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Part 47: Episode 46: We Are Made of Stars

Kongol: "Home of Gigantos."

Dart: "It was linked here."

Haschel: "It's been a while."

Not nearly long enough.

Meru: "Caron and Gigantos were pals for a long time. Of course, it was when there were still some Gigantos left. There were nice Winglies like Charle."

Miranda: "They weren't all brutal people, unlike the legend tells. We have to rewrite the book in the National Library."

Albert: "Yes, correct knowledge brings correct conduct."

Dart: "That's after this journey has ended. Let's go see King Zior. We have to head to Rouge on the Queen Fury."

Strangely Rose doesn’t pop out until the rest of the party starts merging into Dart and has nothing to say. This keeps up the trend of pretty much no more than 6 party membrs on screen at one time. Higher poly model count limit?

And now we are free to run back through Home of Gigantos and the Valley of Corrupted Gravity! I refuse to show pictures of them. The monsters haven’t upgraded at all so there is nothing to see. Thankfully I remembered the right path back and only had I think two encounters in there.

King Zior: "Dart. I have been waiting for you."

Dart: "What is this...?"

King Zior: "We are seeing you off."

Dart must have the memory of a goldfish. We just had one of these like an hour ago.

Emille: "We received a messenger from Charle."

Lisa: "Her name was Caron."

King Zior: "Everything is ready for going to Rouge. The world must not be destroyed. Even if it was the intention of the creator, we are all still alive and living. I beg of you. Please save the world. Commodore Puler is waiting for you in the basement. To carry our hope."

Dart: "So long."

Lisa gets all up in Dart’s grill before they wander off to the throne room or wherever. I wonder if the zip code rule exists in Endiness?

Puler: "Everybody looks confident. Although you are going to an unknown land, there is no hesitation or wavering."

Puler doesn’t even wait for Haschel to get his whole line out before completely cutting him off.

Puler: "Anyway! We are ready to go! We absolutely have to stop the crazy conspiracy to annihilate the world! However, we should never give up rescuing our loved ones either! Let us be going, Dart! The ocean awaits you!"

Puler has a disease leaving him incapable of speaking without using exclamation marks at least 80% of the time I think. It’s terminal.

Kayla: "The Commodore makes it sound simple, but I assume that this time it will be a long journey, won't it?"

Dart: "Yes."

Kayla: "Then, I think you'd better get what you need from the city and come back."

Pff shopping. Same shit in the stores as last time we were here. Let’s just get rolling!

Dart: "Thank you."

Kayla: "It's okay. I am happy to help you, Dart. Besides.... Please...! Please rescue Shana!"

Albert: "We give you our promise."

Haschel: "Of course we will!"

Kayla: "I'll be waiting for you on the boat!

Dart: "Let's go."

This is one of the weirder random enemies in the game. It takes no damage from either magical or physical attacks! The only way to kill it is to confuse it and have it hurt itself. Your reward if you manage to off it that way is a crapton of experience for a random encounter.

Welcome to Rouge! It kind of looks like a disaster waiting to happen. I know it’s hilly, but I’m not sure I want my whole village on stilts 40 feet above the ocean.

Kid: "Wow!"

Kid: "Sail ho!"

I will never cease to be impressed by the carrying capacity of tiny boats in this universe. Haschel is the only one that pops out for now.

Haschel: "It's been a long time. I wonder if anyone remembers me?"

Haschel: "Yeah! It's me!"

Mayor of Rouge: "Well, it's been, maybe 20 years!? You've been gone for such a long time!! How have you been!?"

Haschel: "I was looking for my runaway daughter, but I gave up on it."

Mayor of Rouge: "Claire huh? That's...I feel sorry to hear that. And who are all these people? Are they your new pupils?"

Haschel: "No, they are my friends. I'd like for you to get to know them. But we don't have time now. I have something important to talk to you about."

Even the mayor knows the whole town is just waiting to sink into the sea.
We could go upstairs and talk to the mayor and move on with the plot, but who needs that? Let’s bug an old friend.

Dart: “Martel?”

Martel: “You folks!?”

Meeting her two times was a coincidence. Three times and in her own house is signs of stalking.

Dart: “You are from this village too, Martel?”

Haschel: “Martel! Now I remember. When I left the village you were still little! I didn’t recognize you!!”

Miranda: “Is she sick. How is she?”

Martel: “Not good. But....It should be ok with this Stardust. Now I’m starting. I beg you folks. Save Lil from her illness!”

Lil: “I feel refreshed. Like before I got sick.”

She does actually repeat I feel refreshed twice! It’s not just me copying text wrong.

Martel: “Lil!!!!”

After using four exclamation points Martel wraps Lil up in a bear hug and instantly crushes the greatly weakened child killer her instantly. she was 7.

Dart: “(Let’s leave them alone.)”

Funny thing about this scene. The first time I played through this scene and it failed to record. In that run an animation error or something made Lil never get up from the bed. So she’s just laying there and all of a sudden she goes “Ma I can’t breathe” then the party just leaves the room.

And we still haven’t given her all the stardust yet. So Lil is not quite fully healed. If we go back into the room she’ll be back in bed. The last one is outside out the back of her room with a chest holding 100g. Stardust: 50/50

A few more loots to pick up as well. On the bottom right of the mayor’s room we can head outside to pick up a Wargod’s Calling and a Satori Vest for Haschel. Slightly more defense, prevents Stun/Poison/Armblocking. Wargod’s calling auto-completes additions but at half SP and damage. Also doesn’t count as a use for leveling them up. We already have Ultimate Wargod so this is basically vendor trash.

Mayor of Rouge: "No kidding. This village is forgotten. We rarely have visitors from the continent."

They aren’t joking. If you talk to one of the villagers they say you are the first outsider they’ve ever met. This place is a god damn backwater.

Fisherman of Rouge: "All we do is fish and sleep, fish and sleep."

Martial Art Master of Rouge: "Practice and sleep and practice and sleep."

Mayor of Rouge: "That's about it. Nothing has changed since Haschel left the village.”

Haschel: "Yup. To be honest, we are looking for the way to the ancient cities.”

Mayor of Rouge: "'Ancient cities'? What the heck are they?"

Rose: "Those were towns where the long gone Winglies lived."

Dart: "Do you know anything about them?"

Mayor of Rouge: "Winglies!? What on earth are they!? You lost me!"

Haschel: "You couldn't know. Let me explain."

We get another fade to black and Haschel info dumps on someone else for once.

Mayor of Rouge: "A world crisis!? That's a pretty awful thing then!!"

Haschel: "That's why we are in a hurry."

Dart: "Are there any old ruins around here?"

Rose: "Things that Humans couldn't make."

Fisherman of Rouge: "How about this. There is a stick rising out of the sea. Could it be related?"

The fishermen of Rouge are renowned throughout the world for their understatement.

Martial Art Master of Rouge: "Oh! That thing in the sea! Indeed! Humans couldn't have made it!"

Dart: "Where is that?"

Mayor of Rouge: "It's in the middle of the sea. But you can't get close by boat, cuz there's an awful whirlpool. But, you can see it clearly from the cliff top. Well, it suddenly came up, so you wouldn't have known about it."

Haschel: "Shall we try?"

Mayor of Rouge: "Hope it's the one you folks wanna go to."

I guess we should check back in with Martel since we now have all the stardust!

Martel: “Are you sure!? Thank you very much then!!”

Martel: “It reminds me....This one is the fiftieth Stardust. I made it!! I made it!! I collected all the Stardust in the world!!”

OH NO YOU DIDN’T. Dart collected all the motherfucking Stardust in the world. You sat around in bars and shit with your baby while Dart went over the whole world for this shit, shoved his hand in every fire and crate he could find, and you take all the credit. Dart is more kind than me though and overlooks it.

Dart: “Martel, make a wish quick!”

Oh right these things grant wishes. I wonder if we could have used it to cockblock Zieg in his plans if we kept it all for ourselves. +15 Renegade.

Martel: I wish happiness for my daughter. I wish a bright future for my daughter!”

Martel: “Lil.”

Lil: “I...I had a strange dream. There was a woman. She said, “I’ll give you happiness. Isn’t it strange? I’m already happy now.”

well I guess I don’t feel too bad about using up my stardust on this little girl. At least she appreciates what is best in life.

Martel: “I guess you are right.”

Martel proceeds to crush Lil again.

Lil: “Ma, I cannot breath.”

Totally their spelling, not mine. Sony!

Martel: “Oops, sorry! Thanks to you, not only has Lil found happiness, but I have too. In return for your favor take this. I feel some special power from this stone. A really special one. It might be useful for your journey. Just take it!

Dart actually does a fist pump when he receives it. And that sure was nice of her to give us an item she has no idea what it does! It is actually handy though. Now we can take on Faust back at Flanvel legitimately, but I’m going to hold off until the point of no return to hit up him and the spirits of the dragoons.

Dart: "That must be what the Mayor was talking about."

Haschel: "There was no 'stick' 20 years ago when I was here."

Meru: "It's huge and more like a tower than a stick."

Yeah I have no idea why the fisherman was like “Yeah, there is some weird stick out there!” when it’s clearly part of a structure of some kind.

Albert: "This structure could never be made by Human technology."

Miranda: "Rose, do you know anything about it? You were there once weren't you?"

Dart: "That's right, Rose is one of the Dragoons who liberated Humans. Don't you remember anything?"

Rose: "Charle said the Signet Spheres remain in the Magic City Aglis, the Death City Mayfil, and the Law City Zenebatos. If I remember correctly ...there was only the Magical City Aglis in this region of the sea.”

Rose: “Charle must have made us come here because she thinks Zieg will go after the Signet Sphere of Aglis first."

Meru: "Rose, a question please! What the heck is the 'Law City' or whatever they call it? What do they mean?"

Albert: "I was thinking about that too. The Crystal Palace was called the 'Birth City' too."

Not sure where Albert picked that up. Must have been a random book in Deningrad he didn’t bother telling us about.

Rose: "The Birth City Crystal Palace was a city where babies were selected to be born."

Dart: "'Select' babies?"

Yeah Melbu Frahma’s section of Winglies were really, really not nice. I can’t even say comically evil because they are well beyond that. They probably would have thought the Cultural Revolution and Great Leap Forward were great ideas.

Meru: "That's awful."

Rose: "And the Death City Mayfil is where the souls of the dead were sent to an infernal world."

Birth to death, you were the winglies heart and soul whether you wanted to be or not.

And now we can bug Rose about the Wingly cities. If we ask about Life City or Death City she calls us a dumbass and just repeats the information we already got. So let’s start with the forbidden land.

Rose: "It was the capital of the Wingly world dominated by Melbu Frahma. It was the center of politics and the military."

Albert: "That's why it was so damaged."

Meru: "That's the reason why it is the Forbidden Land now."

I think Meru has some sort of bipolar intelligence. Sometimes she is spot on, other times she is as dumb as a brick.

"The Law City Zenebatos was the city where Wingly laws were made. Publicly, they claimed it was for justice, but in reality they were laws to judge 'other species.' Also trials and executions were carried out in Zenebatos."

Miranda: "I can easily imagine what kind of trials they were. Gives me the creeps."

Ah, Zenebatos. The only contender with Death Frontier for worst dungeon in the game. It has its own sort of bullshit, but luckily we have Aglis first.

Albert: "It is astonishing that even though they had much more magic than now, they still studied it so deeply?"

Meru: "It would never happen now."

Haschel: "You are carefree, Meru."

Ah yes that was very enlightening. The Magic city studies magic. Thank you Rose.

Dart: "If it is Aglis how can we approach it?"

Rose: "We gotta hurry or Zieg will get there first."

Dart: "Well, we cannot go by boat. We gotta find some other way."

And somewhere within the city a Wingly creepily watches our party wandering around. I think it shows your active party members because that’s who I had at the moment.

Rose: "We were being watched by somebody."

Dart: "'Being watched'?"

Rose: "!!"
Haschel: "!!"

And then the bane of all screenshot LPs. Shaking screens.

Haschel: "What's going on!?"

Mayor of Rouge: "Th, the sea is splitting!"

Dart: "Let's go!"

After barely walking away from the training area on the cliff we get to run right back!

Dart: "What is that!?"

Rose: "The Magical City Aglis revealed itself."

Mayor of Rouge: "Haschel!! Is that what you were looking for!?"

Haschel: "It seems like it! Thank god that it found us!"

Miranda: "Now, we can go in before Zieg!"

Dart: "Let's go!"

It must be nice having the confidence running into what you just know has to have a huge chance of being a trap.

Dart: "We are going to go."

Boat Pop: "Don't ya know there's going on!? The sea's split and weird stuff appeared!"

Dart: "That's why we are here."

Boat Pop: "Ya folks are insane!!"

Of course from this angle we can’t actually see anything weird going on of course.

Dart: "There is no need to hesitate. Let's go into Aglis!"

Oh thank you lord. Our first full dungeon in quite a long time. There will even be a boss! Next time: Magic, stalkers, life is rough, ruff!