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Part 13: Episode 12: I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

Well, we got Lavitz killed but we rescued a king! Also the capital is still kind of taken over by Sandora. Who needs a castle or army? Not us, bitches!

We find ourselves back in Seles. It’s a bit livelier than last time we visited. Not much less of a dump however. As for why we went to the closest town to the prison that is also the known home town of two of our party members? Well, logic was never this group’s strong suit.

Dart: "We can hide underneath here."

Everybody but Rose starts helping to dig out the rubble surrounding a cellar entrance. Dart is going to have none of that shit. King’s need to have standards!

Dart: "I cannot let you!"

Albert: "Let me do it. When I am moving like this, I don't feel pain."

Albert: "I owe you and Lavitz a debt of gratitude."

Dart: "Lavitz is no more...."

Shana: "But, we are still alive. Being alive means we can do anything we
want, right? I think it is enough for now. ... I think Lavitz would
agree with me."

Albert: *Grin* "It reminds me of what Lavitz happily told me about you. That
he had met 'guys he could finally call friends.' Now, I understand
why. Dart, Shana, Haschel, and Rose, Lavitz was my most loyal and
strongest knight, and at the same time, he was my precious friend.
Yes, he was a great 'guy'. I would like to show you my gratitude.
Thank you."

Someone tell Xenogears to stop sending their unnecessary quotes/apostraphes. I don’t really want to think of why Lavitz is a ‘guy.’

Dart: "Dragon Buster? What are you talking about?"

Rose: "It's a weapon from the old world made only to kill Dragons. Even with
the almighty Dragoon Armor, it is a mere shroud in front of the Dragon

Dragon dragon dragoon dragon dragoon dragon. I wonder how many times we can say these on one page before the words lose all meaning. It’s also pretty impressive she has not been called out on her bullshit yet. She still knows waaaay too much here.

Dart: "Lloyd.... What kind of plot is he weaving?"

Albert: “I need a little more time. I need to think more.”

We briefly get control to go harass all the other party members. Albert won’t talk to us until we’ve hit them all up.

JRPG? Disc 1? You’re in for the duration, girl.

Hashchel: I am okay. I can go looking for her some other time.
I mean, what’s a short revolution after over 20 years of searching
But we have something to do now. You found the way thanks to Shana, didn’t you?
The only thing left is...which way to go.

Rose: I am the one following you. Anyway, Basil will be finished soon if we don’t
do something. I am looking forward to watching what you will do in the future.

Albert: "I guess I have to talk about it with you. The truth about what Lloyd
took from me.... Everything about it.... The story goes back 11,000
years... Winglies who ruled the earth were defeated in the Dragon
Campaign and disappeared.

However, their sacred objects were scattered
around the world. They contained their magic power concealed in them
which only they could use.

One of them was handed down in Serdio, and
it has been sealed inside the body of each crown heir, because of the
fear that the power could bring evil. The sacred object is the secret
treasure of Serdio which has been taken. The Moon Gem."

Albert: "I was foolish. I bought his intelligence and employed him as an
advisor. Probably, he was employed by Imperial Sandora."
”How could you not trust a secretive dude that mysteriously shows up to serve you?”

Rose: "That's right. Once he obtains the secret treasure, he is the crown heir
of Serdio both in name and reality. The birth of the Conqueror King
Doel. That would be the end of Basil."

Dart: "His Majesty King Albert is still alive here. The war is not over yet!
Basil is not finished!"

Rose: "What is a king to do if he doesn't have a castle to go back to and a
large force to protect him?"

Rose is a master at ruining the mood.

Albert: "Indeed, I am helplessly alone. However, as the Dragoons of yore lead
Humans to victory.... We still have a chance to overcome. We have only
one target. Emperor Doel in the Black Castle."

Rose: "You have such a daring strategy. But it's not bad."

This is the second time that “Sweeping goal” is confused with “strategy” I’m pretty sure it will nto be the last.

Shana: "Let's do it!"

Dart: "We can do this together!"

Haschel: "My iron fist might be able to help you."

Albert: "I will show them the full force of my lance, which I learned how to
use from Lavitz!"

Dart: "Lavitz! We won't let your death be in vain!"

Well, we don’t really have a plan, but at least we have 4 Dragoons and a lot of dangerous bits of steel. This counts for a lot when your opponents grunts are completely worthless.

Meanwhile at the batcave Castle Black!

This sure looks like a friendly place. I’m sure Doel will bring freedom and democracy once he ends this minor annoyance of a civil war.

Lloyd: "Don't be so anxious. I got what I need."

Castle designers in Serdio really have some strange ideas. “Ok, so in front of the baroque thrown I’m going to put some gas vents to add a little atmosphere... Oh and don't forget the 20' spears sticking out of the walls over the endless abyss.”

Emperor Doel: "Leaving the girl at large is one of your schemes, huh?"

Lloyd: "It's none of your business."

Emperor Doel: "Doesn't matter. I will soon hold sway over all Serdio. And,
your plan will be completed."

Lloyd: "At least be careful not to get carried away. Don't be burned in a red fire."

Oh god that was about the least exciting set of screen shots. The cellar conversation is about 6 minutes without the camera moving an inch.

Bonus! Albert concept art.