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Part 46: Episode 45: Homeward Bound

Well, after that ginormous plot dump by Charle all our party fled to the four winds to escape the We already got Rose and flashbacked to our rapid settling of the past, so let’s find the rest of our buddies!

Kongol: "We don't know what will happen in ancient city of Winglies. We need strong weapon. Kongol doesn't care about leader of creatures. Kongol goes with you to the end."

Albert: "For me too, it is no longer the mere problem of the Moon Gem. I cannot ignore this crisis of the world. You didn't imagine we wouldn't go with you, did you?"

Dart: "I didn't."

Manager of Weapon Shop: "Hurry up if you want to buy. Humans and Giganto, your time is limited."

The manager could take some lessons from those hard working brothers we find in random dungeons. When a customer comes in with enough gold to buy a Legend Casque you don’t be like “It’s time to leave, sir” I refuse to consider the chance that he is just like “Hey the world is ending soon.”

Meru is just chilling out by the entrance. We can’t ditch Miranda and Haschel wherever they are though. Maybe I only just want to ditch Miranda though!

Actually this scene seems to be skippable if you go here last. None of the scripts I can find actually have this in them. Hooray manually copying it over.

Dart: “That’s right. Caron and the others have been in this city forever.”

Meru: “Exactly! So I am telling her about teh latest fashions outside!”

Caron: “It seems you heard about everything from Charle. Where are the other people?”

Dart: “I don’t know, I think they are around there.”

Caron: “But, Dart. You should meet your other friends. Otherwise, you cannot go forward, can you?


Caron: “When you meet everybody, come again. I’ll open the next way.”

Miranda: "It's not true. The reason why I hate roses is because I see my mother in roses. My mother never looked at me directly. It was as if she was hiding something from me. And she beat me up. I didn't know what was going on and why she was doing it to me, but I remember at least one thing. There were always roses on the shelf behind my mother."

Jesus Christ! I mean, Soa Almighty! Funny thing. When your mother beats you for no reason when you are a kid that turns into your own solution! I don’t know if that was really supposed to be an intended tie in that it’s Miranda’s chosen response to slap people or if that is just part of her ~tough chick~ personality. I’m not sure I can afford to give the writers that benefit of the doubt.

Haschel: "Why did your mother leave you?"

Miranda: "Sorry. Let's not talk about me anymore. It spoils our drinks."

Haschel: "I don't think so. It is okay to be this way. Life is not always happy. Listening to your story reminds me of my past."

Haschel continues to be a pretty great dude. I think he would know as well as anyone about life not going easy for you. But he continues to have a good attitude and be a stand up guy for the rest of the party even knowing he basically wasted twenty years looking for a dead daughter.

Miranda: "About your runaway daughter right."

Miranda: "I hate being roundabout."

Finally Dart and Rose walk in on the conversation. It’s taken an entire extra disc, but Dart can finally get a drink after that hobo took his booze.

Dart: "Oh, you guys are here."

Miranda: "When are we leaving? Haschel has been drinking too much since he heard we are going to Rouge."

Haschel: "Of course to save the world!"

Maybe I was a bit too early on declaring Haschel being mostly recovered!

Dart: "Gimme a drink too."

Rose: "May I join? I wanted to talk to you Miranda."

Miranda: "Same here."

Now that Rose is open about her past, she clearly must have the best drinking stories. Even if there is a lot of downtime 11,000 years gives you plenty of time to pick up some great ones even not counting the hundred cases of genocide.

Then we get a fade to black and time skip!

Dart: "Shall we go?"

Meru: "It's not like back home. And, when are we going? We already heard lots about it from Charle, and we found out where we should go."

Rose: "You are coming too?"

Meru continues to be awesome.

Meru: "Besides, I learn a lot following Dart. Everybody's the same, Gigantos, Humans and Winglies. And I can't stand the destruction of a world where everybody lives!"

Stone. Cold.

Meru: "Is this the first time?"

Caron: "Leave here tomorrow morning. By that time, I'll be prepared so that I can send you on the way that goes to the Home of Gigantos from here."

Dart: "We can travel that far instantly. Then we might as well go directly to Rouge."

Caron: "Our power is becoming weaker day by day. That is our maximum power."

Dart: "I understand."

NO. YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND, DART. Do you know where that is? On the other side of the god damn Valley of Corrupted Gravity and the Barrens.

Caron: "Take a boat to Rouge. It should have been prepared in the Twin Castle a short while ago."

Dart: "Was there a dock in that castle?"

Rose: "I'm surprised that he listened to a Wingly."

Caron: "There are no Humans or Winglies when it comes to the end of the world. You don't need to thank us. Now, it is not too much to say that the mission of the city is to send you off."

Rose: "Yes. And this is one way, this city has been looking after the world. Let's go back to Charle. She must have prepared the bedrooms for us."

Going to take a nap has absolutely nothing exciting other than healing our people up. But not curing statuses. Miranda has been poisoned for god knows how long. Oasis didn't clear it either.

Dart: "Charle, what is this?"

Charle: "Oh naive boy. Don't you understand? It's a send-off for great heroes.

Rose: "You shouldn't have."

Miata: "Don't be so shy."

Charle: "Rosie, honey. You have been doing really great. Since the soul of the Virage Embryo, the God of Destruction was released, you have saved the world, let me see, at least 107 times."

Damn you Charle and making my assertion of this not being the 108th time around incorrect!

Miata: "Really. After even being called a Black Monster."

Miata is just here to exposit plot and rub salt in Rose's mental wounds.

Rose: "Stop it. The monster has...died."

Charle: "Zieggy is serious. And, he has everything to give birth to the God of Destruction. Only Dragoons can stop him. I wonder what Creator Soa is thinking. Like destruction or regeneration. I wonder why it wants us to go through such a painful thingy."

Rose: "We will change 'fate'."

Charle: "Everybody must survive, okay?"

Caron: "Now go. Zieg won't wait for us."

Dart: "Right."

And now we can flee to...the Home of Giganto.

Mini update! But I should have another one getting to and in Rouge tomorrow hopefully.