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The Legend of Dragoon

by Alaan

Part 2: Episode 2: Tonight There's Gonna Be a Jailbreak

Somewhere in this town
See me and the boys we don't like it
So were getting up and going down


Hiding low looking right to left
If you see us coming I think it's best
To move away do you hear what I say
From under my breath

In a less musical side of town:

"The world's future rests on her."

"That's it!?"

"This is enough information for you. Those of you who do not grasp the value should just do what the order says."

"I am not taking your orders! Only His Majesty, Doel can order me!"

"Anyway.... You must remember this."

Well I guess if you wear a deep and mysterious robe you may as well have a sword hidden under there to skewer fat, useless jerks.

"If you make a scratch on her, it'll cost more than your head. This is a message from Emperor Doel."


Fruegal then decides the best way to improve security and morale is to heave some poor bastard over the edge. Death by falling is going to be a running occurrence in here. Someone should really call OSHA.

While this is going on Dart is still jerking off over in the village. I guess we should see what he's up to.

Being as useful as always I see. If we want, the merchant will give us the low down on items. There really isn't that much to say unless your brain damaged. I pick up a few healing items and am on my merry way. Just off screen to the right is a chest holding a Healing Potion.

I head off to the left where we get a nice scenic view and an excuse to explain how random encounters work. Whenever you are running around on the field dart has a little triangle over his head. Blue means you have a while, yellow is getting closer, red means you are about to hit one. So you have a little better idea than normal about when you are going to fisticuffs.

And on that note, our first random encounter of the game. There is really nothing major to mention about the enemies in the forest. Our friend Trent here can either punch us for 3 damage or shoot machine gun rocks at us for a bit more. We can also run into Assassin Cocks which is peck us for a few damage. Noooot exciting.

Yes there is a tree that throws rocks that fire machine guns at us. No I do not know why. While I'm over here I pick up a charm potion in the chest which I'll sell to the next available vendor. Basically all it does is lower the encounter rate for a while. I usually want to fight, soooo, uh for me at some point.

Next up we have a little mini-maze here. I think even our brain damaged merchant friend could make it through here. So we snag a magic attack item, Burn Out, and a measly 20g before rolling on.

"!! I have no time to deal with you! It reminds me...."

Laser dot trembles on his skull. One finger-twitch, he dies. Then the smell of spice on the spring wind.

Sunset-colored eyes defiant in the scope. The laser dances away.

Now that dart is done going through a time warp and being accosted by the same dog who doesn't even show up in random encounters he decides to scream at no one in particular.

And with that experience behind us we are finally at Hellena Prison!

Cutting off short because A) I have work early and B) my encoder shat the bed and I had to redo a few movies. So FOR REAL next time we meet the second most awesome person in the game.