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Part 38: Episode 37: Shall We Dare the Dragon

Well, I guess it’s time to nut up or shut up. We got ourselves a Dragon Block Staff and the Divine Dragon isn’t likely to get into a much better mood any time soon. Time to kick some legendary teeth in.

The path to the Mountain of Mortal Dragon is the left blocked exit from the forest. Cause we haven’t seen this place enough recently.

Sacred Knight: "and then came back to the Mountain of Mortal Dragon!!"

Dart: "Before the Divine Dragon left, did anybody pass through here?"

Sacred Knight: "No, sir! No one, sir. We didn't even let a mouse pass, sir! Unless they can fly like that monster!"

Miranda: "Gotcha. Stay on guard here. We are off to defeat the monster."

Sacred Knight: "Yes ma'am!! Good luck!!"

I’m sure we can trust the word of this Knight. Safe to say we will have NO interruptions there, yep.

The Mountain of Mortal Dragon is...kind of a weird looking place. The next screen up from this is boring, but does contain an Attack Ball if randomness is your kind of thing.

The Mountain has quite a few enemies. Several Dragon or Dragon-esque things, and some normal shit like giant death spiders. Spiders usually just do a decently strong physical attack to you. Theoretically they can cobweb and disable you but I’ve never had it happen. Beastie Dragons can be more annoying. Wind element, fairly high attack, but the kicker is their status effects. They can either hit you with fear or bewitched. Neither of which are fun. I usually just pop into Dragoon form to clear them. Not like we are using them much during the boss fight.

After going through the top portion of this screen then looping back under we can pick up some nice armor for Kongol. It has pretty high magic defense which would be pretty damn handy around now if he wasn’t already an unkillable death god thanks to Legend Casque.

We can also run into Mega Sea Dragons here. Basically reskins of the guy back from the Undersea Cave on disc 2. High evasion and they can hit your party with Burn out or Gushing Magma.

And the last enemy I ran into were Baby Dragons. They have strangely high defense and can hit an ally with despirit or fear. Generally kind of annoying, but they don’t hit hard.

As we get towards the top we see one of his giant fuck off cannon beams go streaking out of the crater.

Miranda: "It is from the top of Mountain of Mortal Dragon!!"

Meru: "That was a magic power! An awfully powerful mega magic!"

Haschel: "Whatever it is, that is our destination."

Rose: "The anger toward the Winglies who sealed him."

Albert: "And us Humans who dominated Dragons."

Miranda: "Then, does this mean that Deningrad was chosen to be the place for the declaration of war!?"

Dart: "We will settle that on the top of the Mountain of Mortal Dragon. Before the next town becomes a victim."

And this right here is a damn nice hat. Pretty solid stats and adds 50% to your health. If you want you can turn somebody into a juggernaut with that and the physical ring. Meru picks that up so she isn’t so god damn squishy.

And an oh so exciting Total Vanishing and a save point! As you may guess the Dragon is right around the corner. I use my slow down, Sigil Stone, and defend to heal everybody up for the fight. And to get Meru down to 100 SP.

Rose: "The sound of swords.... No, has somebody already started to fight against it!? Let's go. Either way, we will have to join in."

This screen is kind of a dick. We have our nice obvious chest on the top right. But tucked in front of the edge on our right is a second one. Top one is Body Purifier which is kind of a who cares, but the bottom one is Speed Down, a reusable item that does what it says to the enemy.

Dart: "There is nobody who would think that way."

Meru: "Um. May I excuse myself for a bit?"

Haschel: "You are the representative of the Winglies! Come on!"

Miranda: "Are you going back to your forest to hide?"

Meru: "I, I was just kidding!! When I do it I can do it!!"

Albert: "I made up my mind. Anyway.... If the people of Serdio knew about this, they would all fall over."

Dart: "Let's do it! !?”

Dart: “Lloyd!?"

Lloyd: "It is earlier than I expected. Well, it is the future King of Dragons. Even with the Dragon Buster, which can kill Dragons, he still gave me a hard time. But he is almost dead. There is no need for you to come in."

Dart: "You say you are fighting against the Divine Dragon!?"

Albert: "You broke the seal on the strongest Dragon of all, but you couldn't control it! It's the truth, isn't it!?"

Miranda: "What are you yapping about!? We can kill this man anytime!! We have to defeat the Divine Dragon first!!"

Miranda has a refreshingly straight forward view of the world. Kill the biggest threat, clean up the pretty boy later.

Lloyd: "The Sacred Sister of Mille Seseau, I see the replacement for that girl. How convenient for us."

The Divine Dragon hurls a few balls our way to add some mood lighting to the conversation.

Dart: "Shut up!! Urgh!!"

Dart is very well spoken his response to all this.

Click To Watch a Short Cut Scene and Longish Boss Fight

Dart lets out a manly battle cry! Also I didn’t lie about the short cut scene. To battle!

And here is our bro in battle. He’s probably kind of downsized from how he should be, but he’s still by far the biggest thing we’ve fought. I think he’ll remain the biggest thing we fight.


Dart pulls the Dragon Block Staff out of his back pocket and holds it up.

He then just kind of chucks it in the general vicinity of the Divine Dragon. Luckily the staff knows whats up and starts sucking up images of dragons into itself. Then it shatters into a million pieces. Hope we don't need another one. We then get a kind message telling us that Dragons and Dragoons have been weakened by the power of the staff. They are NOT joking. In my silent playthrough I had Kongol pop in to clear a status. He did 63 damage on a perfect dragoon addition.

Do you know all those fancy mini missiles and fuck of lasers he shot of during cut scenes? Yeah none of that here. He just makes his head glows then uses strong elemental attacks. Other than in scale he’s not that much different than the Grand Jewel fight.

He opens up by dropping a ring of fire onto the crew. Meru eats it for 500 thanks to her weakness, Dart about 237 only because his resistance, Kongol laughs it off and takes 115 or about 5% of his health. Dart has 1800 total, Meru 1450, and Kongol 2200 big ones.

He immediately attempts earth magic on Kongol. Because if he didn’t take damage from fire he’ll SURELY take it from his resistant element. Or just completely dodge. Meru gets our first go. she still has enough HP thanks to the Dragon Helm to take a full hit from that fire spell+another one so she kicks into support mode. Kongol gets a speed up since he’ll be our heavy hitter this fight.

He leads off with the start of an unending series of Bone Crush for just under 400 damage. He will literally use no other attacks or skills this fight. Like the Virage, the Divine Dragon has three parts. This time I won’t be ignoring them though. I’m not fully sure what the breakdown is, but each section controls different attacks. We will be stabbing him in his Dragon Balls first. It and the Dragon Cannon have about 2k HP, Dragon himself has another 5k.

Motherfucking Dart still hasn’t picked up Moon Strike. I’m not sure it’s physically possible for me to fail Crush Dance at this point. It’s easy to start with and I’ve done it so. Many. Times. Meru continues to cheerlead and gives Kongol a power up so he can be more manly. As if that was possible.

He picks up almost 200 damage from it.

Divine Dragon then bust out his favorite spell, the wind all attack. Maybe he knows Kongol is his very bane and is trying to element bust him in a vain attempt to survive. Kongol takes even LESS from this than he did the fire. A staggering 87. Dart sucks up almost 500 though and Meru 336.

Those watching the video will have noticed me carefully keeping Meru at 100 SP this time. And this is why. As with all healing, magical healing from Dragoons is percent based.

She can pretty much drop into Dragoon form for a second, top everyone off, then drop right out. She’s wearing the SP +50% accessory so only one addition will kick her back over 100 SP. May as well get some free healing, not like that MP is getting used for offense.

The Dragon uses his rock attack on Meru this time, with -slightly- more success. It hits, but only for 170.

Meru confusedly counterattacks and wonders how she’s doing jack or shit to this huge thing with her tiny ass body and hammer. After getting healed Dart knocks out the first part of the Dragon and we move onto the Cannon.

But now that she’s refilled on SP and HP she can start playing with the big boys. I’ve had this Spectral Flash laying around for a while. Powerful white magic.

The power of an 80s glam rock light show can not be denied and both remaining parts get hit for over 1000 damage. In retrospect her first turn should have gone into this and her second an attack all. I didn’t know it hit quite that hard though. C’est la vie.

We take a few more hits in the back and forth and Meru drops a healing breeze cause I don’t feel like watching Rainbow Breath at the moment. Also last time I did this fight the fucker did a status effect all attack twice, I want 40 MP in reserve.

When he’s bored with lighting us on fire and tossing mini tornadoes on us he can punt everyone for middling physical damage with his front leg.

Everyone is healthy again so Meru chucks a Lightning attack out for a damn respectable 840 damage. I further realize Meru should have just nuked the SHIT out of everything while the boys vacationed. She backs it up with a second one that hits for 970 and drops the Divine Dragon under half health. My thumb thanks me for not spamming boost items after the furious mashing involved in that one.

And here is one of his most annoying attacks he can use. Fear on everything. Because you know what makes boss fights fun? Doing half and taking double. First run on this fight I had a wopping two Mind Purifiers and everyone was at max dragoon level. Putting Meru into Dragoon form would have been suicide. So I healed her and Dart. Kongol was only dragoon three so I switched him and prayed his hilarious evasion would protect him. Which it did. Then I immediately got hit with the attack again after he untransformed. I just finished the damn fight feared.

Part of the reason Dart’s damage output has been so anemic this battle is I dropped his attack badge for the status resistant accessory. He can lose some damage more than Kongol can lose speed. So he’s good to go. He ignores his buddies in peril and pushes some more damage in.

Meru transforms, healing herself of the fear, then does another Rainbow Breath to get Kongol clean of the mess.

At this point I only have attack all items, which are significantly weaker than the single targets, but still about five times as damaging as a Meru addition.

The Divine Dragon tries to burn out Kongol again with the expected results(miss). From here on out its nothing but clean up. No new attacks, no mass fear. Meru finishes him off with another Dark Rain.

And Dart goes in for the kill steal with the cinematic victory slash. He doesn’t even do anything unique or cool. Just runs up and makes a single slash.

The Divine Dragons head wobbles around a bit way up above.

Before slamming down onto the ground incredibly hard. This thing must be made out of lead. It would go a long way to explain its craziness.

The hit is so hard it drives up pillars of rock lifting whatever party members feel like showing up in the cut scene at the moment.

Dart looks kind of bummed about having to murder a dragon just cause it woke up grumpy.

Lloyd has decided he spent enough time watching and moves back in on the Dragon.

He performs a little unasked for eye surgery using the Dragon Buster.

The eye starts vomiting out some psychedelic light blinding everyone in the area. Except presumably Lloyd who probably slips on some sunglasses or something.

The glow collapses back in on itself hovering above Lloyd.

And then drops into the conniving bastard’s hand.

I’m getting my mileage out of this emoticon the last few updates. Although I’d say a lot of you at least had an inkling something like this would happen.

And as a nice interruption to our conversation we get our end of battle screen now. One shit ton of experience is had by all and most of the party levels up. Meru gets a new addition, Cool Boogie off of this one. This is her terrible damage, mad SP one. We also snag a replacement Flash Hall and a Gravity Grabber, a strong earth all attack.

Damn did that Dragon decompose quick. Getting your soul compressed into a gem really does you in.

Lloyd: "Yes. This is the Dragoon Spirit. This is the soul of the Divine Dragon. The flame of a soul that sparkles only at the last moment of a dragon's life...its crystal is the Dragoon Spirit! As I expected, it doesn't sparkle in my hands."

Thank god for that. That’s all we need is a jacked up Dragon Buster wielding Divine Dragoon.

Dart: "Lloyd!! That was your purpose wasn't it!?"

Lloyd: "This is just a little prize for me."

Dart: "A 'prize'!?"

Lloyd: "I don't need additional power to destroy the world. The Divine Dragon was a mere obstacle to my ideal. I fought against it for that reason only."

For being a smart guy Albert totally forgot that Lloyd said he was doing this for Emperor Diaz.

Lloyd: "The King of Serdio, what brought you all the way here? Is it the frustration of having your Moon taken? Or your feelings toward your loyal friend, Lavitz?"

Dart: "Don't even mention that name!"

Lloyd: "It is too early yet to settle things."

Dart: "Wait!"

Lloyd: "Don't be so hasty. I'll see you soon."

And the motherfucker teleports out of here. Took the combined power of three people working hard to send us anywhere and he just kind of pops out of existence. Although his range seems worse than most RPG villains with random teleport powers. He’s still within the crater.

Dart: "Where is he going!?"

Albert: "He is leaving the mountain! Chase him!"

But we’ll save that for our next update.