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Part 18: Episode 17: Her Majesty’s a Pretty Nice Girl But She Changes From Day to Day

Well, last update we found ourselves cockblocked by the king not wanting people into a safe sounding place called the Valley of Corrupted Gravity. I’m sure its all sunshine and butterflies. So back to Fletz.

Dart: "Have you met him?"

Albert: "I think I met him several times when I was little."

Dart: "If the king remembers you, it'll be quick."

Meru: "That's our king! Dignity, huh?"

Albert: "I am not going to reveal my identity. I am not traveling as the King
of Serdio. I am traveling as your companion, and Lavitz's friend."

So he won’t bring it up to help the party when it probably wouldn’t hurt him at all. But he will tell a random dancer in 3 square feet of clothing we met half an hour ago.

Even though we are in a big hurry we do have a place to stop off. I actually could have done this before I left but I forgot and the item wouldn’t have mattered for any of our fights.

Kaffi is upset that Martel is excited about stardust and not stars. BIG difference. Either way we have over 20 now so we hand this shit over and get an Amulet.

I totally lied earlier. Spirit ring fills up some MP each turn. Amulet doubles it. Both useful, depends on how long the fight will drag out. Or can use the ring to heal up MP between fights without burning a precious item.

Meru: "Hey! Can you get out of our way!?"

Giant Gate Keeper: "No way. No strangers can get through here."

Meru: "Never!?"

Giant Gate Keeper: "Never."

Meru: "That big man is blocking our way. I'm gonna take care of that."

Meru, 110 pounds soaking wet wearing lead shoes, charges right into the 400 pound armored guard with predictible results.

Giant Gate Keeper: "I, I didn't do anything. You bumped into me by yourself.
You can't enter the castle by doing that."

Meru: "Hey big belly! Why can't you let us in!? Hey Al! You are a king!! Can
you do something about it!?"

Albert: ("Shhh! That's secret!")

Meru: "Aw! Come on! Dart! Do something!"

Dart: "There is no way you can let us in?

Giant Gate Keeper: "There are lots of bandits walking around. I was told to
never let anybody in."

Shana: "Can we at least send a message to the King?"

Man. Everyone in this town is talking about how hot Shana is. Rose and Meru must feel the love.

Shana: "Wh, What did you say?"

Giant Gate Keeper: "Oops, I am on duty. I cannot let you in. I cannot let
strangers in."

Meru: "What are we gonna do?"

Our choice really doesn’t matter much right here. Dart may be an asshole, but he isn’t an idiot. Murdering the king’s guards is not the way to make him happy.

Haschel: ("It's a sober judgement.")

Giant Gate Keeper: "Oh! Finally you are leaving! Come back if you
can find someone to vouch for you."

Albert: "Nello the Green Planner. Do you think he knows somebody
in the royal family?"

Haschel: "How about Kaffi!?"

Dart: "Let's go back downtown okay?"

There actually a ladder that leads up to the wall of the castle. We can’t do anything up here, but gives us a scenic view of the castle and surrounding area.

Also neither of the listed people can do anything for us. But you know, don’t we happen to be friends with the princess’ tutor? Wonder where that bastard is at.

Fester: "Hmmm... It's a little expensive... If I curtail food... Oh, Dart. Are
you looking for something?"

Dart: "No, I am not."

Fester: "Oh, you look troubled. I would like to say I can help you, but I am a
little busy now. It will be over soon. I need some materials on stars
for my research. I have to look in a couple of more places. I have to
go now. When I finish my errand, I'll be available. Ask me whatever you

Well that was easy enough. Now just to find the next random spot he’ll be hanging out at.

Dart: "Not yet. I guess, you are the only person we can ask, Fester."

Fester: "I see. Fine. I have finished my errand. You can come to my house and

I think Fester was hoping not to actually run into us again. Suck it NPC, we’re the party here. Things go our way.

Fester: " if you are thinking of venturing directly into their hideout."

Meru: "We're gonna rescue Lynn, too!"

Fester: "I understand. Shall we go to the castle? I can take care of it. I
have a side business in addition to being an astronomer that lets me
freely enter the castle."

Meru: "What are you doin' Fester?"

Dart: "He is a governor."

Fester: "Yes I am. You can enter the castle by mentioning my name."

Meru: "Oh. Can't you answer some other way than that? That's boring."

Dart: "You, you think so?"

We could lie and say he’s royalty, but Dart won’t get Meru that satisfaction. We can hear some sort of clock tower bell ring. Very convenient timing.

Fester: "It's time to go. Let's head to the Twin Castle. Follow me."

I’m glad that sharing an interest in a weird legend/astronomy thing makes us best buds. Certainly close enough to personally introduce to the king.

Actually if we choose to tell Meru he’s royalty he mentions how Albert is the royal one. Since he is not dumb as a brick he actually caught what was being said around him or at least to Nello the hippy.

Just more of Fletz by night. Still neat looking

This time Fester introduces us and the big, dumb guard nods and lets us through.

Music: Royal Castle

Welcome to the Twin Castle’s Foyer. We’ll be seeing a fair deal of here in the rest of the chapter. But let’s get on to meeting with the king.

Fester: "I am here, Your Majesty."

King Zior: "Oh, Fester! Please take care of my dear Princess Lisa for today!
By the way, I think I have some problem with my eyes. I see many

Fester: "King Zior... There is only one of me. These people are my friends,
Your Majesty."

King Zior: "Oh, indeed there is only one Fester! And, what is their request?"

King Zior is...a little special. A little too much royal inbreeding mayhaps.

Albert: "We are here to requrest permission to enter the Valley of Corrupted

King Zior: "Hmm... Fester...I think I've heard of the 'Valley of Corrupted
Gravity'... Was it my imagination?"

Fester: "King Zior... Your ears are fine too. These people need to talk to the
Gehrich Gang so they would like to go to the Valley of Corrupted

King Zior: "Oh, you too! Well, the other day, a young man named Lynn came to
me for the same reason. It seems being a daredevil is trendy

King Zior: "You understand all the risks. Fine. Servant! Bring the pass for
them! Be careful!"

That was easy enough.

Dart: "I appreciate this Your Majesty."

King Zior: "It is late already. Why don't you relax in the castle."

Fester is just abusing his position to get his astronomy fix.

And its not an RPG unless we loot everything in sight. Stardust! We are getting close to item #3 which is pretty nice.

We try to leave but are rudely interrupted by some peasant servant. Who happens to know who Albert really is. Worst. Kept. Secret. Prepare for

Albert: "...Princess Lisa knew of our visit."

Lady's Maid Libria: "She speaks with the stars and knows the future. Astrology
shows her the way. This way please."

Dart: "What is going on?"

Albert: "We will find out when we meet Princess Lisa."

And so the handmaiden leads us up to princess Lisa’s chambers.

Lisa: "Welcome, Albert, the King of Serdio. I am Lisa, the younger sister of
Emille. I have invited you here because I have a favor to ask of you."

Meru: "Hey wait a minute! How does she know he's a king?"

Dart: "Albert was talking about it a moment ago, wasn't he? Princess Lisa found
out about it through astrology."

Haschel: "Hold there!”

Just cause Haschel is ancient beyond reckoning doesn’t mean he’s paid much attention for most of that time.

Shana: "It is the telling of a person's fortune from the location of the stars.

Lisa: *giggle*.... "You have such amusing friends."

Dart: "Please continue."

Lisa: "It is about my sister Emille."

Albert: "What has happened to the princess? I cannot believe that's her normal

Lisa: "Well, it started a half year ago.”

Lisa: It all started when the two of us went horseback riding. Suddenly, my sister
Emille's horse bucked and ran away to the forest."

Shana: "What about Princess Emille?"

Lisa: "It seemed that my sister lost consciousness, and couldn't control the
horse. I chased her with my vassals. My sister was on the ground in the
forest. Fortunately, she didn't have any injuries. Everybody felt
profound relief.

LIsa: “Everyone says it is because she hit herself on her head, however,
something more than her language and attitude was wrong. It was as if she
was a different person..."

Albert: "Does anybody doubt the change? How about King Zior?"

Lisa: "No, instead he was happy to see my sister Emille become so active... I
heard you are heading to the Valley of Corrupted Gravity. And I have a
favor to ask.”

Dart: "The relationship between Princess Emille and the Gehrich?"

Lisa: "Tiberoa appears to be peaceful, however, we are having a serious
problem. It is infested with bandits."

Meru: "Donau is totally awful now!"

Lisa: "I know. However, it used to be different. Yes, until a half year ago."

Haschel: "It was the same time Princess Emille began acting strange."

Lisa: "Astrology also says there is some kind of relationship between my sister
and the Gehrichs. And one more thing...”

Lisa: “My sister will celebrate her 20th birthday soon. At the ceremony, the
Tiberoan national treasure, the Moon Dagger will be passed down to my sister
Emille. I assume the 'Moon' refers to that."

Albert: "The second divine moon object."

Dart: "It is linked with Lloyd."

Lisa: "I have to find out the truth before the ceremony. About the relationship
between my sister Emille and the Gehrich Gang. Would you please look into
this for me?"

Dart: "..."

Albert: "What are you hesitating about?"

Shana: "You are thinking about Lloyd aren't you?"

Dart: "I know there is no reason to say no. But I'm worried if I can
fight with him without having a Dragoon Spirit...?"

Haschel: "You...since when have you become such a wimp? Or...maybe
you've grown too accustomed to using the power?"

Dart: "I understand...Princess Lisa."

This is all moot, cause honestly, there is no fucking way we are fighting Lloyd on disc 2. I mean, he’s got a fucking Dragon/Dragoon murdering sword! Also is collecting mysterious objects. We’ve got a bit to go.

Lisa: "Thank you. I appreciate it."

Voice: "The dinner will be ready soon Your Highness."

Lisa: "Oh, is it already that late? Oh, I forgot about Fester! I left him in
my room! I am expecting you there."

Lady's Maid Libria: "King Zior also said to invite everyone. When you are ready
please let me know. I will take you to the dining room."

Meru is fucking PUMPED for dinner.

Haschel: "Right!? I am looking forward to it! I wonder what I can feast on

Someone needs to teach Emille to eat. This whole cut scene she is furiously working that knife and fork. But not once does she raise them to her mouth. She must need very small pieces before eating.

King Zior: "Haa Haa Haa! Isn't she a great eater! It seems when girls become
20 years old they develop quite an appetite! Oh, Fester? Would you introduce
our guests to Emille?"

Fester: "Yes, Your Majesty."

Emille: "Oh, I didn't know you were here, Fester. Are you still wasting time
on useless things? Those things with moons or stars?"

Fester: "L, let me introduce my friends, Your Highness! This..."

Emille points to Dart and Albert.

Dart: "I"m Dart."

Albert: "I am Albert. It is a pleasure to meet you."

Emille: "You are cute guys. I like you."

Fester: "I am glad to hear that. And these..."

Emille: "I didn't ask you about the others."

It’s Haschel’s turn to be snubbed and crushed.

King Zior: "Oh, please don't be insulted. Emille is a bit shy."

Emille: "I'm not shy! I don't like them. That's all! Hey!! Bring me more food
will ya!!"

Lisa: "Please enjoy your meal. I assume you are leaving early tomorrow morning?

Emille: "Where are you going?"

King Zior: "Well, they are saying that they want to go to the Valley of
Corrupted Gravity. They understand the risk so I have granted them

Emille takes a break from furiously cutting her food to drop the knife to the floor.

Emille: "Huh! Stupid guys!"

King Zior might be a bit slow, but he’s a pretty ok dude.

Albert: "Can people change that much from only the shock of falling off a

Haschel: "I can produce the same impact with my fist."

Just cause you are our healer, Shana, does not mean you know if punching a princess hard enough to split stone will bring her personality back.

Meru: "Then with my hammer!"

Dart: "It won't work either."

Lisa: "Everyone, it is getting late. Please stay at the castle tonight."

Albert: "Thank you for your concern."

Lisa: "It is fine. It is me asking you the favor. Have a good night."

Lady's Maid Libria: "This way please. I will show you the way to your bedroom."

Shana: *sigh* "You don't like such a formal feast, do you Dart? Aren't you

Dart: "I would rather practice with my sword."

Meru: "I didn't have enoguh to eat! Princess Emille stole my portion!"

Lord knows you could use a few extra meals, Meru. I think you are so skinny cause you move around like a jack rabbit on coke.

Haschel: "Me neither. And I was looking forward to it."

Albert: "I understand Princess Lisa's hardship. But, Princess Emille might
lead us to Lloyd. The Moon Dagger is our guide."

Dart: "Everything leads to the Gehrich."

Shana: "It all started with the Dragoon Spirit."

Dart: "We have to get it back quick or it'll be too risky."

Rose: "You shouldn't have let it be taken to start with, then."

Haschel: "You are harsh as always. There are some other ways to say that. Why
don't you show a little smile at least?"

Rose: "Good night."

Shana: "I'm getting sleepy too."

Albert: "I'll get some sleep too."

Dart: "Good night, Shana."

Only a little creepy. We can also check in with Meru and Haschel before crashing out.

Meru: “I’ll be in danger if I go to sleep before Dart."

SOMEBODY has some issues. More pressing than the kings.

Dart: “What are you talking about?”

Meru says nothing however.

Haschel: "Being with you young people reminds me of Claire."

Meru: "What's she like?"

Haschel: "She had a strong will. She suffered by herself, decided things by

Meru: "Same here!"

Haschel: "Call me a fond parent, but she looked like her beautiful mother.
She was a strong fighter, but her heart was too sweet.”

Meru: "I am a strong fighter too!"

Dart: "That's not the point."

Haschel: "I only taught her how to use her fists, but I wish I could see her
in a wedding dress."

Meru: "You can see me in a wedding dress!! I'll be totally beautiful in that!
Don't you think?"

Dart: "I don't know."

Haschel: "I don't know either. Meru does not have a mature charm."

Meru: "Hey hey! Boring! I'm gonna go to bed!!"

Haschel: "I'll get some sleep too."

We COULD agree with her, but what would be the fun in that?

After waking up we can do a bit more poking around the joint. The moon tower on the left side of the castle is Emille’s area.

..The guards however are pricks. Dart isn’t a bastard. He knows who his parents are. They’re just dead!

And down on the right side is the Star Tower. Which conveniently has some stardust in its base. Woop. Other than a few random items in the guards training room we’ve pretty much cleaned up the castle and Fletz for now.

Next time: Dart gets lost in time and space!