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Part 52: Episode 51: Don’t Fear the Reaper

There is no need to share my suffering of another run through Zenebatos. So let’s just assume I did all that and leaped into the teleporter to Death City Mayfil!

Shockingly Zieg has already beaten us here. And for once doesn’t seem that much more informed than we do.

Zieg: "Maybe, it is connected to the Devildom. But, it doesn't matter now. The plan determined by Soa will drink everything to the last drop."

And with that he zooms off deeper into the heart of the city. I wish we could fly outside of battle

Finally our party casually rolls onto the scene sometime later.

Dart: "Rose, what's that?"

Rose: "When there were still Winglies here, they used to suck souls from all over the world into that huge tower. So they could decide the destination of their souls. But, why?"

Albert: "You want to say it should have been destroyed during the Dragon Campaign, don't you?"

Haschel: "Both Aglis and Zenebatos were working. It shouldn't be that strange.

Rose: "But maybe this is.... Do the souls that couldn't completely die gather here?"

Dart: "I don't like this."

Rose: "But, whatever happens as long as the moon is in the sky, we are fine. The Signet Sphere is still safe."

Dart: "Hurry up. We have to get there before Dad."

Albert: "This is the soul of Feyrbrand, the Green Tusked Dragon."

Dart: "That is Feyrbrand!?"

Rose: "It came out in response to the Dragoon Spirit of Albert."

Dart: "You said souls that couldn't completely die gather here. Is it the same for Dragons?"

Rose: "Yes, probably the defeat by Humans, who were supposed to be less powerful than them, became a burden on their soul. If we kill it again, we can probably break the attachment."

Dart: "But we don't have time to deal with them."

Rose: "No, we don't. I feel sorry, but.... We have to catch up with Zieg, or the world will end."

Of course this is an RPG. We can’t just leave potential fights alone! There’s XP and loot to be had! For this whole area I pretty much abandoned the chosen party because its kind of a boss rush and I didn’t want to do every fight two times. Then the bonus fights I’ll go with a logical party member. So we’ll be running as I feel until we choose our final end game party.

Boss fight!

But not that exciting of one. This is basically the fight with Feyrbrand all over again. He’s stronger, but no where near a challenge and has no new moves.

Somewhere during the game Dart decided to learn kung fu.

Feyrbrand fucking loves poison and stun so I end up using Miranda several times to deal with it.

And then she crushes Feyrband to death.


Dart: “Now the soul of Feyrbrand is saved?”

Rose: “Yes. Probably.”

Dart: “Now let’s get going.”

Once again Mayfil is a teleporter maze. Winglies fucking love these things. They probably made them just to dick with any humans that had to work here.

There is a crap ton of loot here but very little of it is actually good. Pretty much there is a full set of status protection amulets here minus Talisman. I guess I’ll have extra cash when I get back to town! A poison guard on this screen.

There are also two dead ends from this area that pick us up this as well as a Panic Guard and a Protector.

Let’s have some enemies! On the sides we have a pair of Loner knights. Don’t question the name! They can stun or confuse you. Annoying but usually they stick to physicals. Also under the category of “Sure, why not?” They actually have a 2% chance of dropping Soul Eater. So now Dart has a backup in case he loses his first one!

Also here is a Hyper Skeleton. He has a pretty serious name. Also he hits like a freight train. Not to mention the ability to Fear, Stun, Poison, or Stun! What a dick. He almost always just punches you though.

Undead! Undead! Ok, maybe they are boring zombies, but hey they beat people with heads held by their hair! Also like every goddamn thing in here can fear you.

Meru: “This should be the soul of Regole. “It says kill me.” He doesn’t want to go to hell.”

You possibly were a jerk in life but I’ll put you out of your misery, lil buddy.

Meru: “Dart! It will be over quick. Let’s save Regole!”

Dart: “Yes!”

Boooss fiiight twoooo

Same shit, different day. Regole is about the same as before except this time she doesn’t have Lenus backing her up, and honestly Lenus was the scary one in that fight.

Regole is all “I heard you smack talking about me, and I’m not taking this shit”

Water: Still surprisingly flammable.

I think Miranda has about as many Dragoon Attacks in this area than about the rest of the game from shooting things while waiting to do heals.

And Rose puts someone else into the grave!

Fear looks cool, but I still hate it.

Despite having almost no HP at all these guys are really obnoxious. They dodge attacks like whoa and hit with some pretty strong Dark magic.

Miranda: “Even the King of Dragon’s has attachments after its death.”

Dart: “It is because he is the King of Dragons, that he cannot get rid of his pride.”

Miranda: “When the Signet Sphere is destroyed, the moon will fall.”

Miranda runs back out the way we came from to take a look outside.

Miranda: “The moon is still up there, Dart! Now is the only chance we have to save the soul of the Divine Dragon.”

I bet this is all just an act. No way Miranda already forgave the Divine Dragon for utterly wrecking her homeland and probably killing hundreds.

Dart: “Yes! We will take the pride of the Divine Dragon!”

Jesus Christ!

Ok, so the Divine Dragon has not gained any new tricks, but he actually is really dangerous now. Way more than on the previous fights. He has buckets of HP and hits obscenely hard.

He hit everyone for a few hundred with a physical attack and then just vaporized Meru here. Death Count: 4!

And now Dart nearly dies from a Dragon Ball.

Oh god the burning. This targets a single person, but anyone adjacent to them also gets hit. The target itself takes a crap ton of damage. Dart once again nearly dies. Albert dodges like a boss thanks to the Legend Casque.

Seriously. This is hands down one of the strongest attacks in the game, even compared to most of the end game bosses. This fight is just a total fucking slog of attrition. Over twenty minutes long as I just grind away and try not to horribly die! I could have done it without the Casque, but I don’t think with Albert or Kongol. They would have just failed to exist.

Death count: 5!

Eventually he sticks to some of his weaker attacks and finally dies to a Wind attack item from Meru. She could basically do no physical damage and I didn’t want to waste precious healing MP on Dragoon attacks.

And one final “Fuck you” from the Divine Dragon. He doesn’t even give as much XP as the boss of this area that is way easier!

And now a fun area to test your patience. As the white sparkles fly up they either just vanish or flash red when they hit a square. Red flashes show squares you can walk on. If you don’t walk on them?

You fall down a hole with a crappy item and get to restart.

On the side area we get a little cut scene.

Dart: “I think I know it. This really brings up some memories.”

Dart: “Wait for me.”

This is probably someone we’re running into momentarily, but I guess it could also be his mom, especially with the “We will stop dad” line.

This room is now a heal point and a really great spot if you need to grind out additions. Somewhere around now Albert finally picks up Blossom Flower Storm. He says Blossom, but the addition name is Flower. I think if you actually picked it up on Lavitz he says it right. Haschel also has an attack he says wrong!

Rose: "Don't come here."

Soul: "The Black Monster. Finally you are dead. Like me. Like me. Like us."

Rose hold up her Dragoon stone and the area lightens and the spirits go away.

Rose: "Hate me if you want, but I cannot die now."

This is...really kind of disconcerting. Rose wraps her arms around herself and is one of the very few spots in the game Rose really ever looks vulnerable. I can’t imagine the guilt trip she rides even if she was doing it for the greater good.

Dart: "What's wrong?"

Rose: "There is something over there."

Something is teleporting in but I don’t think they are particularly enjoying it.

Holy shit snacks! Motherfucking Lavitz! Everybody’s favorite bro is back!

Dart: "You, you way."

Albert: "Yes, it is possible in this city!!"

Dart: "Lavitz!!"

Albert: "I knew it was you!"

Lavitz: "Your Majesty Albert, I have the honor of seeing your face again. And Dart...while we have been apart, you have become strong."

Dart: "Yeah. Since you left us, we have encountered many enemies."

Dart: "...?"

Lavitz: "Souls that are attracted here remain with a variety of thoughts. That's why they are attracted by the gate of hell. Negative thoughts, attachments are the favorites of the devils from hell."

Rose: "And those devils are driving Mayfil aren't they?"

Lavitz: "Rose, there are many souls who know you. Yes, there are countless...”

Dart: "Lavitz, tell me! Why have you appeared in front of us!?"

Albert: "Maybe.... Are you helping us out!?"

I really hope you love ARGHS YARGS AAAAAH cause man this update is just loaded with it.

Dart: "Lavitz!?"

Lavitz: "Don't come near me."

Dart: "!!"

...That does not look healthy. What have you been up to, Lavitz? He then runs of through the teleporter.

Rose: "He was talking about the 'devils'. I wonder if one of them is playing with the soul of Lavitz?"

Dart: "What!?"

Rose: "I cannot think of anything other than that."

Albert: "Unforgivable!"

We pick up a Healing Rain and use the convenient save point before rushing forward to confront the Lavitz or Lavitz like creature.

Ghost Lavitz: "Who, who are you bastards?""

Dart: "!? It's me, Dart!"

Ghost Lavitz: "Dart."

Albert: "Don't you recognize us!?"

Ghost Lavitz: "Majesty...Albert. ARGH...! ARGHAAA...!!"

Rose: "There is something attached. It seems that is affecting the soul. It smells of Devildom."


The Real Boss Fight!

Before we were just fighting for the world, but now we fight for the very soul of one of our best friend’s. Shit. Is. Real.

Part one of this boss fight is kind of a gimmick. When Lavitz’s Spirit is facing us we can’t actually do any damage to it. It doesn’t attack us either here. We just need to guard and wait it out until we get a prompt.

Dart: “It’s me! Dart! Don’t you recognize my face!?”

At least getting possessed by a Devil gets you a sweet ass spear.

And now Lavitz turns around and allows us to attack...the thing on his back.

Also all is fair and the thing can attack us. With entire party confusion.

Usually I’m like, pfft. Status effects. This time I was wrong. HORRIBLY wrong. I think this bypasses random chance like most status attacks, because it never missed. SPOILERS: Dart literally spends the entire first half of this fight confused.

Confused allies can do such fun things as defending, trying to run, stabbing their buddies, and stabbing themselves! Dart was guarding for this one. Albert was not so lucky when Dart retaliated.

Then after a few rounds of my party trying to kill each other Lavitz turns back around!

Rose pops out of confusion quickly followed by Lavitz and guard up to heal.

Despite being confused Dart can still charm Lavitz into getting himself stabbed in the back.

Dart: “Please! It’s me! Lavitz!!”

The grammar their could use a bit of help.

Apparently it’s a running theme of final additions to do ridiculous flips.

Lavitz knows EXACTLY how I feel right now.

Dart: “Have you forgotten our journey? I don’t want to fight you! Wake up! Lavitz!!”

Lavitz: “I am...I am, Lavi...”


Damn it. You aren’t making this easy here, buddy. Also I have no idea what is up with Menon. A specific devil is posessing him and that isn't his name.

And after a few more attacks we break whatever this devil artifact is on his back.

And possibly we break Lavitz.

Boss Fight Part 2! He has sweet attacks, you should watch this

From Lavitz's back the real boss pops up. I’m really glad they made this guy a pretty cool boss considering the circumstances. He’s got a sweet design, awesome attacks, and really, just look at that scythe.

???: “...totally choked with tears.”

Dart: “Who...who are you?”

Zackwell: “Oh excuse me. My name is Zackwell. I’m a resident of the darkness.”

Dart: “You have taken over Lavitz!”

Zackwell: “Yes I have. The man insisted he was so worried about you that he couldn’t bear dying. I thought it was a little presuming, but I granted him momentary life.”

Dart: “You! Lavitz was my friend! How dare you! You will never get away with this!!”

Holy exclamation points batman.

Fuck you Zackwell. Let’s get down to business. The business of ass kicking.

Actually Zackwell starts out the asskicking. By stomping down on Albert like a goomba.

Then flings him forward using his scythe.

Albert avenges himself and Lavitz by a flying kick to the crotchel region of Zackwell. If Devil’s have genitalia.

Once again Rose is kind of weak here because of typing so she pops out a Psychadelic Bomb.

I’m sure the skull on his scythe bleeding is a good sign, right?

Mother of god. Remind me not to mess with Devils in Endiness.

Serious nightmare fuel right here. I don’t want to think about this guy on modern hardware.

Compared to the death beams that Divine Dragon was dropping this really isn’t that threatening. Rose is wearing her Dark DG armor and is actually immune to most of this guys bullshit. Albert has the casque, and Dart has enough HP not to worry.

Flying dick kicks are in this season.

And with this new horror I make a hilariously inept mistake. Funny thing about this form. He can only use a weak physical attack, but he takes absolutely no damage.

Know what would be a great thing to do right now?

A special dragoon transformation of my entire party of course.

This sure looks pretty! But does 0 damage. I waste basically two entire turns with no way to hurt the enemy in dragoon form. Wooops. Albert drops a Rose Storm to prevent damage, cause hey, he’s not doing anything else with his turn.

Thank god. He’s back to normal.

Dart gives him a warm welcome back to the party.

Albert uses attack magic! It even does ok damage between the Casque and the bonus damage from Special transformation.

The horrors from this guy just don’t end.

He vomits out a purple blob onto Rose which burns with a ghostly fire on contact. For basically no damage.

Well, Albert didn’t get to kill him as a Dragoon but Dart is a good second best with Red Eye Dragon.



Damn it. We just broke that thing.

Oh god. I don’t want to stab my favorite male character in the back again...

Albert: “Dart!”

Hard. Core. Motherfucker.

Yeah he totally just stabbed himself in the chest with his spear. I don’t care that he is already dead. That’s awesome.

Lavitz: "I am sorry. Even though I was being manipulated I was....

Lavitz: “I could even...thanks to Zackwell. I could meet you again in death."

Dart: "You are not dead! You will continue to live in us!"

This game has a lot of problems. But man it just does things right sometimes.

Lavitz: "There is no time left. I will lead you to the Magic Signet Sphere blocker"

Dart: "Lavitz. Thank you."

And after that entire cut scene we finally get our post battle screen. Glorious experience is had by all and a Healing rain. This is also the only place in the game to get Albert's final weapon, the Halberd. And only at a 50% drop rate.

And with that we have officially reached the point of no return. If we go through that gate there is no going back. But we have a few sidequests to clean up back home. We still need to put the original Dragoons to rest so they don’t end up in this joint and beat up Faust because, well, he’s there to punch.