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Part 29: Episode 28: More Than a Feeling

Hooray. We have slain yet another noble source of our power that was dragged into a war and freed the country from bandits! Also we finally have a full collection of Dragoon stones. That’s pretty exciting. I guess we should head back to Fletz and check in with the King about how we kind of let the biggest national treasure of his country get away.

Jeeze, dude. Way to be a downer. Maybe we can shove him aboard the Queen Fury. Which is going to be our next destination. We can’t exactly walk home from here.

Puler: "Dart! I heard about you! You successfully defeated the monster on the Prison Island and the female bandit! What's wrong? You have a long face. We are ready to go back to Fletz in triumph."

Dart: "We couldn't get the Moon Dagger back."

Puler: "Let yourself flow in the waves and winds. The problems of this world become not a problem at all. Here is an idea, Dart. Why don't you come with me on the ocean?"

Dart: "A man of the sea, not bad."

Shana: "What are you talking about! We have to pursue Lloyd now!"

Dart: "Yeah. We have something we have to take care of."

God, Shana. You always gotta be ruining my good vibes.

Puler: "I understand, but it's a shame. However, I'm moved that you considered being a man of the sea. It's small, but it's my farewell gift to you! Take this!"

And then for being such manly men of the sea he gives us 100g.

Puler: "Dart, as soon as you are ready, just come aboard. Meet you on the boat! Be ready for departure!!"

Kayla: "Are you ready?"

Dart: "Yes."

Kayla: "Casting off! Getting ready to cast off!!"

Now when we have control of the Queen Fury we can hit square and drop us onto the boat. Not a whole lot to do here, but we can talk to the captain.

Then he threatens to take control back if we don’t do well. Then it just heads back to the world map.

Albert: "Let's go!"

Man: "Her graceful steps...."

Woman: "Her dainty movement of the hands...."

Man: "Her gracious eyes...."

Woman: "She must be.... She is our Princess Emille!!"

Crowd: "Princess Emille is back!"

Emille: "My father, King Zior, wouldn't say it, but I heard that the evildoings of the sinner who feigned to be me has harmed our people in Tiberoa. I can say it is my fault. Because people were wounded by trusting someone they thought was me. I am determined to make atonements for this, even if it takes forever."

I think this may be the single longest speech in the game up until this point. No wonder why Albert has such a hard on for her.

Crowd: "It wasn't your fault Your Majesty!! Please do not blame yourself Your Highness!! Your returning only makes us happy!!"

Emille: "I owe you a debt of gratitude. I love this country. I love you people. Let us make this country continue to be a wonderful country!"

Pregnant Mother: "May I ask you to name my baby, my soon-to-be-born baby, Your Highness?"

Emille: "It would be my pleasure. How about Eyie for a girl and Al for a boy? They have the sound of great energy and strength."

I was going to take advantage of this time to make some sort of hell on wheels joke. But really, with a name choice like “Eyie” I felt I didn’t need to add anything on here.

Pregnant Mother: "They are beautiful names!! I thank you very much Your Highness!!"

Crowd: "God bless Princess Emille!! God Bless Tiberoa Kingdom!! All the best for the kingdom and us!!"

Dart: "Albert?"

Albert: "Just like I imagined.... Oh, thank you lord for leading me to the country of Princess Emille...."

Dart: "Is something wrong?"

Albert: "Oh.... Oh. Oh, no? Where is Princess Emille?"

Dart: "You can meet her again in the castle."

Man does poor Albert have it BAD. And he’s only known her for like, half an hour post rescue.

Tiberoan Knight: "We have been waiting for you, sir!! Please proceed to the Chamber of the Sun!!"

At least someone around here gives us the respect we deserve! Actually from this point on the party are pretty well known heroes. Which frankly is less common than one might think in JRPGs. It always seems that you end up being labeled as terrorists or someone else steals all the credit or something.

King Zior: "Heroes! Forget about formality! You are the special guests of Tiberoa! Welcome back!"

Emille: "I'm glad you are safe and sound..."

Lisa: "My sister is now acting as if nothing happened, but until you came back, King Albert, she had lost her appetite completely."

Well at least this creepy fixation is mutual. So it’s still awkward but Albert hopefully won’t turn into a stalker.

King Zior: "It's not only Emille."

Dart: "But... The Moon Dagger is still in their hands..."

King Zior: "Stop it! You people brought justice upon the evil bandits!! You defeated the Sea Dragon that infested Illisa Bay!! It was you, young people, who brought peace and happiness to Tiberoa and brought smiles back to our people!!"

Albert: "However, the Moon Dagger has to be passed on to Princess Emille..."

King Zior: "The Moon Dagger is a mere royal tradition. Tradition alone doesn't put smiles on our people's faces. That is all the Moon Dagger can be. King Albert. We are satisfied with the way things turned out."

What is going on here? This dude is WAY to reasonable. He’s supposed to be furious and exile us from the country or something. Someone call the writers!

Emille: "That is...the heroic story of you."

Lisa: "It will be passed down through the ages from person to person: 'The seven stars arose from the East to save the country of the king who lives in the Chamber of the Sun.'..."

Dart: "It was my pleasure, Your Majesty."

King Zior: "That's enough for formality!! We are having a banquet for you! Please enjoy yourself!!"

Meru: "Is a 'Banquet' a party?!!"

King Zior: "Plainly speaking yes, it is!!"

I think Meru spends about 85% of her time in cut scenes dancing or spinning in a circle excitedly. I think she is on fantasy speed.

Shana: "Oh Meru! Behave and be quiet!"

King Zior: "Haa Haa Haa! She is cheerful and excited!!"

Emille: "We still have time before the party. Please feel free to relax."

King Zior: "Let us prepare for the banquet!!"

Oh hey, someone let Kongol show up in a scene. Poor dude never getting enough limelight. We shall fix that in disc 3 though!

Dart: "It seems we can relax for the first time in a long time, tonight."

Albert: "I think so too... We have to leave here tomorrow. It is a good chance to relax."

Shana: "Mille Seseau... The country where Dart was born... We'll be busy again..."

Meru: "I'll be walking around till the party starts!"

At this point the whole party starts splitting up in all directions.

Dart: "Hey... Where are you going!?"

Haschel: "I have an errand to do."

Rose: "Are you going too, Rose?"

Albert: "Let me go too. You have to appreciate what everyone did."

Shana: "Why don't we go out too?"

I told you. NONE of our buddies is going to rest until Shana and Dart get their shit figured out.

Shana: "Since I was little... It never changed, even when you went on your journey, Dart. Actually, I started to love you even more... Because while you were gone, I was thinking about you every single day..."

Shana: "So, I don't mind being your baby sister. Because I can be with you everyday... That's just how I think."

Dart: "I... I...don't think of you as my baby sister, Shana. I..."

Shana: "Let's continue this after our journey is over...all right?"

Could it be, a first kiss in ONLY 27 hours of game play? WRONG

Fester comes rolling in to blue ball them.

Fester: "Dart! Welcome back! What's wrong? You have such a sour face."

Dart: "You, you think so?"

Fester: "Anyway! You are famous in the city! The hero who defeated the dragon that descended down on Tiberoa!"

Dart: "If you say so... It still doesn't feel like it's real."

Fester: "It's your modest attitude! You are our times' latest hero!"

Dart: "Um..."

Fester: "By the way, the party is starting! Get rid of your sour face. And be happy! See you later."

Ok. Finally the bore is out of here. Let’s try this aga--

I think Shana is about to punch someone out.

Dart: "We are waiting for the party to start..."

Libria: "It's starting soon! Please get everyone or I cannot prepare the dresses! I'll see you later!"

Shana: "I am going to look for everybody."

Dart: "Wait!"

Aaaand the moment is gone. Way to be, guys. Way to be. Well now that our touching moment has been ruined, why don’t we pick everyone up. We’ll snag Kongol first in the training room under the throne room.

Kongol: "Kongol has friends. Friends of different species."

Dart: "Not bad. Whoa!!"

Kongol whirls around and just about cleaves Dart in half.
Kongol: "Don't do that."

Dart: "That's what I should say!"

Kongol: "Did you hear Kongol speaking?"

Dart: "Not really... By the way, the party is starting."

And now we can head over to pick Rose up in our rooms.

Rose: (I am...a hero... He would laugh at me...) *Chuckle*... (...!? I... laughed now... ...I did laugh...)

Rose undoes a chain around her neck and holds it up to look at.

Rose: “(Since I have started to wear this choker... I have not laughed...for years...) *Chuckle*... (It was worth the wait...)

Well that was kind of odd and creepy. You are lucky Dart didn’t walk in on you.

Dart: "I'm here to tell you that the party is starting."

Rose: "It'll be a fun party."

She really HAS changed.

And a quick hop over to the kitchen will reveal Haschel and Meru getting into all kinds of trouble of course. Those two should not be left alone together.

Haschel: "We are not going to eat now. We just want to sample the food..."

Maid: "That is eating! Come on! Please get out! You are delaying the preparation!"

That maid is serious. She physically booted Meru about 15’ out of the kitchen.

Maid: "Mr. Dart! Please stop them!"

Haschel: "Wars never choose their time. You have to eat whenever you can. That is a basic understanding for a warrior!"

Meru: "You wanna eat too, don't ya Dart?"

Dart: "The party is starting soon. You can eat as much as you want then, right?"

Meru: "Is that true?"

Haschel: "Why didn't you say so!"

Dart: "I'm here to tell you that."

Meru: "C'mon. Let's go!

Hopefully this time a princess doesn’t steal all of their food on them. And that just leaves our resident goon to be picked up.

Emille: "No.... Please tell me about it."

Albert: "The king of some country is gazing out over the waves of the sea and thinking his life is hollow, just like the vanishing bubbles. Everything looked like that because the king didn't know true love."

Emille: "Oh my... And what happened to the two of them?"

Albert: "Would you like to know? This is a secret story handed down only within the Serdio royal family, so...I cannot tell you anymore. Oh... I'm sorry I cannot go on."

Ok, Albert. No matter how good your story is, a cliffhanger is not a reason for a woman to marry you. Just saying.

Emille: "Oh! You are teasing me!" *Chuckle*... "But I am having a fabulous time. I didn't notice the passing of time when I'm talking with you."

I think he sound sounds kind of annoyed cause nobody is running into Emille’s chambers ruining the mood(besides him).

Albert: "Is something wrong?"

Dart: "The party is starting soon. So I am calling everybody down."

Albert: "It's already that time. Unfortunately, I have to leave you."

Emille: "When can we meet again?"

Albert: "When the stars fill the sky...."

Dart: "You can simply say 'tonight'."

And they say romance is dead.

Emille: "At the party...."

And now that we have everyone together we need to take them over the the dress closet behind the training room. So how comet he girls all need dresses but the guys can just wander in wearing armor and shit?

Libria: "It seems everyone is here. Miss Shana, Miss Rose, and Miss Meru, please come this way... You have to change into the dresses."

Shana: "Dresses? You are talking about us?"

Libria: "Yes I am. Princess Emille and Princess Lisa insist."

Dart: "Good for you."

Meru: "No thanks."

Dart: "It's not like you."

Meru: "Cuz, I'm a dancer. I can't dance well in those dresses."

Rose: "No thanks for me either."

I’m thinking it’s that line that makes Libria decide her lady’s insistence is not worth losing important bits. She really makes no effort to get Meru or Rose into a dress though.

Libria: "Please wait in the living room. I will come and take you there later.

Technically we go to the living room, but the only thing that occurs there is Libria telling us to head to the party. So I don’t think we need to see more of it.

King Zior: “Please enjoy yourselves to the utmost!!"

And once again we need to talk to everybody before we can fully proceed. Basically no one has any idea where Shana is and we need to find her. So lets check out with Haschel since he is hanging right at the entrance.

Woman in Blue Dress: "Wait for us!"

Woman in Blue Dress: "Oh, excuse me, but monopolizing him is not fair. Please let me hear your story too."

Woman in Red Dress: "I would like to know more about you."

Woman in Blue Dress: "Oh my! Don't be so fresh with him! I talked to him first! Oh... You must be Mr. Haschel..."

Haschel: "At least tonight, you have to make good use of the time the two of you are together."

Haschel makes a great sacrifice. Later her would receive the Serdian Medal of Honor for rescuing Dart from the perilous perils of hanging out with two women that want to jump your bones.

Dart: "Thank you."

Dart: "Do...? I didn't do anything."

Oh god. Did you murder her in a fit of frustration, Dart?

Kongol: "No Shana here."

Dart: "No!?"

Kongol: "Kongol tall. Kongol doesn't see from here."

Dart: "Where is she...?"

Meru: "Yup! It's fun! Are you gonna dance too!?"

Dart: "I'll try."

Meru: "Right on!"

Apparently somewhere in his journey to murder monsters and get revenge Dart took time to learn how to ball room dance.

Meru: "Where is Shana?"

Dart: "I don't know."

Meru: "Go look for her. She should be waiting for ya. Come on! Go!"

God I was trying before you suckered me into dancing.

Emille: "I'll wait for you... I'll wait for you forever."

God damn did that relationship go off the deep end quick. More anime and JRPG heroes could learn something from this.

King Zior: "Emille! Well said! The future of Serdio and Tiberoa is shining like the sun!"

Albert: "I believe love is the only entity that never changes over time."

Emille: "And distance makes the love grow deeper."

King Zior: "I cannot watch this anymore!”

And at this point things are getting a little too saccharine even for a guy who’s daughter is now just about guaranteed to marry a king.

King Zior: “What's have a long face?"

Albert: "...If you are looking for Shana, she is not here."

And stop fucking bugging me while I’m macking!

Libria: "Miss Rose needs you. This way..."

I think at this point Rose is level 20 in leaning against objects in cut scenes.

Rose: "Dart... Why are you procrastinating like that? Do you want her to catch a cold or something? Making her wait all night like that? She's over there."

At this point I think it is safe to say that Rose has her brief confusion over Dart all packed up and taken care of. And is the only one to actually give us useful information on FINALLY finishing what those two started in the afternoon.

Also you should feel special. You are the only one they bothered making a new model for.

Shana: "Thank you.'s all thanks to this dress."

Dart: "That's not true."

Shana: "Look! A falling star! I wonder if my wish will come true?"

Dart: "It will. Because... I wished the same thing..."

And so ends disc 2 of Legend of Dragoon. Probably the must upbeat disc end of any RPG I have ever played.

Bonus Art!

Shana in her dress

Emille and Lisa