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Part 55: Episode 54: The Pinball Wizard

Ultimate super boss time! In a lot of ways, he’s less impressive than some. In other’s he’s god damn horrifying.

Back at Flanvel near where we fought Lloyd. Poor guy.

Magician Faust: “The commander of the super mobile fort Flanvel. Below is the Land of Taboo. Nobody is allowed to pass through. If you would like to stay alive, go away at once!

Suddenly Dart feels something in his pants and its not from puberty!

Dart pulls the Vanishing Stone from his pocket and shows off the results of an obnoxious side quest!

Dart: “Is it this stone?”

Magician Faust: “The Vanishing Stone was created by Melbu who even was afraid of my, my power.”

Haha oh lord. I don’t even need to say anything about that line.

Magician Faust: “Oh no! My apparition...will...vanish."

Rose: “I think I remember hearing about this before. There was a wizard who was a commander here at Flanvel during the Dragon Campaign.”

Dart: “That was Faust?”

Rose: “I heard that man was able to create an apparition of himself that was as powerful as him.”

I wonder how many people vainly fought Faust expending piles of resources and accomplishing nothing because they didn’t have the Vanishing Stone.

Rose: “He is guarding here with his own apparition. It seems he really doesn’t want anybody to go down below.”

Dart: “What is down there?”

A teleport maze! Actually part of the same one that we went through to get to Lloyd, but not directly connected to it and more annoying.

Also weird mud people! That’s what. I think these guys are unique here. I can’t remember seeing them elsewhere. Madmen are Earth elemental, can disable or do a physical attack.

Also basilisks. A reskin from back at the Mountain of Mortal Dragon. Strangely they are immune to Rose’s remove all non-boss enemies Dragoon Magic.

And I apparently forgot to screenshot it but midway through the maze there is a save point and a Dragon Helm. I fucking love 50% HP bonus and a second one is totally awesome.

And through the next section of teleport maze!

Dart: “!?”

Oh god shaky screen.

Dart: “What is this trembling!?”

Well that’s certainly not the path.

Dart: “Is the ground rotten?”

Well, back into the teleporter maze. I’m sure I’ll get it right next time, I mean if I come in one side I’ll leave the other!

Fffffff. This is definitely the worst teleporter maze in the game. It doubles back on itself and has two dead ends besides.

Third times the charm!

Dart: “...a dead end?”

Rose: “Then, what was the apparition of Faust about up there?”

More glorious shaking!

Dart: “Run!”

Well, no harm done despite that pretty horrible looking fall.

Dart: “Where are we?”

Rose: “It seems to be the bottom of Flanvel.”

Rose, Dart is supposed to say those dumb sort of things.

Magician Faust: “ an idiocy worthy of total death.”

Rose: “This is not an apparition or ghost! It’s the true Magician Faust!”

Magician Faust: “It is suprising to see a person who still knows my name after 11,000 years.”

Dude. Literally 10 minutes ago you introduced yourself through your apparition. Humans do seem a little slow in Endiness, but aren’t that dumb.

Magician Faust: “Even more amazing is that you have the Vanishing Stone that turns away my apparition. It’s a miracle.”

I’d like to imagine that Martel is a tremendous bad ass, stomping into dead Wingly cities with a baby on her chest.

Rose: “It seems so. You stopped being surprised since you met Charle. It is not unusual to live for 10,000 years. You agree with me, Faust?”

Rose spends the rest of this scene holding this position even after Faust moves several feet away

Magician Faust: “And what is it you desire? Do you want to serve me, the ruler of the world?”

Rose: “You are the ruler of the world?”

Magician Faust: “In the near future. After the remobilization of my Flanvel, the eternal absolute dominance which even Melbu Frahma couldn’t achieve. The day I, Faust, became the king of the world!”

I love you, Rose. Rose and Dart seriously give no fucks here. Ageless, all powerful wingly wizard? Blah blah.

Dart: “We gotta finish him. We cannot leave such a dangerous guy alone.”

Magician Faust: “Hmm. You are ignoring me, the feared wizard. I now understand...your desire. You desire a painful, wretched...death.”

After murdering three virages, the king of all dragons(twice), the most powerful artificial creature in the world, what is one crazy guy living in a cave for 11,000 years?

Faust is to the right, Rose.

Bring it On Old Man!

Also no, I have no idea why Faust has four dudes flanking him. They don’t attack, he doesn’t launch them at you, they just stand there. They have absolutely no effect on the battle. I guess he is just so awesome he needs fans.

Power up is going on right away. Faust has god awful physical defense and this makes a huge difference in damage. Speed up is NOT happening this time.

We have a VERY complicated strategy here.

Step 1) Dart stabs Faust really hard

Step 2) Meru and Miranda try not to die with varying shades of success

Step 3) Dart stabs Faust some more

Miranda is wearing both a Dragon Helm and Physical Ring doubling her HP. Between her awesome innate magic defense and having over 4000 HP she’ll be perfectly fine. Meru is rocking a dragon helm, Dancer’s Boots, and a Therapy Ring. She has under 3000 HP but should theoretically be ok between her speed and the Ring.

Powered up Dart does 4300 damage and this is only at level 4 Blazing Dynamo. I was too lazy to grind out the last 20 attacks. Faust only has 30,000 HP. SUCK IT TRABEK. Also the upcoming series of screenshots is why you do NOT speed up and why no more than one person should be attacking at once.

Sometimes he opens up with this attack.

This is the most powerful fire attack in the game.

If he opens up with this before you go Meru WILL be dead. Hell, pretty much anyone but Miranda and Dart will die a horrible death to this attack without defending or Legend Casque. Haschell took over 4000 and he isn’t even weak to it like Meru is.

And now attack number two in a row!

A completely ineffective fire attack on Dart. Whenever someone attacks him one of the following attacks will be in the element of the person that hit him. Dart is in the Red DG Armor and is immune to fire in addition to his massive magic defense.

Attack #3! this one is a pretty puny magic attack, I’m guessing Lightning?

Attack #4! With no breaks in between. Just chained together in a massive wall of possible death depending on how is RNG is feeling. This is basically his big gimmick. He’s generally pretty fast, but he’ll only sometimes double you if you just sit back and defend. If you attack he counters and he will 100% the time double you, usually triple you, and occasionally quadruple you.

If you attack too often you will basically kill any members of your party not wearing a Casque.

Attack one! A giant of energy shambles on and smashed down on Dart.

Attack two!

Meru didn’t have long enough to heal back up despite wearing Dancer’s boots and therapy ring. She will spend most of the fight lying on the ground bleeding out until Faust is almost dead. Despite guarding and great magic defense she still took 700 from that.

Attack three! Faaaaust.

Miranda got to do a defend, but that was the only gap between those three and him busting out the next of his unique attacks.

He’s definitely got some of the cooler ones in the game.

And then they all get stabbed by a giant chunk of ice. Well, except Meru who is too busy dying at the moment. It’s also a ridiculously strong attack. Miranda takes over 1000 damage while blocking.

Faust counters with another useless fire attack on Dart tries to ghost flame Miranda. Tripled again!

Only after all these attacks from Faust does Dart’s Power Up finally run out. He’s only doing 2800 damage an attack now.

Faust varies things up and tosses out a few weaker standard attack items.

And another unique attack!

Poor Meru getting tossed around in a tornado like a rag doll. Dart somehow dodges that and Miranda eats another 1000 damage. All his uniques are about the same strength.

To make up for it it he throws a disco party.

It’s not critical but HP is slowly sinking so take a second to drop a healing breeze.

And bring Meru back to life. I probably should have done this in the other order, but hey that’s life. Faust is way into the red at this point and I really don’t want Meru missing out on XP.

This is about his last hurrah.

Despite the Casque Dart actually manages to take 600 damage here. Still no real risk in the least.

And then I manage to kill him on a utterly fucked up Blazing Dynamo. CONQUEST.

Dart knows what is up.

The Phantom Shield is pretty awesome. Reduces all damage by half. However, as is often the case in RPGs if you can get it you don’t need it. Nothing from here on out is nearly as dangerous as either Faust or the Divine Dragon Spirit.

Dart: “We’ll finish it, by stopping my father.”

Looooooot. The Dancer’s Ring is the best of these, but i would have preferred Dancer’s Shoes instead. But eh, good stuff. Also got another Magic Hat and Holy Ankh. I will probably never use either of those two, especially the Ankh. Ankh has a chance to auto-revive and I don’t plan on dying any more

And then we take a teleporter out of this joint and back to the entrance. End game here we come!

Which means it’s voting time. Who will my end game party be!?

Remember. One vote only, any extra Votes will be ignored. How many will ignore it this time. Only time shall tell!

This is more for posterity than people reading the thread!

Bonus Video!
Here's what happens when you take an unprepared Kongol and Albert into this fight.

We Have Uh-Oh, Over.