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Part 23: Episode 22: She’s a Killer Queen

Ok, I guess since we spent enough time jerking around with weddings and gear. We should probably do something about the fake princess shouldn’t we?

Dart: "That sound, it can't be."

As we come into Fletz the music is all dramatic and we can here fireworks booming in the background.

Albert: "It seems the ceremony for Princess Emille's coming of age celebration has already started."

Meru: "We just found out that Princess Emille is a fake."

Shana: "It doesn't necessarily mean that the Moon Dagger has already been passed on."

Dart: "Let's go!"

Nothing else new has popped up in town itself so we’ll just plow right up to the Castle which currently has an undefended gate.

Giant Gate Keeper: "Bad people! Coming in without permission. Just kidding. I excuse you, because today is such a happy day."

Dart: "When did it start?"

Giant Gate Keeper: "A moment ago. But just asking doesn't mean you have an invitation. It's so packed you couldn't fit a penny in. Look."

Giant Gate Keeper: "She suddenly got a lot of hanger-ons. There are so many new faces that I have never seen before. and according to rumor, they used to be bandits. See, bad attitude, right? They call themselves knights, but nobody can say anything because it's Princess Emille. Oh!! Don't tell anybody about this! And I'll let you in.”

I wonder how the king feels about us busting some bandit skull and lighting his foyer on fire? Well I guess we should go check in with Princess Lisa. Her room is in the right tower.

Dart: "They are not decent knights..."

Bandit Knight A: "Can't you see our armor!? We are the authentic Knights of Tiberoa!"

Dart: "Is Princess Emille in there?"

Bandit Knight A: "Whoa! You can't go in there. It's not a place for commoners like you. Cuz it's the birthday of our princess! Do you really think you can get away with making a scene like that!?”

Damn, son. I didn’t know you had it in you to be so light on your verbal feet. Congratulations.

Bandit Knight B: "Are, are you gonna...make an enemy of all of Tiberoa!?"

Albert: ("Seems like bluffing is working.")

Shana: "Can you send a message to Princess Lisa?"

Bandit Knight A: "She's not here! And it's the birthday of her own sis!! I guess she is keeping herself cooped up in her room!"

Dart: "I'll be back. Then I'm going to get past you."

When we go outside there a whole bunch of the bandit knights patrolling the area. You know what that means! More hot hot sneaking action in an RPG. Luckily dodging these fools is pretty easy. Basically for the first batch let them both get their back turns, duck in the chamber where we picked up stardust earlier, then head up once the right guard passes us. Above there is only one watching both sides, so we just let him turn his back on us.

Lisa: "I am ready. Please tell me the truth..."

Dart: "The Princess Emille attending the ceremony is a fake. A woman who is helping the bandits made the switch a half year ago."

Albert: "The star of Princess Lisa has shown the truth."

Albert just can’t stop sucking up to all these princesses. Hellloooo ladies.

Lisa: "Oh thank god... It is impossible for my sister Emille to have such an attitude. Now, where is my true sister, Emille!?"

Albert: "It seems she is confined somewhere in this castle."

Lisa: "Confined...somewhere in here?"

Haschel: "It was the last words of a dying man... We can trust him."

Dart: "It all started out at the time of a horseback ride a half year ago... By taking advantage of the confusion, the mysterious woman switched herself with Princess Emille, and took over Tiberoa with the cooperation of bandits..."

I’m honestly kind of curious where the hell the Moon Dagger was locked up that as the 2nd most powerful person in the kingdom she couldn’t find it in six months. Convenient for us I suppose!

Rose: "The finale was to be the Coming of Age ceremony when the Moon Dagger was passed down..."

Dart: "Princess Lisa! We have to find Princess Emille or we cannot stop the ceremony!"

Shana: "Is it possible to use astrology to find Princess Emille!?"

Lisa: "Let me try."

Lisa: "... All the stars are refusing to tell their story... As if a mist is covering the night sky."

Or the Sun. The sun may also be hiding the stars. I could be wrong though.

Dart: "Then we just have to search every nook and cranny..."

Lisa: "Let me come with you. When I am with you, you may be able to avoid some trouble."

Funnily enough getting Princess Lisa into our party does not let us just waltz past the guards. We still need to be all sneaky. Apparently 2nd princesses don’t get much power in Fletz.

So back down this tower and up to the top of the other tower with a quick stop inside.

I swear I took screens of this, but hey apparently not. If we go inside and talk to the bandit guard again:

Bandit Knight: "Oops! Princess Lisa!! Are you already feeling better... Hee...

Lisa: "Shall I go in?"

Bandit Knight: "We cannot..."

Dart: "Why is that?"

Bandit Knight: "We were told that nobody, not even Princess Lisa, can come in til the Moon Dagger is passed on..."

Bandit Knight: "If you wanna talk to Princess Emille, go to the Chamber of the Sun!"

Lisa: "I feel much better. I have to go into my sister Emille's room. Can I come in?"

Daaaamn, girl. First Dart is smooth with the guards, then you threaten to toss these guys over the edge. Party is moving on up.

Rose: "Screams won't be heard down there... Why don't we settle this here?"

Lisa: "Shall we go? If the real sister Emille is in this castle, she must be somewhere in this room."

Lisa: "It is awful..."

Dart: "Somebody looted the place..."

Albert: "That makes this room even more suspicious. We might find something
here to help us find Princess Emille...."

Kongol: "Kongol go outside, watch."

Meru: "Kongol is too big for this room. I feel sorry for him. I'm gonna go
wait with Kongol!"

Haschel: "I'm going too. There are too many people in this room."

Dart: "Let's split up and search."

We could look around, but not much interesting here other than this ginormous painting of the princess in her room. I hope Lenus added this and it wasn’t Emille being hilariously vain. It’s at least kind of likely since it’s our key out of this mess!

Dart: "It is a portrait of Princess Emille. Wow!!"

Haschel and Meru immediately ditch Kongol and rush back in.

Meru: "There's nobody here!”

Rose: "It seems a Magical space was created in the painting. It seems peculiar..."

Dart: "Is this 'magic'!?"

:facepalm: No. Pocket dimensions are a completely normal phenomenon. Also why the hell are you using magic in quotes. You turn into a half-dragon and fly around shooting fireballs at people. Magic is quite well established here.

Meru: "Dart! Where are you!?"

Dart: "We are in the painting!!"

Meru: "Haschel! They must be talking about this!"

Albert: "Don't touch the painting! It seems to be linked to the world over here!"

Voice: "I got it!

Well, I’m glad it took us about 5 minutes to find someone hidden quite well in a fairly large castle. Magic!

Lisa: "Emille!! Sister Emille!!"

Dart: "It is too dangerous to go!!"

Albert: "Oh... She is Princess Emille..."

Rose: "It is linked with a different dimension... It is too dangerous to jump over."

Albert: "She is right in front of us.... How can we?"

Shana is the only one with anything interesting to say in here once we get freedom. She tries to transform into a dragoon to fly over, but it just flashes. Rose says that she has trouble transforming outside of battle and that the area is supressing the dragoons any way.

After futzing with the big glowing orb pops up a bridge over to Sleeping Beauty. Albert, you better not get any ideas here.

Dart: "We can cross now!!"

Albert: "Princess Emille!"

Lisa: "Sister! Sister!! Sister Emille!! Please wake up!! I cannot wake her!"

Albert: "Let me do it!”

Oh god.

Albert: “Wake up!! Wake up at once or something irrevocable will happen to Tiberoa!!"

Emille: "Ah... Ahh..."

Luckily Emille starts flashing and waking up without Albert slipping her a tongue. Whew. That could have gone worse.

Lisa: "Oh Emille!!"

Emille: "Lisa... And you...? I?"

Lisa: "You have been sleeping for the past six months since we went for a horseback ride, sister."

Emille: "A half year? I was sleeping...the half year since the horseback ride... What about the Coming of Age ceremony!? Yes...what about the Moon Dagger!?"

Emille: "Can you explain that to me? About this other person and you?"

The screen blacks out for a second as we waste more of our precious time explaining the last six months.

Emille: "It seems I've troubled you a lot due to my absence. Let us go to the Chamber of the Sun. We have to let people know the truth."

Emille: "Did I make it in time for the ceremony?"

Bandit Knight: "Ye, Yes!!"

Emille: "Shall we go?"

King Zior: "You've been filled with 20 years of experience since you came into this world. You have reached the age that deserves the succession of the Moon Dagger as an heir to the throne of Tiberoa. Never forget the blessings of the Sun, Moon and Stars. Anybody!! Are there any objections!? I assume this silence to be the approval of the succession."

Dart: "Wait!!"

King Zior: "Oh my god!? There are two Emilles!! !!"

King Zior is as swift as always. I’d imagine Fletz just kind of rolls on doing its own thing while he happily states the obvious from his throne.

Since her cover has been busted the fake Emille rushes the King and jacks the Moon Dagger from him. Oh god not the plot maguffin.

King Zior: "The Moon Dagger! What is going on!?"

Dart: "King Zior! That girl is a fake!"

Emille: "I have been put into a sleep for the last half year. During that time, it seems this person was making a variety of social missteps."

Because faux paus are the things you really need to be concerned about when someone impersonates you for six months.

Lisa: "Father! That woman was going to take over Tiberoa, by forming a conspiracy with the Gehrich Gang!"

King Zior: "Oh my god!?"

Fake Princess Emille: "Don't ya think it's too late? I got this in my hand."

Dart: "Look around yourself."

Fake Princess Emille: "You think I'm cornered, huh?"

Dart: "Who are you?"

Fake Princess Emille: "I guess I cannot run in this stuffy dress. This will be a treat! Let me show ya my true self!!"

Dart: "!!"

Lenus: "Surprised, huh? This is the true self of Miss Lenus!"

Dart: "Princess Emille!! Please leave the room with the King and Princess Lisa!! The Gehrich Gang has fallen apart! Give us the Moon Dagger!"

Albert: "The only chance you have is to give up."

Lenus: "A girl in love doesn't know the meaning of the words 'give up'! I have managed to get this for my love. I won't give this up so easily."

Rose: Still getting all the best lines.

Lenus: "Interesting! Why don't you try!?"

Click to Watch the Boss Fight

Hooo boy this boss fight. I almost guarantee the first time most people play this game they are going to get their shit pushed in. I’m not joking when I say she’s one of the most dangerous bosses in the game. Know how much we talk about how speed is so important? She has it in god damn buckets. If your team can’t take multiple heavy magic hits you need to do some replanning.

Maybe her speed comes from the blue jet pack she’s wearing?

My party here is pretty specific. Obviously I have no choice on Dart but I’d bring him any way. Lenus is water based so he’ll be be our main beater. Lavitz may be weak to magic, which is kind of bad here, but he also comes bearing Rose Storm. This is one battle where that damage reduction will save your ass. Haschel is here because he’s reasonably fast but can take a hit. Meru, Rose, or Shana would probably just crumple with their low HP. He’s also got reasonably good defenses.

This is the start of Lenus’ least terrifying attack by far. It’s physical and only target one person.

It only hits for about 134 to Dart. I will take that any day of the week. Also this is literally the only time in the fight where she doesn’t attack at least twice in a row.

And so starts step #2 of my master plan. Step #1 was giving Dart double speed for 3 rounds. Instead of just transforming him I’ll be doing a Special transformation for the first time.

All three of our characters are now kicked into Dragoon mode. This is kind of a bit of a gambit because Lenus can flip the fuck out at any time and until Haschel drops out of Dragoon form I have zero healing. He’s got bandit boots on so he should chew through his turns fairly quick though.

And we have one more benefit in addition to an extra round of Dragoon defenses. While Dart stays transformed Fire attacks will be stronger and Water will be weaker. So we should be hitting like a truck and not be taking hits quite as bad.

This is...pretty much what Dart does for the rest of the battle. He get’s 5 rounds, four of them were shooting off Final Burst. One of them was getting enough SP to transform again so he could Final Burst some more.

I really hope Lenus doesn’t actually think she’s going to last too long!

Ooooh yeah 700 damage. She only has 3500 HP total. So, uh, yeah in a single hit I just gouged her for 20% of her life. This is going to be steam rolling.

Lenus’ next attack shows of her stripping skills. She binds her wrist guards into some sort of energy shuriken.

Then throws it out where it proceeds to cut through all of our team. It misses Haschel outright and only does about 80 to Dart and Albert. I am also all right with this attack.

She immediately follows this up with a MUCH scarier attack. She writes some sort of rune into the air in front of her.

Then some black balls show up and zoom around menacingly while the camera zooms closer in swift jerks.

And then I take a pile of damage.

Hell if I know! Interestingly enough she’s smart enough not to use her other magic attack which is Water based. Thanks to the Special this is the only magic she’ll be spamming for a bit.

Albert takes his first round of being a Dragoon to drop Rose Storm. This will drop him to eating 150 damage from that damn magic attack which is a lot more survivable.

It’s a little known fact that in his earlier years Haschel was a pro wrestler in the WWF. Then Dart drops Final Burst #2. I think you’ve seen it before.

Then Lenus attacks me four times in a row. Cause that is how Lenus fucking rolls. And THAT is why she is so terrifying. If she decides to drop a pile of magic she just dump a thousand damage on everyone if you don’t have Rose Storm up. I luck out and she does two of the physical all attack, one strong magic attack, and one individual attack to Dart.

Which I’m god damn thankful for because 7 attacks from Lenus in Haschel is still a Dragoon. I’ll admit to being a bit nervous at this point!

Albert punches in some useless amount of damage while waiting to drop another Rose Storm.

Oh sweet Jesus thank you.

Crush Dance is really the only option with the way I’m doing this fight. It’s getting me 100 SP a hit which get’s Dart right back in the whole dropping flaming death on her face game. And since I’m using the flame element sword he’s also doing solid damage.

Because right after that Lenus attacks me another 3 times in a row. Goooood damn.

Have I mentioned she is fucking terrifying?

And now that I’m out of Special she finally feels fine using her Water based attack.

I’m glad she wasn’t spamming the fuck out of this earlier.

Game. Set. Match. Final Burst only does 460 this time but she’s eaten so much other pain it’s enough to finish this fight up.

Albert: "Give us the Moon Dagger. Don't waste your time on this meaningless battle."

Haschel: "Gehrich is already dead."

Lenus: "Gehrich!? I didn't care about the man from the beginning! I told ya!? I need the Moon Dagger for my love!"

Dart: "Admit your defeat. There is no way to escape."

Meru: "..."

Lenus: "Whatever! See for yourself! Is there no way to escape?!"

Son of a biiiiitch. I’m going to have to do this again but vs twice the HP, aren’t I?

Dart: "Wait!!"

Albert: "Oh no... She is a Wingly!?"

Rose: "The species that dominated the bygone world... She's a survivor."

King Zior: "'People of magic who run across the sky with wings'... Was she here to take it back from Humans?"

Well that was SUCH a succesful mission. Lost the Moon Dagger, Lenus got away. Going down in the annals of history.

Bonus art! Lenus