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Part 26: Episode 25: Yesterday -or- In Which Rose Needs a Hug

Strap in because we have one of the best cut scenes in the game and some more insight on our good buddy Rose.

Shockingly our main character and one of our party members did not die when falling overboard. Happy days! Dart isn’t looking so good though.

Rose sits down next to Dart and cradles his head in her lap and runs her hand through his hair. This, is uh, not very Rose like. I’m kind of concerned here.

Rose: "Dart and Zieg, they are so much alike. Not only are they dragoons recognized by the Red-Eyed Dragon, but there is something else, something that attracts me....

Rose: “...and even...his frailty. These tame the insanity of the Dragoon for me. Zieg.... If my hands could grab him, I wouldn't have had this bitterness."

So prepare for a piiiile of screenshots and not too much talking. Really though you should just click the god damn link and watch this. If you watch one video in this LP, this should probably be it.

Click this damn it

A few bright spots go zooming into a Wingly city/fortress/something past some sort of magical laser cannon. Possibly a really fucking big Virage.

Oh hey Dragoons. This doesn’t seem very familiar though.

A huge...something explodes out a ball of fire as the Dragoons zoom by.

The purple Dragoon latches on to the head of a Virage as it fires lasers off at the rest of the Dragoons in the area.

What the hey, Rose? Why didn’t you tell us you hung out with a bunch of badasses.

Rose: “Kanzas!”

Kanzas: “Not bad! I’m taking you with me!”

RIP Kanzas. We knew you about 15 seconds, but what a fifteen seconds it was.

Rose stares at the explosion.

Until the Red-Eye Dragoon flies in and drags her out of the way of it. Apparently there is some fucking oomph packed in those Dragoon Stones.

Outside a Black Dragon is tearing shit up. Way to be, ripping a Virage clear in half.

Nothing but bits.

Also he shoots lasers.

Where the hell has your awesome Dragon been the whole time Rose? This could have saved us a lot of effort.

A few Virages nuked in a few seconds the Dragon flies in towards the city.

...Where five Virages jump it. Well, its either going to be well fed or we know where her dragon went.

Inside there is a guy that is clearly a nice guy. I mean, just look at him?

Also he is dropping some hefty magic on some poor bastard.

Zieg: “Melbu Frahma! Die!!”

The two meet swords, Dragoon vs. Dragon Buster. Probably not going to end well for somebody here.

That person apparently being Melbu.

...or possibly both. Some power crawls from Melbu over Zieg through the sword.

Rose can only watch...

As both combatants plummet to the ground below.

And then there is a dramatic Michael Bay explosion because...?

Load bearing boss apparently. This shit is going down.

Still inside the Earth dragoon who is also shockingly a Giganto catches a pillar from crushing him and Shirley. You remember her right?

Oh. He’s kind of doing this a lot more hardcore than Kongol. What with the giant spike through his rib cage.

Shirley: “Belzac? Your death will not be in vain!”

Right as the Virage fires its eye lasers she releases her arrow. I think it may be in vain. We all know what kind of damage arrows do. I guess Shirley might be far more awesome.

Zieg is out of Dragoon form and glued to the stone from some sort of curse.

Melbu: "Revel to your very core in my eternal curse!!"

I think this is Melbu. Its a lot deeper voice than Zieg, though the script claims its him. It ALSO claimed Zieg yelled I’M TAKING YOU WITH ME though which was definitely Kanzas.

Rose: "Zieg!!"

Zieg: "Let go! Save yourself!"

Rose: “Ziiiieeeeeeg!”

Damn. Our party wishes they could ever be half as cool as the original Dragoons. Also that kind of makes Rose 11,000 years old, a legend of humanity, and the most prolific serial killer in Endiness. What a life she’s led.

Rose: "But.... Dart is Dart. He is not Zieg. No...he is not Zieg."

And don’t worry. This is about as close as it comes to Rose trying to do anything with Dart. She’s been a lonely, lonely person for 11,000 years and her true love kind of turned into statuary in her hands. I think she deserves some human contact every now and again.

Pete: "Oh my god!! There is somebody there!!"

And then we are magically over at Pete’s village. Apparently Dart is ok!

And then we are chilling out in his house. Which everyone refers to as “Pete’s House” despite his mother being quite alive. His dad is never mentioned.

Pete: "Pooch, you like him, don't ya? I was surprised. Nobody would think there are people there."

Dart: "We are saved thanks to you, Pete. We have to thank Pooch too."

Dart: "Do you think so?"

I told you Dart was kind of a dick. I didn’t even have to do it for him this time.

Pete: "I think so. Don't they look it?"

Pete's Ma: "Yes. You make a good couple."

Rose: "Don't be silly."

Dart: "We were just looking for our friends. Actually, there are seven of us."

Pete's Ma: *cough* *cough* *cough*

Dart: "Are you sick?"

Pete's Ma: "It's nothing." *cough*

Pete: "Actualy, we should have been to the clinic in the neighboring town."

Rose: "Neighboring town?"

Pete: "It's Fueno. There is a port and they have a boat to Donau."

Dart: "You know what...? The Queen Fury might have dropped by. But why don't you take your mother to Fueno?"

Pete: "Cuz there is a monster on the way in the Undersea Cavern."

There’s ALWAYS a monster in the underground route to where we need to go. Actually we don’t have to fight in this time shockingly enough. No Rose and Dart boss fight party.

Pete's Ma: "I know we rarely have guests, but we have to let them go, Pete. Mr. Dart. I hope you can meet your friends soon."

Pete: "I hope so too! Say hi to everybody, okay!?"

And now we are free to run around the tiny little town of Lidiera. It’s kind of a shit hole really. And I’m not sure even six months of being boned by the sea monster is a reasonable excuse. We could boat over to that floating dock but there is no reason to for now. Just a few dudes playing poker or something.

Shockingly this town has something approximating an Inn. We mainly care because of that ladder in front. If we take it up we can drop into a blocked off back room.

And we get stardust #33!

As we try to head out of town Pete runs up to us.

Dart: "What's wrong?"

Pete: "Would you please take us to Fueno! I'm afraid of the monster, but we gotta go before it's too late!"

Dart: "It's about your mother, isn't it."

Pete: "I want her to be in the hospital."

Dart: "You got it. We'll take you there."

Dart and Pete both kind of stare at Rose for a second.

Rose: "Did I say something wrong?"

Pete: "Thank you! I'll bring my ma!!"

Pete runs off to get the poor old woman.

Rose: "What are you looking at?"

Dart: "No..nothing."

Shocking. Even dense as a lead brick Dart notices Rose is being a bit different.

Pete: "But it's okay cuz Fueno is not this way."

The Undersea Cave is basically one screen right now. We can run into monsters, but we’ll cover those later when we actually come back to beat down whatever is in here.

Pete: "Thank you! Dart and Rose!"

Dart turns to his mom.

Dart: "You have to get better soon and make Pete happy."

Pete: "I hope you can find your friends soon! But, are you actually in love with each other? Cuz in that cave, you...."

With amazing speed Rose yanks him aside midsentence.

Rose: !! ("You are a good boy and didn't see anything, okay!?")

Pete: ("O...okay. I didn't see it, maybe.") "It's nothing! We are going!

Rose chases after him but manages not to draw her sword this time.

Rose: "Kids.... “

Dart gives her the stink eye but doesn’t say anything. He knows she hasn’t changed THAT much.

And so we make it to Fueno where I’m sure we’ll be miraculously reunited with everyone.

Bonus! Melbu Frahma/Dragon Buster concept art.

Original Dragoons Bustin' In render