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Part 40: Episode 39: Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Still not dead. And I’m kind of hoping this LP doesn’t hit a year in length so maybe I’ll keep my pace up!

So last we left we killed the king of dragons then kind of realized the Queen was going to get kidnapped because Lloyd is kind of a dick like that. Let us rush onward to the palace!

Actually one thing before that. On our walk home we FINALLY fucking get a new damaging addition for Dart. Moon Strike is a high damage/low SP one. Once we master this Blazing Dynamo will be ours which is great damage and good SP.

We can also check in on our girlfriend, but she’s totally zonked out and not very interesting.

I guess we’ll get the bad news taken care of right away!

First Sacred Sister Miranda: "What happened!?"

Second Sacred Sister Luanna: "Let me tell you. A few days ago, when the howling of the Dragon from the Mountain of Mortal Dragon stopped. We assumed he had been successfully vanquished."

Apparently we took our damn sweet time getting back from there. Knew I shouldn’t have done so much grinding.

Fourth Sacred Sister Setie: "Everyone, everyone was happy about it."

Flashback! There must be something about this room. We get a lot of flashbacks here.

Queen Theresa: "How long has it been since we have stopped hearing the howling of the Divine Dragon?"

Second Sacred Sister Luanna: "It has been about one week now."

Oh god we were even slower than we thought. This is really one of the few times where time is really mentioned. Apparently every time we go wandering on the world map we’ve been chewing up days. Luckily our enemies are rarely in much of a hurry.

Fourth Sacred Sister Setie: "Don't worry! Sister Luanna said 'The feeling of the Divine Dragon is gone'!"

Third Sacred Sister Wink: "I am back. I have good news for you, Queen Theresa. As Sister Luanna said, it seems they defeated the Divine Dragon."

Queen Theresa: "I am glad. Now we can focus on the recovery of the country. I appreciate it Wink. Please give the knights their well-earned rest."

Third Sacred Sister Wink: "About the knights.... My knighthood is currently being treated. A Wingly who had something against Humans suddenly raided us."

I think their knights are basically 0-3 at this point. Miranda is the only one of their warriors to do a goddamn thing useful yet.

Queen Theresa: "Winglies attacked you? According to Miranda, they are a friendly species."

???: "Some of the Winglies are militant."

Third Sacred Sister Wink: "Let me introduce him. His name is Mr. Lloyd, Your Majesty.”

Lloyd: "It is a pleasure to meet you, Your Majesty."

He’s pretty pleasant for a soon to be kidnapper that wants to, at a minimum, massively alter the world.

Third Sacred Sister Wink: "Not only that, it was Mr. Lloyd who gave us the good news of the successful vanquishing of the Divine Dragon."

Well, at least someone in here is suspicious even if her advisors are not.

Lloyd: "It was, a coincidence. I saw Sister Miranda and her companions who completed the vanquishing in the Mt. Dragon Tomb."

Ah yes. I was just strolling through the Mountain of Mortal Dragon on my evening walk with my dear hound Worthington when we came across the scene of the battle. Dreadful business.

Queen Theresa: "... I understand. Let me express my gratitude to you."

Third Sacred Sister Wink: "Actually, it was not the first time I was saved by Mr. Lloyd."

Fourth Sacred Sister Setie: "Oh! I remember! This gentleman is the man of the fate Sister Wink was talking about, isn't he!?”

And then for some reason Wink pushes Setie back some. I guess she doesn’t like people talking about her crush while he’s in the room.

Fourth Sacred Sister Setie: “Queen Theresa, she was saved from the bandits in Donau by this gentleman too!"

Second Sacred Sister Luanna: "It wasn't a coincidence, was it? Helping Wink, and coming here."

Third Sacred Sister Wink: "Sister Luanna? What are you talking about?"

Second Sacred Sister Luanna: "You cannot disguise it in front of me."

Oh, hey. Luanna can think too. Or at least trust her psychic powers.

Queen Theresa: "Wink, Setie stay back. I felt it too, something very wrong."

The Knight steps forward to guard the queen. Yeah. good luck with that, buddy.

Lloyd: "I hadn't intended to make a scene. However, sometimes it can't be avoided."

Lloyd is feeling in a good mood and doesn’t straight up murder the dude. Instead he just teleports past him to the queen.

The Knight is feeling rather heroic though.

And gets knocked on his ass for the trouble.

Fourth Sacred Sister Setie: "Queen Theresa!!"

Third Sacred Sister Wink: "Mr. Lloyd. What on earth...?"

Queen Theresa: "Do not come closer! What do you want!?"

Lloyd: "I desire the Moon Mirror."

Queen Theresa: "Moon Mirror! H, How did you know about it!?"

Lloyd: "You don't need to worry about that. You should just take me there, Your Majesty."

Third Sacred Sister Wink: "Answer me. From the beginning...from the beginning, it was your purpose?"

Queen Theresa: "Wink! Get away!"

Oh good. He’s one of THOSE bad guys. Already preparing for an ends justify the means speech.

Second Sacred Sister Luanna: "Queen Theresa! He is reading your mind!!"

Lloyd: "Shall we go to the last Divine Moon Object?"

Apparently he read the location and he and the Queen teleport off into god knows where.

And back to the present

First Sacred Sister Miranda: "In the Tower of Flanvel, to the west of Kashua Glacier."

Rose: "Theresa is the key to the tower."

First Sacred Sister Miranda: "I'll take care of the rest."

Third Sacred Sister Wink: "Sister Miranda."

Dart: "We will bring Queen Theresa back! We are not going to let Lloyd get what he wants!"

Because we have done a GREAT job of stopping him for the previous 2.5 discs.

Oh hey they let the whole gang show up on screen. Even if rose is one half off it leaning on a glacier. They sure got their use of the Rose leaning animation.

Haschel: "It pierces through my aged bones."

Miranda: "It is a land where the earth is eternally covered in ice. I understand that it must be harsh on someone who has never been here."

Meru: "Darn, I'm totally dying! Do you often visit sucha place, Miranda?"

Today Meru learns the importance of wearing proper clothing, and style is not everything.

Miranda: "It's been awhile since I came all the way here. But, I would often come here to find solace for my loneliness."

Meru: "You've got such a kind mother like Queen Theresa, how could you have a 'lonely time'?"

Miranda: "My true birth mother abandoned me. After that, I met Her Majesty Theresa. Her Majesty Theresa cherished me when I was alone, as if I were her real daughter. Since then, I've never felt loneliness again."

Well, we really don’t have a character with daddy issues in our party. But we certainly have one with mommy issues! And right away we pick up a Thunderbolt from right above us on the starting screen. It’s one of the powerful no charge elemental attacks. Just fire and forget for usually in the range of 1000 or so damage.

We have a few new enemies here, and a reskin or so. Freeze knights are big shiny blue dudes that shockingly are water affinity. They can use either single or full party water attacks on us. Most of the time they’ll just stab you though. Icicle balls are basically an upgraded version of the spider things from way back in the Valley of Corrupted Gravity. They have power up so can be reasonably sturdy, but only a standard enemy still.

Oh boy, Mammoths! These guys are Earth element and by far the sturdiest creatures here. They’ll actually take a few hits to drop. They can also poison and stun you so they are definitely the most annoying of the enemies here to fight.

A bit further up the first screen we pick up another Heat Blade in case we accidentally tossed our previous one at some point. This is CERTAINLY not a hint about the upcoming boss. I always hold on to my elemental affinity weapons though so it just adds to my giant stack of unused equipment, taunting my tiny combat item inventory.

And our last two new enemies. The Land Skater and Rocky Turtle. The Land Skater is an adorably angry penguin armed with a sword that is capable of evasion and hitting a character(read: Dart) with water attacks. The Rocky Turtle is earth affinity but has Burn Out and Gushing Magma. If you REALLY felt like killing a shit ton of turtles they could drop a Guard Badge for you and save you some gold for other, more exciting items. Basically the defense equivalent to the Attack Badge. +20 to def/mdef.

If we try to exit to the west Rose bitches at us that we are going the wrong way and we need to go on the down path instead. Our next area will be the west exit. Once again railroading is in full effect. Also on this screen is an empty box containing a Gushing Magma. And south of us off screen is a Heavy Mace for Meru which can cause Stunned.

What is it with Merchants in weird ass locations in this game? Ah yes we’ll find plenty of business out in the frozen wastelands.

Peddler Brother Cuarto: “I cannot believe it, Brother Segundo.”

Peddler Brother Segundo: “Oops, sorry! I forgot about you momentarily. I sell weapons!”

Peddler Brother Cuarto: “And I sell items. And we are peddlers.”

Peddler Brother Segundo: “It must be fate meeting you here! It’s such a chance, why don’t you buy something!”

Peddler Brother Cuarto: “Come on, think of This as charity.”

And I actually will buy some stuff here! But not for charity. Because they have several upgrades. Kongol picks up a Battle Axe, Rose picks up a Flamberge which can stun enemies, and totally not a type of rapier, Miranda picks up a Virulent Arrow which can poison.

I grab a pair of Saint armors which are quite a bit better def and mdef for Albert and Dart as well as giving SP when hit. They also sell the aforementioned Guard Badge here which I think I passed on. The item vendor really has nothing of note but it’s a good time to top off on healing items.

Just past the peddler brothers is a series of what is basically ice ladders. Our guys must have come loaded with climbing gear with how easily they shimmy up and down these things. There is a Dancing Ray attack item on the left side, but far more importantly a Phoenix Plume on the right. Its a hat with pretty good stats AND protects from Bewitching, Confusion Fear, and Dispirit. One of the three best hats in the game along with the Legend Casque and Dragon Helm.

The save point is also a good sign we are about to hit our area boss here.

Kongol: "Kongol feels. Monster angry. About we entered here."

Haschel: "I cannot imagine what they are thinking to live in such a cold place."

Kongol: "Monster, don't know coldness. Monster only knows to kill. It wants kill us."

Haschel: "Thank you but no thank you."

Miranda: "Here it comes!"

Oh god what the fuck is this thing? Thank you nightmare designs of Legend of Dragoon. Apparently this is Japan’s idea of a Wendigo, more readily known as the Abominable Snow Man. Actually they slightly changed it to Windigo like the slightly misspelled Urobolus back on disc 1. That’s just details though. Shockingly it is a water based enemy, so once again Dart is going to chew through this for us.

We start things off with Meru lighting it on fire with that Gushing Magma we picked up earlier in the level for a bit over 500 damage.

I’m sure Windigo is going to feel that violent stab in the morning! I’m holding off on a Dart Addition video since I only have one left, but should have a final compilation not too distantly.

Whenever Windigo goes to use magic he shoots out this nice glowy blue cyclone.

In this case impaling Dart for over ¼ of his HP in icy death.

Meru continues to be helpful and shoots lightning at the big, frozen jerk for another 500 damage. Around this point I finally remember “OH RIGHT I have speed up” and kick Dart into high gear on Kongol’s next turn. Infuriated by this Wendigo scratches Meru with a single target water attack.

Oh hey it’s that attack we’ve seen Dart use 400 times by this point. Dart is all “OH YEAH I AM SO SERIOUS, MR. ICE MAN.” Just look at that scowl. It does the job though and hits for nearly 1300 damage. Wendigo has about 12000 total so a significant chunk. He immediately backs it up with a partially flubbed Dragoon Addition for another 750 because I am too impatient to sit through 2 more Final Bursts.

I am not sure this is how you swing an axe, Kongol. But I’m not going to argue with the results. Bone Crush hits just as hard as a fire addition one hit short of a perfect and that’s without elemental bonuses. Hooray for new axes.

Windigo can also hit all our allies at once with Water Magic. Kongol dodges, Meru barely feels it, and with his Dragoon Armor up even Dart scoffs at it. Dart has also been hit with a Power Up since his last attack and this time I manage not to screw up his Addition.

This results in Dart turning into a 12’ tall fire dragoon ghost and doing 1400 damage.

Windigo is not to be out done! He replaces his stubby, useless left arm with a giant energy claw.

Slams it into the ground.

And launches Kongol off into the distance. Unfortunately for our buddy the snow beast, this attack is magic based and completely misses. How you can miss and launch someone thirty feet through the air I don’t know. Don’t question.

Aww. Little windigo thinks he can do damage by physical attacking Kong--

Jesus christ! As if this things design wasn’t terrifying enough on its own. It fucking ate Kongol!

When he does this he summons in two little Snow Cannons with about 600 HP a pop. Until we defeat both of them our ally is locked up and takes damage instead of Windigo. Human shields are NOT fair.

I want to say he can cannon out the eaten ally at another team member for damage, but he never used it against me so I’m going off untrustworthy memory.

Meru, never one for subtlety, has a simple solution to this problem. Sure, Kongol takes 300 damage but he’s got plenty more where that came from and both of Windigo’s bitty buddies are dead.

And flying out goes Kongol! After he fires out an ally a weak spot actually appears on his chest. It only has 3 HP but...It only takes one damage no matter how strong the hit. And it closes up when either it takes damage or Windigo attacks. He only picked up an ally once he was in the red so I just kept out pounding him with Dragoon Addition and Kongol Smashes.

And soon enough Kongol gets the finishing blow on this frosty horror. Level ups were enjoyed by all and we were free to move on towards our next objective.

Barely defeated, my ass. I didn’t even have to heal that fight. I maybe took 2000 damage between my whole party, 300 of it self inflicted!

Haschel: "Thanks to that, I got warmed up."

Miranda: "Hurry up, we are moving on! The Tower of Flanvel is back there!"

Across the bridge to our left of where fought Windigo we pick up a black rain attack item and are on our way to Flanvel.