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Part 30: Episode 29: Money Can’t Buy Me Love

But do you know what it can buy me? A sweet helmet for, well, anyone. But specifically Kongol right now. Since he gets so little time to shine for most people I’m going to turn him into an undying juggernaut.

Apparently now that we are the heroes of Tiberoa the Queen Fury is basically our personal vessel. Any time we go to it at dock Kayla will be “What, it’s not time to go?” Then the horn blows and she goes “FUCK IT IS” then we rush on board and can roll off wherever. And by wherever I mean here in Furni, Fueno, or Donau. Huge selection.

I hope you brought a sweater. Cause it’s Chapter 3: Fate & Soul. And things are going to get weird AND cold.

Rose: "It's not bad at all."

Rose has a relapse moment of being weird and creepy. Luckily she only scars the 12 year old cabin girl for the next few months instead of life.

Meru: "It's been a long time!"

Haschel: "Have you been here?"

Meru: "Umm...y, yeah. Well, I'm very popular, that's why!"

Kongol: "Kongol crossed sea first time."

Albert: "Furni the Water City. This port is the front door to Mille Seseau. Anyway, I wonder why Lloyd revealed his destination to us?"

Dart: "I still don't know.”

Oh, Dart. We still have an entire disc left after this one. I assure you this won’t be the end of it.

Shana: "I agree. For the sake of the victims so far. It's not only that. In order to prevent there being new victims, we have to stop Lloyd."

But before we get into any of that plot nonsense I need to immediately leave here and head back to disc 1 land. Lohan has precious goods we must acquire. All of you that have played this or those with really good memory should know where this is going.

We can actually get attacked while boating back. Then we have to fight things on the deck of the Queen Fury. It’s pretty much just the enemies from the undersea cave at the end of last disc, so really nothing to worry about.

Awwww yeaaaaah. Kongol is now an unstoppable freight train. Highest HP, highest physical attack(His additions are kind of eeeeeh though to balance that), highest def and mdef by significant margins. And with the Bandit Ring he even matches speed with Dart. And yes, that is a wopping 50% Magic Evasion in addition to the hilarious defense. He will rarely get hit with magic, and when he does it will glance off.

And now back to your regularly scheduled plot.

We can head over to the item shop on our left from the entrance, but we can’t actually buy from the jerk. For some reason he will only sell to people that are on boats. Which we currently do not have. So he can just eat a dick and not get our money.

If we bug the NPCs around town they’ll mention some sort of gathering going on in the back of the village. Also that we should check out the sweet crystal palace in Deningrad. We will be doing both of these soon enough.

You know, I dissed the drunkards talking about ghost ships and sea monsters. Maybe this kid’s fairy tale book is actually right. Stranger things have already happened.

Also we rummage through his parents’ fishing gear for the first stardust of the disc I guess we better check in on what the noise is coming from the back of town.

Hey! It’s our old friend the space marine from the fighting tourney back in disc 1. And a bunch of other dudes with a bunch of pointy weapons. Including possibly Vincent Valentine with a spear. The guy on the right with the axe may LOOK just like the guy from the fighting tournament that tried to poison us, but he actually has a different name. I had to go back and check that update to be sure.

Resident Knight Harris: "This seems to be all of us! Now! I'll explain the strategy! We have to overcome the white wolf called Kamuy that lives in the Evergreen Forest between this village and Deningrad!"

Hunter: "Did you call us just for that!?"

Resident Knight Harris: "Not only that. A boy from the village, Teo, disappeared in the Evergreen Forest! The strategy is simple! All of us will beat the bushes all over the Evergreen Forest! I promise a five times larger prize for the one of you who defeats Kamuy!! I promise the same for the one who saves Teo!"

Our axe buddy nearly starts off the hunt with friendly fire on Knight Harris. A true professional.

Hunter: I"m itching to do it!!"

Bulgus: "Who are you? I've never seen you before. You look like you have a chance, but I'm getting the prize. Don't ever disturb me!"

Dart: "..."

Bulgus: "Are you scared out of your wits and cannot talk!?"

Resident Knight Harris: "Cut it out! We have to cooperate or we cannot overcome Kamuy!"

Monster between us and the place we want to go? This certainly hasn’t happened at least several times a disc. Nope. New and fresh. And we can now head over to the left for the Furni Inn which we need to hit up if we actually want to get a boat pass so we can do things in this town. Stupid canals and not enough bridges.

Villager: “Now we cannot imagine it, but although Kamuy is a wolf, it was very affectioante to people.”

What kind of medieval/midddle ages/something society lets you bring a wolf into town. Wolves are scary things to peasants. As are most things that come out of forests.

Man at the Rent-a-Boat: "I'll be right with you. Here is the license for the boat. The Mayor gave us an order to rent the boat to warriors for free."

Dart: "Warriors?"

Man at the Rent-a-Boat: "Well? You are the warriors who came to overcome the wolf, aren't you?"

Dart: "No, we are not. We are just travelers. We've just arrived from Tiberoa today."

We can say we are part of the hunting party, but the guy goes on and on about how we are fishy and he’s not going to give us the license. Honestly is apparently the best policy.

Man at the Rent-a-Boat: "From Tiberoa? With that huge boat?"

Dart: "Yes, it is the Queen Fury."

Man at the Rent-a-Boat: "Could you be the famous Dart and companions who conquered the Sea Dragon in Illisa Bay?"

Dart: "I guess the story has traveled all the way here."

Man at the Rent-a-Boat: "Hon! Let the Mayor know about this!! He'll be happy to hear about this! Here it is! The License for the boat! Take it!"

And thanks to being total badasses the guy gives us our boat license!

Dart: "Thank you."

Man at the Rent-a-Boat: "I have to thank you! Thanks to you, we can go fishing and go to Tiberoa! If you need anything, just drop by! We have accommodations too! I'll give you a good price!"

Weapon shop has one fairly exciting item for us. The Attack Badge costs 1000 and adds 20 to both your physical and magical attack. Handy thing to have around from time to time. I blow pretty much the rest of my savings on that before moving back to talk to the mayor. The town exit and Teo’s house are also that way, but one of the warriors is blocking the path. So to the mayor it is!

Luckily for mayor excitement here the party is rolling up on our sweet new canoe.

Mayor of Furni: "Oh! I couldn't sit still. I was just pacing around waiting for you! The story of your heroic deeds in Tiberoa has reached us here in Furni! It is wonderful what you did! And now I would like you to listen to my story!"

Albert and Emille have competition for vomiting out words now.

Dart: "P, please wait. I don't know what you are talking about."

Mayor of Furni: "I would like to talk briefly about the sad situation in this village. Would you please listen to me?"

You can see Dart put his hand up to his face in the realization that soon every single god damn person in Endiness will know who he is and expect him to personally fix all of lifes problems.

We can say no but he’ll just guilt trip us with his poor mute daughter.

Mayor of Furni: "This daughter Fa."

Mayor of Furni: "A few days ago, my daughter was attacked by a wolf. Fortunately, the injury was not bad, however, since then, she hasn't talked at all. Probably from the shock of the incident.

Mayor of Furni: "The wolf is becoming more savage every day. Now, he has been joined by monsters from the Evergreen Forest, and they attack people!"

Albert: "I see. The warriors outside are the group headed for battle. Indeed, if we finish off the wolf, your daughter may become better."

I’m not entirely sure Fa agrees with that assessment. She backs away rapidly when Albert mentions killing the wolf.

Mayor of Furni: "But it is more complicated than that. The wolf called Kamuy that attacked Fa was kept by a boy of this village, until recently. And the boy who kept Kamuy named Teo has disappeared! On the night Fa was injured, Teo disappeared from his home. Probably he feels responsible and ran away. Teo has been Fa's friend since they were little. They are best friends."

Mayor of Furni: "Yes. Of course I cannot force you. Now we have a lot of warriors. Maybe they are enough. Oh.... Sorry about this. I have made you listen for such a long time without thinking about you at all. Well, as my apology, won't you stay at my house for the night? It will be an honor to entertain heroes!”

Dart: "Well...."

Dart: "For tonight only. Thank you."

Score! Free room and board once more. Although every house we stay at seems to be occupied by people who can’t keep their mouth shut.

Mayor of Furni: "I am glad! Fa is happy too! She has been lonely since her mother passed away. Now, let me see. When you are ready to stay, come back. I will prepare dinner with Fa. Are you ready to stay here?"

If you need to do some running around you can bail out here, but nothing you can do in town that you can’t do tomorrow. Actually there is a bit more to do tomorrow. So let’s get our free grub.

Dart: "Yes we are."

Mayor of Furni: "Now, let's have dinner!"

Shana: "You want to go to bed together?"

Haschel: "Probably she wants warmth."

Shana: "Let's go to to bed together."

Shana then heads upstairs to put Fa to bed. A bit later Haschel follows her up and hears her singing.

Haschel: "!! This lullaby...."

Hashcel’s daughter is sitting on the dock looking out to sea singing the same song Shana is now as Haschel walks up behind her.

Claire: "This tune is a lullaby that I am dedicating to my future baby."

Haschel: "That might be better for her than mastering the martial arts."

The two head back downstairs so they don’t wake Fa back up.

Shana: "Isn't it a sweet tune? I learned this from Dart."

Haschel: "Dart knew this tune?"

Shana: "He said that his late mother sang it to him. It's a special lullaby for Dart."

You know how Dart’s mom and Haschel’s daughter had the same name but everyone blew it off as chance and started sperging about the census? Funny thing that...

Haschel: (!! I see. It was not a coincidence for me to be here.) "I'm going to get some air."

Haschel takes a well needed walk outside to be alone. I can imagine it kind of throws your day off when you realize the daughter you have been chasing down for the last two decades is kind of dead and you are a grandfather. Just a little.

Albert: "It reminds me that Dart has been outside on the roof forever. Why don't you join him?"

Shana heads up to talk to Dart who is staring off in the distance. Down in the bottom left Meru ninjas up behind the two. That girl just doesn’t learn.

I guess it’s pretty easy to hear conversations from inside when your house has absolutely no windows or drapes in it.

Shana: "Do you remember? When you first came to Seles. I was little and you used to sing this song to me."

Dart: "I remember that. Back then I used to take care of you, as if you were my baby sister, Shana."

Shana: *Chuckle* "Like a 'baby sister'. But many things have changed since then. You and I too, Dart."

Shana: *Chuckle* "Yes we have."

Meru: (Childhood friend, hmm. I wonder how my childhood friend is doing.)

Dart: "The Moon That Never Sets. I hadn't noticed, but the Moon has been involving itself in our journey."

The whole area seems to get bright and and lens flarey as Shana grabs her head like when shes about to vaporize something. RUN FOR THE HILLS.

Dart: "Shana!?"

Meru runs around the corner to check in on the situation. Luckily for her Dart is too distracted to wnder how the hell she got there so quick.

Dart: "Are you all right!!"

Shana: "Ahh...."

Dart picks her up and rushes her back downstairs and then faaaade to black.

Dart stands here the whole time with his arms crossed pretty much looking “Like hell you are”

Mayor of Furni: "Are you really okay!? You can stay here forever if you like!"

Oook than. That’s only a little creepy. Shana is not going to be Fa’s new mommy, dude.

Shana: "Thank you very much. But I really have to go”

She turns and kneels down to talk to Fa.

Shana: I'll see you soon. Let's go. We have to find Lloyd soon or it will be too late."

Dart: "I'm with ya."

Dart finally uncrosses his arms and we are free to hit up the forest! Although we have one more thing to do here.

For god knows what reason Teo’s house has this sweet slide in it. Same architect as Albert's palace?

...However if we just jump onto it we hit that wooded barrier and Dart gracefully crashes onto the ground with a spinal injury. We need to head back up and pull that 2 pixel wide chain up there to move the barrier.

Which takes us past that locked gate and to stardust #37! Woo. 3 more until our last normal item reward.

And with that our journey into disc 3 and even more shocking revelations ends! Next time we beat the shit out of a wolf and then two party members fuck off!

Bonus art! Furni Render