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Part 39: Episode 38: A Shadow of All Nights Falling

So having murdered the most powerful of Dragons things should be going well for us, right. Wellll. Not really! Backtrack a few screens and we run into Lloyd again.

Well that was certainly a good start to the chase. Nothing like a surprise fireball hurling you off a cliff to round out the day. Also what the fuck is with you two falling off of things. There are five more people you could fall down with!

This time Dart gets to be the one to retain consciousness. I guess he has spent more time in battle than Rose of late! Although he has 11 centuries of catch up to do. I just always assume Rose has been completely sandbagging throughout the game because it wouldn’t be fair to go full power too soon.

Dart: "Argh!! I didn't know he was one of the Winglies!! Rose!? Rose! Come on!"

Rose: "Ah. Ahh...."

Dart: "Can you tell me who I am!?"

Rose: "I were dead."

Dart: "...?"

Rose: "Don't worry, I am carrying out your will. We took this world back together, I won't let them ruin it.

This isn’t suspicious. Nope, not at all.

Dart: "'Black Power'? Are you talking about the Black Monster!?"

I think I have seen !? used more in this LP than the rest of my life combined. By a significant margin.

We return to Neet getting burned to the ground for about the third time this game. I think this is our last flashback there but don’t quote me on this.

Dart's Father: "Take care of Dart."

Dart’s dad heads down the hill into the flaming mess of town. I’m not sure who he’s trying to save at this point.

Dart's Mother: "Your father is a strong person. You have that strength in you. So.... You can wait here by yourself, okay."

Dart: "Where are you going?"

Dart's Mother: "I am going back to the village to fight."

Dart: "Really?"

It’s cool. You’ll be ok if the Black Monster that just casually destroyed our village and Knights come your way.

Dart's Mother: "I will protect your hometown and your father. Live strong."

I think we can see where exactly where Dart’s genes come from. Not incredibly smart, but by god we will fight to the death for what we want.

Dart goes to chase after his mom and falls flat on his face. An auspicious start to his early forced entry into the adult world.

Dart: "This is my dad's...important...shiny stone.”

Like I said. Not too blessed in the brains department.

Dart: "the Moon Child descends to the earth to give a holy blessing to the world.' Fester said.... What really appears is not the Moon Child, but the Black Monster. What kind of relationship exists between the Black Monster who destroys all and the Moon Child who blesses the world?" (Rose, what do you know about this?)

After about five minutes Meru remembers that she has wings and comes in to check on them.

Meru: "Dart!! Rose!! Finally! I found you guys!! Oh boy, Rose! She passed out! Move away! I'll carry Rose first!"

Meru: "Darn! I'm beaten!"

Rose: "It's my fault, letting him go.... I apologize for it."

Dart: "It is not your fault, Rose. Nobody knew he was a Wingly who can use magic."

Because we all thought a Wingly that hated all humans was dating a human.

Haschel: "Don't worry. We will find out where he went."

Albert: "I agree. Lloyd's objectives are still the Divine Moon Objects."

Dart: "Miranda, there is no need for you to hide it. Tell us about the Divine Moon Object in Mille Seseau."

Meru: "It's not like you, Miranda. Don't hesistate."

Miranda: "I guess, there is no choice but to tell everything. The Divine Moon Objects are said to be brought by Winglies. And, it is said that they have a dreadful magic power concealed within. That is the reason why they were never allowed to be taken outside. A national treasure that has been kept a close secret. It is called the Moon Mirror. The successive thrones have been the keys to opening the seal. Oh, it cannot be!"

Thank you for spending a whole paragraph telling us what we knew before realizing that possibly Lloyd may want the last moon artifact after stealing the last two.

Dart: "Queen Theresa is in danger!"

So what odds do you give demoralized palace guards vs. a Wingly who was just in a solo beat down contest vs. the Divine Dragon?

Commander of Sacred Knights: "To make sure of that we, the Sacred Brotherhood, are going to act as reinforcements. Don't worry there is no way our Sister Miranda can lose."

Sacred Knight A: "Yes indeed. We cannot imagine her losing."

Sacred Knight B: "But, I cannot imagine that the giant Dragon will lose either."

Truly the only outcome he could imagine was the two sides admitting to mutual respect and sitting down to a cup of tea.

Third Sacred Sister Wink: "Please don't say such an ill-omened thing!"

Sacred Knight B: "I, I'm sorry ma'am!"

Commander of Sacred Knights: "Sister Miranda, Dart, and company are legendary Dragoons. We might not be needed."

?????: "Dragoons!? They are mere Humans anyway!!"


Third Sacred Sister Wink: "Who is it!?"

Younger Bardel: "Humans don't need to know my name!"

Third Sacred Sister Wink: "Oh no! Are you a Wingly?"

Younger Bardel: "Yes I am! We were the rulers of you Humans in ancient Endiness!!"

I’m sure this is going to go good for the guards. I’m pretty sure this entire Knighthood exists to get their ass kicked Miranda not withstanding.

Two of them go flying off the cliff and another into the mountain wall.

Third Sacred Sister Wink: "Oh my god!!”

Younger Bardel: “This is what you asked for!”

Younger Bardel: “And your scream is its overture!! You conceited Humans! Go to hell!!"

I think Bardel just read babies first guide to propaganda. And then he starts charging up a fireball and heaves it towards Wink.

...When Lloyd of all people shows up and just absorbs the shot without any visible effect.

Third Sacred Sister Wink: "Oh, you are...Mr. Lloyd!!"

Lloyd: "You are so easily overtaken."

Younger Bardel: "You blocked the magic power. Who are you!?"

Lloyd: "I don't need to answer you."

Younger Bardel: "Watch your mouth!!"

Third Sacred Sister Wink: "Mr. Lloyd!!"

Lloyd: "'Liberation' of Winglies? Hmph! You are so old-fashioned. A world without Humans? It won't be any different from the forest you are cooped up in. ... I have made many sacrifices for my ideals. But your ideals cannot be achieved unless you annihilate everything?"

Wait wait. Let me go back like, one update here. Lloyd was just bragging about having the power to destroy the world. I guess it was just empty bragging! Also this entire conversation Bardel is heaving fireballs constatnly at Lloyd with absolutely no effect.

Younger Bardel: "Of course!! My grudge!! My hatred!! I will settle'em all with human lives!!"

Lloyd: "You should not be alive."

Younger Bardel: "!!"

Apparently the Dragon Buster works pretty good on Winglies as well as Dragons and Dragoons.

Younger Bardel: "I, I won't die alone!!"

Bardel proceeds to explode, knocking Lloyd to his knees and Wink all the way to the ground.

Third Sacred Sister Wink: "Mr. Lloyd?"

Lloyd: "I went out of my way...."

Third Sacred Sister Wink: "Oh, you are wounded!! Please let us treat you at the castle!"

Damn it Lloyd. Stop going all human on us. Maybe he just has the hots for Wink? This IS the second time he’s saved her.

Sometime afterwards the party comes tramping through the same neck of the woods where they run into the useless Commander.

Miranda: "Oh, Commander of Knights!! We were successful in defeating the Divine Dragon and!! What happened to you. You are injured!?"

Commander of Sacred Knights: "Queen Theresa... Queen Theresa was abducted!!"

Miranda: "Wh, what did you say!?"

Dart: "By who!?"

Commander of Sacred Knights: "A man called L, Lloyd!!"

Dart: "We are too late!!"

Miranda reverts to her core instincts: A strong right hook.

Miranda: "What were you doing!!"

Albert: "Do you know where he took her?"

Commander of Sacred Knights: "Well.... Sister Wink might know something!"

Miranda: "My sisters are safe aren't they!?"

Commander of Sacred Knights: "Everyone is waiting for the group to come back to the Crystal Palace!!"

It really does not pay to be a noble in this world. Everyone is always stabbing you, or generally backstabbing you, or impersonating your daughter.