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Part 7: Episode 6: Underture


On our last episode of Dragoon Ball Z, Dart released his fearsome Dragoon attack to defeat the legendary giganto Kongol! Things lit on fire! Women fell out of the sky!

Dart: "What on earth is...."

The remaining soldiers wisely decide now is the time to get the fuck out of dodge. Emperor Doel does not pay enough to get vaporized.

Lavitz: "Dart, you.... What happened to you!?"

Dart: "I don't know.... I don't know what happened to me!?"

I don't know how such stellar writing/translating didn't win awards and praise throughout the ages.

Kongol: "UGH...."

Kongol: "Giganto don't die! Giganto will pay you back!!"

Giganto also no hang around after ass beating. Kongol make advance towards rear.

Dart: "You are safe."

At this point the game decides its awesome quota has been met for a while and Dart drops out of his new duds.

Shana: "What happened!?"

Dart: "Seeing Shana's face.... Makes me relieved...."

Dart, having used up all his powers of manliness for the day takes this opportunity to collapse like a sack of potatoes onto the ground.

Rose: "I was only...."

Lavitz: "Cut it out! Both of you!!"

Dart isn't smart enough to stay asleep while two women are arguing. I thought our boy had more wisdom than that.

Dart: "Ah...."

Lavitz: "Have you come to?"

Dart: "I, I was...."

Shana: "I'm glad you woke up...."

Dart: "You, you are...."

Rose: "Rose. Nice to see you again."

Shana: "Do you know Dart?"

Rose: "I told you. I just saved his life. Well...not only once."

Shana: "I want to hear it from Dart's own mouth."

Lavitz: "You explain. I don't understand."

This is either a brilliant move to get away from his terrifying girlfriend or an attempt to commit suicide.

Dart: "She is an important person to me."

Have I mentioned I love Rose?

Dart: "No, no way! I couldn't make it even to Seles without you Rose."

Shana: "Then, the person who saved you from the Dragon was...."

Dart: "Yeah. It's her. Talking about being saved, I didn't even thank you yet."

Rose: "I don't need any thanks. I wanted to do it."

Dart: "I see. But why are you here? It is too fishy to be a coincidence."

Rose: "I followed you because I was fascinated by this artifact that you own...the Dragoon Spirit of the Red-Eye Dragon."

Dart: "This.... This light is!?"

Rose: "You 'deserve' to rule Dragons. This light shows the true evidence. From the time the Dragoon Spirit starts to shine, you have to accept your fate as a Dragoon. Just like me."

Dart: "I didn't know there was such power concealed in my father's memento."

Shana: "You saved him because you knew it from the beginning."

Rose: "I didn't know it. It was a test to see if he could be a Dragoon. If you couldn't, you would be dead now."

Lavitz: "Why do you know about such things? You know too much about things nobody could know."

I think the translators knew Rose was the best. She has much punchier lines and is generally more coherent than a lot of the rest of the cast. Also I'm pretty sure she went to school with Citan. It would explain a lot.

Lavitz: "That's true, but yours is not mere knowledge. It's a story in a legend that has been lost. I heard about it from Minister Noish before. The people who led Humans to victory in the Dragon Campaign, they were the Dragoons."

Dart: "But was that the only reason you protected me? Just because I have a Dragoon Spirit?"

Rose: "Honestly, I was surprised myself, but now I know why.

Rose: They lived in the middle of a turbulent generation, yet they were strong enough to grab their own fate. They knew the way to go, the things to do, the enemy to defeat and the people to protect. I feel the same about you guys, so, I couldn't help doing that. Now you understand me?"

Dart: "Can I ask you one thing? What are they doing now?"

Rose: "Everybody's gone. It's all in the past."

Shana: "I am sorry. I think I was wrong about you, Rose."

Voice: "Is the head of the Knighthood, Sir Kaiser, in here!? The, The Seventh Fort is under strong attack by Sandoras!!"

Lavitz: "What!?"

Knight of Basil: "the Tenth and Thirteenth Knighthoods are almost overwhelmed! Survivors are still responding!"

Lavitz: "Where did it come from!?"

Knight of Basil: "From the forest over the Volcano Villude! It seems there is a nest there for the Dragon!!"

[Kaiser appears.]

Kaiser: "Gigantos and Dragons. It's not a fight between Humans. If we don't defeat the Dragon, we don't have a future!"

Lavitz: "Summon the rest of the knights! We will assault the Dragon's Nest!"

Rose: "The Knighthood has the advantage of numbers, but they are only human. Humans cannot defeat a Dragon. If it continues, Basil will be annihilated."

Lavitz: "We don't know until we try!"

Rose brings a nice cynical edge of realism to the party that was sorely lacking til now. The rest of the party is ready to jump into hell at a moments notice.

Rose: But Dragoons can defeat him.... Dart. You should understand this. We have a different existence. We are beyond Humans."

Lavitz: "That's right...Dragoon!! Dragoons, which were said to have governed the Dragons, can fight against the Dragon!!"

Dart: "Maybe, I can do it now. I felt, the power of the Dragon in me. I'll do it! I believe in this power!"

Kaiser: "It makes me feel relieved.... There is nobody left who can fight in the Eighth Knighthood. Dart, seems you are the only people we can count on..."

Lavitz: "Kaiser!! Yo, you...your wound is open!!"

Kaiser: "I am all right. Dart, Rose. The Kingdom of Basil is finished unless we defeat the Dragon. So...?"

Dart: "You can trust me. I will fight for you, too."

Rose: "I'll go too. ... ... It doesn't seem to be enough if it is only Dart and the others."

Kaiser: "Shana.... You...should stay."

Shana: "No, I am going! I can help the other people too!"

Off in the distance we hear a deep roaring.

Rose: "The Green Tusked Dragon, Feyrbrand...."

Dart: "It brings back the fear I felt before."

Well. I guess its time to go kill a dragon. We'll see how tough you are this time Feyrbrand. We'll see how you hold up to a rookie dragoon, a strangely well informed hooker, a goon, and a ditzy girl with a crush.

As we go to head out of Hoax a few knights strike up a conversation.

Knight A: "It was super!!"

Knight B: "What about it?"

Knight A: "That Dart fella, yesterday he wore unique armor and defeated Kongol!!"

Knight B: "With Dart, Imperial Sandora is not even a match as our enemy!!"

Knight A: "Dart is the messiah of the Kingdom of Basil!"

Rose: "Messiah, huh. You cannot be called a real Dragoon getting stunned like
that, by bursting with the power."

Dart: "Then, tell me, Rose. How should I fight as a Dragoon."

Rose: "Well, let's begin."


As with the other tutorial just horking up the video of this one. Cause hell, if I'm doing flashy transformations and magic you may as well see it.


And here is Rose's level 1 magic and addition. Astral Drain is a bit more exciting than Flame Shot. Mainly since it heals the whole party for 1/3 the damage it deals. The party was pretty much topped off in this case which is why it did barely any healing.

Bonus Art! Rose concept.