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Part 20: Episode 19: Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting

On our last episode of Dragoon Spirit Z the gang got through the obnoxious to navigate Valley of Corrupted Gravity and murdered another Virage. More specifically Shana shot lasers at it and blew it off a cliff. Same difference. But now we are free to carry on to the bandit camp and get our shit back! Also that guy that Meru is going on about.

Welcome to the Home of Giganto. Right as we get in we can see a bandit hauling ass into the distance. I guess I’d be concerned if six heavily armed people made it through the Valley. You can see a crate in the bottom middle of the screen. There is a Fake Knight’s Ring in there. Basically it’s a gimp version of the Knight’s Ring which raises attack by only half as much as the real deal. CRAP. We got some nice goodies coming up to make up for it though.

Oh hey, buddy, what’s in this case here? Seriously, I never noticed what appears to be dead armored giganto just hanging out next to here.

Oh not much. Just one of the best accessories in the game. 20 speed is a pretty big deal. Shove this on Albert and he goes from alright to a powerhouse for the forseeable future. He’s beefy as hell and there are quite a few earth based enemies to pound in this area.

And because I forgot to hit a switch inside the stardust room arrows are firing at me from arrow traps the whole time. It’s pretty exciting.

Oh hey. Maybe I should have triggered this before heading to the next room and getting arrowed. Down on the bottom of the screen is a whopping 20 gold. Rollin’ in cash here.

The enemies in this area are Berserkers and Piggies. Berserkers hit hard but their defense is, as one might expect, laughable. Albert can damn near one shot them. Piggies really do not do anything to write home about.

That gangster must have asthma or something. Had to stop for a breather while we got some sweet loot and beat up his buddies.

Dart: "I sense the enemy's presence."

Dart is a MASTER of observation. Who else could spot four guys in the open on a ledge.

Dart: "!!"

Gehrich Gang D: "We should play with them a little!!"

Gehrich Gang C: "Yo men!! Don't kill'em!! That's what our boss said!! But...."

Gehrich Gang A: "Why don't we stomp them till they hate being alive!! Haa Haa
Haa! Shoot'em!!

We now get a chance to run around dodging arrows madly. If you slow down you WILL get shot and I believe they do a small amount of damage to your party.

You first try to run to the north, but that damn huge stone rolls and blocks the way. Woops. So much for that plan.

Gehrich Gang A: "You thought it would be that easy, huh!? Shoot'em!!"

So we dodge more arrows and try to flee to the south. But two goons jump in our way and since this is basically a glorified cut scene we can’t mow them down or light them on fire.

Gangster B: "Hee Hee Hee!! Where are you goin'!?"

Cue more dodging.

Gehrich Gang A: "Darn!! Those nimble rats!!"

Gehrich Gang B: "Yo, brother!! Take care of them will ya!!"

Dart: "Let us meet with your boss!! We have to talk!!"

Gangster A: "There will be no 'talkin'! You've already ruined our territory!"

Famed bandit Gangster A busts a few poses for us.

That is...unexpected. Especially since we really haven’t seen any other martial artists so far. And from later knowledge, Haschel lives way the fuck away from here.

Gangster A: "What!? How do you know about that!?"

Haschel: "That's my question! How did you find out about the Rouge School!?"

Gangster A: "Humph!! Who cares!! If you really wanna learn about it, tussle
with me!"

Mid-boss fight gooo! It’s really pretty damn easy. What we are up against is a Bandit and two Crafty Thieves. The bandit is Earth aligned and in for a Very Bad Day(tm). The crafty thieves are dark so really nothing to write home about other than Rose is going to suck balls for damage vs. them.

The bandit starts off the fight by challenging us to step up or throw down or some nonsense. This helps him power up before I can move. It’s...really not going to matter.

Since he’s not a real boss I can actually use the Magic Sig Stone on him. He’s not doing much for three turns!

*toot toot* Pain Train coming through. Albert slams into him for 120 of his 300 HP.

This is about as much as he does for the rest of the fight.

The crafty thieves are kind of dick bags and can steal gold and items. Luckily if you kill them you get it back. It is possible for them to run away from the battle with it though. From here on out its just clean up of standard enemies. The Bandit can actually drop another bandit ring, but I’ve personally not seen it happen. I guess I could have save scummed, but

Bandit 2: "Yeek!!"

Haschel: "The Rouge School of Martial Arts is a tradition found only in my
village. All the people who use the Rouge style from outside of my
village must have a connection there. Do you know a woman fighter
called Claire?"

Rouge School of martial arts may really be the least threatening sounding martial art. Although obviously in implementation it’s pretty beefy.

Gangster: "I, I don't know any such woman! I learned it from my boss, Gehrich!

Haschel: "Gehrich...."

Haschel: "Kicked out.... Now I know!! That Gehrich!! He must be the man who
was once my disciple!!"

As opposed to the other Gehrich that he tought and went missing.

Dart: "He is over there, right?"

Gangster: "Y, yeah! But! You cannot defeat my boss! My boss is ten times as
strong as me!!"

Haschel: "It's my fist that decides if I can defeat him or not!!"

The group let’s the gangster run off to his mommy.

Haschel: "We're on our way."

Dart: "What are you doing?"

Haschel stretches and makes a “I got this” motion.

Haschel: "I'll show you what the real Rouge School is like.”


Remind me not to piss of 70 year olds in purple that claim to be a member of a fruity sounding martial art.

Haschel: "Shall we?"

And I finally get the post battle experience screen and see that Albert just hit Dragoon Level 3 and picked up his 3rd magic: Gaspless. But uh, he’s Albert so we really aren’t concerned about his magic besides Rose Storm.

Dart: "Let's start looking here."

Shana: "What's wrong?"

Haschel: "I think I did too much. My back hurts. Don't worry. I'll be all
right if I rest a little."

Meru: "Go ahead, I'll take care of him."

Haschel: "Hm. You will? I think I can wait here by myself...."

Meru: "No way! We don't know when they will come back!"

Dart is a real bro.

Dart: "We'll be back if something happens."

Dart and company head out to explore this oh so exciting looking cave off camera.

Meru: "If they come back, I'll destroy them! Be good, Haschel. Ah...."

Haschel: "Sorry about that."

Welp. This is going to go well.

Bonus art! Render of Home of Gigantos. It's really not that exciting. So only a small bonus.