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Part 6: Episode 5.5: Come on Baby Light My Fire

Ah, scenic Hoax.

Shana: "Is this really a town? It looks like a fortress."

"The war changed it."

Lavitz: "That's true.... Nobody wanted it, but it couldn't be avoided. Let's focus on our defenses now."

Kaiser: "Lavitz! Welcome! I see your Knighthood was..."

Lavitz: "Yeah, it was my mistake. But I won't let the dreams of my company end in death and be in vain. I'll end the war and unify Serdio! I will!"

Kaiser: "Hmm, we cannot stop until we make our dreams come true."

Lavitz: "Yeah! Now! I brought you two powerful helpers, Dart and Shana."

Kaiser: "Oh! You are the famous guy who rescued Lavitz! I am Kaiser, the head of the Eighth Knighthood! Nice to meet you!"

"Could you inform me of how we stand now?"

Kaiser: "We are still preparing for the raid of Sandoras. What I am concerned about is the information that they are using a Dragon."

"Then it'll be up to how fast we can spot the approach of the enemy."

Kaiser: "Great. Indeed you are right! Dart, Lavitz, why don't you be the guard at night? Having Shana too is not a good idea. Can you prepare the meals for the knights?"

Shana: "Preparing meals? Okay! Dart, you're going to love it!"

Lavitz: "I wonder how she will do."

Shana: "Wha, What?! Lavitz's mother gave me a nice compliment!"

"But in the past...."

Shana: "Fine! I am not gonna cook for Dart!"

"I, I was just kidding!!"

Lavitz: "Kaiser, why are you stirring things up even more?"

Kaiser: "I thought I was trying to relax her!! Now, that settles the matter. I want Dart and the others to go look around Hoax. The night guards have to know the place. After you look around, come back to me. Stay with me, Lavitz. I want to go over the battle conditions with you."

"Now, shall we?"

Lavitz: "Get along with each other."

"Yeah, yeah."

Ok. Enough of Dart insulting the girlfriend that has been forced upon him.

First thing to do once we have our freedom is pick up a Stardust in the back left corner.

We can then check out the Inn above the headquarters to pick up an Angel's Prayer and heal up for 10g.

Up the stairs next to the headquarters, into the building at the top, then into the basement! The second and last stardust in here. Up to 9! We'll be getting #10 in the next area.

Well. Uh. So then. This fireplace in the barracks for soldiers makes you hot, Dart? I suspect the bad for your skin comment earlier wasn't so joking. Less importantly there is a healing potion off to the side.

And now for more awkward conversations.

My name is Dart. I am joining in the defense of Hoax for a while.

Midwife Gilda: And Both of you. When are you having your baby.

Wh, what are you talking about!?

It's too early.

Midwife Gilda: Oh. You're visiting a famous midwife, so I thought you wanted to get some advice about having a baby. Anyway, come back anytime if you are going to have one. I was the midwife for King Albert too.

Then you have been observing this country since before the war?

Midwife Gilda: Yes. It was 20 years ago. The former king, Carlo, passed away and his younger brother, Doel, broke away. It seems he couldn't stand having his Majesty Albert, who was only six then, be the king. His Majesty Doel and HIs Majesty Carlo used to be very close. I wonder what made them change?

We gotta go now.

Midwife Gilda: Well, work hard. When you need me, come back any time.

Shana takes advantage of this moment to tackle Dart.

Shana: Thank you!


Well I think I feel dirtier after that conversation than after the fireplace.

Ok. Enough screwing around here. We have work to do.

"We are fine now."

Kaiser: "We have just finished the strategic meeting. Now, I'll take you to your position. I want to ask both of you to guard the back gate. It's at the end of the stairs."


Dart and Lavitz head up the west wall to take over for the dude on duty.
"I am here to replace you. You can trust us."

Soldier: "Yes, sir."

"If Sandora attacks, it will be a night raid."

Lavitz: "We cannot relax till morning. Rest while it's still light."

Lavitz: "Why is that?"

"There are those in the forest. Nocturnal owls are hooting. It's the proof that nobody is in the forest. So, I'm gonna go grab something."

Lavitz: "Worrying about Shana?"

"It's not that."

Lavitz: "Bring me back something."

[Dart hits the stairs and the hooting stops.]

"The owls...."

Well that's an auspicious start to the battle.

Kaiser: "You take care of the casualties!!"

Soldier: "Y, Yes, sir!!"

Lavitz: "We'll counter them!!"


Thank god. Our first battle this whole update. It's been a while. These guys are basically just the troopers from the Seles but with more HP. They take 2-3 hits each and we are on are way.

As we take care of those scrubs some guy leaps on top of the wall and hurls the defender off to his death.

Sandora Elite: "Is this the battle HQ for the front lines of Basil!? What a weak setup!"

"I will guard the top!"

Lavitz: "Gotcha! Trust me to handle here!

[Lavitz kills the enemy and runs up the stairs to Dart.]

Lavitz: "I am here!! I got those guys at the bottom!!"

Sandora Elite: "Humph! One or two doesn't make any difference."

"Big talkers are usually weak."

And now we have ourselves a mid-boss. Honestly this guy is probably more dangerous than the actual boss here.

For his weakest attack he throws out a chain, wraps it around an ally, then whips them up and into the ground. It hits for about 20, and I am sad that he only used it once cause its low on his scale of danger.

When you see this you know you are in for more of a hurtin'.

This is one of the times we really get to see Lavitz's low m-def "shine." Dart takes damage in the 20s and Lavitz eats it for 40.

After a little more beating he uses his most obnoxious ability.

Yep. The fucker clones himself into three copies. All three of them get to attack too. Only the real one actually takes damage however, so you have 2/3 of a chance of wasting your time. I of course cheat.

I had a weak earth all magic item I picked up from a box somewhere earlier in the game. Only the one on the right takes damage so I know how to wail on. Once we hit the real one with a single target attack the other two go away. Which doesn't stop him from using it again of course.


Of course immediately after we take this jerk down another problem pops up.

Lavitz: "What is that giant!?"

Knight of Basil: "It's Gi, Giganto!!"


[They run down to face it.]

Lavitz: "I heard about it, but he is real!! The ones who fought so far were no match for him!!"

"Well he is still not a Dragon! Go!!"

Here is our real boss for night, Kongol. He hits pretty hard, but so long as you can finish your additions he's really straightforward. If you can't finish your additions?

I hope you like getting slammed into the ground for every fuck up you make.

He starts off just using his axe on you for about 15-20 damage depending on who it hits.

That's right. He was apparently just being nice and using his puny axe instead of really wailing on us.

His first new attack is a clothesline. Crude, but effective when you are 8 feet tall and weight 400 pounds.

His other one he grabs onto both Lavitz and Dart and slams the poor bastards into each other.

Chucks them 100 feet into the air.

Then pounds both of them into the wall behind us at ludicrous speed. Yeaaah. This is one serious dude. There is only so much one guy can do against a stash of healing items though.

Cut scene finisher!

Oh fuck.

Then for good measure he gives us the finger.

And for this scene I had to borrow a youtube from another LP someone posted on youtube. ePSXe did not spit out any volume for me. Strangely enough his update number matches mine.


Woman: "Wake up!"

Aww hell yeah. Shit is about to get real, son.

The time to hesitate is through
No time to wallow in the mire

Try now we can only lose
And our love become a funeral pyre

Come on baby, light my fire
Come on baby, light my fire
Try to set the night on fire, yeah

Lavitz craps his pants. Now he is traveling with someone that vaprizes 4 ton snakes and a guy who shoots fireballs and flies around at 150 mph.

And then our mysterious stranger just casually drops out of the sky.

It's just really annoying that they made a CGI of that stupid tapestry. And left this amazing scene in engine. Urrgggh Sony