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Part 54: Episode 53: Bleak Seasons Part 2

Last time was positively cheery! So let’s see if we can go and ruin that good mood.

Rose: “Here too...the same as the past”

Rose: “He is...!”

Belzac: “Children...I will realize the freedom you wished, and the future I promised to you. Children. Please watch us.” not quite sure Belzac is even as well attached to the world as the first two were.

Dart: “(Is that soul one of the Dragoons that is trapped in this world?)”

Our hero, folks!

Rose: “Yes. His name is Belzac. He is the Dragoon recognized by the golden Dragoon Spirit. But, what is tying him to this world?)”

Belzac: “Is that you, Rose?”

Belzac: “No, it seems not. Who are you?”

Rose: “It is a long story. We don’t have time to tell you about it now.”

Belzac: “Yes indeed. The subjugation of Kadessa will be soon. This last strategy has to be completed for the sake of the children who were killed by Winglies.”

DEFINITELY not well anchored in time.

Rose: “You haven’t realized yet?”

Belzac: “Realized what?”

Belzac: “Everybody...has died? And, that includes me? Shirley died too!? cannot be!! I took the attack of Super Viarage, with my own be the shield for Shirley!!”

Rose: “You remember now...”

Belzac: “No way! I don’t believe Shirley died!! I don’t believe it!!”

Time to beat some memory into his big ol’ Giganto skull. Unsurprisingly he has terrible magic defense, hits like a truck, and has buckets of HP.

Thanks to being hopped up on Speed Up Kongol gets to go before Belzac.

So Belzac decides to show off his sweet Dragoon magic.

Much like Syuveil I’d much rather have him use magic over physicals on the whole.

Does about 200-350 damage. Could take these alll day.

Unlike these. Rose is still largely a glass cannon and takes 1000 damage. Also jesus this looks like it hurts more than almost any other physical attack.

We’re barely in this fight and I already have to blow healing on her so she doesn’ t die from another dragoon addition.

Veeengeance. 1900 of his HP just vanishes mysteriously.

Belzac seems pretty unconcerned about getting seriously axed.

Dragoon time!

It seems like the moment is right for the return of Final Burst spamming.

Damn it, Rose. Stop getting beat to shit.

Rose gets in here government mandated spin quotient.

Earth Dragon time!

I really wonder if the Dragon designer spent a previous life as a mecha designer?

The dragon slams into the ground and immediately starts sinking in while causing a sand whirlpool.


And of course there is an explosion. Despite being resistant to this attack Kongol took the most damage at just over 600! Rose took only about 20 less though.

I take a break from dealing real damage to look cool.

And Belzac’s last magic! Poor earth dragoons only get 3.

Rose gets doubled and nearly dies again. I told you to stop doing that, Rose.

Rose helps heal up the crew by stabbing Belzac in the head. Even a puny Astral Drain does 1000 damage.

And a Dark Dragon for good measure. Also shit I never noticed this one ALSO has a cannon on its right shoulder. Nearly 2000 damage dealt! Not even a Giganto can take hits like this for long.

Dragoon time for Kongol.

Voted least likely duo to fly in 1999.

And Rose gets the killing blow this time. So far I’m ⅓ on getting the matching character to finishing blow.

Belzac: “Now I remember. All the truth....But, death is not as sad as I imagined.”

That isn’t a quote at all, Rose.

Rose: “Yes. The Shirley you loved is there too. Let’s keep going.”

Well, all told that wasn’t too bad. All blue skies from here right?

Rose: “(Here too...the same as the past)"

Dart: “(She is still a kid.)”

Rose: “(Yes. She was 15 years old back then. She was younger than Meru.)”

Dart: “(Such kids could manage the power of Dragoons?)"

Rose: “Yes. She was born between a human and a mermaid. So that she had a special power.)”

Mermaid/Humans, Gigantos being in love with humans. It was a different time back then.

Rose: “Yes.”

Damia: “Thank you as always. Rose, don’t go anywhere. Don’t leave me alone again.”

Rose: “...”

That is an ellipsis I can get behind. There is not a great answer for that sort of line.

Damia: “Say something...”

Rose: “No I won’t. There is nobody who bullies you like in the past anymore. We won’t let them.”

Damia: “Yes, Rose and the other Dragons are all kind to me. But...why make such a sad face?”

Rose: “Sorry, Damia. But, there is somewhere you have to go.”

Oh god I always feel like a tremendous shit heel going into this fight. She just wants friends and doesn’t want to be alone. Is that too much to ask?

Well, let’s get down to it.

Damia is damn fast, if not as obnoxious as certain other blue dragoons we don’t want to speak of. Also she hits way harder than I expected. Dart takes 500 damage from this.

I have Meru cranked as high as I can on magic attack right now. I was expecting some solid numbers even if Damia has high magic defense. Only 1200 damage. Jeeerk. Also I’m carrying no fire attack items. Poor planning.

On the other hand her armor appears to be made out of aluminum foil.

Kongol may be the only one without a flip in their final addition.

Damia finally decides to show off her magic prowess.

She’s kind of creepy looking.

MY FACE. Meru takes none cause her Blue DG armor. Dart takes 1500 and Rose 1000.

This seems like a good time for Meru to bust out some magic of her own, though for healing not killing. Cause she’s smart enough not to use resisted elements.

Things were looking a bit grim before she got her turn.

Dart still won’t be in tip top shape but he can survive any single attack she throws.

Rose refuses to be counter attacked and hits for almost 1000 damage. I guess I do keep you around for a reason.

More confusion!

Freezing Ring is not going to be very healthy vs. Dart. Another 1450 damage into his face. Once again I go “Hm, I really should be using my Legend Casque in here...”

Meru will continue flogging until morale improves.

In a fit of a really poor decision Damia uses her Dragon on Meru.

Who is 100% immune of course.

Dart decides that enough is enough and decides very large amounts of fire are the order of the day.

MP efficiency is overrated. BURN IT WITH DRAGONFIRE.

And here is where everything goes wrong. Character death count: 8. GOD DAMN IT ROSE.

And now I’m stuck in a really weird position. Damia is really close to being dead at this point and I don’t want to kill her while Rose is down. However Meru and Dart both have a full two rounds of Dragoon mode left. Meru can just burn her turns healing like this.

Dart however is incapable of not doing damage and has a super effective typing. FUCK. I intentionally flub a Dragoon Addition here and pray.

Then I remember explosion has a miserable 25% attack strength and use one of those. Still does a bit more damage than the bad attack but thankfully Damia lives.

And there goes my last Angel’s Prayer and Rose is still within the range to die in one hit. Fingers crossed! I luck out and she targets Dart with her next attack.

And then she dies to the very first attack since I dropped out of Dragoon form and I fuck up a counterattack.

You are not helping me feel ANY better here game.

The others were still standing or at least kneeling after you beat them. Damia is just kind of crumpled along the statue just to rub it in further.

Rose: “Damia, everything will be fine. You won’t become lonely anymore. When you go there, everybody will be waiting for you.”

Damia: “It’s true. I feel...I feel them.”

Rose: “yes. When the time has come, everybody goes there.”

Damia: “Then I’m relieved.”

Emptiness. Just emptiness and lonely echoes.

Rose: “Now, let’s go.”

Well, I hope you are all feeling chipper after that. And we don’t even get any additional thanks or reward for sending all four onto peace and the afterlife. Well, other than freeing them from terrible eternal suffering.

Bonus! Damia concept art.