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Part 5: Episode 5: When I Drink Alone I Prefer to Be By Myself

Welcome to our first real town of the game! There is a fair deal to do here including picking up a whopping six stardust. But first we need to meet Lavitz's second biggest fan.

Portraitist Girl: Oh, Sir Lavitz! Please let me draw your portrait again!

Portraitist Girl: Oh don't move!

Portraitist Girl: It'll be done soon. Don't move!

Lavitz: ...

Portraitist Girl: ...


Portraitist Girl: Yes. Here you go!

Hooray. After 30 of the longest seconds of everyone's life we now have a Portrait of Lavitz. What is this good for you ask? Well, absolutely nothing. I suspect it had a purpose much later on, but it got forgotten/shitcanned/something. The portrait shows up in our key items list but we can't even select it and see it or anything. Totally uncalled for.

Lavitz: Hmm

Portraitist Girl: I don't think so.

Lavitz: Thank you. I'll treasure this.

As thanks for drawing me this lovely portrait I steal 50g from a box in her room.

Our next step is to head left through a few screens and then rob the castle blind before we talk to the king.

Just inside the bottom door to the ground floor is Sparkle Arrow, Shana's first upgrade. She does a bit more damage, still sucks at combat.

In the upper right is our first stardust of Bale. We now have all we can get from this ground floor section.

We head upstairs to the entrance to pick up 50g on the left side then down another ladder.

And we unlock a gate from the canals beneath the city. Some Sandoran infiltrator is probably going to kill the king in his sleep thanks to this, but damn it we need all our items.

We can now head upstairs to the second floor for stardust #2 in the back left corner.

Then we'll take these stairs down to the first floor. Then down another fucking ladder.

To get an active ring which prevents the dispirited status. Dispirited is pretty balls. It prevents you from gaining SP completely.

This castle seriously has the worst layout ever. I think it shares the same architect as the Winchester house.

Now that we've stolen everything that isn't nailed down I guess we'll go to talk to whoever this king jerk is.

Lavitz: "I am the head of the First Knighthood, Lavitz Slambert. I am back from the field."

King Albert: "Oh, Lavitz! I was feeling uneasy because I had heard you were missing! Oh, please, make yourself comfortable, everyone!"

Lavitz: "Your Majesty, it's more than I deserve."

Noish: "Ha ha ha! It was true! His Majesty was so dismayed that he couldn't see to his affairs of state."

King Albert: "Oh Noish, please don't teast me. Lavitz is a friend from my childhood as well as a master of martial arts. Anyway, where have you been?"

Lavitz: "After my First Knighthood was wiped out, I was captured by Sandora and held against my will in Hellena Prison...."

King Albert: " Hellena...."

Lavitz: "However, thanks to the act of this young man, I managed to break out. Let me introduce thse people to you. Dart and Shana. They are from Seles."

King Albert: "I thank you for saving Lavitz. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. In gratitude for this, tell me if you need anything."

"Is it possible to take care of Shana in this castle?"

Shana: "What!?"

"It seems Imperial Sandora attacked Seles to take Shana away. So, they could go after Shana anytime,a nd when I think of it...."

Shana: "Is that the reason you brought me here?"


Shana: "I can walk next to Dart. I have been working towards that. There is nothing we can do about the time we were apart, but I want to be with you forever!"

King Albert: "Unfortunately, you cannot leave her here. Imperial Sandora obtained the force called the Dragon, and went on the offensive. We are holding the battle line in Hoax, but if the dragon can fly at low altitudes and directly attack the castle, we cannot defend it even with the high ramparts. There is no place safe in Serdio now."

"Shana, it may be even more dangerous from now on."

Shana: "I don't mind as long as I can be with you, Dart."

"Well, I take back the request. more thing. I would like to ask a question to Minister Noish."

Noish: "Ask me anything, son. My head is filled with all the legends and history of the Continent of Endiness." Just don't ask me how I knew you were going to ask about myth or history.

"I was on a journey to pursue the Black Monster."

Noish: "The Black...Monster...."

"The monster that attacked Neet 18 years ago. The only thing I know is that he deprived me of my parents, and my hometown."

Noish: "Hmm! You were a victim of the devil!"

"I want to hear everything! Please tell me about it!"

Noish: "it is also known for devouring the god."

Well, uh, that doesn't sound good. Although isn't devouring/defeating god supposed to our job? This is a JRPG damn it. How are we supposed to hero without a god to kill. One more reason to kill that bastard.

"Devouring the 'god'?"

Noish: "Yes, and surprisingly, it shows up in history beginning 11,000 years ago."

Albert: "11,000 years ago is the time the Dragon Campaign ended."


This has to be one of the worst CGI cut scenes in PS1 RPGs. Probably the worst. Spend all the effort doing your rendering on....a pan and scan over a tapestry. THANKS A LOT SONY. It's even more aggravating cause there is a scene at the end of the update that should have gotten the CGI treatment. I'm only posting that one picture from it because it all pretty much looks the same.

Noish: "You're exactly right, Your Majesty. Instead, I will tell you the story of the Dragon Campaign. As if they were gods, Winglies ruled over all living creatures, and used them as slaves. The enslaved suffered a terrible domination and injustice. Their anger turned to a flame of fury; then, a gust of wind blew throughout the lands, spreading the flame to a blazing fire. The wind was Emperor Diaz.

Seven incarnations of Dragons served the emperor. Their bravery inspired people to take up arms. Thus began the Dragon Campaign. It was a harsh war. Both people and Winglies suffered countless injuries and fatalities. After a long period of suffering, it was the humans who aquired the future. The age of humans had begun."

That sounds like it could have been awesome to watch. But nooooo. Sony just pisses in your cheerios instead. We'll actually see this later, but not until disc 2.

"The Black Monster appeared after the Dragon Campaign."

Praetorian of Basil: "Excuse me sir! It's time for the war meeting!"

King Albert: "I see. Tell them we will come soon. Dart, Shana? This war will be a particularly harsh one for those who no longer have a home to return to."

Shana: "But, this is our first time in a castle."

King Albert: "Well, there is a place with a great view next to this room. Go enjoy yourself."

Shana: "The view from the castle....I see! Please excuse me!"

"She is so hasty.... Please excuse me, too."

"From here, we can see all of Basil. Might we even be able to see Seles?"

Shana: "Seles is over the mountain. Besides, we cannot see it anyway because we are so far.... I hope everybody is safe."

"I'm sure they are okay."

"Really? I am relieved to hear that. But, it will take time to rebuild the village."

Shana: "Still, good... I can meet everybody again."

Lavitz: "But, we have bad news. Sandora is now readying itself to attack us. They are planning to use the Dragon for the offensive on Hoax."

"A Dragon!? If they release that monster in the battle, it will be total genocide!"

Lavitz: "Our role, as the Knighthood, is to stop it. I am heading to Hoax now. Maintaining the battle line will determine the future of Basil."

"I have lived only for myself. I believed it was something I had to complete by myself even if I had to leave Shana and the people of the village behind. But, when I came back, look at this. I almost lost my hometown again!

Lavitz: "What about the Black Monster?"

"We have to end the war first!"

Shana: "Once Dart makes up his mind, he never changes it. Of course, I am going
too. I cannot stand the war either. I can fight too!"

Lavitz: "You guys...."

"Everything is determined and now we have to prepare."

Lavitz: "Th, then, let's go to Bale now! There are item shops, weapon shops, and my home! Please meet my mother! She will be happy! Because she hasn't had a guest for a while!"

Lavitz's probably creepy mother can wait. We have some shit to do. Important business, see.

Woo! Now that official duties are out of the way its time to get our drink on.

Despite the fact we paid this fucker 100g for these spirits he starts getting all high and mighty on us.

Barkeep: "because it's partially do to me."

That's right old man. Way to be an enabler. Not to mention I have a sword and know how to use it. God. Enough of these jerks. Maybe we can hide out and get smashed under the fountain. No one would be there right?

Hobos! Why did it have to be hobos!

Dran: "And they're good ones. Oh!? You're gonna give me spirits?"

"What no? I'm not giving you my fucking spirits. I just spent 1/10 of my savings on this! I got less money from murdering a god damn mythic wurm that circles the world. Oh god he's got a hobo knife."

Dran: Brother, you're generous! We'll, I'll have it."

Lavitz: "...Why didn't you stab him?"

"...You did see Shana in that cave right? I'm pretty sure she's not up on shivving hobos."


Now that actual point of that was to get the hobo out of our way so we can get a few items he was blocking off. The next room has a staggering 20g in it then we exit onto a small dock on the canals.

First we'll jump up that ladder for 20 more gold. In a room with no entrance or exit other than this ladder we couldn't access without turning that wheel earlier in the castle. Stupidest. Castle. Ever. More importantly is this boat. I'm not sure how its going to hold up to three full sized adults.

It gives us a scenic tour of the city before giving us an option to jump off which we gladly take advantage of.

Cause inside is stardust #3. Hop back on the boat, flick off the hobo as we pass, and back upstairs to the first screen. We'll take the upper right path this time into Slambert Plaza.

Where we pick up stardust #4 from the fountain. There are also a few old dudes with surprisingly relevant info to talk to here.

Old Dude: He was the best friend of Lavitz's father. I Wonder why he went to Imperial Sandora?

Old Dude #2: Lavitz's father, Servi, was a man of too much integrity. If he had recovered from the betrayal of a dear fiend, he wouldn't be dead. It's fair to say Lavitz's father was killed by his dearest friend. I understand why Lavitz holds a grudge against him."

Wait. Lance of Slambert? He was the Lance of his own last name. No wonder why Bale hasn't reconquered Sandora. If everyone in this city has an IQ that can't think of a better nickname than Lance of Slambert.

Huh. So it seems that Dart isn't the only one ready to ice some bitches from his past. I'm sure the chances of running into Grahem while taking down Sandora is scarce, right?

Ok enough meandering from unemployed old folk. I guess we'll finally visit Lavitz's mom.

Lavitz: "Mom! I'm home!"

Lavitz: "Sandora's resistance was tougher than I thought. But don't worry. We defeated them!"

Lavitz's Mother: "Your late father would be proud to hear that."

"Lavitz, what about Hellena?"

Shana: (Don't mention that to her!)

Lavitz: (Sorry, but I don't want her to be worried.) "I don't know what he is talking about."

Lavitz's Mother: "Well, fine. I am already happy just having you come home, but...."

Lavitz: "Mom! She is not!"

Lavitz's Mother: "Oh, don't be shy. What's your name?"

Shana: "Sh, Shana."

Lavitz's Mother: "Shana, my son is a little awkward and stubborn. But he is very sweet natured."

Dart sees the perfect opportunity to try to pawn off his now terrifyingly powerful childhood friend onto some other sucker.

Shana: "Do you mean it for real?"

Lavitz: "D, Dart! Don't be so silly! Mom. Shana is Dart's sweetheart.

Lavitz's Mother: "Oh, please excuse me. But if you don't make it clear, it hurts her."

"I, I will say so from now on."

(I said it, because otherwise, Lavitz would be in trouble.)

Well that didn't go according to plan.

In case we had chosen the other option:

"He is not!"

Lavitz: "He is right. She is Dart's sweetheart."

"He, Hey!! When did I become Shana's...."

Shana: "It's true. I...I am Dart's girlfriend."


Lavitz's Mother: "Oh! Please excuse me. Take good care of Shana."

"Well...I, I don't know what to say." (What's going on!)

Lavitz: (Once my mom gets an idea into her head, that's the end. That's the only way we can manage her.)

But that path is for pansies. In my LP, Dart is a dick and is going to stay that way.

Lavitz's Mother: "Lavitz, please find somebody like her so that I can hold a grandchild in my arms. You are not a child anymore."

Lavitz: "Yeah, I know, I know."

Lavitz's Mother: "And, you'll stay here today, honey?"

Lavitz: "Well, I was commanded to defend Hoax. So, I have to leave as soon as...."

Lavitz's Mother: "Oh well, I understand. But you can have at least lunch can't you? It'll be ready soon, honey."

Shana: "I'll give you a hand!"

Lavitz's Mother: "Oh, there's no need.... But, then again, maybe...."

Shana: "My pleasure!"

Lavitz: "Well, what can we do till lunch? The lunch is not ready yet. What are we gonna do?"

"Shall we help them?"

Lavitz: "Can you cook?"

"Of course! Otherwise, I couldn't travel alone for five years."

Lavitz: "Hmm! And what kind of dishes do you make?"

"I can grill a thick piece of meat. It's the best!"

Lavitz: "That's it? Let's leave the cooking to Shana and Mom."

"You think so? But Shana was always a bad cook."

Lavitz: "Better than you."

"We should practice with our swords."

Lavitz: "Hey Hey Hey!!"

"What's wrong?"

Lavitz: "Are you gonna swing your sword around in my house!?"

"What's wrong with that? You have such a big house."

Lavitz: "It's not right!!"

"Just kidding.... Tut!"

Lavitz: "I heard that! What is that tut about!?"

"It's all in your head."

"Why don't we take a nap?"

Lavitz: "..."

"What's wrong Lavitz?"

Lavitz: "Dart, act like a man."

"Lack of sleep is bad for our skin. Every young lady knows that. Okay, I'll be more serious."

The final option is the one we need to take to actually move things forward. Lavitz will give us a largely pretty boring tour of his house.

"Show me around your house. This is the first time I've been in such a huge house."

Lavitz: "There is nothing interesting, but we can at least kill some time. Walk around wherever you like and I'll tell you about it."

Dart and Lavitz head upstairs and check out the first room.

Lavitz: "This is my room."

"There is a cut in the pillar. Were you swinging your sword or something?

Lavitz: "No. I was measuring my height."

"Lavitz was a kid once?"

Lavitz: "What do you mean?"

He's calling you oooooold, old man. Yeah, Lavitz is in his mid-thirties. He's not your stereotypical 18 year old in charge of the lead order of Knights.

Lavitz: "This is the library. There are many books on strategy. Are you interested in that, Dart?"

"It's my weak point."

"What are you doing?"

Lavitz: "Come here."

Lavitz: "I'll show you my treasure."


Lavitz: "Here is my treasure. Please take a look at it."

[Dart can see Indels Castle in the sunlight.]

"I's a nice view of Indels Castle from here."

Lavitz: "This is what I saw everyday when I was young. I grew up thinking... 'I'll be an admired knight just like my father and I'll protect this country!'"

"Your dream came true."

Lavitz: "Yes, but the reality was much harder than I imagined back then. I feel all the more strongly how great my father was. To protect this country I would tear the flesh from my body. It's the same passion you have towards Shana."

"I just...can't hold back."

Lavitz: "Because you know the importance of Shana's life, you can risk your own. You were not a foolish daredevil when you ventured into Hellena. Serdio is covered in war clouds now. You are the only one who can protect Shana. You know that, don't you?"


Voice: "Dart! Lavitz! The food is ready!"

[Lavitz goes inside.]

"'Princess'.... She is like a baby sister to me."

Lavitz's Mother: "It's such a nice thing to hear. But I'll be even happier if you settle down with a bride soon."

Lavitz: "Um...Dart, Shana. We need to buy some things before we leave. Let's go!"

Still have a few more things to do here in town, but nothing major.

If we leave the kitchen and head back in Lavitz's mom will have moved. And we can grab stardust #5.

We're also heading back onto the roof for a different sort of treasure this time. We'll run to the right side and jump onto the roof of the barn next to Lavitz's house.

We'll run over that beam, mashing X every 2 seconds so we don't fall off. Then pick up a Healing Breeze, our first full party heal item.

I make a quick stop by the item shop on the first screen to stock up healing items and a few attack items. This story carries the water single target item and the earth multi-target one. I pick up several of the earth ones cause a boss coming up is weak to it.

And we find Stardust #6 in the pile of spears at the weapon shop on the way to the castle. We can also pick up Scale Male and a Sallet for Dart to match Lavitz's gear.

As we go to head out of town and onwards to Hoax we run into someone.

"What do you mean!? You're the one who bumped into me!"

Martel: "Don't make up excuses. Behave like a man!"

Shana: "Don't yell! It's true!"

Martel: "Can you be quiet? The baby's crying."

Shana: "Oh! Sorry. I was too loud. Oh, poor baby! She is scared, isn't she?

Martel: "Well we gotta go baby. There is no time to waste."

"What was that?"

Lavitz: "I don't know."

THAT was the lady we're going to give our Stardust to. For now she'll be hanging out in the house next to Lavitz's place. We only have 7 though so that can wait for later. We don't get our first item until 10.

Jesus that was a lot of Luckily Hoax is a few short conversations followed by stabbing.

Editors note! Originally this was one ginormo post but for archiving sake I sliced it in two and moved part two down about two posts where I didn't say anything of consequence.