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Part 45: Episode 44: Sympathy for the Devil

Hell yeah, disc 4 here we come. Hopefully I can just plow through the last disc here!

Hey, that’s cheating. We already used Fate in a disc title.

Also what the hell are we doing in a desert wasteland? We didn’t say anything about that in the end of disc 3, although I guess we didn’t say we were heading anywhere.

Albert: "We came all this way and we cannot go back."

Haschel: "Yes we did."

Kongol: "No need to return. The city of Winglies, Rose said, is just over there."

Haschel: "What was it called, Ulara...? I hope we can find out what we should do there."

Meru: "I hope so too."

Dart stares meaningfully at Rose and we finally get to take control while wondering how they resolved that whole “I killed your mother and everyone you knew” problem.

And with that welcome to my least favorite dungeon of the game! It’s really easy but incredibly boring if you have a map, it’s just fucking obnoxious if you don’t.

Welcome to basically 90% of the map. Huge wastelands with no features except for sand pits that suck you in if you are in within about ⅓ of a screen of them. Also dead ends. And did I mention you need to drop into some of those sandpits to get loot with no hint of which ones have stuff?

And when you do you go right back to the start of the area/nearest oasis.

All old there is about 40 screens of this shit.

The first time we drop into the cave at the start we get a little conversation with Albert.

Dart: "Who could imagine there is such a place under the ground of the desert?

Albert: "It must be a cavity created when the water dried up. The world is going on without knowing anything. Without knowing until the end.... I wonder if this little world has experienced an end like that."

Dart: "It is not determined yet that our world will end."

Albert: "That's true. We are still here."

Ah yes. Only the finest of writing from our friends at the Sony America translation department.

This is also one of the areas without random encounters. As you run around giant bugs will follow you and sandworms leap at you.

Speaking of Sandworms. They don’t do anything that exciting, but they hit pretty hard. I was taking in the 300 damage range from them. Theoretically they can disable you but I never saw them use it. This seems to be a recurring theme of the game. Enemies just are not good at using their special attacks.

Spiky Beetles are giant scarab beetles rolling around a ball of ??? They can use Power Up or a basic earth attack. Nothing to get excited about.

In the first area the only loot to be found in the pits is some healing items, so I’m not going to detail every pit to get into over them.

The first section is only 12 areas and we get out of it in the bottom right.

Meru: "Water!"

Haschel: "It's refreshing!"

Kongol: "Here no monster. We can rest now."

Miranda: "What will the Winglies in Ulara know?"

Rose: "They should know the way we, or at least 'I', should take. So, there is no need for you to come."

Miranda: "Are you still saying that? Don't you understand it is no longer a problem for you alone!?"

Rose: "You just found it out a couple of days ago and now you think you can judge me? It is not as easy as pursuing one Wingly."

Haha. Oh god, never change Miranda. Have a problem? Slap the shit out of them.

Miranda: "You, you say it was 'easy'!? Don't be so conceited!"

Albert: "Stop it! It won't lead us anywhere. Rose, nobody can understand the weight of fate you have carried. But we can at least lighten the burden for you."

Dart: "That's why.... We are going with you.”

Dart:: “There is no other way, is there?"

The second area has more exciting loot. Also it is TEEMING with animals that want to eat your face if you hesitate on moving for even a second. Gladius is Rose’s last normal weapon and can cause instant death on enemies. It seems to hit maybe about 10% of the time.

Further up is another oasis/save point but no conversations here.

And the only reason I don’t have an enduring hatred for this area. In real battles Dart will be using these most of the time because Soul Eater causes his accessory slot to be eaten by Therapy ring.

Somewhere during all this nonsense Haschel hits Dragoon level five and picks up his last spell. Also somewhere in the cesspit is a Power Down reusable item. It doesn’t excite me that much as Speed Up or Power Up.

Rose: "Even if an adventurer is lucky enough to make it through the Death Frontier, nobody can proceed from here. Time was stopped for me 11,000 years ago with the spell of this Choker. And, this is the only way to see Ulara, the Spring Breath Town."

Albert: "But, where is it?"

Haschel: "The only thing here is an endless desert."

Meru: "No, it's not. Haschel, I sense it. I sense people's feelings, over there!"

Rose: "We can fly over there with this. Are you afraid?"

Dart: "I think you are."

Rose: "Maybe."

Well played, sir. Although I refuse to believe Rose could be afraid of much anything at this point.

Dart: "We are standing by you."

Rose: "I know."

Dart: "Let's go."

Well this is a pretty unexpected place to find in the middle of an utter wasteland. I really feel that if they can sustain this the Winglies could have been doing a bit more to help the world other than helping Rose murder children.

Caron: "Welcome to Ulara, the Spring Breath Town. I am the guard of the teleporting device, Caron. I'm a good friend of Rose's."

Rose: "Long time no see."

Caron: "'Long time'? Rose, you are starting to regain a sense of time, aren't you? No, not only that. You have recovered a lot of other things too."

Dart: "Are you the person who stopped time for Rose?"

Wait, Frahma? We’re going to a relative of the guy who basically conquered the world and turned Zieg into a statue for 11 millenia?

Caron: "Rose has been carrying the fate of the world all alone while shedding tears of blood. Can you go with Rose?"

Rose: "Caron, stop it. I don't need to force them."

Dart: "I have already settled things with the Black Monster. The only thing left is that I have to complete this journey with my companions."

Seriously, there was no settling to be had here. It is kind of A Big Deal. Filing Dart as the most forgiving dude ever.

Caron: "If you understand that, I have nothing to say.

After that we are free to wander around town before meeting up with Charle.

Haschel: "It makes me relieved. I didn't know you liked flowers, Miranda. I guess there is some woman in you."

Haschel, master of the backhanded compliment.

Miranda: "Don't misread me. Roses make me puke. They are just flashy. They don't have any kindness in them. Do you know why roses have thorns? It is to bring out their own red using the blood of the people they hurt. They'll do anything for their own happiness. Let's move on. I don't need to be here."

I, uh, think we stepped in some serious issues here. We’ll get back to these later.

Of more importance than her histrionics is a stardust!

And another one further down the path in the shop of Ulara. So close! Two to go! One is here in town the other is still a bit further on.

The shop has some nice loot. A sort of upgrade for Dart if you are grinding additions or something and aren’t using Soul Eater. Also new weapons for Haschel and Miranda. Because we rely on Miranda oh so much for her attacking prowess.

Magical Greaves are pretty sweet. 5% evade all and +10 to speed. Basically everyone should be wearing these if they aren’t in Bandit/Dancer’s boots. Magical ring is +30 magic attack, Spiritual Ring +30 magic defense, Elude and Spirit Cloak are basically each half of a Sage Cloak which is 20% evade all.

Item shop has the usual assortment of healing/basic attack items. Nothing to write home about.

Miata: "You are wondering because she would normally be taking care of these babies, right? Charle is preparing herself. Because, well, the things we didn't tell you about, right? Zieg told you them, so...."

Rose: "It must be about the Moon Signet. Tell me what you know."

Miata: "The Signet is the...Signet Sphere.”

Thank you, Miata. For all that you bring to the plot.

Miata: “The Signet Sphere is a sealing device that was created to be the last barrier, just in case the Moon Child reached the Moon That Never Sets."

Rose: "You are really scary people."

Miata: "Even more scary is Zieg. He is trying to destroy the Signet Sphere. Using the Divine Moon Objects."

Dart: "Wait a minute. You made the Signet Sphere just because you were afraid of the birth of the God of Destruction. And why did you make tools that can destroy the Signet?"

He really does bring up a pretty good point here. +1 for Dart not being an incredible dumbass. Pretty sure he’s still in the negatives though overall.

Miata: "Ask Charle. It was decided between the siblings."

Rose: "I will."

And though I failed to get a picture of it the second to last Stardust in the game is in the man eating flowers.

“Rosie”? I’m impressed at anyone that can get away with calling Rose that and not ending up with a rapier enema.

Rose: "I don't need your greetings. You know what I want to ask you."

I think I feel my teeth melting from her saccharine personality.

Rose: "This is Dart."

Charle: "Doesn't he look just like our Zieggy? But Rosie honey, it's complicated. You have to fight with the son of someone who used to be your significant other. And furthermore, the enemy is the significant other."

I could stand a whole chapter or so of Rose being a huge jerk and Charle being sassy back at her.

Charle: "Sorry honey. But I'm really concerned. So I'm intentionally making it happy and delightful so that you won't be depressed, Rosie sweetheart."

She isn’t around much, but Charle is amazing. Possibly not using the correct tact for an 11,000 year old death monster.

Rose: "You have never changed."

Dart: "Charle. If you know, please tell us. Where should we head to?"

Charle: "Really, you have the same eyes as Zieggy.... I know. I have been waiting for you in order to tell you everything. Now, what would you like me to tell you?"

And now we get to bug one of the few people in the world that knows pretty much everything that is going on. Revenge of the info dump!

Charle: "Zieggy is trying to break the Signet of the Moon That Never Sets with the magic power of the Divine Moon Objects. That Signet is the Signet Sphere. I am sorry that I didn't tell you about this."

Rose: "I have to apologize. I missed the Moon Child, Shana."

Oh yeah, Dart. Hopefully you don't mind me saying I'm upset I failed to kill your girlfriend.

Charle: "But you still have time. The Signet of the Moon That Never Sets is not broken yet."

Dart: "Where are the remaining Signets?"

Charle: "In the past, they were placed in five cities. But there are only three left."

Albert: "That's why they needed the same number of Divine Moon Objects."

Dart: "What happened to the other two?"

Charle: "One was destroyed in the Royal Capital Kadessa during the Dragon Campaign."

Rose: "Does this mean, without the Divine Moon Objects, the Signet Sphere can be destroyed?"

Holy comma splice, Batman. There is a lot of abuse or lack of use of the poor comma this update.

Charle: "The Divine Moon Objects are just tools that conceal vast amounts of magic power, that's all. So in order to destroy the Signet Sphere, having the same amount of magic power as the Divine Moon Objects is sufficient."

Dart: "My dad knew about this and made Lloyd collect them."

Charle: "I wonder how Zieggy knows about the Signet Sphere?"

Rose: "Not only that. He knew that Shana is the Moon Child."

That was surprisingly not terribly informative on the Signet Sphere. Considering the sheer amount of words involved. Other than the Moon Objects can blow it up Miata told us as much.

Charle: "It's the 108th fruit that the Divine Tree dropped. It was conceived with the God of Destruction that ends the world. That's why we separated it into its soul and flesh and sealed them away. My baby brother Melbu sealed the soul which was the source of magic power in the Crystal Sphere, but um...when he fought with Zieggy, it was broken.“

Charle: “Since then it has been called the Moon Child. What is left in the sky is the Moon That Never Sets. When the Moon Child goes back to the Moon That Never Sets, the Virage Embryo, the God of Destruction will be born. So, we needed our Rosie to take on an important task. Please understand her...."

TLDR: Zieg and Melbu ruined the Crystal Sphere which held the soul of the God of Destruction, created the moon child, and generally lead to 11,000 years of genocide.

Charle: "You are concerned, aren't you?"

Dart: "Why does he have to destroy the world?"

Charle: "Sorry, but that is the one thing that I don't understand."

Rose: "But he was unmistakably Zieg."

Charle: "Zieggy was the fiance of Rosie. They crossed both swords and love. Just looking at them made me feel embarrassed."

I want to call Charle everyone’s grandmother, but she’s way too much of a smart ass for that. My love of her continues with such lines.

Rose: "Stop right there. I want to talk alone with Zieg about our memories."

Dart: "I agree."

Dart does not want to think about Rose and Zieg getting nasty in the pasty.

Rose: "That's right. If you were not planning to allow the Virage Embryo to be born, you wouldn't need them."

Charle: "I didn't want to, but my baby brother Melbu insisted."

Rose: "That is not an explanation, Charle."

Charle: "Oh, you are so uptight. But, okay, I'll explain it to you. I told you that we sealed the soul of the Virage Embryo in the Crystal Sphere, right? It is in order to draw lots of magical power and rule over other species. I...wanted to make him stop being a dictator. Because even though we have different appearances or capabilities, we are the same. We should be able to live together on good terms. That's why I created the Signet Sphere in order to weaken the magic power of the Crystal Sphere. Rose, without telling you that. The five Signets that protect the Moon That Never Sets restrained the magic power that flows from there. My operation was a big success! I thought."

Rose: "But Melbu found out about it and created the Divine Moon Objects."

Charle: "I guess he was prepared so that he could destroy the Signets anytime he wanted to."

Rose: "Hmm. I get it."

I guess that leads to the question of why he didn’t blow it up as soon as he had enough power in the Divine Moon Objects. Maybe he finished right as the Dragoons invaded?

Charle: "That's right. That is the most important information for you isn't it? Because Zieggy has the Divine Moon Objects and he can break the Signets anytime. Listen carefully. The rest of the three Signet Spheres are located in the ancient cities. The names of the cities are the Magical City Aglis, Law City Zenebatos, and Death City Mayfil."

Rose: "Those cities are still alive?"

Dart: "How do we get there?"

Charle: "Go to Rouge. Then your way will be open."

Haschel: "You said Rouge!? It's my home town!"

Charle: "See, it is already open, isn't it? Well. It'll be night soon. Why don't you go look around until tomorrow morning."

Then everyone bails out on us leaving Dart, Rose, and Charle in the room.

Charle: "Oh Dart darling. Are you going outside? Everybody left a little while ago.”

Dart: "Rose...."

Rose: "You really forgive...."

Dart: "Don't say anything. It's, already in the past."

Dart: "Take your sword."

Dart and Rose spar to no great effect, but she gets knocked back and is breathing heavily. If this was in game power she’d be crushed thoroughly!

Rose: "You have become strong. You can take care of yourself. Kill me."

Spoilers: Dart doesn’t kill Rose during this flashback.

Rose: "Why?"

Dart: "The Black Monster is dead now. We only have.... A companion who is on the same road."

Apparently showing the world's biggest mass murderer you can beat them in a fair fight if they get uppity is enough to forgive them for slaughtering your family and friends.

Good times back then. You being a puny weakling and nearly getting eaten by a dragon.

Dart: "Me too. And...I didn't know anything back then. The world is so frail."

Wait what? DART misses the time he was shitting his pants in terror and nearly eaten by a dragon?

Rose: "The world is created so that it can perish at any time. The creator Soa can recreate one anytime. But, the people living there can accept it, believing it is 'fate' or struggle against it. I struggled in order to protect this world that was taken back by friends who gave up their lives."

Rose: "Dart...."

Dart: "Let's go see everybody. This is just the beginning."

I’m pretty sure this is the end. It’s the last disc Any way, I think we’ve ALL had enough words for one evening. Scrounging up the rest of the gang can start off the next update.

Bonus! Charle Frahma concept art.