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Part 51: Episode 50: Hang Man is Coming Down from the Gallows

We have successfully conquered the bureaucracy of Zenebatos and are finally free to head to the Signet Sphere! Praise Soa!

We are welcomed by a slightly malfunctioning Lapto. Well, that’s nothing new here. These guys haven’t exactly been functioning per spec.

Dart: "The Signet Sphere should be in here."


REALLY not working right.

Guide Lapto 01: “CONFIRMED ACCUSED."

Dart: "'ACCUSED'? What is it saying?"


Dart: "It's a waste to ask."

At least even without phone trees to teach him Dart knows talking at computers is a waste of time.

Rose: "It's the court of Zenebatos. It is the place where judgment was passed for Non-Winglies under the name of fake justice. And still now...."

As we walk in further a series of Laptos on the side start chanting “guilty” over and over at us. This is probably not going to go well for the party. The rest of the damnable city was just stubborn and obtuse, not murderous and accusing.

Dart: "We are here to protect the Signet Sphere! Let us go through here!"


Rose: "It seems you know we are here for the Signet Sphere. And you are trying to intervene. Why?"

Waaait a minute. The winglies never seemed too big on Soa. Oh god damn it, Zieg. Did they issue you the key to the city or something and you rewired the system just to screw us over?

Rose: "It's not working."

Dart: "Oh no!! Is it being manipulated by my father?"

Click for Boss Fight!

Ok this time we are up against three medium strength Dark element opponents instead of one really nasty one. We have a pretty specific order we want to go about things.

The first that needs to receive swords to face is Selebus. Kubila on the other end is the more dangerous, but Selebus can heal her allies. She also has the least HP of any of them at only 3000. On the other hand she’s very fast so will probably do most of the damage in this fight.

Some sort of Justice is blind reference? Or just random Japan stylings.

She also has a really creepy attack that hits your whole party.

Beams of light shoot down from the heavens

Of course targeting down on our team.

And then the hands start reaching out of the ground towards our team

Followed by a giant explosion of blood.

Rose shrugs it off cause she’s Dark element, Dart because he has the Legend Casque at the moment. Haschel takes it pretty hard but he has buckets of HP.

Did I mention she also attacks with tentacles because grasping hands weren’t terrifying enough?

Vector is a weird dude. About every time I’ve done this fight he just attacks with his scissors for ok physical damage. But if Selebus is in the mood she can either shrink him for super evasion or speed or something. Or she can turn him huge and he can eat your dudes for large damage. But she seems really disinclined to do that.

Another point of failure for the battle AI. There are a lot of neat attacks you will probably never see in a given playthrough.

Finally, a boss where Red Eye Dragon is a legitimate option as an attack!

About what we’d expect. Selebus is a speedy mage so doesn’t take much, Vector is a dumb brute and eats it raw, Kubila is in the middle and takes ok damage. Also Kubila is slow as fuck. At this point he hasn’t attacked yet.

I honestly have no idea what this attack does. No one took any damage, no one got any status effects. Maybe it only targeted Dart and he blocked it because of Dragoon form?

Finally Kubila goes! And with his least powerful option. He can also drop pretty damaging Lightning attacks or worse.

The beatings continue apace.

Haschel helps the effort by crushing her kneecap with his foot.

Rose is feeling a little worthless and depressed because she is elementally awful vs. the entire enemy party so I let her chuck out the Psychedelic Bomb.

Selebus gets offed and Vector takes another grievous blow. Kubila is still alright cause he has the most HP and some magic defense.

It’s just Vector using his basic attack again. But seriously, I can’t help but finding a pseudo-angel of law attacking with scissors in a loin cloth hilarious. Especially with that expression.

Now that Selebus is out of the way Kubila needs to die. Like right now.

Because of this.

Goddamn it! Rose had her hairband on to protect from instant death, Dart had the Talsiman for protection. So of course Haschel takes a tombstone and a lightning bolt from the sky to the face.

First order of business now is to get Haschel back on his feet. I think this is death number three of the let’s play. Two of them instant death attacks. (I can assure you it won’t be the last)

I’m WAY happier with Kubila busting out ye olde book of spells than tombstoning me.

He busts out some floating Wingly runes like back in the Lenus fight.

Then lightning bolts the entire team for 500 damage each. Except for Dart and his Casque.

Rose get’s the honor of finishing off Kubila. But he has one more trick up his sleeve.

Fuck yo’ death counterattack of instant death!

The fight is pretty much over at this point. Vector has basically nothing exciting to do on his own.

And Haschel seals the deal!

And so the head of Wingly justice finally gets his just desserts after 11 millenia and not actually being in a fight with us!

Rose: "The Signet Sphere is over there!"

Dart: "Let's go!!"

The party rush forward but the Moon Dagger is just casually laying on the ground. That is definitely no good. I think it’s time to add another mark to the “Utterly failed to stop the bad guy” column.

Rose: "He's done it. It is losing its magic power, this Moon Dagger is serving as proof."

Dart: "How on earth did he get here!? !!"

Dart: "Father!!"

Zieg is totally down with that spread arms proselytizing. Uses it at the drop of a hat.

Rose: "It sounds like an outcry of the world to me!"

Zieg decides to be neighborly and comes down to actually stand on the Signet’s platform,.

Zieg: "With the 'outcry', Shana will be reborn to the god who no longer knows you!"

Talk about family love. Dart tries to murder his dad and get’s beat down for his efforts. Everyone but Rose follows Dart's trajectory. Stone cold.

Zieg: "She desires that too."

Dart: "She does not!!"

Zieg: "You'll see when you meet her. But for Shana, you are a mere object to be destroyed."

Zieg decides its time to peace out and flies off into the distance.

Rose: "He is not Zieg."

Albert: "Then who is he?"

Dart: "We will find it out in the city of the last Signet Sphere.”

Who wants to place a bet on how successful we are there?

Back to the entrance, we need to get the fuck out of here and to Mayfil. Luckily we just got our sweet flying...thing.

Dart: "Please to go Mayfil! Dad must be heading there!"

Coolon: "The sky over Mayfil is filled with swirling souls. I don't think I can make it with my newborn wings."

Shit. Our stalker buddy gets blown up and his dying action gives us an airship that can’t even advance the plot!

Dart: "What!? Then how should we go?"

Coolon: "You should be able to go with the teleporting device."

Dart: "Okay!"

Wait. This can’t take us there at all. Does that mean...we...need. To change. The law. Zenebatooooos!

Bonus Art!