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Part 48: Episode 47: I’ll Be Watching You

It’s only taken three updates of plot dumping to get here but we finally have a real dungeon! Although this also carries its fair share of wordiness. But let us embark!

Meru: "Magic. Somebody's supportin' this with magic!"

Albert: "It seems we are invited."

Dart: "It's convenient for us."

Miranda: "We have no reason to say no."

Rose: "This door is not locked either. Dart, you go ahead and open it. Zieg will come here. To destroy the Signet Sphere. You will have to finally settle things.”

This is...kind of awkward. So the guy who has known that his dad is a) an original Dragoon and b) wants to kill the world for approximately 2 days needs to finally settle things. Not Zieg's fiancee who has been cockblocking his goal for the last 11,000 years.

We actually are free to walk around this area while our party members stand separate. Pretty much they all have some variety of “Hey, stop jerking off and open the god damn door.” Meru has the best of course.

Kongol: “Don’t be slowpoke. It not like you.”

Albert: “We can still go back to Rouge from here but it is better that we hurry.”

Haschel: “We are saving Shana aren’t we? There is no time to hesitate.”

I really love most of the Wingly cities. They may have been colossal assholes, but they had style.

Meru: "This is the bottom of the sea!"

Haschel: "What a great view. It's worth waiting a long...."

Albert: "But, it's incredible magic, creating this much space in the water."

Rose: "This city originally was not in such a suffocating place. All the Wingly cities used to float in the air. So it was easier to control the creatures below. And, that's how it was until we shot them down."

Dart: "With my dad."

Rose: "Yes, Zieg and me, and five other Dragoons together."

Dart: "11,000 years passed since then and now we are here. Being here to protect the Signet Sphere. It feels strange to me."

More dramatic screen shaking!

Kongol: "Sea closed."

Dart: "What!? They don't want us to go back!"

Rose: "They are playing hardball with us."

Well, at least if they really wanted to kill us they would have just collapsed the air pocket.

Some weird...sort thing comes walking up to us.

Ruff: "Ruff has been in here forever, ruff. I only know the view and sound in here, ruff."

I hope you like this gimmick! Him and all his buddies use some variant of it.

Miranda: "It doesn't seem to be harmful."

Ruff: "It's rough, ruff. Ruff doesn't want to say anything, but it's a message so that it's rough, ruff. 'Welcome to the seven heroes fated to be here. And Rose, these thousands of years I have waited were neither as long as eternity nor as short as a mere twinkle of a star. People who confront their fate with courage....' I forgot the rest."

Rose: "How do you know my name?"

Dart: "Whose message is this?"

He really needs to work on the quality of the help.

Miranda: "Are you on Zieg's side? Answer me, or I'm gonna mess you up!"

Ruff: "'Mess you up'? Ruff has never seen it and doesn't know, ruff. Show it to Ruff. It should be some rough stuff, ruff."

Not even magical dog creatures give Miranda any respect.

Meru: "Hey, Miranda! This baby didn't do anything! Sorry we scared you. Oh. This baby's made by magic!"

Rose: "By 'magic'? There wasn't even such technology during the Dragon Campaign."

Meru: "You gotta believe this cuz it's right in front of our eyes. But, this baby's totally cute!"

This thing is starting to grow on me.

Rose: "If you are gonna treat me as an exception, why don't you take me to the Signet Sphere?"

Ruff: "It's your own challenge to go by yourself, ruff. All is for the sake of the Psychedelic Bomb and Moot, ruff. Ruff is going, ruff. It's rough, ruff."

And then he rolls off and leaves us to the dungeon. To the left is a door that is sealed until we finish basically.

Aglis is pretty much another teleporter maze. The empty chest below is just a Burn Out.

Aqua Kings are our latest variety of merfolk. The gimmick on these ones is they LOVE to spam either Physical or Magical attack barriers which completely stop the relevant damage type. If you want to grind additions this can be handy cause sometimes they’ll just do Physical barrier over and over.

Minotaurs don’t have a gimmick other than hitting like a truck. Far higher attack than anything else around here, solid defense and HP. In terms of a broken record they have a 50% hit rate Fear All attack that I have never seen them use in 3 playthroughs.

The Jelly is a complete pushover. Poor defense, low HP. They do however have ludicrous magic defense. Like, higher than someone wearing Legend Casque ludicrous. They cast single target water magic.

Magical Hat is pretty awesome. It has no physical defense, but grants a ludicrous +50 Magic attack and +50% MP. Dragon Helm, Legend Casque, and this are the only ones with that high of a magic boost.

This little laboratory has a Sun Rhapsody for a full MP restore of your whole party and two more magical creatures.

Phewy: "Sorry, phew. We are busy preparing the Psychedelic Bomb and Moot, phew. Sorry, phew."

Ruff: "It's all in the message by Ruff. Disturbing our work is too rough, ruff."

Rose: "It's been a while since I last came here. Don't you think you should be nice to me and tell me more?"

This whole place Rose has been strangely diplomatic I think she’s been replaced by a doppelganger.

Ruff: "Ruff has nothing to tell you, ruff. Ruff has something else to do, ruff."

Phewy: "Sorry, phew. We are magic creatures, phew. We have different roles, phew."

Dart: "What are you doing here?"

Phewy: "Preparing the Psychedelic Bomb and Moot, phew. You can complete it, Phew. You can become the source of power, phew.”

Uh, what? That doesn’t sound very healthy. Is he going to lock the gang in a giant hamster wheel or something? Also: Who comes up with naming in this joint. Psychadelic Bomb? Moot? Someone has been hitting the drugs a bit too hard.

Phewy: “Sorry, phew. He is coming, phew. I have to make it in time, phew. Remember your courage, phew."

Dart: "'He!?"

Rose: "Let's go. They irritate me.”

Ah. There’s our old Rose

Scud Sharks are nothing to write home about. They can stun you and shockingly will actually use it once in a while.

Spino: "Don't be mean, pino. It's just a message, pino."

Rose: "Gimme a break. Is everything like this in here?"

Spino: "It's rose, pino. You are in the mirror, Rose, pino. It's Rose who got friends and is in the mirror, pino."

So whoever runs this joint is some kind of voyeur drug addict from what I can tell. Maybe we should have skipped here and gone to Zenebatos?

Rose: "Stop speaking in riddles. If you have a message just say it."

Spino: "Don't be mean, pino. Savan said, pino. 'Zenebatos, which governs the rightful law, has lost its reason, and Mayfil, which governs over noble death, has been toyed with by devils of the infernal world.' This city is no exception. My magic power is deteriorating and cannot prevent the invasion by monsters anymore. The only saving grace is my....this city's objective is about to be completed. You are the key. I have been waiting for you for thousands of years. Come, before he comes.'"

I always read this line as scathingly sarcastic. I’m not sure why. Probably because it’s terribly translated.

Rose: "We will find out."

Decal: “Welcome to the city of Savan, cal.

Inside the door we can see Spino and we find more of these crazy bastards. Decal is rolling around the “mirror” that that the wingly that must be Savan was watching the party in.

Meru: “You look different from the others.”

Decal: “I just roll around, cal. And comfort Savan’s heart, cal.”

Dart: “Who is that person?”

Decal: “That’s a good question, cal. But I think, cal, you should go forward, cal. Savan’s fate will be decided soon, cal.”

Meru: “Is Savan the same as me?”

Decal: “The same wingly, cal.”

This is not helping his level of creepy at all.

Decal: “So, go cal. Time is rolling on to the conclusion, cal.”

Dart: “What is this?”

Spino: “The mirror that reflects the prsent has been watching you forever, pino. For thousands of years, watching you, Rose, pino.”

Just what kind of allies are we getting into? Also I think this whole conversation will break my comma key in copying it.

Rose: “What for?”

Spino: “Don’t be mean, pino. Savan is the same as you, Rose, pino. The same as all of you now, pino.”

A dragoon? The legendary 8th(9th?) dragoon!

Spino: “Savan is over there, pino.”

And we are finally free to escape and fight some Stern Fish. That is a pretty stern expression on its face. They have pretty high def and HP and can either physical attack barrier or water spell on all of your allies.

Just past Spino and Decal there are more teleporter mazes! We can pick up a Healing Rain and Healing Fog in this area.

This is probably the single worst section of teleporter maze in the game. It’s a giant mess of a web here the Healing Rain from the last screenshot is actually accessible in it(on a dead end of course).

Aww yeeeeeaah. We going to be having a special time vs. our next boss. But now we must meet up with our new stalker buddy!

Savan: "But my wish is now hereby accomplished after an eternity. I am Savan. I am a Wingly fated to wait. The Signet Sphere you are looking for is safe. It is protected by Last Kraken."

I know it is supposed to be some weird flared out robe. But I can only see Savan as having a huge chunk of concrete attached to his feet.

Dart: "You know everything!?"

Savan: "I know that there is no time left as well."

Rose: "Who are you? What are you going to, what are you going to make us do?"

A very relevant query with how weird he makes himself sound from his introduction through his magic creatures.

Savan: "I survived the Dragon Campaign and continued studying magic to reconstruct a Wingly world. Yes, even making myself ageless and immortal. However, the world outside the mirror hasn't required me. The world of Winglies is no longer desired. I, an immortal body with no purpose. 4000 years of solitude deprived me of everything. Even the significance of life and the meaning of death.“

Oh god ageless stalker into psychedelic experimentation and brooding about how life is meaningless.

Savan: “But 7000 years ago, I was saved by Rose. I found the meaning of life in the Black Monster in the mirror. Rose, who now is confronting her fate. “

Moot. Adjective: of little or no practical value or meaning; purely academic. This gives me GREAT confidence in this guy’s research projects.

Savan: “We will stop the murderous deeds of Zieg, who continues the plan of the creator, by using the attacking spell, the Psychedelic Bomb. And with Moot, we will completely seal the Moon That Never Sets."

Rose: "That is the answer to the riddle. No wonder it takes several thousand years."

Savan: "Moot will be completed soon. But, in order to activate the Psychedelic Bomb, I need the Courage of all of you."

Dart: "Our 'courage'?"

Savan: "It seems that my courage alone is not enough. THe Psychedelic Bomb didn't work. I guess I don't have any courage."

Haschel: "Yes, you have been fighting alone for thousands of years."

Miranda: "But now, we are here with you."

Albert: "Yes. Our intention is the same."

Ah the joys of RPG worlds. “Well, we’ve seen you for five minutes and you seem like an alright guy. Welcome to the team!”

Savan: "You have to endure your own challenge. And we will pour the 'courage' that is born from them into the Psychedelic Bomb and activate it. When you are ready, come to me. Are you ready?"

Dart: “Yes we are.”

Lulu: "Let me tell ya! Lots of the world's magic was created here!"

Savan: "But, the newborn magic is a mere hunk of materials. Without heart, the real power cannot be employed. But we have here brave people who can remain just, and have the heart to bring completion to the ultimate magic.“

Savan: “Now, proceed to the chamber of challenges!

All the party wanders off to their color coded teleporter except for Dart who is stopped by Savan. The rest of the party members are never seen again and Dart is forced to save the world on his own.

Savan: "You are the last. Please be here with me till then."

Lulu: "At last, we're starting."

Savan: "No, this will be the end of my role. My fate of waiting as well. Shall we start the first challenge?"

If we say no:
Lulu: "Hurry up or Zieg will come. Then in order to protect the Signet Sphere, Last Kraken and Zieg have to fight."

Ok so here is the gimmick. All our party is sent individually to a little pocket of illusion or something. They’ll generally face someone from their past and have to make a choice. If we get all the choices right we get one of the best items in the game. If we get any wrong we get an ok but WAY WAY worse one.

The general theme is that you need to face your past and that death is the easy way out. A few of them are different, but those ones are really obvious. Kongol is the first to go.

Rose: "Why don't we fight for starters? Are you scared just because you lost many times? Or is the cheap pride of a Giganto stopping you?"

Kongol: "Kongol and Rose changed. Rose doesn't say such things. You are not Rose."

Rose: "Then die."

Rose strikes at Kongol which he doesn’t react to and she vanishes in a flash of white.

And is replaced by our good buddy Emperor Doel!

Kongol: "!!"

Emperor Doel: "You fool! What happened to my plan, the unification of Endiness!? Have you found the leader who replaced me!?"

Kongol and Doel raise their weapons at each other! We will of course knock his sword away. Killing a guy you now disagree with probably is not true courage.

Kongol: "Emperor Doel, Kongol got new feeling. Kongol found new friends. Intention of Emperor Doel is in Kongol. Kongol won't avoid Emperor Doel."

Savan: "Real courage can be obtained when a person is released from the bonds of the past."

After every challenge you can save, but its probably a bad idea because if you save over a mistaken choice you will be saaaad. Just don’t screw up.

Buckle: "Don't be so hasty uck. Miranda, you are hasty, have a short temper and are hopelessly annoying, uck. You really have a short temper, uck. I have a question for annoying Miranda, uck. 'Why are you here?'"

Miranda has two questions and the response to this first one doesn’t actually matter!

Miranda: "To help my friends."

Buckle: "I asked the wrong question, all were right, uck. Buckle lost, uck. Miranda won, uck.”

Miranda: "What are you talking about?"

Buckle: "Without Buckle, this space cannot exist. You die too, Miranda."

Buckle: "You still don't understand uck? Buckle and Miranda died uck."

Miranda: "Don't tell me I died!! I am still alive! Look! I still have my hands and feet!"

Buckle: "To die is to vanish, uck. Now, Miranda vanishes, uck. Same as Buckle, uck."

Buckle: "Miranda has done enough uck. So that you vanish with Buckle, uck. Are you scared uck? Afraid uck? Wanna cry uck?"

Miranda just gets so much shit from these magical creatures. It almost makes their speech ticks tolerable.

Miranda: "I haven't done anything yet! I cannot die if terror remains in the world!"

Savan: "The person who knows the time of their own death has real courage. Hmm. That means, I too have...."

Albert: "Minister Noish, why are you here?"

Minister Noish: "I was called by Mr. Savan! Serdio is in danger!"

Albert: "Tell me more."

Minister Noish: "The mysterious eastern tribe is deploying an army around the border. In cowardice they took advantage of your absence, King! Return to Indels Castle at once. Your people are waiting for you to come back, Your Majesty."

to anyone that remembered that Minister Noish even existed.

I really feel this whole section would have worked a lot better if we went through it before we officially met Savan. It’s a lot less difficult for someone to make a hard decision like that when they literally know they are in a test.

Minister Noish: "Wh, Why!?"

Albert: "I am a Dragoon, before I am a King. Minister Noish, please attend to the matter of the invasion by the eastern tribe. Do everything possible to avoid a fight."

Savan: "Albert had to weigh the world's crisis against his people's. But making cruel choices is the responsibility of a king. The real leader has to be able to weigh the effects of a death. That is the courage of a king."

Younger Bardel: "I came back from the infernal world to get revenge for my sister!"

Bardel launches a fireball at Meru but Guaraha pops into existence out of nowhere to cover Meru.

Younger Bardel: "Are you interrupting me Guaraha!?"

Meru: "Guaraha?"

Guaraha: "You told me, Meru. You would come back to settle the matter of his sister after the journey. So, you cannot die here."

Younger Bardel: "Make amends with your death!! My sister admired you! How can you still live after taking the life of my sister!?"

Meru: “I cannot do anything if I die! Even make amends!"

This one is clearly cheating. Guaraha already gave the answer to us!

Lulu: "It was tough, wasn't it."

Savan: "Death does not make amends. 'Making amends' only exists in life. We surely saw the courage of Meru who knew and chose to live."

Haschel: “It is like raising disciples...."

Haschel: "What is this?"

Lulu: “If you could erase all your memories and could go back to that moment, could you stop Claire?"

Haschel: “I couldn’t stop her. It was the best I could do."

The answer is correct, but “It was the best I could do” is kind of lame. It kind of goes against this section. Haschel screwed up, there’s no question. He should admit his mistake and note he could have handled it better, but what is done is done and he can live with the results.

Lulu: "That's right."

I think the writers were getting lazier on the responses as time went on here.

Oh god. This is going to be awkward.

Savan: "The thing we are doing, namely Charle creating the Signet Sphere to seal the Moon That Never Sets, and Rose continuously killing the Moon Child. I prepared for the coming evil day with a new signet, Moot, and the Psychedelic Bomb. And waited until the moment. The road to destruction laid by the creator Soa was supposed to be absolute. But evolution was stopped by us, Winglies.”

Savan: “I am afraid. Whether I will be myself until the day my body perishes and becomes dust. Will our intention be engulfed by the intention of the creator Soa eventually? Is everything meaningless?"

Rose: "We are neither immortal, nor gods. We are mere people. People should just live in the present. Because it means living for the 'next' present. I have been that way. And I won't change. When is my challenge?"

I think that is about the only way Rose could live without going screamingly mad. I can’t see looking back at 11,000 of years of loneliness and murder working out well for you. Not to imply she is entirely stable.

Also apparently just going through what she has is enough of a challenge and Rose passes without a question.

Savan: “Are you ready for the last challenge?”

I like how Kongol and Dart are the only ones that really call out their illusions.

Lulu: "It's the possibility of the future."

Lulu: "You have to take up swords against Shana."

Dart: "Stop it!!"

Lulu: "Shana is the Moon Child that gives birth to the God of Destruction, as well as being Dart's significant other."

Dart is violently fighting a shaking sword to keep it from striking at Shana.

The Dart throws his sword to the ground and manages not to murder his girlfriend.

Lulu: "That's courage."

Well spoken magical thing?

Meru: "I hope our courage will be able to make the Psychedelic Bomb."

Haschel: "It's the creation from thousands of years of effort by Savan. We have a huge responsibility."

Albert: "We obtained an unexpected ally. Now, we can wait for Zieg at the Signet Sphere. We all know what this means don't we?"

Dart: "If we can stop my dad in this city, the world will be saved. That's it. Let's go. Savan's waiting."

I’m sure it is just around the corn--

God damn it Savan!

Bonus! Magic City Aglis render