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Part 41: Episode 40: It’s Not Murder It’s an Act of Faith

...or Kongol and the Great Cheese! Because boy howdy am I going to cheese this section so hard.

Dart: "Look."

Miranda: "This is the Tower of Flanvel. It's the ruin where the Moon Mirror was placed."

Meru: "It's a swirl."

Albert: "Again, this doesn't appear to be built by Humans."

Rose: "No, it's not. According to the legend, it was the Winglies' floating fort during the Dragon Campaign. I heard."

Haschel: "This can fly!?"

Rose: "Winglies in the past used to have an enormous amount of magic power."

Dart: "Then it wouldn't be strange if this much magic power is concealed in the Divine Moon Objects."

Albert: "For the people of Serdio, for King Zior, and for Princess Emille. No. This is a life or death matter for all of Endiness."

Dart: "That's even more of a reason. We must stop the ambitions of Lloyd here!"

This whole area is pretty small and basically a formality after getting across the glacier and Windigo. Handful of screens, handful of useful items. Also the possibility of sudden, horrifying death after we beat the boss.

Right inside we pick up a Spirit Ring for +20/sp a turn. Kinda sorta not really handy. If you want an SP accessory on someone the Wargod’s Sash is way better unless they are going to do nothing but toss items around.

Albert: "Is this a plant?"

Haschel: "I don't know what it is, but it is completely covered."

Albert: "It must be at least 11,000 years since it was dropped on the earth."

Meru: "But I think this is a better one. Cuz, usually the ruins of Winglies are destroyed. Also, the magical teleporting device was working too."

Dart: "It is the place the royal family of Mille Seseau placed the Moon Mirror. I guess some functions are still working."

The teleporter to the left in the entrance takes us in here. It looks like a gigantic mess but it’s really not that bad. The teleporters move in straight lines. So we’ll take the one to our right one across then the one on the top right to our next screen.

Where we pick up a Mage Ring. Basically a therapy ring for MP. Every turn you get 10% back. Not entirely useless but you are frequently better served just having toss a MP heal on them every few rounds if you are going nuts on spells.

After that we are on to another super easy filler teleporter room and then just about to the final plot boss of disc 3!

Miranda: "The Moon Mirror is in there!"

Rose: "The Dragoon Spirit of the Divine Dragon is resonating."

Dart: "Lloyd!! Finally, we cornered him!!

Once we walk inside we trigger the cut scene and boss fight. So now is a good time to heal up and save. We came in on the left side teleporter, there is another one to our right that we can’t actually use yet. We’ll get back to that after we beat the snot out of Lloyd.

Lloyd: "I appreciate your cooperation."

Theresa: "What...are you...?"

Dart and company bust in ruining their nice pleasant conversation.

Lloyd: "Here they are. I just got all three Divine Moon Objects. Now the world
will be reborn into the utopia that Emperor Diaz and I desire."

Dart: "The world will be reborn?! What are you talking about?!"

Lloyd: "You should know, Your Majesty. The revolutionary plan created by the great will, Soa. And the flow of evolution woven by the Divine Tree. “

Lloyd: “And...we Winglies are the 107th in the plan. I desire the 108th evolution! I desire a utopia created by the last species! For that, I will use every conceivable means!!"

I’m sure absolutely nothing bad will happen when a force that terrified Melbu Frahma, a dude way stronger than you, pops out.

Dart: "Lloyd, that's all you have to say!?"

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Although your sword ain’t going to be talking much shit this fight, sir.

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Lloyd is not in fact busting out Dragoon armor here or anything. He’s just wearing some heavy Wingly armor that hasn’t shown up til now. It is pretty sweet looking.

Let me tell you a little secret. I have a really weird set up on this fight because, shit, what’s LPing if you don’t break the game over your knee now and again. Up until this point I’ve been trying my damndest to make Kongol not so slow. Not so this time! If I could put lead shoes on him to slow him down further I would. Why, well, let’s just show you in due time.

Kongol, and only Kongol will be transforming into a Dragoon this fight. He starts things off right by planting an axe in Lloyd’s skull for about 700 damage. A pretty good start because Lloyd has around 7000. If it wasn’t for his glacially slow spell animations this wouldn’t be a long fight.

Dart is going to be our primary shit kicker this time around so Meru sets him up with a speed boost.

Dart goes in for a swing aaaaand...totally misses. Lloyd has some wicked evasion. It’s not as bad as the scripted loss in the arena, but he will dodge at a pretty good rate.

Lloyd puts his sword away and busts out his favorite tough man pose.

Jumps up and immediately flies back down towards the party.

With some huge fuck off pillars along for the ride.

Lloyd dramatically lands near the party in the middle of a ring formed by the pillars.

Surrounds everyone in a black dome covered in Wingly Runes

Then rips off a pose from Rose’s Demon’s Gate and blows everyone up in a glorious screen covering lens flare. Kongol dodges because he still has his sweet hat on. The other two take between 650-750 damage. The whole damn thing takes about 40+ seconds to watch.

Dart finally lands a blow and I screw up Moon Strike Meru then makes use of her copious natural speed to drop some healing on the party. She and Dart are both in the yellow.

And now we get to see why we want Kongol to be so damn slow.

Lloyd charges forward so fast he leaves afterimages behind him. How can we compete with such power!?

The solid Lloyd and all the afterimages precede to stab the hell out of Kongol.

He then lifts the entire 600 pounds of Kongol up with one hand via the method of flaming, dragoon murdering sword.

...and does absolutely nothing. There is a fun little trick to this fight. Lloyd’s highest priority is to use the previous attack which SHOULD be an instant kill on anyone in dragoon form. I, however, just shoved a Talisman on Kongol to prevent instant death.

His goal this entire fight is just to stand around being a tank and staying in dragoon form. Dart and Meru are both handily getting two turns to his one now so they pound away while Lloyd wastes about ⅔ of his attacks. I think Lloyd tries to instant kill him five times this fight.

With that waste of an attack Meru doesn’t have to worry about healing and powers up Dart.

To mock Lloyd further Kongol gets turn #2 and hits him for another 800 damage

Lloyd still does do some regular attacks. This one is just a quick punch then slash combo onto Meru for about 400. She has the Therapy Ring on though and just heals up a decent chunk of that on her next turn.

Which she uses to throw a Flash Hall rave for him as thanks for the stabbing. It doesn’t do amazing damage, but way better than she could ever manage thwacking him with her hammer.

Dart is finally rolling pretty good here. Kongol hits like a truck, but Dart is getting in about 1300 damage for every 800 damage kongol attack.

Lloyd once again fails at instantly killing Kongol before reaching for another trick in his goody bag. this one is frankly quite lame.

Its only single target and main method of attack is sparkles and small explosions. Dart laughs in the face of it and only takes about 270 damage.

Meru busts out another no charge strong attack item to use on our favorite Wingly. This time an earth flavored Gravity Grabber for another 465.

And some more electrical beat down. This time for under 300 sadly.

...She’s on her SP gain addition right now though so her hammer strikes are even more pitiful.

And finally 80% through the fight Kongol finally drops out of dragoon form. Sad days, indeed.

Lloyd celebrates by doing his entirely too long attack again. Kongol still gives 0 fucks.

His days are numbered though and Dart rushes in for a finishing blow! Which the god damn jerk dodges so hard we drop out of battle and into a cut scene.

You should watch this
No one ever accused Dart of not being persistent and he goes in for a second shot!

Lloyd reminds him that he is much better at fighting in 3 dimensions than a non-transformed Dart.


Dart is up for trying this one more time. This time he means it. Everything is going his way!

What the hell Lloyd, magic in the middle of a dramatic finishing duel between rivals? Weak.

One very surprised Sacred Sister Wink pops into existence where Lloyd’s spell goes off.


So, uh, yeah. Dart kind of just slashed the fuck out of a half-wit advisor to the Queen.

Bonus art!

Lloyd's Sweet Ass Armor

Booooonus Traaaaack

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What with having his face hole pounded in our reality Lloyd didn't quite get to show us all his moves including his other super. Which I'm still not sure how hard it hits cause Haschel dodged it like a champ.