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Part 24: Episode 23: Come Sail Away

Last we left our friends they had kind of completely failed. Lenus is still alive, Moon Dagger is missing in action. Great day altogether. Hopefully we can turn this shit around though!

King Zior: "You are the King of Serdio, Albert. Why did you take such a risk?"

Albert: "with my own hands. We are pursuing a man who manipulated the war with Serdio from behind the scenes. My friend was killed by that man. At the same time, the Moon Gem, which belonged to Serdio, was taken away. We have different reasons, however we are all linked to that man, and here we are."

King Zior: "You said the Moon Gem. It is a legacy of the Winglies, isn't it?"

King Zior: "It was after the Dragon Campaign. Humans defeated the Winglies and built Serdio, Tiberoa and Mille Seseau. They say the few surviving Winglies sent a divine objet of the moon as a proof of peace to the three countries. That's all I know about the legend."

I’m hoping years are weird in Endiness. Otherwise it’s pretty god damn impressive that three countries formed right after the fall of the Wingly Empire 11,000 years ago are still roughly in the same shape and have passed down their tradition.

Albert: "We have the same legend in my country. What is dangerous is that we Humans don't know what the divine moon object is for."

Dart: "You mean the Winglies know everything and formed this entire conspiracy?"

Emille: "Father. We have to take the Moon Dagger back. Before the stars that have beheld Tiberoa are lost in a shadow."

King Zior: "It seems that girl of the Winglies got away to Illisa Bay. Now, it's time for an appearance by Commodore Puler.”

King Zior: “ Have Commodore Puler pursue her. Of course, you are more than welcome to be on the boat."

Dart: "I appreciate it, Your Majesty."

King Zior: "It was the first time I've seen a Wingly. But they seem to be beyond our that...we might need your help."

The king must have laid off the booze. He’s about 4x as coherent as usual. Maybe he stores half his brain in Emille?

They don’t actually tell us, but it’s pretty clear we need to truck over to the harbor in Donau. Just what I wanted, another trip through the Barrens!

I’m pretty sure someone either in the original or the translation team REALLY liked the Captain of the Thames from Xenogears. Pretty much half the time Puler is on screen or mentioned somebody is going on about being a Man of the Sea. No dramatic camera shifts though. Also that sober part is terribly wrong. STILL.

This really has nothing to do with any thing, but a Minuto has randomly turned up in the bar in Donau. They are basically the opposite of Gigantos shockingly. About as rare though. Can’t think of another one off the top of my head until disc 4. And that one is...special.

Shana: "Is this a ship?"

Kongol: "Kongol is excited. This bigger than me."

I like to imagine every time Kongol walks into a building or hops a ride on a cart he says the same thing. Though come to think of it, the only cart I remember seeing this whole game was the shop owner’s in the prison.

Dart: "So, this is the Queen Fury?"

Dart: "Yes, I am, and you?"

Kayla: "My name is Kayla! I'm a crew member on the Queen Fury! I'm getting the Commodore now! Commodore!! Commodore Puler!! Dart and his friends are here!"

Puler: "What Kayla!? Be quiet!”

Puler: “Sometimes you listen to the waves, and cast your dreams to the ocean. That is a man's romance!!"

He even has the same color scheme as the Thames captain!

Kayla: "Commodore! Dart and his friends are here! You got an order from the King didn't you sir?"

Puler: "Oh! You are the brave young people who routed the bandits! You deserve to be guests on my ship! The Queen Fury!"

Dart : "Thank you. But we don't want to be treated as guests. We have the same objective, to pursue Lenus."

Puler: "Hmmm!! I like that!!"

Kayla: "We are ready to go, sir!!"

Puler: "I see. Now the only thing left is for you to board. As soon as you are ready, we will hit the ocean!!"

Kayla: "We have been waiting for you! Are you ready to go?

Dart:: "Yes."

Kayla: "Now, let's set sail!!"

For this trip we just watch as the Queen Fury rolls its way through Illisa Bay. Later one we’ll be able to control it between Fueno and Donau, and later still to the next continent.

Rose does about the usual and hangs out on her own brooding in the crows nest.

Shana is hanging out near the rear of the boat and pretending she’s Rose from Titanic.

Shana: "Many things have happened. I was put in jail...and Dart came to rescue me. ... We were with Lavitz. And now we are here, pursuing Lloyd. There are so many things I don't understand. The Moon That Never Sets, the voice of Virage.... I wish I could fly like you guys.

Shana: “But it doesn't take me anywhere. ... ... Dart will laugh at me. Dart, I wonder where he went?"

Queen Fury is kind of interesting. One of the only spots where we control any one other than Dart. We’ll actually control everyone in the party for a little bit as we go around and talk to people.

Most of the sailors are pretty boring. A few we can’t even talk to cause Shana is worried about disturbing. A few have semi-interesting tid bits.

Way on the opposite end of the ship from where we started we get to the bridge where Dart is staring down a wall or something.

Shana: “Dart?"

Dart is completely fucking zoned out and doesn’t hear her at first.

Puler: "When Humans go to sea, there is a lot to think about. Friendship, love, life and romance! Probably Dart's heart is wandering in the mother ocean."

Shana: Such a scary face. He must be thinking about the Black Monster.

Dart: "Oh, Shana.... Is something wrong?"

Shana: "I have been thinking too. About the past and future. And about you and me...."

Dart: "You and me?"

Wait a minute, WAIT a minute. This is only disc 2. We aren’t supposed to be getting relationships straightened out yet.

Shana: "Eventually, our journey will end."

Shana: "I want to be next to you, Dart. But.... Nobody knows about the future.”

Shana then hauls off leaving Dart to think upon the possibility of spending an entire life with his childhood friend who shoots laser beams.

Puler: "Love and sailing are alike. If you don't swim against the waves and just enjoy it, you will overcome it. Thinking alone is sometimes good. But sometimes, when you listen to others, your way will open up."

Dart: The Black Monster, I still don't know anything about it. Maybe, Rose might know something about it.

Luckily we already know Rose is hanging out in the crows nest which is right above us.

Rose: "May I help you?"

Dart: "It's about the Black Monster. I thought you might know something about it, Rose."

Rose: "That's right. You are traveling just for that.... Unfortunately, I have nothing to tell you."

Dart: "Oh...."

Rose: "What are you going to do when you catch the Black Monster, what are you going to do with him?”

Dart: "'Revenge does not generate anything.' That's what I learned from Lavitz. To tell the truth, I don't know what I am going to do or even what I want to do when I face the Black Monster. I just want to know what he is."

Rose: "I see.... Well, I can tell you one thing. Do you know what is the source of the power of Dragoons?”

Rose: “It is...the same for revenge. This is a tool to amplify the insanity. And this insanity is the source of the power of Dragoons, the Dragon Knight."

Dart: "I didn't know that...."

Rose: "Someday, something will happen, and if you cannot chasten your insanity, I wonder if you will be able to endure it, given the size of your spirit? Sorry. It was just nonsense."

Dart: "It's okay. When I finish with Lloyd, I'll go on my journey to pursue the Black Monster. When I face him, I'll find my own answer to that."

That noise? That’s the sound of Rose’s speech going right over the top of the head of Dart. And I always liked Rose’s speech about the Dragoons being basically a bunch of crazies, because largely they are. Most of our party is driven by some obsession or other. Albert and funnily enough Meru are among the least screwed up. And we’ll get a bit of back story on the original dragoons and they are a WHOLE bundle of fucked up.

Rose: "Mine is not a 'journey'...

Rose has no real set goal, but it’s pretty much impossible to miss her conversation portion. If we walk past Haschel outside the bridge we get vacuumed into a conversation.

But on the way if we try to talk to Dart...

Rose: “I don’t need Dart.”

Puler: “Then...”

Rose: “I don’t need you either.”

Oh, Rose.

Haschel: "Oh, Rose. Do you want to talk about your love?"

Man. Everyone getting all up in Rose’s grill.

Rose: "I was just walking around and happened to be here."

Haschel: "Can I ask you one thing?"

Rose: "Sure."

Haschel: "I heard that in the beginning it was Dart's Dragoon Spirit. It seems that's not all."

Rose: "I guess.... Maybe this journey is just a little break for me...."

Haschel: "'Break,' hmm. Well, everybody has different objectives on the journey. But you, you look like you're rushing yourself to death, with your life being run by something."

Rose: "It's none of your business."

Rose stomps off leaving Haschel alone to think about whatever he was before.

Haschel: "I guess I was involved too much. I cannot make judgments about other

Claire: "Taa!"

Haschel: "Claire!! Your steps during the attack are slow!! Take more precise, faster steps!!"

Haschel: "You idiot! During the training, don't think of me as your 'Father'! Call me 'Master'!"

Claire: "I am sorry, Master."

Haschel: "Claire.... You, my daughter, were the only heir to our ancestral Rouge School martial art.

[Claire starts fighting again.]

Claire: "Yaa! Here!

Haschel: "Claire!! You cannot take over the Rouge School with such pathetic skills!!"

Claire: "Daa!"

Claire unloads a brutal flurry of blows and flattens her sparring partner.

Ooooh that isn’t looking very good.

Claire: "Oh Lotta.... What's wrong? Lotta? What's wrong!? Oh! Lotta!?"

Haschel: "Get out of my sight!!"

Claire: "Lotta...."

Haschel: "Get out of my sight!!"

Claire then runs off never to be seen again by Haschel.

Man, Haschel has really chilled out over the years. I guess watching your daughter kill her sparring partner then run off will take the edge of your anger.

Haschel: "... I shouted out of anger. I was just running away from the pain that we have to overcome together, as a Master and as a Father. It's been 20 years since I left the village pursuing Claire, but what I have found was only my immaturity.

Haschel: “But Dart and the others gave me a new one. I think...what I am going through now is a journey to support the passion of young Dart and his friends. Oops! Oops! I have become too mushy! Well, maybe I'll go tease Kongol! I hope he is not knocked out with seasickness!"

Well, now a short trip to something slightly more upbeat!

Shana: “You think so?”

Haschel: “You have a smile starting to peek out.”

Shana: *chuckle* “Maybe you are right.”

Haschel: “I don’t know what you are thinking, but being young is a good thing.”

Kongol : "Kongol always alone."

Haschel: "You are not now."

Kongol : "Friends. I still don't know. Kongol is here to see if you become leader instead of Emperor Doel."

Haschel: "Doel.... It was your objective for the journey, wasn't it? Hmm, then why don't you talk to Albert? He might know something about Doel's story from the past.

Kongol : "King of Human....”

Clearly isn’t an update without Stardust! We let Kongol have some fun and get #36

And Stardust #37 is over in this pipe.

Kongol: “What is friends? Dart said, Kongol friend. Kongol don't know. What is friend?"

Albert: "My Uncle Doel was your friend...wasn't he?"

Kongol: "No. I fight for Emperor Doel. To make a world where all the species equal."

Albert: "People who walk together, but not led by somebody, who share happiness and pain."

I respectfully disagree, King. I lead this party

Kongol: "That is friends...?"

Albert: "Yes. That is us now. Although we have different objectives, we are walking side by side. Kongol. You are already walking the same road as us."

And without saying anything Kongol walks back off to the engine room.

Well, I guess we know who our next target is!

Albert: "It's thanks to those girls. I can continue to walk on this road. Now, I'm going to socialize with my friends too."

Damn, son. Who knew that Albert was such a player. I thought he would be more chaste and chivalrous! Other than his boner for Emille.

Pillow fight!

Meru: "I gotcha!!! Big success!!"

Albert: "It's an awful welcome."

Meru: "Hey, Al. You are a bit too squarish. You gotta become cool like Dart... Are you mad now?"

Albert: "No. But I now have a question."

Meru: "Wow!? The exciting question time!?"

Albert: "Meru, when you joined us, you said 'There is still something I can help with'. Is that true?"

Albert: "You are not just kidding it seems. Our journey is a dangerous one. We will not be able to succeed, if we take a lackadaisical attitude towards it. Therefore, I wanted to make sure one more time. I don't want to see anybody else dying. Now, please excuse me."

Go in talking like you are going to be hitting on all the ladies and you drop that? What the fuck, bro. I take back everything nice I said.

Meru: "Whatever. The King became too serious.”

Dart is shockingly still hanging out in the bridge.

Meru: A Dart spotted! Thinking about something...? I know! Hee hee hee.

And after a long break Dart once again gets to be kind of a jackass!

Really, is there a choice here?

Meru: "Yes. Kongol don't speak with forked tongue. I don't think so!!"

Meru then gives him a big kick in the ass for his effort.

Dart: "I knew it was you, Meru."

Meru: "Well! I have great news for someone who looks totally bored. Why don't ya come with me on an adventure on this ship?"

Dart: "I've already seen a lot."

Meru: "If she sees you walking with a pretty girl like me, she would get mad, wouldn't she?"

Dart: "Shana doesn't get mad about those things. What's with this adventure, suddenly?"

Meru: ("Well.... There is something bothering me.)

Dart: "She is strange, but I don't think she is as strange as you."

Meru: "I'm not talking about that strange! I think she has something that she hasn't told us or she has been involved in something shady or...."

Apparently this is the "Rose acts kind of shifty and everyone calls her on it" update.

Dart: "Have you told us everything about you, Meru?"

Meru: "I'm the exception!"

Meru: "Sorry. I don't mean to talk bad about Rose, but she's cold to me.... So somehow...."

I wonder why. The brooding, confident professional doesn’t fit in with the loopy youngster?

Dart: "Then you want a change of pace with an adventure?"

Meru: "That's my Dart! You are totally cool! Come on! Now departing on Meru's expedition!!"

Dart: "Meru's expedition huh...?"

Dart: ("Don't play a prank on her. She doesn't understand jokes.")

Meru: ("I won't!" Rose has a mysterious personality. She is always cold but when it comes to a critical point, she leads us in a variety of ways.")

Dart: ("We are alive now because of Rose.")

Meru: ("I agree.")

But before they can talk to anyone they all see something very unfriendly heading their way.

You Should Probably Watch This

Holy christ an FMV actually worth watching. It only took nearly two discs.

(don’t question how it suddenly went from the middle of the day to dead of night) Wind cracks the torn sails as ghostly lights flicker in and out of existence in the rigging.

Inside the shattered remains of the ship a crowned skull hangs over, watching.

The crew members on the Queen Fury suddenly regret the amount of fire they have on their foredeck and wish they had steel deck plating as well.

The ship tries to turn out of the way, but well, when a ghost ship wants to ruin your day not much to do about it.

Ooooh shit.

Well, at least the ship has those huge steel spikes on the side to minimize the damage of this hot ship on ship action.

Huh. Well, I guess those drunken sailors weren’t bullshitting about that ghost ship. Where is Johnny Quest when you need him?

Bonus! Rose, Shana, and Dart on the Queen Fury render.