the mayan effigy to make managing my inventory a little easier. We won't be needing it anymore anyway.

The fire fiends nearly manage to do me in, that was a really close call.

The rest of the astral plane is really just a huge maze of corridors really. The actual lair of Belthegor is rather hidden and the game doesn't really prompt you to this either.

It's slightly off to the side at the end of a long tunnel. All you need to do is walk through his wall.

Oh look there he is!

Meet the Lord of the Dark Triumvirate himself! He comes in fast flinging spells like there's no tomorrow and he hits HARD!

Really hard. Okay let's try to do with with a bit of prep work and full bar of health.

I put the remaining load of my experience into Flames of Desolation. I heal myself to full health. Meditate on a few crystals, ditch the glasses for my magic circlet again and have my spell book at the ready.

It's go time!

As you might have guessed, the katana will not help you against Belthegor. No melee weapon or firearm will. So if you managed to make it this far in the game without giving yourself some skill in magic, you've already lost the game.

The fight itself is incredibly straight forward.

Simply fire as many fireballs at him as you can, whilst healing any damage he does to you. He'll do a lot of damage to you too.

Keep going back and forth exchanging blows and he'll be dead before you know it. The fight really doesn't last very long.

And with that, the beast belthegor is vanquished as he spirals into explosions and madness. Take that you elder god prick!

But the force of annihilating a being of immense power is too great!

Run Henry!


So there you have it folks. That was The Legacy:Realm of Terror.

I hope you enjoyed watching it as much as I enjoyed making this lp and I'm glad to have paid homage to this wonderful little game that still lingers in my mind after all these years and hopefully brought it to a wider audience.
I might give lping another go sometime in the distant future when I actually have the time to do so.
Until that time comes,
Don't panic and always keep a ghetto blaster handy.