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Part 32: Episode 31: We Didn’t Start the Fire

Well it was a pretty quick trip to Deningrad all things said. Apparently unlike the coast it is a bit of a frozen hellhole to most normal people. Right at the entrance a Tiberoan is freezing his balls off while a Mille Seseau resident about 20 feet away remarks about how nice it is.

Also despite being a capital, usually a source rife with stardust we have none to pick up here for now. We need to move the story forward a bit before it shows up.

First thing we do is hit up the shop right at the entrance which has both the weapon and items shop. The guys pick up some breast plates, the girls some boots, haschel and kongol pick up a new weapon, and we get taunted by the Armor of Legend. Thanks to some behind the scenes work I am no longer broke, but at least will be most of the disc before I can afford it.

If we talk to a guy in front of the church he tells us about how moved he is by the Bishop Dille’s preaching and we should go talk to the guy. Generic NPCs rarely tell us to do anything so I guess we can make a quick trip into the church.

Bishop Dille: "from evil by the Signets created by the ancient Winglies. The legend goes, 'When the Signet is broken, the end of the world approaches.' Just like the Last Fruit, we Humans are one of the fruits given life by the Divine Tree. For the 'End of the World' to be a mere legend, we must remove evil from our hearts and live in honesty. It is our mission as children of the Divine Tree."

Quick. Riiiight. Welcome to Chapter Three: Revenge of the Exposition. About this time the game decides we haven’t really had a massive info dump on the background of the world yet. Pretty much this and the next update have more world history than the first two discs combined.

All the congregation wander out while the crew, who have apparently been listening in off screen, walk up to pester the priest for information. If there is anything priests love though, it’s talking about their god tree.

Albert: "We still don't know what the objectives are for Lloyd. Any information could be helpful."

Bishop Dille: "Oh, you must be travelers. Welcome to Deningrad. My name is Bishop Dille. I serve the Divine Tree."

Dart: "I'm Dart. This drawing is what you were talking about?"

Bishop Dille: "Yes, it is. The Divine Tree. But this is what we imagine. Nobody has seen the real tree. Nonetheless, we believe in the Divine Tree. It is the source of life in harmony. Would you like to know more about the Divine Tree?"

Dart: "No thank you."

Dart knows when to run away from a wordy priest. He’d rather be off hunting Lloyd than in this stuffy church.

Albert: "Dart! Why did you say that!? Knowledge about the Divine Tree may lead us down the right road! Oh, Dart. You are pathetic. Knowledge reveals itself only to those who desire it."

Haschel: ("He just wants to know things, doesn't he?")

Shana: ("But just listening to a story won't harm us, will it?")

Dart: ("I was concerned about Lloyd, but if you insist, we can listen to him.")

Albert: "Therefore! Let's listen to the story of the Bishop! All right!?"

Dart: "I take it back. Please tell us."

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This actually isn’t one of the pan across a still image FMV of this update. It cuts into something that actually benefits video a few seconds in.

Bishop Dille: "The Divine Tree is the Tree of Life.”

Bishop Dille: “All life comes from this Divine Tree.”

Bishop Dille: “In the beginning, nothingness filled the world.”

Bishop Dille: “Then, The Creator Soa descended from the sky.“

If you aren’t watching this you should, if only to see how incredibly creepy a God Tree growing at a thousand times speed is.

Bishop Dille: “He and his followers created the world. In the end, Soa sowed a seed on the earth.”

Bishop Dille: “The seed soon grew to be a great tree.”

Bishop Dille: “The great tree bore 108 fruits and various lifeforms arose from the ripened fruits. Thus, 108 forms of life created to fill the world.

Bishop Dille: “The Divine Tree completed its rule, but the story says it is still protected by the Signet of Soa. It is like this, the world was established with a fate determined by Soa."

Endiness has to be the least biologically diverse planet of all time. 108 species isn’t much to go on. I guess as far as origin stories goes its not TOO weird though. From some of the species that pop out though Soa sure had a sense of humor.

Dart: "God's tree, sown by Soa, is the Divine Tree."

Bishop Dille: "If you would like to find out more about this, you can go to the National Library."

Albert: "Is that the Mille Seseau National Library!! I can step into the treasury of knowledge. I wonder if I am capable of receiving all this incredible luck and still remain calm.”

Albert, you will always be the sperg in my heart.

Dart: "Al, Albert? Are you okay?"

Albert: "Let's go!"

We actually aren’t going very far. We COULD wander to the library. But some jerk ass locked it up and left. Said jerk ass is currently up at the altar praying, so let’s save ourselves a trip.

Librarian Ute: "Who are you people? Do you realize that you are talking to Librarian Ute?"

Dart: "No. Sorry."

Librarian Ute: "So what do you want? Have you interrupted my ceremony for no reason?"

I think the writers knew there was a lot of so they let Haschel get a number of great lines in here.

Librarian Ute: "Did you say something?"

Harsh. Completely blown off by a librarian.

Albert: "Please wait. we were told by Bishop Dille that there is a wonderful library here."

Librarian Ute: "If you want, you can just go to the library. ... Oh, wait. I locked the door when I left!"

Albert: "So, could you open the door? I would love the opportunity to touch such treasures of intelligence!"

I imagine the look is somewhere between a wolf slobbering over a wounded dear and a 13 year old boy with his first porno mag.

Albert: "I appreciate it!"

Librarian Ute: "I'll let you in now!"

Haschel: "He is such a haughty old guy."

Dart: "Don't say that. We have to do what we can do until Lloyd shows up."

Our great plan to stop Lloyd from doing, well, whatever he is doing is apparently to jerk of around Deningrad until Lloyd does something. Not to, you know actively try to hunt him down or anything.

Albert: "That's true.He used a Dragon and a Dragoon in Serdio, and in Tiberoa, he obtained the cooperation of a Wingly. We don't know what he will do here."

I’m not sure if this guy is just really redundant or just hates women. Up and to our left is the fabled library that is giving Albert such a knowledge boner.

Albert: "This is incredible!!"

Librarian Ute: "This is the knowledge source of Endiness! Go look for anything you want!"

Shana: "The entire wall is filled with books. Maybe we can find out something about Virages and the Moon That Never Sets."

One more point for Haschel!

Librarian Ute: "It made me wise!"

Kongol: "Kongol feel dizzy. Gigantos lose to books."

Oh Kongol. You are can be the barbarian stereotype in my heart next to Al’s spergin.

Albert: "Here is something about Dragons! It also talks about Dragoons too!"

Dart: "We can say that the Serdian War was started from the Dragoon Spirit that was brought by Lloyd."

Shana: "Let's split up and look."

Dart: "Let's just do it."

Haschel: "I guess I have to use my brain for the first time in a long time."

Kongol: "Can Kongol read human words?"

Shana: "If Rose were here, she would tell us a lot."

Dart: "They will be back when they finish with their errands. We have to do what we can do now."

Now we can run around and talk to our crew with varying levels of useful information.

Kongol: “It is about Winglies, I guess.”

Dart: “You Guess?”

Dart: “Let me read it. ‘Winglies are people with wings of light who employ magical power. They had their glory 11,000 years ago, and had enormous magical power that could float colossal cities’”

Kongol: “City floats.”

Dart: “Yes, it is unimaginable in the current world. ‘They became extinct after the war with Humans who were seeking their liberation.’ But Lenus, who was a Wingly, was alive. Besides, us Dragoons are supposed to be only a legend. A legend does not necessarily tell the truth. Take a look at this picture”

Kongol: “Humans and Dragons. No. Dragoons and Dragons. And what is this?”

Dart: “Virage manipulated by winglies...”

You know, I don’t think the crew has put 2+2 together and decided Lloyd is a wingly. I guess he just has REALLY strong legs and that’s how he survived jumping off the top of a tower and survived. Not flying like some OTHER silver haired person that leaped out of an inescapable building.

Shana: “This book is talking about Divine Moon Objects, but they are just divine objects from a legend to begin with. There are no details.”

Dart: “If we can find out the meaning of the Divine Moon Objects”, we think we can find out what Lloyd wants.”

Shana: “Ok, let me read the part I found. ‘After the Dragon Campaign, Humans controlled the Continent of Endiness, and divided the continent into four, and established three new countries. To the east, Serdio. To the south, Tiberoa. To the north, Mille Seseau. And to th west of the continent, the untouched land, the Death Frontier. Each country shared three divine objects inherited from the Winglies as proof of their alliance. The divine moon objects are said to conceal magical power, however, their usage is unknown.”

Dart: “Usage is unknown,” hmm. His mystery must be hidden in there.”

Shana: “I will look into it more.”

Sooo two characters down and so far all they have learned is Winglies had flying cities and we will probably visit some god awful place called the Death Frontier.  The Death Frontier is god awful 

Haschel: “This book talks about the Dragoons.”

Haschel: “Yes it is. The heroes of the Dragon Campaign. According to this, we are the first new Dragoons to come along since that time.”

Albert: “Maybe. Dragoons are to be called when history requires them.”

Dart: “When history requires that now? Lavitz was a Dragoon. And Greham, Doel and Lenus too. Were their deaths necessary?”

Haschel: “That is what...only history can tell. I, of course, don’t know.”

Albert: “However, it all started out from the Dragoon Spirit that Lloyd brought. If Lloyd is a part of history that is necessary...”

Dart: “Then our journey seems to be dragged along by his fate.”

Hashcel: “Despite the fact that they were Humans, the seven heroes who led the Dragon Campaign to victory 11,000 years ago, crossed the sky and cast spells. After they fulfilled their roles, they vanished with the Dragoon Spirits as if it were some unavoidable fate.”

We already know that one of the Dragoons was a Giganto. Another one was also non-human though we won’t see or hear a peep about until disc 4. And as for vanishing, well, I guess you could call a Pyrrhic victory where at least 4 of them died before their corpses were crushed in the rubble of a city falling out of the sky unavoidable.

Haschel: “This legend seems to be telling us that after this journey, we will vanish.”

Albert: “I am reading a book on politics now. This is very....”

Dart: “Can you do politics after we take care of Lloyd?”

Albert: “Y, yes indeed. Now, let me read the portion that talks about Dragoons. According to this, “Dragons are the second most powerful species of all 107 creatures given life by the Divine Tree.”

Wait a second here. 108-107 leaves us with a number hanging. I demand a recount!

Albert: “Their attacks and life power overwhelm others, however, the creator Soa created a balance by reducing the dragon’s intelligence. Therefore, they were to be controlled by Humans with their wisdom. During the Dragon Campaign 11,000 years ago, they had fierce battles against Virages manipulated by Winglies and couldnt’ avoid being annihilated.”

Dart: “But they weren’t annihilated like the book says.”

Albert: “True. And again, they are ruled by the Dragoons. I’ll look for more.”

After all this nonsense LIbrarian Ute will talk to us in more detail about the dragon campaign. But I feel we’ve ALL had enough words for one evening, especially me after transcribing all the book conversations

Bonus art! I know you all wanted to see the church in all its glorious detail.